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This is the Mana speed/system guide for Empires and Puzzles that I’ve been meaning to make for a while. I wanted a quick reference for the differing Mana speed systems, and here it is.

Below, you’ll find Mana Speed Charts/Tables showing the number of tiles required to charge every Mana system in Empires and Puzzles.

Before I go further, I would like to thank David P, the original contributor to my Troops Guide, whose information laid the foundation for the Mana Charts used in this post.

This post may contain speculation, personal opinion, adult comedy, and human error. It is not advice and is solely for entertainment and informational purposes.

1. What is Mana?
2. Standard Mana Speed Chart
3. Troops Mana Bonuses
4. Mana Speed and Maxed Troops
5. Tiles Required with Troop Mana Bonuses

Empires and Puzzles Mana: A Quick Summary

In Empires and Puzzles, all Heroes have a Mana bar underneath their Hero Card, as seen here with Lady of the Lake:

Empires and Puzzles Mana on Legendary Hero

-It’s the blue bar under her green HP bar.

It is charged by matching game tiles, and the element colour of the tiles matched goes towards charging Heroes of the same element.

Or on Defense, it’s charged by hitting Heroes with tiles, like so:

Tiles Mana Generation - Empires and Puzzles

There are several factors that can influence Mana speed outside of a Hero’s original Mana speed designation, things like Troops, Special Skills, the Talent Grid, Costume Bonuses, and more.

“Ghosting tiles”, i.e. running tiles into empty space, will also give you double the amount of Mana than if you were to hit an enemy with the same tiles.

But for this guide’s purposes, we will focus solely on how many tiles it takes to trigger the original Mana speed designation and how Troops affect that.

And this will be shown in the Mana Charts below.

Empires and Puzzles Mana Speed Chart/Table

The following tables will illustrate how Mana generation works in Empires and Puzzles, first in isolation and then with Troops.

This is the most important table – showing Standard Mana generation for all Mana classes:

Mana SpeedTiles to Charge
Ninja 15
Ninja 210
Ninja 315
Magic 15.6
Magic 212.3
Styx 16
Styx 29
Styx 312
Changing Tides 18
Changing Tides 210
OldCynic.com – Mana Speed Chart – Empires and Puzzles

Empires and Puzzles Mana Bonus Troops Table

This next chart shows the different Troops which give a Mana bonus and the percentage given for the different levels:

Mana Bonus PercentageMana Troop LevelMagic Troop LevelStyx Troop Level
Mana Troop Bonus – Empires and Puzzles – OldCynic.com

Of course, the different Troops will also affect Attack, Defense, Healing, and Bypass in different ways, too; however, we’re simply interested in the Mana Bonus here.

Maxed Troops Breakpoints: Mana Speed (Empires and Puzzles)

The following 2 charts were constructed using a formula provided by a kind reader.

They show the approximate impact of fully Levelled Mana Bonus Troops on the Standard Mana charging times. Giving you an idea of the maximum Mana to tile bonus available:

Mana SpeedTiles to ChargeWith Level 30 Mana Troops (15% Bonus)With Level 30 Magic or Styx Troops (20% Bonus)
Ninja 154.44.2
Ninja 2108.78.4
Ninja 31513.112.5
Magic 212.310.710.3
Styx 165.35
Styx 297.97.5
Styx 31210.510
Changing Tides 1876.7
Changing Tides 2108.78.4
OldCynic.com – Maxed Troops Vs Standard Mana Charge – Empires and Puzzles

Tiles Required For Each Troop Mana Bonus Percentage (Breakpoints)

As we all know, Troops take forever to fully max, so here’s a chart showing the number of tiles needed for each level of percentage bonus given by Troops:

Mana SpeedTiles to ChargeWith 5% Mana BonusWith 7% Mana BonusWith 8% Mana BonusWith 9% Mana BonusWith 11% Mana BonusWith 13% Mana BonusWith 14% Mana BonusWith 15% Mana BonusWith 17% Mana BonusWith 20% Mana Bonus
Ninja 2109.
Ninja 31514.314.113.913.813.613.313.213.112.912.5
Magic 212.311.811.511.411.311.110.910.810.710.610.3
Styx 31211.511.311.211.110.910.710.610.510.310
Changing Tides
Changing Tides 2109.
OldCynic.com – Mana Bonus Troops Vs Standard Mana Charge – Empires and Puzzles

Empires and Puzzles Mana Guide

Hopefully, there are no errors above, but if you find one, just let me know in the comments below.

This page isn’t designed to be a definitive guide because there’s always more information to be had concerning Mana and Troops. This page is about having a quick and handy reference.

Thanks again, David!; I appreciate your contribution.

I’d also like to thank the kind reader who provided the formula for the last 2 tables.

Thanks for reading!

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. I think it would make a lot more sense to add a table of the breakpoints for each speed. Yes it does get more complicated, but it is also a lot more useful than having a table over what a 15%/20% troop does. Who of us has a maxed Wizard troop, let alone 3 which we would need to play a 3-2 with these boni!

