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Empires and Puzzles March 2024 Soul Exchange is nearly here and as requested, I’m returning to the coalface so that together we might intellectualise the bright colours flickering across our screens.

In honesty, the fact that they released the Soul Exchange Heroes early made this post possible, so here’s to them! 🍻

I wish I could get my #1 choice, but sadly, I don’t have the souls.

At a push, I could scrape together 8 souls, 1338 Potent Healing Potions, and 258 Tornados. But that won’t get me a used Bane.

Before we start, please note that I am not the be-all and end-all. I’m just some guy with a fancy font and an opinion. ~And my opinions are often influenced by my own roster and play style.

That’s exactly the same criteria I urge you to utilize when selecting a Hero from our illustrious Exchange (that’s the royal “Our”).

Finally, if you’d like to help me, please share links to this post far and wide. Thank you!


This post was released before the March 2024 Soul Exchange and is based on the Tier predictions circulating within the E&P community. Until release, we will not know for sure which Heroes will go for 10, 15, or 20 souls.

If there are any changes, I will endeavour to update this post on the day. You’ll know it’s been updated by the following signal.

🌝 = No Update
🌞 = Updated

Current Status: 🌝

Or, you could check the date at the top of the post.

Hero cards have been collected from in-game Defences over the last 24 hours, so while the stats are correct, the talent path taken is unique to the owner’s preference.

Updated: 24 March 2024 – Status remains the same as the order hasn’t changed. C. Odin and C. Dr. Moreau Hero Cards have been replaced by those from the actual Soul Exchange.

This post may contain speculation, personal opinion, and adult comedy. It is not advice and is solely for entertainment and informational purposes.


Old Cynic Soul Exchange Housekeeping:

Giving up 10, 15, or 20 Heroes in exchange for 1 is always gonna be a big decision, so please get other opinions, too!

There’s a lot to consider, including your current roster.

For example, you might not have a great 5-Star Ice Hero but might already have a solid 5-Star Holy Hero. So, it could make more sense for you to exchange for the Element you’re weak in, rather than doubling your already strong Holy range.

But if you Stack, maybe improving your Stack is the way to go.

That said, sometimes it’s best to pick the absolute best Hero you can. Because their strengths might outweigh any concerns about their Element.

There’s also the real danger of overstretching for that top-tier Hero and completely depleting your reserves.

Lots to consider so take your time!

All Heroes: Soul Exchange, Empires and Puzzles March 2024

In regards to the March 24 Soul Exchange, it should be noted that many of the Heroes listed for 15 and 20 souls are worthy of their price tags (10, -not so much).

But of course, I’m putting them in order for the sake of this exercise.

As per, I’ll do my best to identify the most beneficial Hero in each Tier, with #1 being my pick for the best Hero.

OK, here we go. All of the Heroes currently up for grabs in the March 2024 Soul Exchange:

All Heroes in Empires and Puzzles Soul Exchange March 2024

For 10 Heroes

Uthragan, Costumed Odin, Yang Mai, Costumed Snow White, Costumed Francine

For 15 Heroes

Costumed Dr. Moreau, Dabria, Xiaotu, Cinnamon, Ekanite

For 20 Heroes

Narcisa, Anne, Cupido, Bubbles, Athos

Tier One (10 Heroes) – Soul Exchange, Empires and Puzzles March 2024

The 5 Heroes on offer in exchange for 10 Legendary Heroes:

Tier 1 Heroes (10 Souls) in Empires and Puzzles Soul Exchange March 2024

Tier One Heroes in the Soul Exchange [Empires and Puzzles]

If I’m honest, unless I had a real plan to utilise one of the Heroes in this first Tier, I wouldn’t spend 10 souls on them.

They are decent, but not game-changing (without some synergy in mind). And with how rare it can be to pick up a game-changer, I would personally wait and collect more souls for next time, rather than take one of these.

Here are the Heroes we had last time out, for reference:

Costumed Jabberwock | Eiora & Fluffy | Noor | Frosth | Mica

I prefer them for general use.

Onto the new batch:

#1. Uthragan (March Soul Exchange)

Uthragan Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

I think I was spot on with my initial Uthragan review; he’s fun, fast, and self-dependent.

On Defense, he can be an irritant as he provides time for other Heroes to light up. And that’s his main strength and area of influence; becoming an immovable force.

