Fated Summon (Empires and Puzzles) October 2022 Hero List & Opinions

Empires and Puzzles Fated Summons at Old Cynic Poster

Empires and Puzzles October 2022 Fated Summons is here, and it’s the first of its kind.

The Fated Summon is a new credit system where you earn credits by Summoning 3 or 4-Star Heroes, but Daily Summons and extra bonus draws are not included.

Once you’ve filled the Fated Summon Bar you’ll be able to choose a Hero from the selection provided.

For more on the mechanics, be sure to check in-game.

For my part, I’m here to talk about my favourites from the options available, but as usual, these things are often more complex than, “who’s the best hero”. Because your roster and play style are vital to the decision-making process.

I’m not judging your picks, I’m just talking. There’s no wrong or right, so please don’t walk away feeling like you’ve picked the wrong one.

Also, I don’t mind folk disagreeing with me. That’s the whole point, to get opinions from all sides.

This post may contain speculation, personal opinion, adult comedy, and human error. It is not advice and is solely for entertainment and informational purposes.

Before we start, please consider sharing a link to this post with your alliance or on social media. It really does help.

Empires and Puzzles Fated Summons October 2022

Here are the 20 heroes up for grabs in the October 2022 Fated Summons, and what’s immediately clear, is that we’re not dealing with the same calibre of Hero normally seen in the Soul Exchange.

That said, there are a few real gems available.

For this post, I’m going to rank the Heroes in each Element, highlighting my favourites. Although I won’t be dragging my feet on this one coz I just finished with the best Tank in Empires and Puzzles yesterday!

Also, please note, due to the immediacy of the Fated Summons, my opinions are off the cuff and without the same level of detailed research I would normally conduct for my other reviews.

Let’s get this started with a screenshot of all the heroes currently available:

Screenshot of all the heroes featured in the Empires and Puzzles Fated Summons October 2022
OldCynic.com – Empires and Puzzles Fated Summons Hero List

Purple / Dark Heroes: Fated Summons (Empires and Puzzles)

Here are the Dark Heroes offered in this Fated Summons, followed by my ranking (#1 is my pick of the bunch):

All Purple - Dark heroes featured in the Empires and Puzzles Fated Summons October 2022
  • Sartana
  • Seshat
  • Kageburado
  • Freya

#4: Sartana (Empires & Puzzles)

Sartana’s an old Sniper and I’m happy to discard her.

#3: Kageburado (Empires & Puzzles)

At one point in time, Kageburado was everywhere. He’s a very fast Sniper who really does sting like a bee. 450% is a big hit early in the battle. Nemesis does 470% for 6 tiles (plus a little more). Might be nice for a Stack if you need it, but I wouldn’t personally.

#2: Seshat (Fated Summons)

Seshat does look interesting; a Sniper with a replicating Minion. Sit her out on the Wing and maybe she’ll build up a nice little collection during the game. Plus, she Dispels 3 enemy targets. And then that little Mana Gen. I wouldn’t mind her at all. She’s not the best Purple here, but she’s a great little budget operative. -Strong traits of Devana about her.

#1: Freya (Empires & Puzzles Fated Summons)

I’ve had Freya for a loooonng time and can personally attest to her value and contribution. This near-premium level Minion maker is great for Maps, Raiding, and everything basically. I wish she could stop Minions like Bera can, but instead, she provides +30% Defense for all allies and +120% attack to all allied Minions. Oh, and she’s a great Tank and offers lots of synergy options on Defense. But again, it’s all about what you need for your squad.

Yellow / Holy Heroes: Fated Summons (Empires and Puzzles)

Here are the Holy Heroes offered in this Fated Summons, followed by my ranking (#1 is my pick of the bunch):

All Yellow - Holy heroes featured in the Empires and Puzzles Fated Summons October 2022
  • Vivica
  • Onatel
  • Poseidon
  • Thor

#4: Thor (Empires & Puzzles)

All right, these guys are a bit closer.

I’m gonna stick Thor in fourth. I like him more for Raids than Defense, but even then, I’d rather take Bai Yeong. Thor just looks like a lot of work. I’d still be gripping onto the side of my chair in the hope that my team don’t get slapped silly (-40% accuracy).

