How Long Have You Been Playing Empires and Puzzles?

I recently covered my favourite legendary Heroes from Season 1, and it got me thinking… How long have you been playing Empires and Puzzles?

So, I’m going to pose 4 questions for us all to answer.

I’ll start, and you can answer in the comments below.

This isn’t a competition and should be fun. And who knows? It might actually be useful for a new player.

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This post may contain speculation, personal opinion, adult comedy, and human error. It is not advice and is solely for entertainment and informational purposes.

Question 1: How long have you been playing Empires and Puzzles?

I started playing Empires and Puzzles in January 2020, so for nearly two years.

I first downloaded the game a few months prior but never got into it… Then, like Jumanji, it pulled me in…. now I blog about it.

Question 2: Who’s your favourite Hero (in your roster)?

This is difficult for me.

Malosi’s been awesome over the years, but he’s only truly useful in Raids and War.

For sheer fun, I’d have to go with Devana. I’ve had a few battles where she’s fought off an entire advancing army, all by herself. And her Minion is ridiculous. Her dispel is handy… It’s gotta be her.

Question 3: Which Hero have you used the most?


She’s everywhere: Defense, Raids, Wars, even the odd tough Titan.

Question 4: What one Tip would you offer a new player?

This game is like life; do it your way and have fun. Don’t let somebody else’s judgment affect your journey.

Oh, and try to be positive.

Now it’s your Turn:

For this post only, I’m asking that you don’t respond to other people’s answers and instead, please provide your own.

To any new player reading, please take the information with a pinch of salt and seek out additional credible sources, before taking action.

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. So…

    Question 1: I play since late 2019… with some pauses…;

    Question 2: My favourite hero is Uraeus, my first HotM ever! ;

    Question 3: I’ve used Isarnia a lot, my 1st 5 star hero! ;

    Question 4: My advice is : play with the heroes you have! Don’t wait hoping having the luck of picking the gamebreaker heroes, develop those in your roster: they’ll be useful forever.

    And try not to spend too much 😉 : i think Path of Valor is the best investment, if you wish to…


  2. Question 1: April 2021.

    Question 2: My favourite hero is Emilio. Heal, burn, status block… the best.

    Question 3: Emilio goes everywhere I go except titans. He is a one-man army who heals, burns, and blocks any status.

    Question 4: Level your 4-stars before 5-stars. 3-star and 4-star heroes will get you good tournament loot. And don’t ascend the first 5-star you get… see if they are actually worth it because mats are hard to get!

  3. Question 1: How long have I been playing? About 15 months

    Question 2: Favourite Hero? That is a tough one, 5 Star = Zocc maybe, I don’t know why you don’t see him more often, 4 Star has to be Rigard – I like him so much I have 2 versions and use them both a lot. 3 Star has to be Poppy, she may be small but she is mighty, again I have 2 of her.

    Question 3: Most used Hero? Rigard.

    Question 4: Tip for new players? Don’t worry about getting new Heroes, the odds are stacked heavily against you. Develop what you have got into the strongest team/s you can. MIND WHAT YOU SPEND!! It can run away with you if you are not careful.

  4. Question 1: How long have I been playing? Feb 2021, almost 2 years.

    Question 2: Favourite Hero? First it was Proteus, he made me complete challenge legendary quest with epic heroes. Then got MN, I was raving about her but she sits only in defense after I got Gazelle. She is must in all my raids, map, challenge.

    Question 3: Most used Hero? Ariel.

    Question 4: Tip for new players? Don’t chase any heroes, it will come with time. Troops are important.
    Try to create synergy among your roaster, you won’t believe how long they can carry you. I know this better as being F2P, I have done fairly good, except competing in challenge event and rush war(as I have ignored slow heroes for long time now). I have done all map, enjoy raids(2600+ trophy), titan(8/9*).

  5. Q1: I’ve been playing for a bit over 11 months, since 06 Dec 2020.

    Q2: I am really into healers and usually all my teams have two healers, so for many months Rigard and Gullinbursti have been a fantastic duo.

