The Best TANKS in Empires and Puzzles [Top 10]

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Who are the Best Tanks in Empires and Puzzles? Coz the people wanna know! In this time of crisis, since the downfall of Xnolphod, chaos has ensued across the nations, but today I’m gonna shine a light into the darkness.

I’ll uncover which heroes have been fighting in this epic battle for ultimate supremacy, and who among them currently stands proudly aloft on this ever-so-sacred mountaintop.

Fix up now; it’s time to go!

But, but, but, – before the hoopla, please consider sharing my post with your alliance if you haven’t already.

This post may contain speculation, personal opinion, and adult comedy. It is not advice and is solely for entertainment and informational purposes.


Tank Data: Why this Post was Nearly Never Published

When I first created this countdown, I wanted to bring you the Best Tank in Empires and Puzzles based on in-game statistics, so I drew data from the Top 100 Players list and the Top Alliances list (links at the bottom).

The problem was, in this time of confusion and despair (post-X-O-nerf), the bottom half of the list would regularly shift and change based on when I collected the data.

That said, it was decidedly clear who held the top spots in the countdown.

I initially abandoned the post, dismayed by the ambiguity I saw at the bottom.

One day quickly turned into two and the silence was deafening.

I’ll admit it, I hit the Halloween chocolates pretty hard and still have regrets about that.

Then today, following a period of forgiveness, I allowed myself to gaze back and then realized; I know who the #1 Tank in Empires and Puzzles is, and surely the peeps wanna know that, too!

And so I came up with an idea:

While you can rest assured that the top 5 Tanks on this list are currently in contention and that the #1 Tank on this list is actually the current Trailblazer, the rest of this list can reasonably be seen as fluctuating variables.

#1 on this list is currently ahead in their usage across Defense Teams and, in the role of Tank.

And if you can live with the criteria set out here, then so can I.

Example of Hawthorn On Defense

Two Separate Polls (Best Tank in Empires and Puzzles)

Alongside this post, I also conducted 2 Polls to find the best Tank in Empires and Puzzles.

The first was held in my Empires and Puzzles Facebook Group, and the second was held at the Empires and Puzzles official forum.

I have shared the results below!

On to the countdown.

If you wanna know who the Best Tank in Empires and Puzzles is right now, after the Xnolphod nerf, according to my sources, deep in 2022 and going into 2023!… Well, Yahhh-hooo skipdy-dooo!

Ladies and Gentlemen, please keep your arms inside the vehicle at all times; we ain’t stopping for no missing limbs! Lighters in the air! One-Step-Two, Bring on the TANKS!!!

What is a Tank in Empires and Puzzles? (Position & Function)

Alright, we need to make sure everyone’s on the same page concerning the definition of ‘Tank’ (at least my definition).

A Tank in Empires and Puzzles is a hero who’s positioned to take the most damage; or, absorb the most tiles.

Here’s a pic of Telluria enjoying the Vida Loca:

Telluria acting as Empires and Puzzles Defense Tank
Telli the Tank (Empires and Puzzles)

A good Tank can absorb lots of damage and possess a skill-set that can help teammates.

Xnolphod (pre-nerf) was a great Tank because he would heal the damage caused by the attack that Charged him while also significantly speeding up all his allies.

Azmia is another great example. In her case, she will heal her teammates while also Casting Counterattack, making the task of the raider, that much harder.

I personally lean towards Tanks who can do 2 things:

  1. Provide a strong defensive measure (healing, pseudo-healing, increased Defense, Dodge), while also offering some kind of
  2. Offensive Threat (Counterattack, Minions, increased Attack, Buff Control, Mana Buff/Boost)

For me, the Tank is there to make the likelihood of team survival that much better for their presence. -The Tank should help to keep their teammates alive so that they can ultimately fire off, too.

That said, some players don’t bother with Tanks at all! And instead, simply seek to take your head off… And that’s a good strategy too. Just depends on what heroes you have and what works for you.

This is the Tank position for each Formation (according to me -because others may hold different opinions):

  • Standard formation: #3 is the Tank
  • Reverse formation: #1 and #5 are the Tanks
  • Double formation: #2 and #4 are the Tanks
  • Reverse Double formation: #3 is the Tank (although #1 and #5 are pretty Tanky)

It’s all about the number of lanes a hero can take tile damage from. The more lanes, the more Tanky their role.

OK, let’s get on with the proceedings!

