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Today I’ve got something special for you; I’ll be interviewing a Free To Play (F2P) Empires and Puzzles player who’s been playing E&P for over 2½ years. I’ve got soooo many questions lined up, so this should be especially fun and insightful!

We’ll also check out her roster and discover what she’s managed to achieve without spending a single penny on Empires and Puzzles.

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This post may contain speculation, personal opinion, adult comedy, and human error. It is not advice and is solely for entertainment and informational purposes.

Can you play Empires & Puzzles for Free?

Before we get to the interview, let me first say:

  1. Of course, this post is purely anecdotal. My interviewee may be really lucky, or unlucky, as the case may be.
  2. There’s no judgement here. I don’t care if you spend or if you don’t. We often see the high-profile big spenders, but what’s the game like for a zero-spender?
  3. I’ve known the interviewee for a couple of years now. In all that time she’s claimed to be Free to Play, and I have no reason to doubt her.
  4. English is not the interviewee’s first language and so she relies on me to fairly edit her words as necessary.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome… Bad Bunny!

🎉 👏 👏 👏 🎊

Bad Bunny, a Free-to-Play Player (Empires & Puzzles)

OK Bad Bunny, it’s time to spill the beans. I want the truth! So no holding back.

Let’s go!

Bad Bunny's Empires and Puzzles Stronghold Screenshot
Bad Bunny’s Stronghold

Q1. How long have you been playing Empires and Puzzles?

I started playing Empires and Puzzles on the 19th of December 2019, so 2½ years now.

Q2. What Game were you playing just before?

If I remember correctly, I was playing Candy Crush! Unfortunately, it wasn’t a real crush for me…

Q3. What made you start playing Empires & Puzzles? (Free to Play)

I was looking for an interactive game, something that involved real competition because I’m competitive by nature!

I pressed the ‘Games’ tab on my App Store, and Empires and Puzzles appeared! And that was the first time I had ever heard of it.

Q4. How much time do you spend playing each day?

Way more than I’m willing to admit! :)))

Q5. What’s the first thing you do after logging on?

I’m a Titan Slayer maniac, so the first thing I do is check the Titan situation.

Q6. What’s your favourite part of the game?

My favourite part of the game? Well, it’s not actually about the game at all. It’s the people.

I’ve met wonderful people in Empires and Puzzles and have formed many close friendships.

My favourite part of the game is the players; how we communicate in War, or come together to achieve a goal!

Q7. Is Empires & Puzzles still fun as a Free to Play player?

Yes, but you have to adjust your expectations and keep them to a realistic level.

Q8. Can we see your Roster? (Free to Play – Empires & Puzzles)

Of course, my roster isn’t a secret, but I have to warn you, there’s nothing special to show:

Free to Play Empires and Puzzles Hero Roster Part 1

…and the rest:

Free to Play Empires and Puzzles Hero Roster Part 2

Q9. Who was your first Legendary hero?

My first Legendary hero was Thorne.

I pulled him quite early in my E&P journey but he took me almost a year to ascend! … No telescopes for beginners. 😞

Q10. Who’s your favourite 5-Star hero?

My favourite 5 Star hero is Costume Kadilen. She is my pride and joy!

Costumed Kadilen Empires and Puzzles Hero Card
(Not Bad Bunny’s C. Kadilen)

Q11. And 4-Star?

My favourite 4 Star is Kalo! I recently got him but then they nerfed him which made me sad. But he’s still strong and saved me many times. Kalo is a winner!

Kalo Empires and Puzzles Hero Card
(Not Bad Bunny’s Kalo)

Q12. And 3? (Free to Play – Empires and Puzzles)

As for 3 Stars, my favourite is Poppy!

Screenshot of Poppy - A 3 Star Hero
(Not Bad Bunny’s Poppy)

Q13. How do you use your Epic Hero Tokens?

I only use Epic Hero Tokens on Seasonal Events.

Q14. Do you have a favourite Summoning Portal?

I don’t have a favourite portal but I think the best chances to pull are events without Season 1 heroes.

Q15. If I could give you one hero for free, who would it be and why?

A long time ago, I would have said Proteus. But now I have a hero I hate with a passion and want badly; Meanieeeee Congalach!

Congalach Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

I know he’s Slow but when paired with the right teammates, he’s a beast!

Q16. If you could purchase one offer, what would it be?

