Fated Summon (Empires and Puzzles) March 2024 Hero List & Opinions

Empires and Puzzles Fated Summons at Old Cynic Poster

The Empires and Puzzles March 2024 Fated Summon has arrived and I’m coming out of E&P hibernation to chew the fat with you.

…but this is a casual thing; we can still see other people.

There’s no denying, that I have missed the way we used to vibe, I was deffo getting them bromance feels.

Anyway, since there’s been some interest in my opinion (and since I’m not busy), I decided to shut the curtains, put on my movie-themed classical disc, and write.

But before I start, if you haven’t already, please tap my Caveat image and watch him spin. -It’s not every day you’re invited to do that.

Edison may have played around with Light and Sound, and Tesla might have dabbled with Electricity, but World, watch me spin!

Mama, there goes that man…

Tap it!


Alright, alright. You may be seated. Please turn your attention with me, to this bunch of feeble-looking, last-of-the-litter sad music-playing, “but, I’ll slap up a 4-Star” wishing, Heroes pixels on offer in the March ’24 Fated Summon.

Now tell me this: Are any of these actually worth snagging to toss into your little section of the E&P main server?

(Spin away!)

This post may contain speculation, personal opinion, and adult comedy. It is not advice and is solely for entertainment and informational purposes.


Empires and Puzzles Fated Summons March 2024

When it comes to selecting a Hero, these things are often more complex than, “who’s the best”. Because your roster and playstyle are vital to the decision-making process.

I have to say, while I’m not impressed with the overall value of the Heroes on offer in this Fated Summon, there are some respectable options.

-Although, nothing likely to alter the beatdowns you’ve been suffering lately.

I suspect most of these Heroes will become fodder for the Soul Exchange and that’s fine.

For the record, all of these Heroes appear to be the base only, -without any Costumes.

How this countdown will work:

For this post, I’m going to rank the Heroes in each Element, highlighting my favourites.

And at the bottom of the post, I’ll be sharing my Top Picks regardless of Element. And this time, I’ll give you a tiered hierarchy so you can take your own roster needs into account.

Please note, for the Fated Summons, my opinions are off the cuff and without the same level of detailed research as I would normally conduct for my other reviews.

Let’s get this started with all the Heroes currently available:

All Heroes in Fated Summons Empires and Puzzles March 2024
OldCynic.com – Empires and Puzzles Fated Summons March 2024 Hero List

Red / Fire Heroes: Fated Summons (Empires and Puzzles)

Here are the Fire Heroes on offer in this Fated Summons, followed by my ranking (#1 is my pick of the bunch):

Red - Fire Heroes in Empires and Puzzles Fated Summons March 2024
  • Azlar
  • Ares
  • Captain Kestrel
  • Santa Claus

#4: Azlar (Empires & Puzzles)

Azlar Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

I’ll keep it short where I can, starting with Azlar.

At this point, 3-Star’ers are calling him out.

Azlar no longer hits like the King of the Jungle, but more like a kitten high on the sniff-sniff.

Would I bother levelling this card? No, not even with yours.

#3: Captain Kestrel (Empires & Puzzles)

Captain Kestrel Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Captain Kestrel is bad with no enduring characteristics.

The best thing you can say about him is that he takes care of his midriff.

Would I bother levelling this card? No.

#2: Ares (Fated Summons)

Ares Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

I’ve never been a huge fan of Ares, even back in the day.

That said, there is some value here; the critical chance, the combo of increased attack and a 720HP regen, and finally the Element Link.

Still, I can’t see where anybody with a mature roster would use him.

Seems pretty pointless to me (a Cleanse might have changed my view).

*Sidenote: I typed the word “mature” into Google to check my spelling and Google auto-generated the search, “mature older women dating”.

I pressed Enter before realising.

Guess what I’ll be seeing in ads for the next month. 🙄

Would I bother levelling this card? No. Maybe if someone wanted the Crit-Dam. Otherwise, I can’t see it.

#1: Santa Claus (Empires & Puzzles Fated Summons)

Santa Claus Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

I had a fun time reviewing Santa but him being at the top of my Reds shouldn’t confuse a new player into thinking that means something significant.

Santa is still subpar.