The Best Legendary Tank In Empires and Puzzles

Image of Ludwig and Miriam Midnight acting as Empires and Puzzles Defense Tank
A couple of nobodies holding down the Tank spot in this weakish Defense (sarcasm)

Here we go…

#11 Kullervo (Empires and Puzzles)

Kullervo Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Special Skills (Heirloom Dagger): 1. Deals 300% damage to the target. 2. Deals 470% damage to a random different enemy. 3. Enemies hit automatically cast Mindless Attack on a random ally when mana is full at the start of the turn (for 3 turns). Against Dark characters, this effect is uncleansable and last 2 turns longer.

Kullervo Breakdown (Best Tanks Top 10)

Since the introduction of the new Defense formations, we’ve seen the concept of ‘Tank’ re-imagined.

And as the old adage goes; Offense is the best Defense. And that’s what we’re seeing here with Kullervo.

Many players choose not to field traditional Tanks. They simply field heroes who will hit really hard at Slow, and heroes who will hit really hard at Fast. (Albeit, there may be defensive measures in the hero’s Skills or Passives.)

And those offensively styled Defense Teams can be a real handful to deal with.

Of course, there’s a little more going on with Kullervo, because if he goes off early in a battle, he’ll demobilize 2 of your heroes for 3 turns.

A great Tank if you’d rather not beat around the bush!

πŸ’ͺ🏽 Best Tank Position: Joint 7th

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity β­β­β˜…

Want more Kullervo? Read his full review here.

#10 Xnolphod (Top 10 Tanks)

Screenshot of Xnolphod hero in Empires and Puzzles

Special Skills (Ancient Enchantment): 1) Recovers 32% 40% health for all allies. 2) Alters the power of all Dark Shields on the board. When an attacking Hero casts the special, the enhanced shields give 37% more mana. When a defending Hero casts the special, the shields become weakened and give -30% less mana. 3) Increase the mana of all allies by 20% 10%.

Xnolphod (Best Tanks in Empires and Puzzles)

Xnolphod quickly earned his reputation for being a hard worker.

He would jump on the first job of the day and when he was done, he’d help others.

Soon, he was the star of the office and had grown accustomed to the accolades and plaudits, and all the privilege that came along with them:

  • the no questions asked, unLimited Coffee Breaks
  • being assigned the best assistants (Troops)
  • and giggling along while The Clique (Khufu and Sobek) bullied Debbie from accounting (Me)

But one day the CEO (Developers) went Undercover and visited the busy office, and the fallout was explosive.

To her dismay, she found that The Clique were spending most of their day talking about work, rather than doing it. And that Xnolphod had become a toxic Ring Leader; now responsible for destroying more morale than he created.

Xnolphod was to be the fall guy. And as quickly as he had risen to the top, did he slip and slide to the bottom.

πŸ’ͺ🏽 Best Tank Position: Joint 7th

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity β­β˜…β˜…

Want more Xnolphod? Read his full (pre-nerf) review here.

#9 Hulda (Best Tank Heroes in Empires and Puzzles)

Hulda Empires and Puzzles Hero Card Screenshot

Special Skills (Pet Larva): 1. Summons a Larva Minion for each ally with 31% HP inherited from Caster. 2. The Minion recovers 11% health for its owner at the end of each turn. 3. The Minion gives its owner +24% mana generation and +54% defense, as long as the owner has the minion. These effects can not be dispelled.

Hulda Review (Top Tanks in E&P)

Hulda’s an intriguing hero in that you kinda expect her to be more prominent on Defense.

But her strengths are directly linked to her weakness; Minions.

If you stop her Minions you render her pointless. And instead of her meaty Minions taking a tile pounding, she is.

Still, Hulda’s a superior hero and definitely one of the best Minion Summoners in Empires and Puzzles.

It’s just for now, in this snapshot, she doesn’t reign supreme.

πŸ’ͺ🏽 Best Tank Position: Joint 7th

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity β­β­β˜…

Want more Hulda? Read her review here.

#8 El Naddaha (Empires and Puzzles – The Best Tanks)

El Naddaha Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Special Skills (Luring Song): 1. Deals 305% damage to target and nearby. 2. The target and nearby are immune to new Status Effect buffs for 3 turns, receiving 200 damage for each attempted buff.

El Naddaha Breakdown (Best Tank)

Now then, this is an interesting surprise; another hitter as Tank.

