Fated Summon (Empires and Puzzles) April 2023 Hero List & Opinions

Empires and Puzzles Fated Summons at Old Cynic Poster

The Empires and Puzzles April 2023 Fated Summons has finally arrived, and in this post, you’ll find the complete Hero list along with my personal opinion on all of the Heroes featured.

When it comes to actually picking a Hero, these things are often more complex than, “Who’s the best Hero”. Because your roster and playstyle are vital to the decision-making process.

This post may contain speculation, personal opinion, and adult comedy. It is not advice and is solely for entertainment and informational purposes.


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Empires and Puzzles Fated Summons April 2023

For this post, I’m going to rank the Heroes in each Element, highlighting my favorites.

And at the bottom of this post, I’ll also be sharing my Top 3 Picks regardless of Element.

Please note, for the Fated Summons, my opinions are off the cuff and without the same level of detailed research I would normally conduct for my other reviews.

Let’s get this started with a screenshot of all the Heroes currently available:

All of the Heroes in Fated Summons Empires and Puzzles April 2023
OldCynic.com – Empires and Puzzles Fated Summons April 2023 Hero List

Purple / Dark Heroes: Fated Summons (Empires and Puzzles)

Here are the Dark Heroes offered in this Fated Summons, followed by my ranking (#1 is my pick of the bunch):

Purple - Dark Heroes in Empires and Puzzles Fated Summons April 2023
  • Quintus
  • Grimble
  • Mok-Arr
  • Bera

#4: Mok-Arr (Empires & Puzzles)

I’ll start by saying that most Elements only have one strong Hero. The rest are fillers.

Purple/Dark is the only Element with 2 great picks, although, of course, Mok-Arr is not one of them!

Mok-Arr is sooo bad that he took last place in a race featuring Quintus.

But no. I wouldn’t waste a pick on either of these two Heroes (Mok-Arr/Quintus).

I’m guessing some folk, who do loads of pulls, will end up collecting all of the Fated Summon Heroes and end up sending them all to the Soul Exchange. But for the rest of us… nil poi.

#3: Quintus (Empires & Puzzles)

In no universe, no other timeline, no version of reality, when even under pressure from gods and demons, when confused by persuasive intrusive thoughts, or when in pain and suffering and on the hope of recovery, should you, of your own volition, ever consider pulling Senor Quintus.

#2: Grimble (Fated Summons)

Alright, we’re onto the big players and maybe even a little controversy.

Grimble Vs. Bera. Who would I take?

Me, personally?



Because I’d prefer prevention over seeking a cure.

Grimble is a great Hero, no issues from me. He does his job exceedingly well.

But my thing is, with Bera the f#*kers won’t hatch in the bloody first place.

And at Fast, she can get to the button before most. She’s also great when not facing Minions.

That said, it’s really down to your own preference and playstyle.

#1: Bera (Empires & Puzzles Fated Summons)

Well, I’ve said it all above. Bera is my pick of the Purples. Both are solid options, but she is the one for me.

I will add, these two are completely different Heroes and offer different synergies.

Bera requires her Minions to get results, whereas Grimble directly deals with the problem himself. He also shares Mana for each Minion destroyed.

Either way, if you need Minion Control, I wouldn’t ignore these two.

Yellow / Holy Heroes: Fated Summons (Empires and Puzzles)

Here are the Holy Heroes offered in this Fated Summons, followed by my ranking (#1 is my pick of the bunch):

Yellow - Holy Heroes in Empires and Puzzles Fated Summons April 2023
  • Joon
  • Malosi
  • Inari
  • Sif

#4: Joon (Empires & Puzzles)

Come on, now.

If you did 100 pulls, hopefully, E&P gave you something better than Joon.

But no. Joon is not the one.

#3: Sif (Fated Summons)

I got Malosi way back in the day, and he’s been slapping this head on-the-regs.

Sif is not a Hero I’d ever want to pull, however, I do know that she’s highly regarded by others.

Just not me!

#2: Inari (Empires & Puzzles Fated Summons)

Inari is a very respectable Hero. The problem is Speed; at least, when compared to the current elite.