    Q3: I am now maxing Prof. Lidenbrock and Xnolphod and I’m starting to use them more together, another fantastic duo at the horizon for raids 😀

    Q4: It’s ok to experiment as much as possible, discuss things to people – alliance chat, Line, forum, this blog etc 🙂 But in the end it’s up to you to take the decision that fits you best, no matter what the strategy of others is. And of course, no matter your decisions, think that it’s just a game for you to enjoy and focus on what you enjoy in the game 😀

  6. Question 1: How long have I been playing? April 2020, 1,5 years as F2P

    Question 2: Favourite Hero? For efficiency, Garnet is my choice. Overheal and ailment block, amazing. Fur cuteness, definitely Ratatoskr.

    Question 3: Most used Hero? Joon, 1st ever 5*, always in my raid team. In a 4-1, he is the one 🙂

    Question 4: Tip for new players? Don’t spend, enjoy your slow progression over buildings, trophy, heroes, events… It’s not a competitive game.

  7. Question 1: I have been playing since the end of 2019

    Question 2: My Favourite hero is Costume Vivica. My first 5 star healer with a good defense down.

    Question 3: My most used hero is Krampus. I play him in everything except Titans

    Question 4: My tip for new players is join an Alliance. It opened up the game for me and I enjoy fighting Titans and participating in wars.

  8. Question 1: Since the very end of March 2020. Missed out on pulling Telluria…for the best in the end I think.

    Question 2: None. If I had to choose just one, maybe Frigg….or maybe The Hatter, a very useful and underrated hero.

    Question 3:-
    For Titans: Guardian Gazelle is used for every single Titan including Holy.
    For Raids: Frigg gets used the most of all my heroes, though Wolfgang and Xylophone are now finding their way in a lot as well.
    For World Maps: Bera+Freya to make short work of things even without tiles.

    Question 4: A few tips…lol. One, never ever chase after a hero/s. The percentage chance is not a guarantee, so don’t fool yourself into thinking X amount of pulls will get you anything, let alone what you truly want.
    Two, set a monthly limit if you are going to spend money and stick to it.
    Three, don’t get bogged down with unnecessary buildings, focus on creating two training camps, one at Lvl 2 and one at 11. Don’t bother with Alchemy Lab or even Hunters Lodge (outside of maybe Harpoons), and instead focus on Hero Academy. This all takes time more than anything else, so don’t waste that time thinking you need all these buildings and need to max them out.

  9. Question 1: Around end of Jan 2020, just before Jean Francois came out, he was my first 5*

    Question 2: Lady of the Lake. She’s purdy… and annoying to others 🤣

    Question 3: Margaret. I didn’t really like her at first, but she’s been pretty useful, especially after her buff. She’s been on my raid team since being levelled, through different team formations. And was my war tank for over a year!

    Question 4: If you get Wu Kong, DO NOT look at the misses! Just focus on the tiles, not the hits, it will drive you mad! But, if you can ignore that, he’s pretty badass.

  10. Q1- I’ve been playing about 2-1/2 years. I had no idea what I was doing for about 5 months.

    Q2- My favourite is Gravemaker. He was my first 5* and I’ll take him to the end.

    Q3- I use costumed Sartana a lot. She hits fast and hard and I have her costumed. Between her gravemaker Krampus prof lidenbrock and heimdall, I have a stingy defense that I love. I still get beat a lot though.

    Q4- always hit the rare quests for those ascension mats. I can’t tell you how many I’ve missed.

  11. Question 1: Wow, May 2018. I had no idea it’s been that long.

    Question 2: I was lucky enough to get Senan. I’ve been levelling him up and he is a beast even when not fully levelled! It surely helped getting through Slayer of Fell Shadows.

    Question 3: Joon – my first 5 star hero.

    Question 4: Everyone else has had some good tips. I once in a rare while will spend money, but am mostly free to play. Just have fun and work at it.

