Tomes and Trainer Troops Guide (Empires and Puzzles)

Empires and Puzzles have just introduced Tomes and Trainers Troops, so I decided to gather all the info we currently have and stuff it into a guide.

Alongside these two new features, E&P has also announced an increase in Rewards across the board.

This is a short guide, sharing what we currently know.

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Menu (Empires and Puzzle)
1. Increased Rewards
2. Trainer Troops
3. Tomes (Ascension, Golden Emblems, & Experience)

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Empires and Puzzles is Increasing Rewards

In a statement, Empires and Puzzles explained that they would be increasing rewards in response to feedback from their top players.

As a result, they’ve reworked how Limit Break Mats are awarded in Alliance Quests, Alliance Wars, and Raid Tournaments. Now, Loot should be ‘much better under the new system’.

Additionally, they’ve decided to improve Loot for all players by introducing Tomes and Trainer Troops.

-Tomes and Trainer Troops will be added once all players have updated to the latest version of the game, Jan 2022.

Trainer Troops Guide

We first saw Trainer Troops back in the last Black Friday event, when all players received free Trainer Troops as a gift.

These Trainer Troops work in a similar way to Trainer Heroes, providing a significant boost to your Levelling efforts.

Trainer Troops can’t be used in battle and they’re not element specific. They do just one job -Levelling.

Trainer Troops come in 4 variants; 1-Star, 2-Star, 3-Star, and 4-Star. The more Stars, the more XP they provide:

Finally, where can you find them? here:

  • War Chest
  • Titan Loot
  • Mystic Vision

Tomes Guide (Ascension, Golden Emblems, & Experience)

What are Tomes? According to Empires and Puzzles, they’re like “Trainer” items, -consumables designed to help ‘accelerate your growth’.

There are three types of Tomes:

  • Tome Of Ascension
  • Tome Of Golden Emblems
  • Tome Of Experience

We are still learning about Tomes, but here’s what we know about their usage:

Epic Tome of Experience Legendary Tome of ExperienceLegendary Tome of AscensionLegendary Tome of Golden Emblems
Level a Hero by up to 5 levels (can not be used on Limit Broken Heroes)Level a Hero by up to 80 levels (can not be used on Limit Broken Heroes)Ascend a Hero at no additional costInstantly gain 10 Golden Emblems (which can be used to unlock Hero Talent nodes)

And where can we get them? Here:

The Epic Tome of Experience can be found in Titan Loot, War Chests, and in Mystic Visions.

The Legendary Tome of Experience can be found in Rare Wanted Chests, Rare Titan Loot, and War Chests.

The Legendary Tome of Ascension can be found in Rare Titan Loots, Rare Wanted Chests, and War Chests.

The Legendary Tome of Golden Emblems can be found in Raid Tournaments, Rare Wanted Chests, Rare Titan Loot, and War Chests.

Finally, it’s worth noting that the odds of receiving some of these Tomes are very low. According to the E&P forum, the Tome of Golden Emblems has a 1% chance of being obtained -by the top 1% in a Raid Tournament.

Empires and Puzzles Updates

Well, that’s it for now.

It’s my intention to keep this guide up to date, filling in any gaps as we learn more.

What do you make of these new features? Let me know in the comments below.

I think they’re fantastic and hope to find a truckload of them soon.

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. Thank God I found this site. Already added to my desktop. Never got the free trainer troops but I am guessing it is a gift for being a member. I will be a member for life. Thank you.

    1. Welcome Richard! Sorry, it was all players of the game at the time who received the free Trainer Troops. I wish I had some to share out, that would be awesome.

      I do have lots of reviews and info on Empires and Puzzles so please stick around!

  2. I think the game creators/managers needed to do something about the lack of ascension items, I have about 6 x 5* Hero’s waiting for their final ascending but are stuck due to lack of parts. To me this stops me from wanting any new 5* hero’s as I know I will spend weeks and maybe months getting them so far and no further. I wait to see what impact these new “Tomes” will do for me.
    Good update, many thanks. As ever it was very useful and good to read.

    1. Thanks Steve. Yea, I agree that at least it’s something. And it is with Spenders in mind, as you say, so hopefully they’re not too rare.

      Thanks for commenting!

    1. Sorry for the late response Stan. I have no idea what gives. I wish I got more Tomes! Mmmm… If it’s still not working I’d ask Support in-game or try the Forum.

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