Check out the table I’ve got in my Bastet Review. -It gives you a good idea of her value.

+56% chance to dodge is rare and nudges her across that impressive 50% mark.

I see Inari as useable in today’s Empires and Puzzles and a decent option on this list.

PS> Stats… Stats are gonna proper suck for these older Heroes.

#1: Malosi (Empires & Puzzles Fated Summons)

How could I not choose Malosi as my #1 pick of the Holy Heroes?

Malosi will slap the living senses outta all those smart-talking, cliquey, networking, b#*s*%ds out there.

Just line up their chins, and let Malosi do the rest.

Malosi is still on my Raid Squad. All these years later!

Every time I bench the guy, all those backhanding, propagandists, get to talking their lies into existence.

Then I bring Malosi back, and he rebukes their BS and lays them out, cold.


Blue / Ice Heroes: Fated Summons (Empires and Puzzles)

Here are the Ice Heroes offered in the Fated Summons, followed by my ranking (#1 is my pick of the bunch):

Blue - Ice Heroes in Empires and Puzzles Fated Summons April 2023
  • Isarnia
  • Raffaele
  • Misandra
  • Lord Loki

#4: Isarnia (Empires & Puzzles Fated Summons)

This is taking forever!

I’m only on the Blues? OK. Quicker.

Isarnia is lame.

#3: Raffaele (Empires & Puzzles Fated Summons)

Raffaele is not lame, but he doesn’t do enough at Slow to make him worthwhile.

There was a time when he was a Somebody, but the world’s moved on since. Sadly, nowadays the kids just call him a Gen X and tell him to stop drinking from the garden hose.

For the record, this publisher does not condone drinking from the garden hose. ~There may be health implications associated with drinking via plastics and rubbers which have not been properly tested.

It is better that you seek out independent advice before partaking in the H2O that flows from the garden hose.

#2: Misandra (Empires & Puzzles Fated Summons)

I recently reviewed Misandra’s Costume, but that’s not what we have here.

I personally wouldn’t select Misandra. She’s gonna be way too unreliable. However, if I’m to rank them, this is where she would sit.

#1: Lord Loki (Empires & Puzzles Fated Summons)

Lord Loki is probably gonna be the #1 pick overall for most people and that makes sense.

Strictly speaking, I have rated Bera above him in the Valhalla countdown, but that really speaks to the game’s Meta.

Lord Loki is not the best Hero in the game, or even the most powerful. But he is, in my experience, the most fun.

It’s really silly, the way he makes you feel; like back in the day when playing a SNES and putting in some long cheat code. And having endless lives. Or All Powers.

With LL, you steal somebody’s Special Skills, and it feels, well, bloody marvellous.

That said, Lord Loki is only as powerful as those he faces. And at the end of the battle, he can sometimes find himself somewhat lacking.

Still, he is one of the most rewarding Heroes to play with in the entirety of Empires and Puzzles.

Green / Nature Heroes: Fated Summons (Empires and Puzzles)

Here are the Nature Heroes offered in the Fated Summons, followed by my ranking (#1 is my pick of the bunch):

Green - Nature Heroes in Empires and Puzzles Fated Summons April 2023
  • Horghall
  • Zeline
  • Atomos
  • Heimdall

#4: Horghall (Fated Summons)

Horghall = NO!!!! Never!

#3: Atomos (Empires & Puzzles Fated Summons)

Atomos = OK but still NO!

#2: Zeline (Empires & Puzzles)

Zeline = OK and maybe, if you’ve already got everyone else and really like the look of that Enemy Buff dispel.

She’s not horrible, but those 2018 Stats are gonna completely let her down. And 143% to all is as strong as a fart in the wind.

#1: Heimdall (Fated Summons)

Heimdall = Good, but still not a must-have.

I love Revivers but in all the years I’ve played this game, I can’t remember a time when non-costumed Heimdall ever revived anyone of note.

I don’t even hold my breath when he gets to blowing that horn. [See, Mother North.]

It is worth noting the very respectable 500 Boosted Health he offers. Along with the +30% Attack.