But, he does have some redeeming qualities. Let’s go over it:

  • The damage (200% to all) will feel like a damp cloth to these new monsters out here
  • The Minions are better since the Xmas Hero buff, so I like that for a little pseudo-healing
  • The -Attack is solid
  • The -44% Defense to all is class

Would I bother levelling this card? Maybe. I have better options but also have mats and time. He’s not a monster, but he would be an option for Rush. Old Santa doesn’t look too bad for the right player.

Green / Nature Heroes: Fated Summons (Empires and Puzzles)

Here are the Nature Heroes on offer in this Fated Summons, followed by my ranking (#1 is my pick of the bunch):

Green - Nature Heroes in Empires and Puzzles Fated Summons March 2024
  • Kadilen
  • Alberich
  • Lady Locke
  • Mother North

#4: Kadilen (Empires & Puzzles)

Kadilen Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

In short, no.

Would I bother levelling this card? No.

#3: Lady Locke (Fated Summons)

Lady Locke Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Lady Locke’s damage looks great and will increase if you decide to ascend and Limit Break her.

Sadly, it’s limited to the target and nearby enemies.

But she also has a Cleanse attached which is cool.

On the whole, there’s not enough here to make the use of materials worthwhile.

Xie Zi Jing ignores Dodge, Dispels buffs, inflicts 1269 uncleasable Poison over 3 turns, and yet more at Fast.

While Lady Locke isn’t a terrible Hero, she is far from elite (as far as the Moon is from you right now).

Would I bother levelling this card? No. If you’re a new player and really need a Cleanse, she’s worth considering. Otherwise, I don’t think she’ll survive long enough, or have enough of an impact while she lives.

#2: Alberich (Empires & Puzzles Fated Summons)

Alberich Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

I’ve covered Alberich before and have always been a fan.

If Mother North was absent, I’d take him. But with the great pot-holder present, he’ll have to settle for 2nd place.

Would I bother levelling this card? Yes, if I didn’t have Mother North.

#1: Mother North (Empires & Puzzles Fated Summons)

Mother North Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Re-birth is a universal strength.

If I offered you a free lunch or a second chance at the moment of death, which would you take?

I love food, but even I would take that second chance at life.

I’d vow to do things differently. Better.

I’d watch my weight more, be nicer to people, and avoid all the assholes.

But the poor aren’t often bestowed such precious gifts (beggars can’t be choosers). Thankfully, with this Fated Summon, we have the opportunity to pick up the great Mother North herself.

…to give her a second chance at E&P life. Albeit, from the budgeted side of things.

No longer the best Hero in the game, far from it, Mother North can still be a thorn in the side. There’s still synergy available for a Hero of this calibre.

That said, Rush Wars and Events, and sitting next to Lord Ludwig, is where she’ll feel most comfortable.

Would I bother levelling this card? Yes. Beneficial power stats (not too much wasted on Attack) and Manashield both add to her value.

Blue / Ice Heroes: Fated Summons (Empires and Puzzles)

Here are the Ice Heroes on offer in the Fated Summons, followed by my ranking (#1 is my pick of the bunch):

Blue - Ice Heroes in Empires and Puzzles Fated Summons March 2024
  • Magni
  • Athena
  • King Arthur
  • Master Lepus

#4: Magni (Empires & Puzzles Fated Summons)

Magni Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

As always, time’s a-ticking.

No to Magni. I like him, as he does me, but we shall never share mats.

Would I bother levelling this card? No.

#3: Master Lepus (Empires & Puzzles Fated Summons)

Master Lepus Empires and Puzzles Hero


I love the old bunny sooo much:

I guess he could still be considered reasonable for a new player, but he’s not doing anywhere near enough in my view.

Hitting modern Heroes is like hitting a brick wall.

Nevertheless, this has to be one of the coolest-looking cards in the game.

I think I gave up my bunny for Diaochan in the last Soul Exchange. That, or he finally read one of my posts about him and decided to f*ck off.

Didn’t leave a note or anything.

Would I bother levelling this card? No. Not at this stage. Unless you just want to have a cute bunny about the place. Just so you know, he don’t hop, he just swaggers everywhere.

#2: King Arthur (Empires & Puzzles Fated Summons)

King Arthur Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

King Arthur looks good for Titans and Stacking.