However, Uthragan doesn’t do enough to cause me concern and he doesn’t bring enough on Offense to aid me.

I don’t mind him as a Hero, but there are levels to this game, and Uthragan isn’t anywhere near the top.

That said, if you have a plan for him, he could be worth 10 souls.

He certainly possesses a unique skill set which may be of value to you or your bench.

Worth 10 Souls? I wouldn’t. I’d rather save up for a better Hero next time. But Uthragan might be worth the souls if you have a plan.

#2. Costumed Snow White (March Soul Exchange)

Costumed Snow White Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Costumed Snow White is an old-school powerhouse [Hardest Hitters list] and with the right teammates (or enemies) she could have a definitive impact on a battle.

I tested her in the wild and this is what I found by way of Power Stats:

1233 ATT | 1133 DEF | 2160 HEA

Yes, she has received a few buffs over time.

-That top-end hit (500% to all) is really gonna smart if you leave your chin hanging out.

The problem is, the lower-end 140% isn’t anywhere near as formidable, especially at Slow.

I think she’s just too situational to be reliable, although, she would make a decent bench-Hero to act as a boogeyman against certain enemies.

Her widespread Dispel and Cleanse can be useful beyond the obvious, as she triggers Heroes who react to it. -And that could increase her value exponentially, depending on your roster.

Overall, I’m not sold on Costumed Snow White or Uthragan as being worthy of 10 souls.

Worth 10 Souls? If you can compliment her skills, yes. Otherwise, I wouldn’t. Save them for next time.

#3. Costumed Francine (Empires and Puzzles Soul Exchange)

Costumed Francine Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

When Costumed Francine first came out, she enjoyed a small window of general usefulness.

Nowadays, she is solely a Titan Hero.

I must say, the rotating Cleanse that she provides is still functional for Raids & Defense, however, the rest of the package (the hit is but a tickle) isn’t enough to merit her inclusion in most seasoned teams.

With regards to Titans, C. Francine inflicts a -54% Nature Defense Ailment on all Ice enemies.

Worth 10 Souls? If you want her for Titans, yes. Otherwise, no.

#4. Costumed Odin (March Soul Exchange)

Costumed Odin Empires and Puzzles Hero Card March 24

Costumed Odin is good on paper but way too timid on execution.

He must have been created when they were actually trying to “balance” things around here.

Back when you were a little kid, you might have visited the beach with your school and, all excitedly, went into the beach-front store with the spending money mummy gave you sweating in the centre of your palm.

Looking down, you picked up one of those castle-shaped sand buckets, took it to the counter, and made one of your first big purchases.

I can see it now, you got the red one, right?

Then, putting the rest of the money into your pocket you headed out onto the beach to orchestrate sieged warfare.

Just as the grand Deity built the earth, so did you build your little castle, even going so far as to add a drawbridge made of twigs and string. How smart you felt when you made a stream run under it.

Soon, you were collecting pebbles and stones to act as dust once did for God.

Then, BANG! The battle commenced.

The grey pebbles were the baddies, trying to raid the castle, while the quartz stones were the goodies.

Tiny movements in the sand morphed into colossal moments forever etched into the legacy of time (at least within your mind).

Then Ben, the dipstick in your class, came running along and kicked the whole damn thing down.

Modern E&P Heroes are best represented by Ben.

Odin is a quartz.

Worth 10 Souls? No.

#5. Yang Mai (March Soul Exchange)

Yang Mai Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

I don’t like Yang Mai.

Something is very frustrating about her. She never worked for me, only ever when facing me.

But even then, she relented more than she hit.

As a result, this is an easy pass for me.

“…collecting pebbles and stones to act as dust once did for God.”


Worth 10 Souls? No.

Tier Two (15 Heroes) – Empires and Puzzles Soul Exchange March 2024

The 5 Heroes on offer in exchange for 15 Legendary Heroes:

Tier 2 Heroes (15 Souls) in Empires and Puzzles Soul Exchange March 2024
  • Costumed Dr. Moreau
  • Dabria
  • Xiaotu
  • Cinnamon
  • Ekanite

Tier Two Heroes in the Soul Exchange [Empires and Puzzles]

Unlike the first Tier, this group is very good.

You could make an argument for any of the top 3 being the best. They all have their strengths and weaknesses.

Nonetheless, I will try to put them into some kind of order.