#3: Poseidon (Fated Summons)

Poseidon is an old hero with a Skill that is still relevant today; A general protection against negative Mana effects and effects that block Special Skill usage. I recently got him and levelled him. Now he’s an option on my roster but he hasn’t managed to secure himself a spot in any established Lineup. That said, I’m glad to have him. He’s a great alternative against some of the modern monsters we’re seeing. He may be slightly undervalued here, but he is a specialist. Whereas Vivica is an iconic Healer who can still offer wholesale problems if you don’t treat her right. Close call, but I would reflect heavily on your roster before picking between these 2.

#2: Vivica (Empires & Puzzles Fated Summons)

Vivica is an old classic, but she is really solid. 44% health for all allies and +63% Defense, plus a general Cleanse for everyone. Also, she’s a Rush Event specialist. I personally wouldn’t level Vivica at my stage of the game, but then, I already have loads of other Healers to choose from. If you Stack Holy and don’t mind a Slow Healer, Vivica may be the one for you. The best way to avoid disappointment is to review your roster for weaknesses and consider your ongoing strategy. Also, Ariel is on this list and is a better option imo.

#1: Onatel (Empires & Puzzles Fated Summons)

Onatel’s an easy win for me. She’s still a pain in the a**. Decent hit at 250% to 3 on Average (a little less than Devana), and then the Mana theft: ‘Caster steals generated Mana of the target and nearby over 4 turns, starting low and increasing every turn until on the last turn when all the generated Mana is stolen. Can’t be Cleansed.’ Funnily enough, Poseidon should offer protection against Onatel (I’ve never confirmed as they’re old and I can’t find her on a D right now. If you can confirm, please let us know in the comments). Anyway, of the 4 here, I like Onatel the most. When she fires off, she’s normally quickly making her way ’round to firing off again! However, none of these Heroes are the crazy-stupid we’re accustomed to talking about on this blog.

Blue / Ice Heroes: Fated Summons (Empires and Puzzles)

Here are the Ice Heroes offered in the Fated Summons, followed by my ranking (#1 is my pick of the bunch):

All Blue / Ice heroes featured in the Empires and Puzzles Fated Summons October 2022
  • Richard
  • Vela
  • Ariel
  • Skadi

#4: Richard (Empires & Puzzles Fated Summons)

Richard was a bad man at one point, whacking his big hammer all over the place! And just today, for the first time, I saw his new Classic Family bonus, which does add something to the mix. Still, there are loads of better options. I wouldn’t waste my Mats on him, but again, I do have some of those better options.

#3: Vela (Empires & Puzzles Fated Summons)

If you scroll back to the top and look at the main image again, you’ll see Telli and Vela side by side. And those who know, know.

Sad times man. I’m sure they smiled and embraced at the photo shoot reunion. Reminiscing on the good old days, -a twinkle in their eyes as they spoke.

Then at lunch, they disappeared together, eating alone in the corner of the Food Court, where they could talk in private.

Finally, as the last LED Ring Light was turned off and the studio began to empty, Old Telli smiled and whispered, “I’ll always remember you”.

Sorry, Vela is OKish. Her Passive (immune to Minion damage) is annoying and she’s quick. She’s not a superstar, but might be just enough for Stacking.

#2: Ariel (Empires & Puzzles Fated Summons)

For me, Ariel is much better than Vivica, even though they’re both #2 in their respective Elements. Also, this game is all about Damage, so I have to take the monster hitter over the monster healer. But Ariel is long established as one of the best Healers in Empires and Puzzles. She heals, speeds up the team, and Cleanses all Ailments. Lovely stuff. Again tho, if you’re looking for an Ice Hero, look back at your roster first and see what you need.

#1: Skadi (Empires & Puzzles Fated Summons)

Skadi is still terrorising folk today. 220% damage to all, damage increased by dead enemies and a Stack of Frost damage based on killed enemies OR enemy Minions, at the end of each turn. Plus, -6% Mana based on the same stuff. I swear Skadi will mess you up with the small-print! For ref, Sobek (who bypasses defensive Buffs) does 290% damage to all on an Average Charge.

Green / Nature Heroes: Fated Summons (Empires and Puzzles)

Here are the Nature Heroes offered in the Fated Summons, followed by my ranking (#1 is my pick of the bunch):

All Green - Nature heroes featured in the Empires and Puzzles Fated Summons October 2022
  • Lianna
  • Telluria
  • Tarlak
  • Ratatoskr

#4: Lianna (Fated Summons)

I don’t like Snipers at the best of times, and Lianna’s never done much for me.