  • The -39% attack for 4 turns will help lessen the blow from a Titan or modern Hero
  • The +74 Defense against Special Skills should afford him a little survivability
  • But it’s the -54% Defense against Ice that makes King Arthur stand out

Would I bother levelling this card? Yes. For Titans.

#1: Athena (Empires & Puzzles Fated Summons)

Athena Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Athena inflicts a solid reduced Defense ailment: -41% and a further -4% decrease for each hit.

The 305% damage to target and Minor for nearby is OK (when compared to this sub-group of Heroes), and she also enjoys that old-school Element Link (that is actually useful).

I imagine she’d be great for maps/stages, Titans, and general workmanship within a more modest roster.

It’s nice to eventually have certain skills available in all of the Elements (like reduced Defense), especially for Titans.

That said, there’s nothing here that screams out to me.

Would I bother levelling this card? For Titans, and would test her elsewhere (tho unlikely due to her power stats). However, if I were a newer player (and F2P), I’d consider both King Arthur and Athena.

Yellow / Holy Heroes: Fated Summons (Empires and Puzzles)

Here are the Holy Heroes on offer in the Fated Summons, followed by my ranking (#1 is my pick of the bunch):

Yellow - Holy Heroes in Empires and Puzzles Fated Summons March 2024
  • Justice
  • Musashi
  • Guinevere
  • Rana

#4: Justice (Fated Summons)

Justice Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Wow, it’s dark outside. Now I remember how much time these things take!

Would I bother levelling this card? No. If you pick her up, please keep her safe until you can offload her into the…

⚔️ Soul Exchange ⚔️

#3: Musashi (Empires & Puzzles Fated Summons)

Musashi Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Nope. Cool card. Reasonable Special Skills. But simply not enough to bother in my view.

Would I bother levelling this card? No.

#2: Rana (Fated Summons)

Rana Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Let’s go through Rana’s CV:

  • Pretty weak hit (185% to 3) but maybe she could push somebody over the edge
  • The sand damage is cool but modest (402 over 3 turns)
  • Decreased (-75%) healing for 2 turns is too short a window to operate in
  • And a cheeky Cleanse for herself

All of that is underpowered. Rana isn’t gonna scare anyone or do anything that’s gonna change the outcome of a battle.

Would I bother levelling this card? No. Not even if I were new.

#1: Guinevere (Empires & Puzzles)

Guinevere Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Back in the day, Guinevere was somebody, but today everybody’s wondering why her torch looks so small.

She has a nice mix of mana control and healing, plus that +54% Defense against Dark that might come in handy.

Still, I wouldn’t give her mats at this stage. She’s just too weak in today’s game.

Would I bother levelling this card? No.

Purple / Dark Heroes: Fated Summons (Empires and Puzzles)

Here are the Dark Heroes on offer in the Fated Summons, followed by my ranking (#1 is my pick of the bunch):

Purple - Dark Heroes in Empires and Puzzles Fated Summons March 2024
  • Obakan
  • Thoth-Amun
  • Guardian Panther
  • Victor

#4: Victor (Fated Summons)

Victor Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Victor was buffed in the Sept 2023 Balance Update (all of it), and I’m sure if you could get him rolling, he could eventually hurt somebody.

But that’s a whole thing, man!

First, you gotta line him up to slap someone, then you gotta G’him up to do it again.

That’s just too much. And at the end of the day, Victor is solely focused on his opposite number, while his opposite number could kill your entire squad.

2 minutes later, when everyone’s dead, Victor’s still gonna be eyeballing his target and trying to work that Skull.

…and I’m gonna be p*ssed!

Nah Victor, not on my time, man.

Would I bother levelling this card? No.

#3: Obakan (Empires & Puzzles)

Obakan Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Obakan’s Costume was a thing not too long ago and his base card isn’t bad either.

A little damage and a strong Counterattack can be useful.

With that said. I wouldn’t bother levelling this card.

Would I bother levelling this card? No.

#2: Thoth-Amun (Empires & Puzzles Fated Summons)

Thoth-Amun Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

I like Thoth-Amun’s hit and Minions with 25% HP.

Together, they look like something I could work with.

More than ever, I think you need Heroes who are able to suppress the opposition in the modern Empires and Puzzles, especially if you’re not in the top tiers rocking the best Heroes.