If I could make one purchase it would be for x30 pulls at the Challenge Festival portal.

Q17. Have you ever been tempted to spend money?

Oh yes. I fight with this temptation every time. But my goal is to be stronger than the temptation.

I have a motto:

The day I buy an offer will be the last day I play this game!

Up until now, it’s worked for me!

Q18. Can we see your Profile page with all the Stats?

Yes, I’ll show you:

Free to Play Empires and Puzzles Complete Player Profile

Q19. Are all your Buildings maxed? (Free to Play – Empires and Puzzles)

No, not yet. But I’m consistently working on it.

I’m proud to say, I’ve maxed Storage buildings for Iron and Food, though they took an eternity!

Q20. Have you ever achieved Top 1% in Events and Tournaments?

No. I never achieve Top 1% in events or tournaments.

Q21. Have you ever achieved #1 on the Global Leaderboard? (Empires and Puzzles)

No. The best I’ve managed is 3rd place on my local leaderboard, with 2815 Cups.

My best Global rank was 272.

Q22. What’s the hardest part about being Free-2-Play?

The hardest thing about being Free to Play is dealing with patience and expectations because everything is so much more challenging.

Buildings take a lot of time without ever having a second builder. And good heroes are also so very rare as a F2P player.

Q23. What do you make of all the new heroes coming out?

I understand that there is a business behind the game and it’s necessary to push it forward. However, I do think it’s moving too fast.

For example, if you receive a good hero and start levelling it, this game doesn’t let you enjoy it because, in a few days’ time, another hero, who’s even stronger, has arrived.

This fast-paced rush can destroy the joy of playing.

Q24. What advice would you give to a new player?

It’s not advice, more encouragement:

You can play this game without spending money, but you have to be ready to spend more time and have more patience.

And also, don’t be disappointed with bad pulls. Take it as it comes. There could be a nice surprise headed your way when you least expect it!

I would like to give some more pointers as well:

  1. I have found a mono raiding team to be quite powerful
  2. Investing in Troops is important
  3. Level up 3 Star heroes first, but don’t bother with 2 Star heroes
Free 2 Play Raid Team Empires and Puzzles Screenshot
Bad Bunny’s Holy Mono Raid Team

Q25. What would you change about Empires and Puzzles, if you could?

If I could change something about Empires and Puzzles, it would be to erase Season 1-3 Star heroes from summoning portals.

It feels so bad and is such a disappointment when you work hard to achieve something, only to get that back!

I know people who have quit the game because of the constant disappointment.

I really think Season 1-3 Star heroes should be in the Daily Summoning portal.

Q26. Why did you agree to be Interviewed today?

I accepted this interview because I wanted to give hope to other players, -there is life as a Free to Play player.

I hope this interview will help other players try the F2P path.

That said, I am realistic. Empires and Puzzles isn’t totally F2P because you have to invest a lot of time.

And I also frequently press the Mystic Vision ads, which I view as my small contribution to the game!

Q27. What’s your favourite Empires & Puzzles memory?

My best memory is the day I raided and beat the Leader of a top alliance.

It gave me great hope to know that I, with my weak heroes, could take a little strategy and beat a top Defense Team. Even as a little F2P.

Q28. Is there anything else you’d like to add?


For new players I want to say, pick your alliance carefully and don’t be afraid to leave if you feel like it isn’t right for you.

I made the mistake of staying with my first alliance for too long, even though it was pretty much dead. -Nobody answered my questions and they weren’t supportive at all.

Worst of all, they let Titans escape and didn’t use all of their flags in War!

I wasted 2 months there before leaving. I would then knock on many doors but was sadly rejected as I was still a ‘beginner’.

But that was to my good fortune, as a great alliance would then accept and adopt me, teaching me everything I now know. They gave me support and made me feel like I was in a family.

A good alliance is more important than having good heroes.

Free to Play Defense Team Screenshot
Bad Bunny’s Defense Team!

Free to Play Interview (Empires and Puzzles)

Bad Bunny is good people, folks.

I want to thank her for sharing so much with us. It’s been a fascinating journey, I’m sure you’d agree.

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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If I get lots of interest, I’ll likely go with the highest spender based on prior spending (please do not spend money now as it will not count).

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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Some images used by way of review/tutorial – Screenshots from Empires & Puzzles: Small Giant Games

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  1. Thank you for this interview–very interesting read. I look forward to others.

