Nose Cleavage and My Mister

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A month or so ago, while watching YouTube, I made a reference to somebody’s mask which had fallen down to mid-nose level; “Looks like Nose-Cleavage”, I quipped.

Now, the detail’s important, which is why I’m explaining it like this.

See, the mask had revealed the lower part of the nose, which I found to be quite…


I don’t need to see ridges.

Anyway, that’s how it all started.

A couple of weeks later and we’re watching TV again. This time there’s a lady talking directly to the camera in an interview.

But every time she answered a question, her mask fell a little, causing her to pull it up with her fingers…

And yes, I was thinking, “Nose Cleavage”. Tho this time she was clearly trying to be a little seductive with it.

Anyway, I say all of that, to say this:

I think I invented ‘Nose Cleavage’ and wanted to record it in some way.

-You know, so history credits me for being Genius.

So here we are.

Both of us pondering…

Did the Old Cynic really create ‘Nose Cleavage’, or did someone else get there first?

-I’m gonna check the internet right now, -just before publishing this post. And the answer is 🤞:

  • No man! Someone else got there first. This is embarrassing…

So, for the record, and the annals of time, in the lords year of 2022, in the month of February, on the day numbered the 15th, the Old Cynic did so coin the phrase, ‘Nose Cleavage’.

Here’s the video, may as well let you see a true Genius at work.

Let’s move on.

My Mister (Naui Ajusshi) – Korean TV series on Netflix

When I find something cool that resonates with me, I wanna be able to share it. -And My Mister is just such a thing.

My Mister Poster
My Mister Promotional Poster – Copyright presumed TVN Korea (Fair use/Review)

It’s a Korean drama about a guy whose world is crumbling around him. He’s depressed and is falling deeper with every new f#*ked up situation he has to endure.

He’s nearly broke but is still trying to help out his extended family.

His work is full of ruthless assh#l*s, and things are going from bad to worse.

There’s also this girl who works at his office. But her existence is actually grimmer than his own.

The two are separated by how they channel their despair;

One (tries) to take the high road, while the other takes the low.

This show has it all;

  • The complexities of life
  • The wicked nature of humanity
  • The motivations behind cruel and kind actions
  • and the heavy burden it places on the individual

It’s incredibly well thought out, uncomfortably insightful, and full of the sorry bleak affair we’ve come to expect from life.

Chirpy enough?

Not My Monkeys

The Cynic in me has long given up on the broader concept of utopia.

Nowadays, I have a tendency to lean toward things that make me smile, chuckle, and nod knowingly.

Over here, on this side of the blog, I want to invite the matured cynic and fledgling newbie to gather near and chew the fat that is the topic of the day.

It’s all in good fun, -unless it’s some ill-advised effort to help some sorry b*st#”d, currently living through some awful s*~t.

Yes, yes, yes, -“don’t help the other humans… leave them to their despair… we the cynics care not for them, -they won’t read anyway, -stupid, fat hobbits… eyes always watching…” I know…

Anyway, that’s the pitch. That’s what I wanna do over here.

That said, I’ll still be writing about the main focus of this blog, -E&P.

Well then… Here we are, at another awkward impasse…

If you’ve watched another show that’s as good as My Mister, let me know about it in the comments.

Oh, and if there’s a phrase you’ve coined that needs a date stamp, add it to the comments below!

And that’s it.

For those of you who laugh/like/enjoy this stuff, -thank you.

If you know someone who would also like this stuff, please share a link.

stupid, fat hobbits… Eyes always watching… (c) -A ref/quote from Lord Of The Rings

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