#3: Telluria (Empires & Puzzles Fated Summons)

Telluria would smother the life out of you in the old days. Still decent, just more ornamental now.

#2: Ratatoskr (Empires & Puzzles)

This is no disrespect to Ratatoskr owners, who are fierce protectors of this very cute-looking squirrel. It’s extremely close for me between the two (Tarlak). Ratatoski happens to heal for an extraordinary amount, at 44% on Average. Plus he has tile-altering powers which will help with Titans and provide Team Synergy options. For all-round play, he may be the better of the two, again, depending on what you need. But #1 is something you don’t get access to every day, so I had to go that way…

#1: Tarlak (Fated Summons)

I wrote about Bertulf ages ago, and he is still a permanent fixture in all of my Titan teams. He gives all allies +100% attack in the same way that Tarlak does. But here’s the difference 1: Tarlak will also heal allies for a little bit and 2: He’s not gonna play dead every time a Titan so much as looks at him. It’s a close call between Ratatoskr and Tarlak though. Ratatoskr can be a ‘main Healer’, and so shouldn’t be sniffed at. Depends what you need!

Red / Fire Heroes: Fated Summons (Empires and Puzzles)

Here are the Fire Heroes offered in the Fated Summons, followed by my ranking (#1 is my pick of the bunch):

All Red - Fire heroes featured in the Empires and Puzzles Fated Summons October 2022
  • Elena
  • Grazul
  • Mitsuko
  • Tyr

#4: Elena (Fated Summons)

Alright, last group.

I own and use Elena. She’s a great hero, particularly useful in Wars and Rush Events. But, there are more unique Heroes available on this list, and you could pick up Elena from a number of different places. She’s not special nowadays, but she’s still solid.

#3: Tyr (Empires & Puzzles)

Tyr is selfish and stubborn. Lots of people like him, but I’m not among that number. He can be annoying but I just prefer more general heroes. And, this guy has worse social skills than me.

#2: Grazul (Fated Summons)

Her healing isn’t much and the immunity she offers against Status Ailments only lasts for 2 turns. Still, I’m like, “but I can change her”. I like Grazul as a second Healer; it’s the speed (V.Fast) I like with the potential of getting someone else off, too (some of this stuff don’t read right).

#1: Mitsuko (Empires & Puzzles Fated Summons)

Mitsuko hits 3 for a decent amount on Average, but more importantly, reduces their Mana by 20%. She also has a nice anti-Ice Counterattack to play with. I like the potential here, maybe play her with other Mana Controllers or, of course, Stacked.

Empires & Puzzles Fated Summons

And who do I think is the best of the lot? A few names would be Freya, Skadi, Ariel, Onatel, and Tarlak.

Anyway, that was my opinion. What’s yours?

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. I actually love this lineup. It’s VERY F2P/C2P friendly, and does little to help the whales. That’s a rare good move by SG.

  2. Have they announced how long this fated list will be before it refreshes?

    I started filling my bar and used 10 EHT’s saving the rest for christmas and some valhalla coins, got C guillenbursti, matilda and celidana. What a holy day. But now it drops onatel from the top of my list. Freya, skadi, tarlak, ratatoskr, then Onatel. But 500 summons is probably only possible with buying summons. Even buying the cheapest summons allowed probably makes this hundreds of dollars.

    1. Hey f5alcon, I didn’t see a timeline on its reappearance, but it does say that ‘the Fated Summon becomes inactive when all available Heroes have been Summoned. It activates again when a new selection of Heroes becomes available’.

      Thanks for visiting!

  3. I love this move from a renowned stingy bunch. As for the selection of heroes, there are quite a few of them I will really appreciate.
    As for those I don’t want, well, they’re soul exchange material.
    Lastly, right now none of us know what the rotation of the Fated Summon is, or whether it will be for everyone at the same time.
    I say this because first, SG/Zynga haven’t said anything about it yet.
    Secondly, for those burning through 100 summons every month, or less, this is completely different for c2p and f2p who do not summon like mad.
    With this being the case, what then is the point of making plans for who to choose?
    Just my 2c.
    Best regards.
    NB, I am also in beta and I have still not heard anything regarding this question.

  4. You made an error on Dark#2. You should have said Seshat not Sartana in the bold headline. I agree with assessments, tough call without Costumes. I think this one more falls info holes to fill in your roster. Bunch of serviceable hero’s on the list.

