E&P Mag 6: Top Defense Heroes & New Quiz! (Feb)

Welcome, welcome, welcome. Now, I don’t wanna waste your time, so I’m not gonna write some long-winded opening dialogue that no one’s interested in.

Instead, I’m gonna focus on E&P and ask the most pressing question I can:

What (if any) impact did the Winter Nerf have on the Defense List?

“Hey, Old Cynic!… wait a sec…. please man, just one sec… I mean, I really wanna know… What’s Nose Cleavage?”

No – no! Not this time! I won’t do it. Let’s jump straight into our Empires and Puzzles February Agenda:

AGENDA (Empires and Puzzle Magazine)
1. Top 10 E&P Defense Heroes (updated as per)
2. New Empires and Puzzles Quiz!

Wanna read last month’s Magazine?

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Empires and Puzzles Magazine

Current Top 10 Empires & Puzzles Defense Heroes

On the morning of 26th February 2022, instead of walking the dog, I reviewed the top 50 Empires and Puzzles Defense teams. Based on that data, here are the Top 10 E&P Defense heroes:

8. Quenell (7 appearances)

8. Mr. Pengi ↓6 (7)

8. Ludwig (7)

7. Wolfgang (9)

5. Morel (10)

5. Bera ↑5 (10)

4. Krampus (11)

2. Frigg ↑4 (14)

2. Xnolphod – (14)

1. Elizabeth ↑3 (15)

Here’s last month’s list:

10. Bera 8. C.Santa Claus 8. Mother North 7. Odin 5. C.Mother North 5. Frigg 4. Elizabeth 3. Mr. Pengi 2. Xnolphod 1. C.Krampus

Empires & Puzzles Top Defenses

It was clear while compiling this list, just how much more diversity was on display.

Last month’s No. 1, Costumed Krampus, appeared a staggering 34 times in January. Whereas today, Elizabeth (this month’s No. 1), only needed 15 appearances to bag that same spot.

And for the record, Costumed Krampus has now officially dropped out of the Top 10, and can be found languishing just outside it, with only 5 appearances (5 too many?).

Moving on and we can see, all the Christmas heroes have lost ground, with only two appearing inside of the Top 10 (Krampus & Mr. Pengi), compared with the 5 we saw last month.

It does come as somewhat of a surprise to me, to see C. Mother North benched by so many players. But I guess with the Minion nerf, and the loss of synergy, she was finding it too difficult to keep her corner spot (she only appeared 5 times this month).


This list actually looks a lot more like we’re used to seeing, but now with the introduction of a number of new(ish) powerful heroes. I’m referring to Wolfgang, Ludwig, and Quenell.

-In fact, now I mention it, that’s the Clash Of Knights “Wolf” stable. Only Esme, the under-skilled healer, is missing.

Xnolphod, once again, is close to fulfilling his full potential. Nearly, nearly.

But, what you don’t see, is Ferant, the 4-Star hero. He’s busy chasing down the pack, and leading the charge for 11th place. He appeared a total of 6 times this month (up from 2, previously).

He’s the only 4-Star hero, I can ever recall, even coming close to the Top 10 Defense Heroes List.

What’s your take on the changes we’ve seen this month?

New Empires and Puzzles Quiz

I wanted to make these monthly updates feel more like a Magazine, and the introduction of a Quiz seems like a good idea.

This creates 2 solid features each month (the Defense Heroes List and now, a Quiz), and if/when there is News, well, that can be added on top, too.

Here’s how the E&P Quiz will work:

  • There are 10 Empires and Puzzles questions
  • You answer as many as you can in the comment section below
  • But, you don’t need to write out the questions, just the answers next to the question number, so:

1. Devana. 2. Etc. 3. Etc.

And after you’ve committed to your answers, you can check if you were right on the quiz answers page.

Remember, cheating is only cheating yourself… Here we go!

Old Cynic’s Empires and Puzzles Quiz

1: Which 3-Star hero has this in his Special? ‘Summons a Bee Minion for each ally.’

2: Which Family is Fenrir a part of?