  12. Question 1: I’ve been playing since October 2020

    Question 2: My favourite hero probably has to be Boldtusk with costume bonus. He always saves my butt when I use him on offense

    Question 3: The hero I use the most has to be either Francine or Tyr. I use those two over 3/4 of the attacks I go on.

    Question 4: Try to enjoy the game within your means. Don’t chase every hero in the game. Be happy with who you get and work with what you got. Have fun and remember it is a game!

  13. Question 1: 1 year

    Question 2: My Favourite hero is Sumle. Got him in the very beginning. And till now he is my main damage dealer.

    Question 3: My most used hero is costume Rigard, Best 4 star in the game. No doubts.

    Question 4: If you are a f2p player hunt for 4 star heroes. 5 stars are rare. Best odds for getting 4 stars in Costume chamber, Atlantis, Valhalla, Underwild. Regular 4 star are also useful.

  14. Question 1. My sister got me into the game January 2019. I don’t thank her enough 😉

    Question 2. My favourite hero is CRig. I levelled 4 of him, need I say more.

    Question 3. My most used hero… See Question 2. 😁

    Question 4. If you’re new to the game, Firstly Good Luck and secondly find a training alliance or players who will help you avoid the many pitfalls of this game like which heros to keep. The forum has a wealth of information and experienced players that can help you too.

    Oh and don’t forget to padlock your favourite heros, it doesn’t take much to accidentally feed them to other heros.

  15. Question 1: I’ve been playing since early 2019

    Question 2: My favourite hero is right now it’s between Milena and Cristobal. Their synergy is just so good together and in a pinch Milena can heal.

    Question 3: my most used hero of all time is Athena. She’s fallen off in favour of Morel because he lowers defense for everyone but she’s still used in every war and used over Morel on Titans.

    Question 4: My advice is : play with all your heroes. What’s the point in building a giant roster to use a handful of them? You should be farming for materials anyway (my second bit of advice is to keep as many of your building going at all times)

  16. Q1: Have been playing since April 2020

    Q2: Kageburado and Odin

    Q3: BT and Mist – carried me through everything in the first 12 months before I start levelling my 5*. Still use them to farm backpacks in S1P5

    Q4: 1) Stay within your budget; 2) Focus on 3* and 4* before levelling 5*; 3) Focus on mana troops

  17. 1. Since February 2020

    2. Gullinbursti his overheal is a game changer and his strong attack a surprise bonus.

    3. Gullinbursti the only hero I have two of on the Talent Grid

    4. Like life the game is not fair. Laugh at the unfairness don’t let it get to you, relish the victories when you beat the odds.

  18. Q1: I’ve been active since August 2018, but spent a few months just killing boars in the woods.

    Q2: For pure utility, Ariel, who goes with me everywhere, always.

    Q3: Apart from Ariel, Athena, the Titan Master. Her one-two punch with Frida makes my blue raid team a very successful one.

    Q4: Patience. Either when waiting for heroes or waiting for ascension materials, they will come. But also when you are attacking in raids or in war, don’t rush your fights. Learn what each hero does. This is how you win fights.

  19. 1: April 2020

    2: Skadi, for sure. You have to learn when tu use her special. And then just wait a few turn that all enemies die.

    3: Skadi, in synergy with Kiril-C

    4: Have fun!

  20. 1: October 2018. Good grief. I’m just glad I haven’t spent like a whale.

    2: That’s a tough one. Probably Finley… but I just (amazingly) pulled Mr. Pengi and holy cow… he’s awesome, even though I’m still levelling him.

    3: Probably Boldtusk. Or maybe C. Kadilen. Regular Kadilen was actually the first 5* I pulled. Hilariously, I didn’t realize she was a higher tier than Little John (who I pulled at the same time) for an embarrassingly long time.

    4: Be patient. You don’t need to spend a lot to get decent heroes, but it will take awhile. And don’t neglect your rares and epics just because the legendries are so shiny looking. So many of new players in our alliance get stuck advancing (and end up quitting) because they’re levelling the wrong heroes and don’t listen to advice.

