Esme via The Dawa Blessing? Empires and Puzzles Review

Esme is mine. An apparent Dawa Blessing saw to that. But I have questions: First, how good is Esme anyway? And second, what is the Dawa Blessing? I’ll share what I know…

For the record, I’ve already posted a complete Clash Of Knights Quest guide, and it includes initial reviews for all the new heroes. So, if you’re interested in another hero, check it out.

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Caveat: This post represents game-play speculation and personal opinion. It is not advice.

The Dawa Blessing Explanation and Video

First, let’s deal with how I came to be in possession of Esme. I’ll be frank, I’ve never taken the time to read the definition of the Dawa Blessing -though, I have seen the headlines on social media.

For my part, here’s what happened:

  • Yesterday, I decided to do 12 pulls in the Empires and Puzzles Clash Of Knights event.
  • Before I started, I remembered the headlines I had seen on social media, and thought to myself: “Let’s pay some reverence to Dawa, what could it hurt? Maybe she does run the show”.
  • I entered the Summoning Portal, stood before the Gate, and searched for Dawa.
  • The moment I saw her, our eyes locked. She looked at me as if peering into my very soul, and then I’m sure she said, “You have my blessings my son. Spin away Merril…“.
  • I paused for a moment to collect myself, then looked down at my prominent forefinger, then back at the screen. Soon I was frantically hitting the Summoning button.
  • And Boom, Berfult was mine. Boom, Esme was mine. Boom, Lianna was mine.

…later, that same evening, I once again heard Dawa’s callings, “Why have you forsaken me my child?“.

I immediately returned to the Summoning Gate, like a fat child bouncing through the door of a candy store. I needed more.

I only had 6 Spins this time, but again I sought out Dawa. And again, she smiled and blessed me, and Boom, Isarnia was mine. And Boom, Aderyn was mine.

Want proof? Here’s the video:

(If the video’s not showing, it’s due to your privacy settings – You can update these at the bottom of the site)

OK, now I have Esme, is she actually worth having?

Esme Review: Element, Class, Special Skills, & Talents

Here’s her core data:

Element: Ice (Blue)

Class: Sorcerer

Mana Speed: Average

Family Bonus: Wolf ~ 2/3 Wolf heroes get a 35% / 50% chance to make a cast buff undispellable

Special Skills (Fiendslayer): 1. Destroys all Fiends from all allies. 2. Recovers 40% health for all allies. 3. If an ally had Fiends they will be immune to new Fiends for 4 turns.

Talent: DELAY ~ +15% chance to drop the mana generation of the enemy by -50% for 2 turns after dealing damage. The effect is applied at the end of the turn.

Esme from the Dawa Blessing? – Empires and Puzzles

Is Esme worth Levelling? (Empires and Puzzles)

It depends on what you already have.

Esme’s Special (Fiendslayer)

While I’ve reviewed all of the other 5-Star heroes from the Clash Of Knights Family, I didn’t intend to review Esme.


Because, there’s not much to say about her. -What you see, is what you get.

We know that 40% healing is on par with the better 5-Star Average healers. So the only question left is, How good is her secondary?

And the answer is, It’s OK. Not great, not earth shattering, just OK.

If you have trouble facing the likes of Elizabeth, Hannah, and Motega, then Esme’s a godsend.

But with all the new heroes, Elizabeth and Hannah don’t seem to be as popular as they once were.

And if you’re not facing Fiends, all Esme’s gonna give you is 40% healing. That’s it.

In truth, it’s not enough to make her a key feature in anyone’s strategy.

The problem is,

  • when she’s useful, you could’ve won without her, and
  • when she’s not useful, she hangs out in the corner acting all awkward and weird

Esme’s and the Future of Empires and Puzzles

If we see more Fiend heroes in future, Esme could really become a valuable asset (I hope so, because I have her).

But as things stand, I’d only level her if I had no other option. -Because it’s a long wait to get ascension Mats, so may as well keep them for someone who’s more versatile, and deserving.

Maybe if I had two other Clash Of Knights Wolf heroes, and I really wanted that Family Bonus, then I’d think about it.

Esme and The Dawa Blessing – Empires and Puzzles

My final thoughts:

It was fun pulling Esme, but now she joins the long queue for ascension Mats. And she may be there for a long time to come.

I can see a place for her off-the-bench; giving her minutes against Fiend-Summoning opposing. But the situational nature of it all, makes her an afterthought on my roster.

As for Dawa, I can no longer hear her voice.

Before you leave, a couple of final caveats:

  1. I am the fat child who routinely returns to the sweet shop.
  2. I in no way endorse the Dawa Blessing. It can only be coincidence -fun as it may be.

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Warrior

What are your thoughts? Did I get it wrong, or did I miss something? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I’m a bit let down with the first out and out anti fiend hero, for a super hard to get event hero I expected more, not to say she’s bad and if you don’t have a good blue hero she’s definitely worth leveling but as you surmised it’s a hero who would wait for mats for most higher level players

      1. what she could have/should have done is FLIP the fiends. Turn them into minions…or reflect them back to the opposing team. THAT woulda been kinda evil cool. šŸ™‚

        1. That is a really cool idea… It would buff her a nice bit.

          I suspect if SG read this, they won’t buff her, and instead just create a new hero -it would be funny to see it in a couple of months.
          The reflect back is a good idea too.

          You should submit a CV to SG!

  2. I’d love me an Esme, but I’ll have to wait anyhow. As for her uses, I do face the odd Elizabeth and her fiends do have an impact on my strike team if I can’t get the tiles. Note; my best team is a 4* green team I.e. 3 green, 1 blue, and 1 yellow and they can’t survive long v.s. fiends, or minions for that matter.
    So, to add my 2c, Congrats for what it’s worth.
    As for the “Mighty Dawa”, I wouldn’t frown too much on that because i have seen many successful pulls when Dawa was appeased first…

    1. Hey Cornelius, thanks. She’s nearly 3/70 already. Mats… Mmmm. I do have a queue for Blue heroes though.

      The Dawa thing is 100% tongue in cheek! But funny how it worked out. Thanks for reading.

  3. She’s good, but not great. I agree with your assessment. I think we will be seeing much less of Elizabeth and Hannah on defense. Two of the new gargoyle heroes in beta also target fiend makers, so I think fiend makers will move to being used in offense only. Which means that Esme doesn’t really have a niche – if you put her on D, attackers will just swap out to non-fiend heroes. If you bring her on O, unless they have fiend makers on defense, you would be better served with another healer who adds something like a cleanse, mana boost, tile manipulation, etc. I think she’s lacking something to make her useful outside of the fiend area. Solid healer, but these days you need to do something else too.

    1. Pity really, given the rest are so powerful… and given I actually pulled her! Appreciate the heads-up from beta, hopefully it’s not all insanely crazy heroes coming through, but some well thought-out, balanced, heroes too.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      1. I have her and she has jumped my blue queue. In alliance wars Elizabeth is still prevalent and I believe we see many more fiends. I will max Alexandrine straight after, the others stay in queue.

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