#1. Dabria (Soul Exchange Heroes)

Dabria Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

“The Child In Us” just started playing on my music app. Enigma in the 90s was the coolest thing. Seemed like every second song had that laid-back beat;


I’ll be honest, I don’t like the 40% revive rate on paper. But Dabria does tend to hit ’em when in my company.

I know whenever I talk about Mother North it’s grand and magical, while the rest of them get short shrift, but that’s because Mother North is so reliable, making her a nightmare for the opposition in certain situations.

It has been hard to rank Dabria, Ekanite, and Xiaotu; they all impress me, but I decided that Dabria should take precedence in this Tier.

I like the fact that she’s a Healer capable of an incremental Defense reversal/buff, and when necessary, has a good chance of bringing back the fallen.

One clear negative to Dabria is her healing which is applied via Status Effect and over several turns. Although this presents synergistic opportunities, and the benefit of healing simple slaps as they come, on the whole, I’d prefer a single strong wave of healing.

The other reservation I have about Dabria is the fact that Mother North is currently in the Fated Summon.

I’m not making a case that Mother North is better than Dabria, I’m saying that for what I’d use her for, I wouldn’t feel pressured into taking this upgrade.

In isolation, I like Dabria a little more than Ekanite/Xiaotu. But if I had 15 souls for this Exchange, I’d more likely take Ekanite because he would complement my roster and playstyle (and I just collected Mother North!).

It all boils down to what’s best for you because all 3 are great.

[On a side but related note, a recent Hero in Beta called “Secret Hero IV” has a 100% revive rate (with 100% HP!)]

Worth 15 Souls? Yes.

#2. Ekanite (Empires and Puzzles)

Ekanite Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Ekanite and Amethyst possess the same intent but utilize different methods. One will hit out before slapping a Fiend in the faces of their enemies, while the other will hit out and then call on the Minions.

Both seek to decimate the opposition and both are powerful. However, their separate skill sets offer different strategic options.

For example, with Amethyst, one might suffocate the enemy with Fiends, making Healing impossible in most cases.

Whereas Ekanite can offer pseudo-healing to his allies and build up a counterattacking wall of protection.

He also enjoys Attack Up as his Alpha which, given his speed, should come in handy.

Still, we always have to be careful with Hitters in this game due to the nature of the Power Creep. -They are watered down over time, much like Cola is in fast-food establishments.

One issue I’d take with Ekanite is his weak Minions, -they will die quickly in most cases. That said, in my tests, they do counterattack for the full weight of the hit, not their BMIs.

Finally, Xiaotu is in this Exchange and will silence Ekanite’s counterattacking Minions with her mere presence.

Overall, Ekanite might be a better pick over Dabria because he could help you kill off your enemies before they get a chance to do any significant damage, meaning, you might not need a Reviver at all.

Worth 15 Souls? Yes.

#3. Xiaotu (March Soul Exchange Heroes)

Xiaotu Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Xiaotu holds much of the same value as she did when I wrote her original review; I think she’s awesome.

It was her single-target hit and slightly limited Passive (although extremely powerful), that landed her in the 3rd spot.

Xiaotu’s core Special Skills have been proven in battle and we have all been on the receiving end of her Healing-ailment.

Her standout quality is the notoriously powerful Lunar Passive, giving her the innate ability to neuter all enemy Minions.

The hit is strong enough that it has longevity, the secondary is eternal, and the Passive can only increase her value as new Heroes emerge.

The downside is her Speed for her single target hit; Average (ailment is +nearby), and the Passive is irrelevant when there are no Minions to f#ck with.

Still, she’s a great addition to the Soul Exchange.

-If I had 15 souls, I would be very tempted.

Worth 15 Souls? Yes.

#4. Cinnamon (Empires and Puzzles)

Cinnamon Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Cinnamon is another good Hero, though not as good as those above.

That double-limit-broken card is talking about 700 Frost damage! This card has a few things going on which could really make a difference in a battle.

I wouldn’t personally pick him up for 15 souls unless I was stacking Ice on Raids and/or had synergy in mind.

He’s definitely a Raid/Defense/Events Hero (depending on your level), but his -54% Defense against Ice screams Titan.

The Passive is nice (he hits all for 85% if a Fiend is summoned to any enemy), and he looks like a good damage inflictor.

Cinnamon might be the perfect fit for somebody.