The problem with most of these Heroes is that there is no niche skill to exploit, nothing that you can use to suppress the opposition.

And hitting them as your #1 gameplay strategy won’t cut it.

Still, as a simple core Hero, Thoth-Amun should be useful for new players.

Sidenote: This guy looked stronger than anticipated for a 2017 HotM. Turns out he was buffed in the Sept 2022 Balance Update. From 235% damage to 280%. Minions from 20% HP to 25% HP.

Would I bother levelling this card? Maybe. If I needed a decent 5-Star for Maps/Events/Low-level raiding.

#1: Guardian Panther (Fated Summons)

Guardian Panther Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Guardian Panther is a lukewarm Hitter with a sting in her tail; -54% Defense against Dark.

That’s the key to her value.

She also has a very handy Dispel at the end of her Special, but it’s the reduced Defense that makes her unique.

Again, G. Panther will be fantastic against Titans, but you could also Stack her.

Would I bother levelling this card? Yes. I’d use her for Titans and test her for fun in a Raid or two as I’m currently running a 3/1/1 Dark squad anyway.

Empires & Puzzles Fated Summon, March 2024

All of the Heroes in this Fated Summon are outdated and have low power stats. However, I believe that it’s the universal Skills that we should be focusing on. And that’s what I hope I’ve managed to highlight in this post.

OK, now I’ll share my Top Picks regardless of Element. As mentioned above, this time I’ll be sharing a tiered hierarchy because so many of the Heroes hold a similar value.

Hopefully, this allows you to consider a worthwhile Hero in correlation to the needs of your roster.

Tier A (The Best):

Mother North

Tier B (Decent and Useable):

Alberich/Guardian Panther/Athena/King Arthur

Tier C (Fun but not really worth it):

Thoth-Amun/Santa Claus/Guinevere

That’s the way I see it, for right or for wrong!

Anyway, who’s your favourite?


For reference, this isn’t a return to normal, more of a one-off as I had time. I hope you enjoyed it!

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. So nice to hear from you. Know you are missed. Hopefully we’ll hear from you every so often!! Thank you for this post!! Agree with everything you said. Your words are true and as always delivered with a tone that makes me smile. Be well!!

  2. Hey! Happy to read this in between by u! I still follow your blog with other posts so it stays Fun reading, i hope you continue writing! That said, your leaving post on empires reviews left a very big black hole😉. Chose GPanther myself because i wanted her ever since i started playing the game. Still deze her in a second purple team. But now, even for titans i use domitia C2. If i get to another 100 it’ll probably be MN or Athena. But for all 3 of them it’s the same issue: without costume they just don’t really matter anymore

      1. “I do wonder: you still play regularly yourself?” ~ 😁 Yes. I knew I’d never stop. I’ve always been addicted to raiding human defences; so Raids, Wars, and Tournaments. Plus, I couldn’t write about this stuff if I stopped playing because I think it would be evident.

    1. Hey Duende, thank you for reading the other stuff too! I’ve been having a lot of fun playing around with the looks of this place and new areas of interests. That said, it’s nice to touch base and share something. I plan on writing a catch up post in the future at some point (no fixed date); to share my current raid squad and some funny jokes I’ve been totting up.

      1. Looking forward to it! Keep doing what you love whenever you feel like doing it, usually that works best in life😉

  3. What a lovely surprise.
    I understand you are not back to normal, but I hope I can see you back for the Soul Exchange.

    I will take Panther and Guinivere only because I like to collect and at some point they were popular and I tried to get them.

    Hope you are doing great, my friend.

  4. Glad to see you pop your head out (6 more weeks of winter, still?) with another great review. Mostly I use Fated Summon to fill in missing heroes from bygone times before I was playing or to stock feeders for Soul Exchange. Rarely do they offer anything spectacular but it’s better than getting nothing at all for your misses. Stay sarcastic!

    1. 😁 Yes, I will! Nothing super special will come from a Fated but there’s always something decent among the bunch, and then something for the Exchange. Good to see you Dave!

  5. Unfortunately I have to agree with your evaluations.
    And thanks for answering the costume issue. They should have included the costume.

    1. Yes, the costume potential tempted me to increase the value of the heroes on offer… But it never seems to happen that way for me, that I ever get the costume (likely my horrible luck).

      Thanks for reading, G Panther looks cool.