    I’m a cheap to play player and really admire your free to play strategy…inspiring!

  2. Really nice interview, thanks, OC. And as a fellow F2P player, thanks Bad Bunny for your insight! Nice to know there are others of us playing the game.

    Really enjoy your blog, OC…I have to say, this game has been a *LOT* more enjoyable since reading your entries. Glad I’ve found your slice of the web’s crossword, thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. Great idea to interview – have to admit I’ve spent some dough on the game (I’m a little inpatient bu nature) and have some great heroes, but her roster is really good – I still don’t have a costume kadilen and probably never will! I love how she has maxed out the four stars also. Really does show what a F2P player can do – and it really is impressive!

  4. Great content.
    It was great to see her roster. I really think that’s something we are missing as a tool. I said this to a former alliance mate, perhaps I commented it to you, I apologise if that’s the case. Grading heroes is cool, but we need something to grade our rosters. Not only indicating your roster is 7.5 out of 10 (or a Warrior roster in your words), but also telling you what you are missing.
    For example, I really want Lu Bu, is my most wanted hero right now, but perhaps it is not what my roster lacks the most now.
    Thank you for keeping the sapark for this game alive.

    PS: If at some day you need to interview someone who spend some money on the game, you can count on me.

    1. This is very true Mig-El.
      I think synergy and usefulness for your needs is more important than “shiny new hero”.
      I track what type hero I have and need in each colour, to make it more obvious to see that I am for instance low on Red healers and missing in yellow snipers. Try to let this help me prioritize ascension rather than most popular hero.
      Also, of course, look for what would improve my War defence or my titan attacks

      Good luck!

  5. Thanks you for this great interview i’m also a free2play player and i’ve got almost the same rooster ans the same profile stat , i agree with everything she said. Patience is the key.

  6. Cool interview! I’m a c2p player who transformes into f2p p’ayer myself because I deel just like bunny it goes, all way too fast. And I have a decent rooster that just has, to do. Everything New is extra!. Most of my Alliance is f2p, and some c2p. We have one guy who says he does’t spend a penny, but at lvl31 having a defteam of 5100 makes it a little hard to be lieve 🤣😂

  7. Buenas preguntas y buenas respuestas,gran trabajo

    Translated: Good questions and good answers, great job

  8. This is a great article, Old Cynic and Bad Bunny!
    I’ve been reading most of the ‘easy to comprehend but seriously useful information’ guides and alle the reviews. I love your light hearted and fun articles and make no mistake, they help out a lot.

    This article is great, patience goed a long way and can get you a lot of fun anyway!

    Keep it up!

    A fellow oldie

  9. Great interview! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us Bad Bunny. I am mostly a f2p player who only veers into c2p when I really need something (I loved having the little dragon and those daily gems along with that 2nd builder). Alas my Alliance went away from buying the gems that got everyone in your Alliance gems as well. The Thank You messages stopped for 99% of them and very quickly people stopped buying while still expecting their gifts from others.

    As for your bad Alliance experience. Been there, done that but in my case it was a leader who was making it not fun. He finally stepped down, handed the Alliance to another person who promptly handed it to me. I am far from our strongest player and hardly the most experienced but I try to make the game fun. I share what I learn and I have a great Co-Leader who is also our cheerleader (my leadership style is much more laid back and relaxed).

    All in all I have learned a lot here on your site OC and I keep looking forward to more.

  10. Hy all! From the start I want you to forgive my bad English ( yes mine is not so accurate). Thanks for all kind words and I truly hope that this interview help and give a real glimpse of a f2p experience. Being f2p is a decision I made and it doesn’t mean I disrespect any p2p or other combination of playing. I just wanted to give hope and inspire and show f2p is real and could be a way to play. Thanks all for reading and hope you enjoy it!

  11. Thanks for sharing this OC. Thank you also Bad Bunny, you are an inspiration.

    You are also correct about this game needing a rather inordinate amount of time and patience if you are f2p.

    Even as c2p you still need a lot of patience. I used the VIP in order to get my buildings maxed, and for the loot tickets and the daily emblems.

    I also agree, if anyone is starting out. Do not bother with the 2* heroes, work on your 3* heroes first. Then begin with your 4* heroes.
    These will take you a long way.
    Then, as you begin to receive your first 5* heroes you can begin to level them up according to your needs and style of play.

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