That said, his hit is underwhelming and overall, he lacks that magic.

Worth 15 Souls? Not for me and only if you have a plan. Could be a massive Hero on the right team. Do you Stack Blue and have synergy in mind? Maybe. 15 souls for me, is expensive if only for Titans.

#5. Costumed Dr. Moreau (Empires and Puzzles Soul Exchange)

Costumed Dr. Moreau Empires and Puzzles Hero Card March 24

These Costumes have got some serious buffs.

Dr. Moreau’s Boosted Health thing is nice, but that’s situational and not a solution, just a premise.

The -40% accuracy would be handy, although isn’t enough to justify choosing him.

It’s that thing about luck. How reliable is 40% for you? (Same question with Dabria).

If there was a 40% chance of me losing my car keys, I’d defo lose them. I need better odds in life.

That said, with the buffs, I can understand 15 souls for the good Dr.

I don’t hate him, just can’t say that I’d pick him.

Worth 15 Souls? Not really, not for me. The Heroes above are better.

Tier Three (20 Heroes) – Soul Exchange, Empires and Puzzles March 2024

The 5 Heroes on offer in exchange for 20 Legendary Heroes:

Tier 3 Heroes (20 Souls) in Empires and Puzzles Soul Exchange March 2024

Tier Three Heroes in the Soul Exchange [Empires and Puzzles]

Finally, the premier class.

I hope this is the correct order because I’d hate to have to come back around to re-work them!

#1. Cupido (Best Hero – March 24 Soul Exchange)

Cupido Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

I have to take Cupido as my #1 choice from this Soul Exchange because Mindless Attack/Heal is a game-winner.

There’s nothing better than slapping the enemy dizzy and reshuffling the board on their foreheads, followed by a monster smack to their eyeball (as you freely charge your teammates with all the tiles).

And if you can stick Cupido next to Ludwig, you can have fun with that all day long.

Cupido will also help you complete nearly any Event or level in the game, as he gets to swinging away with his heart-shaped knuckle dusters.


I love Anne, too. But if forced to order them, this guy has to be my pick for best. -Once he charges, he gives you a window in which to hinder all the other monsters in the game.

Anne is subject to Legendary Troops and new Monster Heroes, both creating an impenetrable wall of HP.

If you can’t scale with elite teams, you might be able to stop a few with Cupido.

That’s not to discount Anne, because she’s awesome. But I’m putting these guys in order and explaining my reasoning. If I had to pick between them, I’d take Cupido.

The technical part: Cupido shuts down the thinking part of the brain for 3 turns (much like modern media), so while they’re busy counting stars, you can get to rap-a-tapping their faces!

Worth 20 Souls? Yes.

#2. Anne (Soul Exchange – Empires and Puzzles)

Anne Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Anne is still a superstar Hitter, and we all know that.

When she first arrived, she felt like a cheat code, and she still possesses much of the might she did back then.

Anne’s hit can be debilitating; with all that force in her initial strike and the following ailments that befall any target that dares to use their Special Skills afterwards.

And Anne will Fire off quicker than Cupido, at Fast (Vs. his Average).

Both of these Heroes are awesome. I favour Cupido, but Anne is more than worthy, too.

It really is a matter of wants and needs.

Worth 20 Souls? Yes.

#3. Bubbles (Empires and Puzzles)

Bubbles Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

OK, nearly there.


I like the rolling, shifting Mindless, but for some reason, as annoying as it is, it never seems to be the definite decider in the battle.

It’s still Mindless Attack, which does hold great value in this game, but as we come to put these Heroes into some sort of order, it’s easy for me to place her here.

We’ll see if anything changes on the big day because, at 15 souls, she looks awesome.

I still think she’s worth the 20 souls that have been projected for her, but there are better options above.

Worth 20 Souls? Yes.

#4. Athos (Soul Exchange Empires and Puzzles)

Athos Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Alright, we did the big names and I just gotta bring this home. Let’s go!

In short, no to Athos for 20 souls for most players.

He’s a great Hero if you happen to pull him in real life, but as a full-price soul exchanger, not so much.

His mana speed is awesome (V. Fast), his hit is great, the anti-Minion vibe is correct, bypassing defensive buffs is first-rate, his damage on Special Skills (60% chance of sending back 20% to all enemies) is a nice touch, and his self heal is top-drawer.