But this time, all is not as it seems…

Most of the time, when El Naddaha was fielded as ‘Tank’, it was in the Reverse formation, -in the #1 or #5 spot:

My Defense Team in Empires and Puzzles - Reverse Formation Screenshot

The Reverse formation is interesting because it spreads tile-damage so evenly across all heroes that you end up with only two positions that take extra damage; spots #1 and #5 (which is why I call them ‘Tanks’).

-Spots #1 and #5 collect the damage from 2 lanes on the outside edges. While all other heroes in this lineup can only be hit by a single lane each.

Anyway, because the damage is so well spread, one might be inclined to forgo real Tanks and instead field complex hitters.

After all, many Tanks offer assistance to their Nearby Allies, which would mean giving up a third of their impact in a Reverse formation.

And with El Naddaha, we get a Fast hitter who will make her Targets immune to new Status Effects for 3 turns; -the sort of thing that might be useful at the start of a battle.

And also, there’s a 50% chance that she’ll Dispel the latest dispellable Buff from enemies.

I’m seeing it more and more; fewer traditional Tanks and more, Break Your Bones Now! kinda setups.

πŸ’ͺ🏽 Best Tank Position: Joint 6th

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity β­β­β˜…

Want more El Naddaha? Read her full review here.

#7 Ludwig Review (The Best Tanks)

Screenshot of Ludwig from Empires and Puzzles

Special Skills (Fullmetal Pelt): 1. The caster gets Taunt which prevents enemies from using Special Skills on the caster’s allies for 6 turns. 2. The caster gets +84% defense against Special Skills for 6 turns. 3. Nearby allies receive mana each turn for 6 turns. Received mana increases each turn until the last turn, when 100% mana is received.

Ludwig (The Mana Tank)

Ludwig, Ludwig, Ludwig. One of the most powerful heroes in the game who was forced to warm a bench due to the previous dominance of Xnolphod.

And now that Xnolphod’s finally gone? Now, there’s a new bunch of super-strong heroes to contend with!

Still, when Ludwig fires off, we all collectively mutter one word under our breath… “f#*k”.

But I’m not gonna lie, and you already know it, my Malosi can hardly contain himself when he sees Ludwig. He’s immediately on high alert, like my dog when I’ve got the ball in my hand.

I’m telling you, he gets sooo hyped! I wish I could explain… -Like a dealer spotting a fiend! Or an accountant called in to write Tax Laws! He can’t quite believe his luck!

It’s a beautiful thing; the stars have aligned and dang it if he ain’t gonna take full advantage.

Close your eyes Old Ludy, this won’t hurt but one bit.

Sorry, yes. Ludwig is a superstar, and when he fires off, causes all manner of problems. A great Tank. Speed is his problem. But remember, he has a Taunt you’ll have to Dispel first, before you can get to the Mana Pump.

A more than worthy Tank to appear on this list.

πŸ’ͺ🏽 Best Tank Position: Joint 6th

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity ⭐⭐⭐

Want more Ludwig? Read his full review here.

#6 Hawthorn (E&P’s Best Heroes)

Hawthorn Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Special Skills (Medicinal Fumes): 1. All allies regenerate 672 Boosted health over 4 turns (can exceed max HP). 2. All allies receive a moderate amount of Mana over 4 turns. 3. All allies reflect Status Ailments for 4 turns.

Hawthorn Breakdown (Empires and Puzzles)

Upon release, Hawthorn was immediately identified as a super Tank so it’s no surprise to see him here.

He can be an absolute pain to deal with, especially if you don’t have a Buff Controler ready to go.

There’s nothing incredibly complex or overly interesting here, but it’s totally effective.

What I’d also say of these Monster Hunter heroes is that they have fantastic Card designs. The vines weaving along the edges really make them more desirable.

I’d love to get your thoughts on all these Tanks in the comments below.

πŸ’ͺ🏽 Best Tank Position: Joint 5th

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity β­β­β˜…

Want more Hawthorn? Read his full review here.

Top 5 Tanks in Empires and Puzzles!

#5 Rhys (Empires and Puzzles – The Best Tank)

Rhys Empires and Puzzles Hero Card Screenshot

Special Skills (Hymn of Enrichment): 1. Boosts health of all allies by 320 (can exceed max HP). 2. Alters the power of all Holy shields on the board. When attacking, shields become enhanced with +37% more mana. When defending, shields become weakened with -30% less mana. 3. All allies get +34% attack and a further 3% increase per Holy shield on the board for 3 turns (max +70% attack). 4. Cleanses status ailments from all allies.