But I wouldn’t pull this guy at this stage of the game thinking you just pulled a great Reviver.

A nice Hero to own, -above many on this countdown, but this is a pretty weak countdown.

Red / Fire Heroes: Fated Summons (Empires and Puzzles)

Here are the Fire Heroes offered in the Fated Summons, followed by my ranking (#1 is my pick of the bunch):

Red - Fire Heroes in Empires and Puzzles Fated Summons April 2023
  • Marjana
  • Zimkitha
  • Mitsuko
  • Gefjon

#4: Marjana (Fated Summons)

Marjana; I wouldn’t.

#3: Zimkitha (Empires & Puzzles)

Zimkitha is like the polar opposite of Zeline, but does a little more damage in her Special Skill.

Also, she cleanses Status Ailments from all allies. -And that might be the only reason to select her.

I do like the Cleanse, but the low damage and circa 2018 Stats will make her somewhat redundant.

#2: Mitsuko (Empires & Puzzles Fated Summons)

Mitsuko is back for the second time.

I’ve since picked her up myself via a HA10 pull (if memory serves), and while I wouldn’t recommend her, if I’m to rank these Heroes, she sits here.

#1: Gefjon (Fated Summons)

Gefjon is the only Red I would actually pick myself.

Stealing all Minions from the Target and delivering a very tidy Slap is all you need.

She’s not the best Hero on this list, but in my view, she’s the best Red.


Read on to see my Top 3 picks from this Fated Summons…

Empires & Puzzles Fated Summon, April 2023

OK, this time I’ll share my Top 3 picks regardless of Element:

  1. Lord Loki (for devastating fun)
  2. Bera/Grimble (for function)
  3. Malosi (for Slapping)

Anyway, who’s your fav?

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. Since I own Fire Legendary Heroes the least, I would pick Gefjon. Although you giving your top three makes me think otherwise.. hmmmm…

    1. It’s tough with Fire Heroes all round. I’m yet to hear of somebody with a decent selection! I just finished leveling Roughian & Nurgib and she’s my first real decent Fire Hero. Good luck deciding PHLOL6, thanks for visiting.

      1. I’m almost done leveling Roughian & Nurgib, which will be my first maxed 5 star, all because of your reviews. Old Cynic is my 1st stop for all my new hero questions. Thanks for everything.

      2. I have Roughian & Nurgib maxed and double LB – omg she is the best.

        1062 Damage / 953 Defense / 2052 Damage – I would never want to go up against this best..

  2. I took Grimble and Heimdall today, I don’t have the telescopes for Lord Loki so he will go later, bera, malosi, sif, inari, gefjon if i do that many pulls. I got 9 out of the first set of fated summons. Got all 3 featured season heroes in the 150 pulls I did.

  3. Out of this entire group there are only 5 I don’t already have so I took Heimdall today and will follow with Zeline, Zimkitha, Atomos and Mok-Arr as time goes on (not listed in any particular order). The next Fated Summon in October needs to swap out S2 for something else as it is already running Mitsuko for a second time due to a lack of red heroes (Oceanus, and Tethys too, will not be in this summon for a long time). Perhaps Challenge Festival I original heroes would be a good substitute. Using those would give 5 each dark, ice and nature and 6 fire and 4 holy, enough for at least 4 summons without duplicating a hero (2 years worth).
    Boss Wolf
    Captain Sargasso
    Guardian Panther
    Black Knight
    Captain Kestrel
    Guardian Kong
    Puss in Boots
    Queen of Hearts
    Red Hood
    Guardian Gazelle
    Guardian Owl
    White Rabbit
    King Arthur
    Snow White
    Guardian Chameleon
    Lady Locke
    Lady of the Lake
    Morgan Le Fay

    1. Thanks for the breakdown Dave, sounds like a plan. Some great heroes on that list and LotL would be very popular.

      I’d love to get LL and Bera for my personal account this FS. I’ll deffo get one but fun Vs function is a tough call. Raiding at the top now, after the Minion wave, might better suit LL, but my strong stacks will favour Bera.

      Thanks for taking the time, cheers!