And if you happen to have another Musketeer, there’s that boost to the Family Bonus (chance to give Cover).

But overall, while a nice Hero to own for certain jobs off the bench, or to act as the main killer, I’m not sure he’s enough of a game-changer for 20 souls.

Worth 20 Souls? No, unless flush with other Heroes and have souls to burn. Or have a plan to utilize him in a specific line-up.

#5. Narcisa (March Soul Exchange)

Narcisa Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

HAhahahaHAhaha!!! I made it!

Fifty million words later and my keyboard is losing its bounce.

Synergy – that’s what comes to mind with Narcisa. If you can utilize the Ailment reset, she’ll be worth her weight in gold. But that’s roster-dependent.

Narcisa also offers a;

  1. -50% reduction in any enemy mana increase via Special Skills (Passive), and
  2. +5% increase in mana generation (Bard Family Bonus)

I see Narcisa as a niche Hero because her strengths are circumstantial and reliant on the owner’s roster and the opposition (direct damage aside).

Still, she could be massive on the right team.

Worth 20 Souls? Maybe, if you have a plan. She has a strong hit, but without a plan, I would opt for one of the above.

Empires and Puzzles March 2024 Soul Exchange

I hope you’ve enjoyed my rundown of the March 24 Soul Exchange!

There are some awesome Heroes on offer and I’m a little upset that I can’t partake.

That said, last time out I managed to pick up Diaochan, and she has proven to be a fantastic catch.

Let me know who you’re selecting and why in the comments below.

I would also appreciate it if you could share this link somewhere. Thank you!

Enjoy the Soul Exchange everybody and Peace!

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

Enjoyed the post? Then please help me, -share it with your alliance!

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  1. Narcisa and Costumed Dr. Moreau are in different soul categories than what your post shows, but it’s doubtful it will change the overall review much. Narcisa is now a 20 soul swap and Costumed Dr. Moreau is now 15. Awesome review, once again and I have been leaning towards Anne as I already have Cupido, Bubbles and Athos and need to clear max roster space. Glad to hear from you and keep up the sarcastic work!

    1. Thank you Dave, hopefully I’ve fixed it now.

      For those wondering, I had Dr. Moreau as 5th in the 20 soul tier, and Narcisa 4th in the 15 soul tier.

      Anne is awesome, I hope you enjoy (and nothing else changes). Thanks for the help as always!

  2. The card shows Cupido throws mindless heal, rather than mindless attack as your commentary suggests. He doesn’t do both, does he? (Can’t see the bottom of the card) Would that change your assessment?

    1. No sorry Gordo, it’s just a bad habit that I don’t differentiate. I like the heal but it’s the Mindless part that I value most.

      I’ve added a Heal to the first line to make it clearer. The “monster smack to their eyeball” is meant from a teammate as you can freely charge them. Thank you!

  3. Once again, glad to see ya back.

    I only have 9 souls to exhange so I’ll be waiting this one out. I will say I already have Narcisa at 90 and she is very useful for me. She’s on my main team with Hynos, Edwin, Quintin and Vivica. I have a lot of success with that lineup.

    1. Hey El Strum, same here. There are so many good heroes on offer. -It was a challenge to list them in some kind of order because I quite like a bunch of them. Still, I’ve picked up some great heroes in the past via the SE and know there will always be the next.

      Thanks for visiting.

  4. So which one would you say is the best hero available? Are all the heroes worth 20 souls better than the heroes worth the 15?

    1. I would say (from my perspective), the order is something like:

      and so on…

      The 15 Soul group is strong and tight at the top. In their own scenarios Dabria/Ekanite/Xiaotu will look epic.

      PS. I have a tendency to undervalue/undersell snipers, so Bubbles and Athos shouldn’t be discounted if a sniper with skill is what you need.

      1. Bubbles and Athos are probably my top choices 😀

        Talking of synergy, Athos could link up with Ginger very well giving some extra spice to that extra fast attack!

        Good to see you posting OC.