  6. Always nice to hear from you, even if its just an one-time letter left on our little smartphone window by a pigeon…The bromance is still alive! haha

    Totally agree with your evaluations – but I was shocked with Victor being so low. I think he would be top2 considering he is VF! I like that his heal reduction holds for 5 whole rounds – that way he will almost surely renew it before it ends and this could be useful (if they dont kill him meanwhile).

    Too bad there is a huge gap of older heroes with what can be considered playable today. 1200-1300 health in 5* heroes that demand the same amount of food and materials to be maxed as the new ones with 1900 base health is just funny… they should renew the whole thing! Most of these heroes are like a joke for tosay… Mother North is the only true gold choice! took her this morning

    Hope you keep our bromance alive with another love letter when Soul Exchange comes…its always refreshing reading your opinion!

    1. Hey Grigoris, good to see you. Victor slowly worked his way down the list as I played it out in my mind. I do like the idea, but his use was so limited, whereas the others could be put in more situations. But there you go.

      I agree, the power stats difference will hammer these heroes to the ground. You’d really have to make allowances for them which imv means planning support in any line-up including them.

      Thanks for stopping by and keeping the bromance alive!

  7. Good to read your thoughts again, maybe they can slow the rush of new heroes enough to tempt you back rather than avoid the flood like it feels we’re all trying to

    1. I can’t see them slowing down at this point, which is good for profits but hard on coverage! Nonetheless, thank you for taking the time to read my stuff, I appreciate it.

  8. This brought a big smile, OC, thanks! I’ve been saving my summons for 65 days, because the last batch was so bad. Finally time to roll… and I was feeling somewhat naked without my sarcastic security blanket. I was just thinking how I would love to see just one more post…

    I’m going with Guardian Panther, since my best purple is 4-deep. If I can manage a second, it’ll be Mother North or Athena…

    Thanks for coming out to play.

    1. Man, I’m happy to have helped… I’m a “sarcastic security blanket”. -A bit outside the box, but I’ll take it!

      Thank you westfried, congrats, and have fun.

  9. Great to see you again even if for a short while. This post as always garnered a few good laughs that I needed. And served as a good reminder to not take the game to serious. I’ve always wanted Mother North so I’ll choose her when the time comes.

  10. Thanks for the Fated Summons info. Glad you could fit it in. I agree with your ranking and chose MN. Maybe someday I’ll get the costume. I also read your VR game posts – I have Meta Quest2. It was good to see a new post from you.

    1. Hey Diane, congrats on Mother North and fingers crossed for the costume. Thanks for reading my Meta Quest stuff, too (I should write some more!). Your support is always appreciated.

  11. Thank you Cynic. It was a real pleasant surprise to receive an email alerting me to a new post from you. When you hung up your quill, I moved through the 5 stages of grief and finally reached acceptance.
    It is pure joy to know that we will still receive an occasional teaser from you.
    MN was a hero that I have always coveted, and now have chance to own. Time for Heimdall to go out to pasture methinks.

    1. Hey Jay. Man, the 5 stages of grief 😁, my bad. I need to know those stages so I can understand where I am with certain things…

      Here they are from Google: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Man, I’ve been stuck on anger for soooo long!

      Yes, the occasional teaser is right. Thank you for visiting, it’s always appreciated.

  12. OC,the magic is gone. It’s like visiting a house your grandparents lived in through your childhood. There it is, a flash of excitement, as you drive down the lane. But then you get out of the car, see or meet the new people who ive there. Maybe they even invite you in for a tour… It doesn’t matter. The warmth and joy and love that made that place special left with your grandparents. This foreign new place fails to even bring back rich memories, but leaves you sad, alone, very mortal…
    It’s not you OC. It’s nice to hear your voice. Maybe it’s the game, my dissapointment in summoning this week, the empty feeling of finally having panther on my roster. She once anchored top defenses with bastet at tank. Now she is……good for titans… Sorry for the somber mood. My playing days may have crested. I didn’t know it when it was happening. But now, behind me is a peak, a peak I don’t wish to spend the money required to climb. Cheers OC

    1. Sorry Gabrielle, but I agree, you shouldn’t spend money to challenge the peak. The peak is a fiction designed to keep you climbing. If the games not fun anymore you could always take a break or stop.