    And the table you have here doesn´t help if my troops are lvl 17 or 23… Yes one can say a 17 Wiz is a bit worse than a maxed mana troop at 15% while the 23 is a bit better, but if that´s enough to reach the next breakpoint is impossible to say, because those are hard numbers to the decimal…

        1. Hey, I may be using wrong vocabulary, but I thought “breakpoint” was the % where you needed one less tile. Here I just see chart of how many tiles you need for odd % points (no even numbers). What would really be helpful is just a simple chart showing where each speed drops a tile. (Ex. Slow needs 12 tiles to charge. At 10% mana bonus you only need 11)

          Looking at your chart, I thought that 11% bonus was needed for Slow “breakpoint” but its only 10% (that extra 1% is a big deal…e.g. if you have level 1 mana troop and a 5% costume bonus, thats all you need)

          Appreciate work you have done, just think a small chart with just the breakpoint numbers would be most helpful to all. Such as:

          VF: 9%
          F: 15%
          AVG: 12%
          S: 10%
          VS: 13%

          I don’t know if there are any breakpoints over 20%, that’s what I was hoping to find to see if you can drop 2 tiles on any speed? I dont want to waste resources leveling if it wont make a difference. Thanks!

          1. I have done many Mana charts and I have it done with all the tile bonuses and other things as well. You can find my spreadsheet on the Forum under Hero Troop requirements.

  2. This is super helpful tool.
    However, It shows the difference between troops is not that big when you are attacking, since you activate by three almost every time, going from 12 to 10 is basically the same.
    On the other hand, in defence it changes a lot, that 20% can make a huge difference.
    Great contribution to the community, OC.

    1. It´s a huge deal to go from 10 to 9 tiles for all average heroes at 12%. I think this is probably the most important breakpoint in the game for most players.
      In def breakpoints don´t really matter at all, it´s: The more the better of course, but it rarely matters if you have 1% more or less.
      Also going from 8 to 7 is a pretty big jump for fast heroes, because you can do that with a dragon bomb.
      You just have to find the really important breakpoints.

      1. That is too situational.
        In defence is much more important because they do not need tiles to load. It does not matter if you go from 11 to 10 if you have 0 tiles of that colour. And we all know is more common to have 0 tiles of the colour than a dragon shield.

  3. I’ve actually made spreadsheets for troop requirements based on hero speed and starting mana bonus from costumes and talent grid with max starting bonus being 14% with a 5% costume, 5% Bard in party and 4% TG Node for Monk, Sorcerer and Druid class heroes. I’m currently working on creating a master spreadsheet to involve all hero speeds end up to a 14% starting mana generation bonus. After that 14% I do plan to incorporate family and other bonuses that are relevant common without getting too carried away with variable possibilities of what could be and I will not be including turn-based mana generation simply because if you can understand that far in depth then you probably don’t need a cheat sheet to help you understand the requirements.

  4. Hey ya grumpy old cynic 😉

    Thank’s for the guide! It’s useful to see the different tiles necessary and troop speed breakpoints by level etc.

    What I’m missing is basically the discussion on: What to do with this info now? e.g. which speed heroes should target which % mana boost?
    (e.g. how important is 12% speed for average heroes – probably very^^ or how impactful is hitting the 7 tile barrier for fast heroes)

    And the second part: How can you reach the good breakpoints?
    Would love some tables that show how you can bring heroes to reach the important breakpoints (considering the common options: Is hero a sourcerer/druid with 4% mana bonus, does the hero have a 5% costume, do you have a bard – then which mana troop does you hero of speed X need to reach it’s important breakpoint? or are you better of ignoring speed and going for stat-troops – considering the new 11% 5* troops)

    kind regards

    1. For me the goal is to do what is reasonably possible to speed up a hero. Some speeds are easier to improve than others and that’s what I like to focus on and why this mana speed page is set up the way it is.

      If you have access to an array of top heroes and troops, you can really start to synergies with Mana speeds, but for most of us (or maybe just me), mana speed synergy isn’t as relevant beyond troops and mana gods (like Ludwig -who we got to pick and isn’t subtle at all).

      That said, I hope to use R&N to speed up Diaochan, soon.

      There is more information concerning all the possibilities on the forum. But ultimately, you need troops and hero specials/passives/talents to break down some barriers.

      I should add, I don’t consider myself an expert on mana speed by any stretch, I simply offer what I know, have learned, and others have taught!

      1. Thanks for sharing.
        You can do a decent amount of “min-maxing” with speed, but I think if you want to go the simple route, I’d say just go for the new 5* troops which end up at 11% speed, make sure to get the 2% (or 4%) speed node on your average-speed heroes, then you’re fine for the most part.
        Then the 5* troop will bring your average speed heroes down to 9 tiles (12% required), and your very fast heroes to 6 tiles (9%) needed.
        the rest of the breakpoints don’t have such a huge impact on offensive play to matter thaaat much.

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