  5. Can confirm that Poseidon blocks Onatel’s mana steal, since you asked. As you said, The Big Fish is worth it just for his mana protection. Also a nice asset in buff booster tournaments.

  6. What I like about this is the same thing I like about Soul Exchange – there is no guesswork, the hero you choose is the hero you get. The second thing I like about this is the groups they have chosen to include. While I have every Season 1 Hero I am woefully light on Season 2 (Atlantis) and older Heroes of the Month. Of the 10 heroes offered in those 2 categories I only have 2 (Grazul and Mitsuko) and have been wanting Tarlak and Seshat for a long time. I have all but Freya in the Season 3 group. Being somewhat of a collector it is nice to be able to fill in some roster gaps without chasing some of these in their normal summon portal. This allows me to concentrate more on the newer summons and, along with Soul Exchange, pick up a guaranteed hero every few months. This is a big plus as I am C2P.

  7. If i have to pick one of the entire bunch it has to be Ariel.. and that is only because i have her costume and have no problems putting 2xArielC to work in the war machinery.
    Other than that i dont really have any use for any of them 😉
    I got most of them, and the classics arent worth much without costumes.

    On the very very positive note though: the same wave that brought us Fated summons also brough us -Tadaaah! familybonus and supertalents for the classic hero club!

    I have managed to scrounge up a fully functional war team by just using 4xclassics and an MN.

    The warrior class supertalent is crazy good, and it basically gives JoonC the ability to bounce back from death at 35% chance, and while doing so also get enough mana to sock you in the pooper every two times.
    VivicaCC is warriorclass also so you could imagine the whack-a-mole game that can get started with 2xJoonC a VivCC and an MN to rinse/repeat.

    It really opens up the field for the old classics.. but seeing there are no costumes in Fated Summons this arent really raising the value of the feature.

    1. Hey Cougar, I do like the little golden icons they got now; looks real special! I need to go over my roster to see if I made any decent gains. At least it’s something for these older heroes.

  8. Onatel is insane. I pulled her about 1-2 months ago from HA10 and have been prioritising her level-ups over other holy heroes (including Celidana and Joon) ever since. Even at 2-xx, she still proved her salt in the recent Holy LB quest by just leeching mana from the bosses, which frequently gives my Li Xiu and Leonidas enough time to charge up their skills and mana cut, so the bosses almost never managed to fire their specials.

    Overall, I think the selection for Fire heroes is the best. You ranked Elena 4th her element but mentioned she’s not bad – and having a fully ascended Elena myself, I can agree with that – so that’s saying something about the other three heroes that you ranked higher on the list.

    1. Yeah, that was some tough love with Elena. She has Emblems (albeit, my Reds are weak), but she is a really solid Slow Fire hero. It’s Grazul I’d love a shot at. I think someone once told me the healing isn’t enough (I’m thinking Stacked on Offense) and that may be the case in the end. Of course, if she was a new hero today she’d Boost healing by 500 HP and reflex Status Ailments for 4 turns!

  9. Very interesting! I’m leaning towards Freya (I only have 3* minion summoners), Ariel (healers fit my play style, and I have only kiril in blue > 3*), Skadi (I have no minion killer, except if you count Penolite) or perhaps Tarlak for titans. I have costume Wilbur though, so I wonder how much of a difference he would make? 🤔 (I also have Wu Kong, but that’s it for the special attack up role, I don’t have Bertulf e.g.)

    1. I’m sure someone was telling me recently that he doesn’t protect against it. I just went and tested mine in raids Vs LotK and sure enough, they resisted the Mana drain when his Buff was in effect.

      He is also noted as a solution for Ruby. Same drain.

      And Mindless Attack.

      I don’t use Poseidon everyday (although that may change… Waterpipe). Thanks for sharing.

      1. Thank you very much for testing it out for me 🙂 Poisedon is one of the candidates I am considering taking from the Fated Summon gate. I like his secondary skills as the game seems to release more mana eaters. Others are Ariel, Ratakarskr and Tarlak.

        I don’t summon often to fill the summon bar. I think I can do at most 200 summons in six months. For healers I have Alexandrine at 370. I don’t have any green 5* healers and 5* attack booster.

        I’d like to get some advice from you. Thanks in advance🙂

        1. Hello SD, it’s hard for me to tell you what to do beyond sharing my opinion on the Heroes in isolation as I have done above.

          I would suggest that you speak with your alliance, or try Reddit, or the Forum. Collect other opinions when in doubt!

          Good luck with your decision.

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