      I have found a mid-level spot where I happily raid, and wars are still fun, and the weekday tournament is still fun with the morning coffee.

      Whereas, pulling at the great chamber and keeping up? That’s not fun! Mostly disappointing 😁

  13. Good to hear from you again OC, I’ve been in the game darn near since the beginning, but discovered you late.

    I’d like to defend the honor of the 2017 HotMs and Thoth-Amun in particular.

    The combo of their +mana and +atk/def elemental links makes them significantly more formidable than they’d first seem. As a specific example they’re some of the only fast heroes that can routinely operate at 6 tile speed without high level magic or styx troops.

    Also since Thoth naturally has high HP a single LB can make his minions pretty beefy (big plus given all the DoT passives) and with 2LB he adds a revive too which makes him very survivable despite dated stats. Adding in the +mana bonus to all and a decent hit 3 he’s high on my list of most underrated heroes. Now if I could just get his costume..

    1. Good luck on the costume! Yes, I agree, the old Element Links were much more substantial. Please consider his honour defended, and thank you for doing it.

  14. Mostly F2P, i will make some purchases occasionally(but been burned with bad luck those times).
    I am stuck between MN, Alby, GP, Athena.
    -my only current revive is 3* gramps
    -Also lacking in the 5* frost(only have 1 Magni), leaning towards Athena. Most of my 5* are nature.
    I was hoping to see a 2018 family, to have synergy with my recent Evelyn pull, no luck.

    Anyway, would you consider ML more if you had 5* Killhare to team with? I have costume for KH as well, not leveled yet.
    (oddly, all the stuff i never pulled, i almost have a full springvale family. lol) maybe that’s a sign that they suck.

    1. Hey DK, I like the bunny (Mr. Lepus) in principle. In practice, in today’s game, he doesn’t bring enough to the table.

      I don’t think the family bonus is worthy of the mats to make the whole thing happen, no.

      I do have a free Facebook group where you’re welcome to get opinions from other members, right here.

      Thanks for reading!

    2. I think between mother North and alby.alby is more useful.
      MN has higher chance to revive thn alby but heals first thn revives.The heroes she revive are easy kill,even with the minion.
      Alby revived first thn heals.gives mana to allies.
      With his druid class ,he gets 4% mana boost,another 5% from legends family bonus,so with mana troops he can become average speed.

  15. Nice to see you post about this one, even if you’re not going back to posting E&P articles.
    When I saw this lineup, I already knew my first two picks would be Mother North, followed by Alberich. I know G. Panther is good, but just like how I passed up The Hatter for Dark Lord in an SE 1-2 years ago because I have all the different flavors of Caedmon, I’m handling Holy Titans just fine with Sergei, so G. Panther isn’t a priority pick for me. Meanwhile, I’m still trucking along with Anton’s x2 and LB1 Gramps being my only revivers, so I need something better on that front.

    1. Hi Nortaneous, yea-it feels like most of the decent heroes in this Fated Summon are Titan options (the revivers aside), but that’s still better than what I’ve been pulling lately. I’m working two TC20s in hope of getting 10 for the Soul Exchange.

      Good to see you!

  16. I was on 100 already so I jumped in straight away for Panther. She will probably get levelled for the EDD.

    I’m already on 76 for the next one and will take MN, despite Heimdall having sat on my bench for months. Not sure she will get levelled.

    Beyond that, I dont want any of these. They don’t stand a chance in the game now. SE fodder.

    1. G. Panther makes a look of sense; she’s a specialist who doesn’t need super stats to be effective. Mother North will shine at least in Rush Wars/Events. I hope they find some better options for the next Fated, but won’t hold my breath!

  17. What a delightful surprise to see a post from you! A huge bonus to the otherwise unimpressive summons roster but if that is what it takes to get a message from you, well worth it. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.

  18. I was very happy to read from you, Old Cynic – have been missing your posts that are always very entertaining and informative!

  19. Hi Old Cynic. I’m wondering why you don’t believe that Mother North is the best hero in the game and who you think it is. Guinevere can still be a very useful tank, especially if you double LB.

    1. Hi there. It’s been a long time since MN was the best Hero in the game, mainly because they are always producing better Heroes. She is quality in my view, but no longer the best.

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