Rhys Review (Best Tanks – Empires and Puzzles)

What this game really needed was a way to make Dark heroes even stronger. Pull up a chair, Rhys.

Rhys is the ultimate sidekick. In a game dominated by powerful Dark heroes, a hero who limits the effectiveness of Holy tiles can be devastating.

But he also does sooo much more!

In fact, he does so much that he scribbled notes on the back of that Scroll floating in front of him, -and if you watch closely, you might actually catch him taking a peek to remind himself of what comes next.

He is a wonderful hero who does a little of everything; a great example of a tricky Tank.

Interestingly, Rhys was often paired with Anne in the Double formation.

πŸ’ͺ🏽 Best Tank Position: Joint 5th

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity β­β­β˜…

Want more Rhys? Read his full review here.

#4 Bastet (Best E&P Tanks)

Bastet Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Special Skills (Quick and Nimble): 1. Deals 220% damage to all enemies. 2. All allies get a +45% chance to dodge Special Skills for 3 turns. 3. Each dodge gives +5% defense stack (Max: 10).

Bastet Breakdown (Empires and Puzzles)

The Damage output is jarring at 220%, but there’s also a 50% chance of her Passive kicking in. And that means an additional 70% damage to all enemies, plus a chance to Dispel the enemy’s most recent Buff.

Plus we have the Famly Bonus, which could mean yet more damage. And when the pain has passed, Bastet will Cast a premier +45% dodge against Special Skills, with a +5% Stacking defensive bonus for each big punch slipped.

Oh, and she’s a Ranger! With a chance to bypass defensive Buffs.

There are loads of reasons to field Bastet as Tank, especially in the more aggressive, more offensive, lineups we’re seeing out there.

πŸ’ͺ🏽 Best Tank Position: 4th

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity β­β­β˜…

Want more Bastet? Read her full review here.

#3πŸ₯‰ Anne (Best Tank?)

Anne Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Special Skills (Cannon Blast): 1. Deals 550% damage to the target. 2. If the target has more than 50% health before receiving damage, targets another enemy who had over 50% health before receiving any damage from this Special Skill. If none of the other enemies had 50% health, targets a random enemy. The damage is reduced on each consecutive hit. Each enemy can only be hit once. 3. If hit enemies use their Special Skills in the next 4 turns, they get -34% attack and -34% defense and -24% mana generation for 4 turns.

Anne Breakdown (Best Tanks Countdown)

Anne’s a Tank?

Yep. In the same way that 1980’s Hulk was a great debater; who’s gonna reason with him?

Whenever you have an arguably OP hero, ready to fire off quicker than a Sprinter on Steroids, then hell, why the funk not?

Some players have apparently decided that for what she gives you [the systematic annihilation of all your enemies], it’s well worth the risk of sticking her on point.

At some point, you just gotta look down at your phone and say, “f*#k it”, apparently.

Caution to the wind, a stoic shaking of the head, and bang! She’s Tank.

Of course, there are very good reasons to stick Anne in as Tank, or near the front line. And her wonderfully personable temperament is undoubtedly one of them.

πŸ’ͺ🏽 Best Tank Position: 3rd

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity ⭐⭐⭐

Want more Anne? Read her full review here.

#2πŸ₯ˆ Costumed Freya (Empires and Puzzles)

Costumed Freya Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Special Skills (Ravens’ Watch): 1. Summons a Raven Minion for each ally with 25% HP and 15% attack inherited from the caster. 2. Raven Minion gives +180% attack to all its owner’s other Minions. 3. All allies get +36% chance to dodge Special Skills that deal damage for 4 turns.

Costumed Freya Breakdown (Old Cynic Review)

I never did get ’round to reviewing Freya. But that happens sometimes coz you can’t catch ’em all, -totally different game.

Still, I have written over 150 Empires and Puzzles posts! (Thank you to everyone who reads my blog, especially the early readers who supported the yap yap and all the collaborators).

That includes Hero Reviews, Event Guides, and How-Tos…

It’s been a match made in heaven, coz I like to write silly nonsense and you like to read it. But when it came to Freya, I was a little bitter, truth be told.

See, I’ve been rocking plain old Freya for years and I sorta took it for granted that I’d pick up the Costume; -that she’d be waiting for me at the portal.

There I was, wearing my one decent suit jacket, holding the old tummy in, and checking to make sure my flies were done up, but she was a complete no-show.