    1. Unlucky on the greens, hopefully next time. And hopefully there’s something that fits your roster for now! Good luck and thanks for sharing David!

  4. You do not know how much it bothers me to know there is a strtonger version of a hero I could pick (the costumed version). That’s why this thing does not hype me at all.

    I am lacking on green heroes, so I think I will cash Heimdall first. I do not have any 2018 HOTM, perhaps Zeline will be my second pick just for that reason.

    I have two more things to say: Mitsuko is not available on TC20. I think you are confusing the Academy at level 10. And a question to end: Will you pick a second Malosi?

    1. And I wrote HA10 first but backed out. Shuda checked 😁 Yes, the Fated Summon is not filled with OP heroes and even Lord Loki has his costume on the way.

      No, I will not get another Malosi. One is enough for me (I don’t need it for War). Plus, LL and Bera are Heroes that would offer new synergy options for me so I’m likely to go that way. Especially as I’m only likely to get 1 hero…

      If I didn’t have Malosi, that wud be a difficult call. Some decent heroes here for f2p/c2p. But lots of filler beyond the top 6-7 range!

  5. Appreciate the review! You’ve convinced me to give LL a try.
    I’m interested in Bera as well, but there don’t seem to be many minion casters out there these days.

    1. Lord Loki is powerful and a lot of fun. It can be hard to get a true sense of his strengths without playing him. That’s the best way to understand his weaknesses too. I’d say he’s unique in that way. At least, I’ve never come across a hero like that before. I hope you enjoy him.

  6. I gave Freya a miss in the previous Fated Summons so that I could pick Bera the moment this roster was available. She’s expected to replace LB Ingolf as my Dark tank on…everything involving defence, really. I intend to LB2 her as well – Defense Up looks like a no-frills but useful Aether Power to have on tank position.
    If I somehow manage to fill the Fated Summon bar again before this roster goes away, I’ll probably take Lord Loki because of how unique his special is, but Malosi and Grimble are options as well.

  7. My yellow roster is FULL of snipers (Auoda, cJoon, Poseiden, Panda guy, Uraeus, etc.). So Inari and Sif especially have piqued my interest but no one seems think they’re worth it. Because of my snipers-only yellow 5* situation, I’ve been thinking of grabbing one of these two, especially for one on defense.

    BTW, LL is incredible when you figure you could use him against Khufu or Alfrike tank teams, especially on rush wars. He’s amazing and figured you’d rate him #1 easily!

    1. Lord Loki is awesome and incredibly powerful as you say. Getting one or two of this bunch could greatly improve a roster. Good luck picking the Holy hero, something for nothing really!

  8. There are a couple I don’t have but my first pick was Lord Loki…and I already have one FULLY maxed and aethered…it will be a while but putting two Loki’s in flank position will be pretty awesome 😎…

  9. As always, love the review. And, I always laugh at your love of Malosi. Completely agree! I have had Malosi since he was HOTM, and still use him today (btw, is he worth the LB with the lower damage hit).

    In regards to this Fated, I already have LL (so fun and great Alfrike counter), bera (Love – great synergy with Pengi), Malosi (mad love as listed above), and Grimble (really need to level). Really hoped for a better red (my weakest, Zimkitha is my best), but already have costumed MN so don’t need revive. Guess its Gefjon for me.

    Thanks for the review!

    1. Thanks Patrick! I will LB2 Malosi at some point but he’s not a priority for me. He’s going on every raid but I’d still like to explore other options first. He will get looked after at some point tho!

      Thanks for reading, always appreciated.

  10. Hi old cynic, nice and funny post as always. You know, knowing that now everyone can have my friend LL makes me a little bit jealous! But knowing that I can have 2 best friends likes it. Meanwhile my first choice was Bera because in this era minions are too important, I needed a axe to fight them.

  11. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: Love your writing. Hilarious, sarcastic, facetious, witty; yet amongst all that- informative. Perfect example is the Quintus material you wrote in this piece. Gold.

    For the record, I summoned Inari (before I’d read this post interestingly).
    Keep it up legend.