3: How many Ducks routinely fly past the Castle?

4: What Class of hero has up to a 30% chance of reviving with 1 HP?

5: How many turns does Costumed Krampus taunt for?

6: What is ‘Double-Tapping’, and is it OK?

7: What does the DRAGON BANNER do?

8: Which 5-Star hero has this in her Special? ‘The target and nearby enemies can’t gain mana for 3 turns.’

9: How long is a standard Titan battle?

10: How many tiles are on the game board?

Good luck!

If lots of people get the right answers, I’ll make it more difficult next month (assuming people play & want more!).

(Check the answers?)

That’s all Folks! (Empires and Puzzles Magazine)

Thank you for visiting today, and for supporting this blog.

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. 1. Barry B. Benson, star of The Bee Movie
    2. Svartalfheim
    3. 11 ducks
    4. Fighter
    5. 3 turns
    6. Attacking the same target twice in a war twice in a row in a war, generally frowned upon (unless you did like 0 dmg)
    7. +30% attack/defence
    8. Hel
    9. 1.5 minutes
    10. 35 tiles

    I confess, I rarely remember hero names and usual just identify by the pictures so I have no clue what question 1 is XD

      1. Thanks for the fun quiz! I see I missed a couple but that just means it’s a good balance of fun and challenging. I will BEE looking forward to next month’s.

  2. 1. Kvsir (or however you spell it, I don’t have him)
    2. Wolf
    3. 12
    4. Fighter
    5. 5
    6. Fighting the same team again after losing first time around. Depends on what other teams are on the board, your remaining heroes so no right or wrong answer (in my opinion)
    7. +30% Attack, +30%Defence for 3 turns
    8. None of mine!
    9. 22 hours
    10. 35

  3. Okay I legit did not look at anything, even the above comments. Tried to do the best I could remember.

    01. Kvasir
    02. Valhalla Origin….but his family is….Wolfie Ears!
    03. 11
    04. Fighter
    05. Was 4….now 3?
    06. When you attack the same team in War you just attacked? We call it something else.
    07. Boosts your attack and defense by 30 or 40%
    08. Hel
    09. 1 minute 30 seconds
    10. 35

    1. That’s awesome Paper, thanks for playing! I hope people enjoyed the quiz.

      I wouldn’t have got #8 without looking… well, someone recently brought that hero to mind, so….

      Thanks for visiting!

  4. On Ferant, I have been seeing him a lot while raiding … and I beat him almost every time. I can see the attraction, but a lot of players put him somewhere in the back (depending on formation) and there are plenty of heros that strip buffs or hit hard enough to take him out. He’s a great boost but in a battle of 5 stars I’m not sure why he is so popular (unless as a four star he is just much more available.)

    1. I find his Mana cut annoying, and sometimes it seems like your heroes will never charge. It’s also fascinating to see a 4-Star flying so high (I hope he breaks the Top 10, just for fun).

      1. You can see Ferant in high level teams, but paired with Ludwig or some Wolf hero else. Then its special can be uncleanseable and you are in big trouble.

  5. Hello OC,
    Been following your blog with increasing interest and enjoying your unconventional style of reporting on breaking news and shifting interests.
    Using this older post to inquire on Hulda’s impact on and within top defenses – as a possible add-on to your recent review of her.
    Keep up the fun reads!

    1. Hi Privatphilosoph, I’m sorry to say, but I just discontinued the MAG 🥺

      It takes a bit of work to fit these in, and people don’t seem as interested!

      Anyway, to your question, we are seeing Hulda appearing in Top defenses. As we know, the problem here is her element. At the very top they have lots of options, and it’s hard to drop the established best Dark (Xnolphod), or another crazy hero (Ludwig? Diaochan? Even Rayne?), for her.

      I think she’s crazy strong and really adds to any defense, so I suspect she’ll quickly become quiet fashionable (if not already).

      I did hope to pull her this time round, but Zero! And, I also want to add her to my Top 10 heroes list, but haven’t had the time.

      Anyway, thanks for picking up the blog!

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