I was like, “Cool. Cool”.

Still, a lovely hero, a fan-tas-tic Tank, and a piece of absolute perfection in the current Meta.

πŸ’ͺ🏽 Best Tank Position: 2nd

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity β­β­β˜…

#1πŸ₯‡ Miriam & Midnight (The Best Tank In Empires and Puzzles)

Miriam & Midnight Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

✨This Hero was nerfed after this review. Details have been updated, however, the review remains the same ✨

Special Skills (Litter of Kittens): 1. Summons a Blue Kitten Minion for the Caster and nearby allies. Kitten inherits 40% 30% HP and 20% 30% Attack from the Caster, and recovers 15% health for its owner at the end of each turn 2. Kitten Minion lifts the newest cleansable Status Ailment from its owner and adds it to the hit target 3. The Caster and nearby allies get +45% +50% Attack, and a further 20% increase every time they are hit during 4 turns for 3 turns. 4. The Caster and nearby allies regenerate 672 Boosted health over 4 turns (can exceed max HP).

Miriam & Midnight Breakdown

I told you M&M were badasses! What did I say?…

I found that when Miriam & Midnight fired off, I could almost coast to victory. -It had a significant impact on the outcome of the battle.

Source: Old Man Cynic on Miriam and Midnight

~ and ~

It’s true; Empires and Puzzles is made simpler and easier with heroes who affect all allies, or all enemies, but there are some top-drawer exceptions, and Miriam and her spooky-looking cat should be considered among that grouping.

Source: Old Man Cynic using them words

“…considered among that grouping!”


πŸ†Thank You! Thank You! πŸ†

Alright, alright, I’m joking. Anyone could’ve highlighted the wonders of the Witch and the Cat.

In my research, Miriam & Midnight were consistently, and by far, the most prominent high-level hero on Defense AND specifically in the role of Tank.

It is a bit of a surprise, given how new they are, but they’re definitely worthy of the position.

They’re an easy Tank choice if you got them. But also, fun. And it’s nice when the two come together.

I’m not gonna linger coz I’ve already covered them in great detail, and we still have more to see!

But to you Miriam & Midnight I say, Congratulations on this great achievement! In the bright and distant future, people not born yet will remember your names and reflect on the splendidly of your Tankiness.

When the world said “No!”, you yelled, “Yeah!”. So, good on ya both.

πŸ’ͺ🏽 Best Tank Position: 1st

Here’s to you, Miriam & Midnight! πŸ’πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸ§™β€β™€οΈπŸˆβ€β¬›

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity β­β­β˜…

Want more Miriam & Midnight? Read their full review here.

ʕ‒́α΄₯‒̀ʔっBest Empires and Puzzles Heroes based on Color/Element: Want to know who the best Red Hero is? Best Blue Hero? Green Hero? Best Yellow Hero? And Best Purple Hero? Check out my new and growing list right here.

Screenshot of Miriam Midnight Special Skills Cat Minions

Poll Results (Best Empires & Puzzles Tanks)

Here are the results from my Facebook group Poll:

  1. Ludwig
  2. Bastet
  3. C. Freya
  4. Miriam & Midnight
  5. Hulda
  6. Krampus
  7. Diaochan
  8. Xnolphod
  9. C2. Obakan
  10. Black Knight

[107 Total Votes]

& the results from the E&P Forum Poll:

  1. Bastet
  2. Miriam & Midnight
  3. C2. Obakan
  4. Anne
  5. C. Freya
  6. Hulda
  7. Ludwig
  8. Diaochan
  9. Xnolphod
  10. Arco

[82 Total Votes]

The Best Tanks in Empires and Puzzles

If you’re new and reading this post, it’s important to note that we’re in a period of transition (which is one of the reasons I wrote this post now).

Xnolphod had been the main Tank in Empires and Puzzles for the longest time, however, he was recently nerfed.

Also, in the last 3/6 months, we’ve had an influx of new Tanky heroes, all vying for an opportunity to shine.

It’s been the perfect storm but this list should provide a decent snapshot of where we are.

A key thing to remember is that the current ‘Best Tank’, may hold that position because they fit really well with a specific Flank hero (for example). So, a tallying up of all the numbers doesn’t necessarily confirm that the hero in first place is actually the most suited to the role.

-It means that they are the most compatible with due regard to all the moving parts.

Finally, if you’re reading this countdown at some time in the future, it’s fair to say that all of the heroes featured in this list are capable Tanks. So, don’t feel like you’re late to the show!