  5. I was so hyped when I pulled Yang Mai, LB her immediately put emblems… we all know how the heroes work on offense. I didn’t at that time. What’s worse then the % of her hitting the extra (which in my case is like 1in10 times so 10%) is that those hits are extremely weak. They were weak 2 years ago so imagine today… She’s not worth even 1 soul not 10. Offering her is just showing what Zynga thinks about the community. Never mind…

    I’m happy for Zabria – if I didn’t need any decent nature attacker so badly, I would take her every day. But my strongest nature attacker is Quenell from SE and she’s weak even at LB1 these days…

    Anyway, I have Arco (also from SE), so Ekanite can actually work pretty nicely in combo with him. Never underestimate the power of riposte… I just wonder if he’s lb2 material

    1. Hey zoo, I had Yang Mai before her buff (280% → 310%, Chance 50% → 60%), but I ain’t buying it.

      I was just saying Dabria/Ekanite/Xiaotu are a great trio. You can make an argument for either but as you say, you have to go with your roster needs and synergy options.

      The LB2 should increase the weight of the Minions, however, not by much as they’re so slender (C1 8% and C2 16%). I would only level/LB1 before some comprehensive testing. But I say that for every hero.

      Hope you have fun and thanks for stopping by!

      1. great point! but I have legendary troops for Arco (different class) so that would help and I take them more like Sorrow’s minions. not surviving long but still doing considerable damage. and at a fast speed – given on defense he would fire every time (which I doubt), it could work with some other supporting heroes. but definitely just lb1 first…

  6. Don’t let them suck you back in the vortex!!!! (Or something like that😅)
    But Nice to read another review by you. I think i’ll sit this one out and maybe try for 20souls next time around. Recently had some luck with the elves so i can keep myself Busy levelling. Considering the good luck with green, yellow and Blue i had the past 6months i’d probably go for xiaotu if i would pick one (because i van’t get cupido😉)
    Until next time around!

    1. Xiaotu is a problem because she is soooo unique and powerful. That Passive is hard to come by, especially for F2P/CP2. But then, so are the rest!

      Thanks Duende, good to see you!

  7. Thank you Old Cynic from “coming out of retirement” for this Soul Exchange review. I thought for me Anne was the play (especially since I somehow drew Cupido already and all my Holy Heroes seem to be healers) and after your review it cemented that thought. Love how you break them all down too

    1. Bubbles is fantastic, if slightly underplayed in my countdown (but I have to order them!). He’ll kill off my team every time I see him from now on, that’s normally how it goes.

      Thanks for visiting!

  8. I have enough duplicate heroes for Tier 1; stretching, by sacrificing partially-built S1 heroes and 1-2 unbuilt heroes and HotMs, will get me to Tier 2; 2 IAPs + stretching gets me to Tier 3.

    My Dark roster has no use for a lone wolf, so Uthragan is not a good choice. Not compared to Peridot anyway – I had use for her and I still do. I’m not considering anything else in Tier 1.

    Dabria would be my Tier 2 choice. I think she is still the only Holy reviver in the game, and she would be a good replacement for my non-costume Vivica when using a mono Holy team on attack. However, I’m currently opted out of Alliance wars due to personal obligations, Hero League is cancelled, and I don’t do raids, so I have little use for her at this time – nothing a good Revive Scroll can’t fix. Ekanite is a bit redundant since I have Peridot. Xiaotu is ahead of my time – LB2 R&N still erases anything particularly offensive, and in a pinch, even 3-70 non-costume Marjana still does enough damage on targets I can reasonably take out. I don’t feel it with Cinnamon and C. Dr. Moreau, not for 15 souls anyway.

    Anne would be my Tier 3 choice. Even until today, I still have no answer for her special unless the board really wants her to die with an uncontrolled cascade of Dark tiles or if I get Cyprian’s counterattack up before she fires (which is never); I would assume it’s similar the other way. She is not worth the $140 I would need to shell out to get enough duplicate heroes for her on top of stretching, however. I don’t really care for Cupido and Bubbles was an absolute disappointment the one time I attacked an enemy war team with her on it – non-costume Lord Loki shut her down. Athos and Narcisa are no factor – I need something better than a super-fast sniper or a semi-decent hit-all because I already have weaker heroes that do both (C2 Lianna and LB1 Ingolf).

    The conclusion I’m leading towards is that, even though the spread of heroes this time is good, I have no use for anything that I can get with my current resources, and that I should wait for the next SE. Again.

    1. Hey Nortaneous! I’m waiting, too. I wish I could have grabbed at least 3 of these heroes but I’m re-building my reserves for next time.

      I imagine the heroes will keep getting better so, as hard as it is to imagine, the next SE may be worth the wait.

