Royal Match: Save The King Levels like the Ads [King’s Nightmare]

Screenshot of Royal Match level where you save the King (King's Nightmare)

“Where are the Save The King levels in Royal Match?” -That’s a question I’ve seen a few times since my initial review.

As I’ve been playing all this time, I thought I’d go ahead and share the answer.

It seems that potential players aren’t aware that the Royal Match app is just like the ads; in that you can rescue the King!

But, it’s rare.

-Only on Special levels called (the) King’s Nightmare. 

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Save The King – Royal Match Not As Advertised? (See Screenshots Below)

‘King’s Nightmare’ levels are quite different from standard Royal Match levels, in that, 

  • they involve rescuing King Robert or helping him escape,
  • there is normally a timer or a move limit, and finally, 
  • you can skip these levels if you want.

And in fairness, these levels are quite similar to the adverts I’ve seen (well, without the artistic licence).

This is a screenshot from an ad on the developer’s website (Dreams Games):

Rescue and Save The King Ads Screenshot - Royal Match
…and there are more adverts available on YouTube for more comparisons

In this ad, you need to solve the puzzle to rescue King Robert.

And here’s a screenshot from a real, in-game, King’s Nightmare level: 

Royal Match Save The King Levels like the Ads Screenshot

In this King’s Nightmare level, King Robert needs your help to escape the Dragon.

Here’s another example of an in-game, King’s Nightmare level:

Save The King Levels like the Ads Example (King's Nightmare)

In this King’s Nightmare level, King Robert needs your help to put out a kitchen fire.

The problem is that most Royal Match levels actually look like this:

A Normal Royal Match puzzle level

-They don’t involve saving the King at all, and therefore, don’t resemble the ads.

What Levels Let You Save The King In Royal Match? (King’s Nightmare)

I’ve been playing Royal Match since I downloaded it for my review back in August, but I never thought to check how often the King has nightmares.

Until now.

After some pretty extensive playing, I concluded that the Nightmare levels occur every 100 levels.

Royal Match -King's Nightmare Level Screen

First, I tested my wife’s account.

After playing for a while, the King’s Nightmare next appeared after level 1250.

(The Nightmare levels appear as bonus levels in between the -50 and -51 levels, so they don’t actually count towards your progression).

And it was a similar story with my account, as it appeared after level 3150.

I continued with my account to discover that at level 3200, instead of the King’s Nightmare, you get the Coin Bonus level:

Screenshot of a Royal Match Bonus Coins Level Pre-Game Tab

However, another King’s Nightmare level then appeared after level 3250.

Based on this testing, I believe the King’s Nightmare occurs every 100 levels, after the 50-level mark, like so:

  • 50, 150, 250, 350, and so on.

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Royal Match is just like the Ads, Nearly…

My final thoughts:

Some of the Royal Match ads seem to have really confused and ultimately frustrated players, to the point that they decided not to try or continue with the game.

But if you commit to playing this game for a little longer, you’ll see that the adverts weren’t too far removed from what’s on offer here.

I’m a fan, of course, having played Royal Match up to level 3251. -All for free, without spending a single penny.

And my goal is to see if I can clock it without spending, which I hope to report here (though, I am running out of coins…).

Anyway, if you like this post, you might also like my other iSO and Android guides and reviews over here.


Images are screenshots used by way of review/tutorial
Royal Match is owned by Dream Games

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    1. Agreed, removed it as well. How many levels must be completed before getting a game like in all the ads? Very misleading.

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