I hope this post has been fun and useful and I welcome your thoughts.

If you can, please share a link to this post somewhere, thank you!

Want more, Best Of E&P? Find them all here.

Spot an error? Just let me know and I’ll fix it.

Want more Empires and Puzzles? Click here.

Wanna know how to build a Defense Team, read this.

If you’ve made it this far, maybe you’re willing to come a little further…


Images used by way of review/tutorial – Copyright owned by Empires & Puzzles: Small Giant/Zynga Games

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  1. Great list, all solid choices. I think Bennu deserves an honourable mention though. He’s completely changed my raid defence & soaks up flags in war.

  2. Now I’m torn on my positioning. I have Ludwig, costumed Freya. Anne and diaochan. What do you suggest for positioning?

    1. Hi Guy, I give my best tips on setting up a Defense Team here.

      It’s normally a good idea to run a Rainbow Defense, unless you have something in mind, like the recent Rhys/Anne/C.G.Panther or Purple backline setup. So, I’d sit either L or D. Defense is all about experimenting though, and it can get pretty complex, which is its beauty. The guide I link to above has lots of ideas which should help.

  3. Hi OC,

    An amazingly insightful post, as always. Your suggestions have unequivocally improved my approach to both attack and defense. Thank you.

  4. Hey, great analysis ! (like each time in fact…)
    But felt sad as I couldn’t find my Goseck in the list πŸ˜‰
    Good week to you all Folks !

  5. Some of the best content about E&P available. Thank you sir for your views, humor and thoughtfulness. I appreciate your contributions to making our gaming community thrive.

  6. And once again…… I have NONE of the above!!!!
    However, I am disappointed you didn’t find space for Krampus who has been my main tank forever.
    I am currently developing Black Knight in the hope that he will take on a Tank role in one of my other teams.
    Great review, if I am ever lucky enough to get one / any of the above I will certainly be referring back to this guide.

  7. I like reading your posts, they’re funny and probably helpful to the players who actually have some of the heroes you talk about. I’ve been playing for over a year and never have ANY of them. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on this game and still don’t have any of the top heroes This would probably be a great game if you won the lottery…

  8. Interesting. I’m not sure I have ever seen El Naddaha, Kullervo and Rhys being used as tanks. I know theoretically they might be good as tanks, I just don’t see anyone using them in that way. I happen to currently use Anne, but I don’t see many using her in Tank position…probably because they have access to others in your top 5. Did you give Alfrike any consideration as a tank ?

    1. Hey True North, sorry for any confusion. I wouldn’t call them Tanks either; they’re simply being played in the Tank position.

      This list doesn’t take into account my personal opinion beyond choosing to settle on the lower half of the table. There were maybe 10 heroes who were reappearing and I needed to settle for the purpose of a countdown.

      This list is based on what is/was occurring in-game. Doesn’t make it right or wrong, but it is a fair reflection.

      Just this moment, while typing my reply to you, Kullervo is positioned as one of two Tanks in the Double formation for #1 on the World Leaderboard.

      Anne is the sole Tank on a Standard formation for #2.

      And Louhi is holding down the spot for #3 (Standard again).

      The other thing I’d say is that this list is interesting because the path forward isn’t clear (at least not to me). -The world of X-O-Pod is now over and it seems a lot of experimenting is going on!

      Thanks for visiting True North!

      1. I should add, the results from the two Polls (from my FB group and the E&P forum) better reflect the traditional Tanks I’d expect to see. (In case a new player is wondering!)

      1. Thank you. Like your new post and rating I like Furdinand the most as 5-in one hero. I found Toto very useful although he is slow speed. But his reduce damage is good. I know these two heroes may not be the cup of tea by most of the players. But I do like them very much.

    1. Hey there, sorry for the late reply! I like Liu Bei due to Speed and aggression alongside Defensive measures. The other 2 are great, “kill them or they’ll get you” heroes.

  9. ops.. they did it again… This time the nerf comes in place for Miriam and Midnight this hero was completely OP (prob, becasue i dont have it πŸ˜› )

  10. I love Freya and want to use her as a tank, but I have problems figuring out a good synergy with her. You probably don’t want other minion summoners in your team because they might overwrite Freya’s minions which are fairly strong, but you still want them to benefit from the minions. Jove gets a free cleanse every time a minion owned by him is killed, but are there other examples of heroes that would work?

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