      I’ve got 2 TC20s on the go which tends to be reasonable. ‘Though absolutely no luck on straight pulls.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Thanks for writing! It’s always welcome to hear your perspective. Appreciate your time and energy on this!

    1. Thank you! Posts this long are fun at the beginning and then when it’s done… it’s like writing a history report with a community of E&P’er grading 😄 Thank you for the support, it really means a lot!

  10. Glad to see you back for the big moments.
    At first I was as happy as everyone because it is without a doubt the best SE ever, but after considering it, it was rather inevitable.
    The game is in an endless downward spiral of power creep. Every month we have new heroes stronger than the old ones, at some point the SE would catch up and they had to stop giving S1 or badt HOTM heroes.

    In my case, I took Xiaotu, I already had the Tiger and the Dragon, so I can consistently control minion teams in wars.

    Hope to read you soon, OC.

    1. Hey Mig-El, so many new Heroes and you’re right, that means the Soul Exchange will get better. -So should the Fated by all rights, but it didn’t! Maybe next time.

      Congrats on Xiaotu. Lots of great options. The SE has improved my roster and has been a great addition to the game.

      Yes, maybe again. At some point I hope to write something more casual about E&P.

      Good to see you! Until next time.

      1. I appreciate you are back for Soul Exchange and Fate Summons, it is a great guide for new players and other that are not new, but may be confused. If you only return for those moments, it would still be great.

        For the next SE I think we may see the first Super Elemental heroes, hopefully not Doxan because it is the only one I have

  11. It’s so great to see you back for this! Hope you know how much you’re missed! Thank you for your assessment. I’m waxing between Xiatou and Cupido. I dont have any Lunar heroes, and have the blue from Cupidos portal but dont use much. Not sure which will he more valuable with power creep. I read if you don’t have a lunar hero. Get her because of the shutting minions is always good and raRe. BUT Cupido looks cool and the mindless looks good. My red team is usually Ruffian/N, Hathor, lady loki, Tethuris ( sp? Sniper), Jean Francoise. A bit outdated, I know. What would help? Thank you!

    1. Hey Ellyn, thank you!

      No way can I pick for you! I can’t deal with that responsibility 😁

      Genuinely, it’s a tough call. Xiatou’s Passive is so unique and hard to obtain.

      I think it boils down to play-style and preference at the end of the day. Don’t forget you can ask my FB group (here) or the forum. Clock is ticking though!

      Good luck!

  12. Hi again Old Cynic. As a relatively new player to the game you are a good source of reviews. I’ve noticed that you don’t like Yang Mai but on another post (best 3* heroes) you say that Poppy is a good hero. These two have almost the same abilities. Which one is more accurate of your opinions?

    1. Hi John, welcome to the game! As you will see, new heroes are constantly streaming in and they tend to be 5-Star Heroes. Meaning, there’s an abundance of options to counter skills at the higher end of the game.

      Add to that, time; which means in this game that hitters can start very strong but then lose strength to newer heroes (power stats) or limit-breaking.

      When Poppy was introduced, she hit hard (relatively speaking, -based on observation at the time), and there were fewer options to counter, and fewer options better on offence, at 3-Star. Whereas Yang Mai lives in a stacked 5-Star division and her hit doesn’t cut it in that class-range, especially compared to a players other options.

      By my recollection Poppy was always celebrated, while few adorned Yang Mai with the same praise. And I think it boils down to what I explain above.

  13. Hi OC,
    Good to see another review from you, I hope you are well and enjoying your “free from writing reviews” time.
    I took Anne simply because I have been hurt by her so many times, I felt it was payback time. That and Yellow is my weakest colour.
    The trouble I then faced was in the Contest of Elements, to get to 20 souls to exchange I really had to plunder my roster of heroes and lo and behold I went into the final round with 3 x 5* and 2 x 2*! The 2 died almost instantly but I was JUST able to survive to the end, no battle items left and 1 hero still standing.
    I just hope Anne is worth it!

    1. Hey Steve, yes, responding to anything significant takes a lot of energy. It’s much easier for me to stop in once in a while when I can work on it over a few days.

      It’s hard to believe I kept the pace I had for so long!

      I think Annes got a lot of life left in her yet, -I’m sure she’ll pull her own weight.

      Congrats, and good to see you!

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