  21. Question 1: The youthful spring of 2018, when things were simple and less complex. When the common cold was common and #Wakandaforever is everywhere.

    Question 2: Favourite Hero would be regular Lianna, especially back in 2018. Snipers were true to their name and did one hit kills. Now, they are like flies to a costumed.emblemed.LB.maxtrooped Black Knight.

    Question 3: Most used hero now would probably be Toxicandra, yet follow super close with Director Zuri. Getting Moderate amount of mana and cleanse is better than getting another minion. Healers in the beginning were underwhelming for me, but now, wow, you got to have at least 1 healer or sometimes 2 depending who you attacking (looking at you Elizabeth/Hanna).

    Question 4: Rage quit happens alot even with me. Yet, I remind myself that its only a game. In addition, getting the best heroes doesn’t mean you will get the best game play. I have taken on teams that are soooo underpowered, yet I still get my butt whooped.

  22. Question 1: Early 2020

    Question 2: For a long time it was Gravemaker, but Quenell is well on her way to replacing him in my heart – she’s a stone cold killer.

    Question 3: Ariel. She goes pretty much everywhere for me. Best healer in the game, imo.

    Question 4: Find a fun and reliable alliance! All the other stuff will work itself out if you find an alliance that is helpful, fun, positive and reliable.

  23. Question 1: Spring 2019

    Question 2: Xnolphod – He heals and then boosts mana so 80% of the time some team specials are ready to fire off immediately.

    Question 3: Sartana – She was my first 5 star that I pulled just a month into playing but it took over a year to max since I had few ascension mats. Now have her costumed, 20 emblems and limit broke and she is my purple anchor.

    Question 4: Max all buildings as you upgrade the stronghold since you will need them all later. Play every Quest and Event even if you get killed. Work toward teams of symbiotic heroes rather than chasing heroes that you will probably not get.

  24. Q1: Since the lockdown, March 2020

    Q2: Buddy, my best hero for more than a year and half and still part of my green team.

    Q3: Loki, why isn’t he in more top 10 lists, he is the best raiding hero out there, he has been in my every raid, front and center.
    he is also the most fun hero to use, kill someone with their own special, limit alfrike with her own special, what more do you want!

    Q4: 4*s are underrated. Rigard over vivica, change my mind.

  25. Q1: Since May 2020

    Q2: Treevil. It makes 3* teams really strong.

    Q3: Heimdall, I think no explanations needed…

    – first build good team of 3* heroes and learn on them how team synergies work – they are cheap and you can train a lot of them and use later as trainers. Use this knowledge to select higher level heroes to ascend. And don’t underestimate 3* heroes – you can do even early 4th season maps with them!
    – use jewels to increase number of hero slots and to get ascension materials, less for summons. In the beginning you will always get more heroes from free summons than you can ascend.

  26. How long have I been playing? I’ve been playing since January of 2021.

    Favourite Hero? Alfrike because more than Xnolphod or Ludwig, she has proven to be the key to my raiding success; fires off five bombs and can withstand a good beating.

    Which hero do I use the most? Probably Alfrike.

    What’s my one tip to pass along to new players? Set a monetary limit per month or week and don’t exceed it no matter what. We all know, money doesn’t grow on trees.

  27. Q1: November 1st 2019.

    Q2: Ludwig.

    Q3: Quenell.

    Q4: Focus first on healers an snipers. Max your good 4* rather than focussing on your first bad 5*. I did this mistake twice (Elkanen and Obakan) and still regret it. Now I would instead max second Alfrike or Ludwig. And for the Green, Kingston or Mother North. Be patient.

  28. Q1: I am playing since September 2020

    Q2: My favorite hero is Eyora and Fluffy

    Q3: The hero that I used most is Richard, and I´m still using him.

    Q4: A tip for new players, have patience , take good care of your 3 star heros, they will give you the chance to up your 5 star.

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