  12. hey old cynic, thanks for the breakdown! I completely agree with your opinion on quintus :-).
    Myself i’d probably go for bera. I already have Freya and still love using her but I have the feeling bera would become the better option. ll I already have and with all these incredible heroes (that i never get because the portal seems to think i really need a 56th hawkmoon ) he’s becoming even more useful every war. Used him on khufu and anne(thankfully i didn’t hit her once with the blocks) the last couple of wars. it was a delight to see! Sif i’d personally rate higher. still think the normal version is better than het costume and she can be useful on attack, paired with the right heroes.

  13. Thanks for the breakdown! I have (and love) Lord Loki already, so I’m torn between Bera and Malosi (and Malosi specifically because of how much you love him. I don’t find him that hard to deal with on defense, but it sounds like he’s useful on attack).

    I’d be choosing one of them for attack because I already have Dark/Holy heroes I prefer for my defense teams. I know I hate dealing with Bera tanking on defense, but how do you think she is on attack?

    1. Hello C.R. Malosi is graded an Archangel while Bera is a D.2. Malosi is an awesome offensive Controller while Bera is a powerful general-purpose hero with a specialism in controlling Minion creation. I hope this helps!

  14. If you are looking to make the most of your summons to fill the fated summons, you should spend your spins on the costume summons. For example if you pull Li Xiu you receive credit for three summons toward the fated summons. Every costume counts as a second draw. That means if you draw 5 times and happen to get three heroes with two costumes, you could have 15 summons toward the fated summons. Hope that helps for those on a budget and still trying to fill the fated summons. Cheers

  15. I’m looking at Bera for an all around general pick, but as super casual player who is slowly leveling up 3/4 star heroes while in low bronze league, is there a must have that will carry hard in raids on defense or offense at low rank? I’m slowly and currently working on leveling attk/def down heroes for each color for Titans if that helps.

    My 5 star roster : 2x turgruk, viscaro, 3x Hanitra, Neith, captain kesrtrel, Magni (haven’t worked on any yet)

    4 stars:
    Tiburtus, sergei

    Gullinbursti, li xiu, griffin, mist, wu Kong, chao, hu tao,

    Sonja, azmia, mireweave, captain of diamonds, Kiril, grimm, Grimm costume,

    Caedmon, jack o hare, villiers, wren, anton, orla, skittleskull, kashhrek, melendor

    Kelile, cillian, gormek, boldtusk, junaid, sun shangxisng, Mack, carol, sumitimo, guardian falcon , boldtusk, clown, scarlet

    I’ve leveled a handful of 4 stars to rank 2 ascension like gullinbursti, boldtusk, sonja, Caedmon, tiburtus and li xiu.

    I have about 13 max 3 star heroes like grevle, bertulf, gillra, hawk moon, Gunnar, Maugham, and others like valen, bane, azar, blathazar.

    Any recommendation on best fated pull for me is welcomed as well as what to work on next for raids, wars and Titans.

    Currently working on both Grimm and Grimm costume for blue, costume brienne. Costume Gunnar, nordri, kiril, guardian falcon, kashhrek. Kvasir.

    Feel free to let me know what to stop working on if something else is better.

    1. Lord Loki and Bera are two awesome Heroes and there’s an argument for either. Bera is the more general-use hero, good for Defense and Raids. I pulled Freya when I was newish and found her great for Stages/Maps/Raids/War and Bera is similar). LL is more of a special and powerful offensive hero.

      I do have a facebook group where you can ask like-minded people for more, it’s here.

      Good luck choosing!

  16. I was chasing Lord Loki forever, and I was so excited that I can finally get him for free! I had only 4 summons left to obtain him. Now he’s finally mine, only 73 levels left to max him. He’s fun, powerful and can be really useful. For me, he’s the #1 pick and the best of them all.

  17. I guess i’ve been one of the few lucky.. i have a really strong set of 5* red heroes with hypnos, erebus, sekhmet, illmarinen.. and most recent addition is phenexa. Not been so lucky with any other colors.. so Lord Loki will be my pick.

  18. Just started playing about a month ago, so far I have picked up LL, Bera, and Malosi. Gonna grab Grimble and Heimdall with my next two choices if I am able. Thank you for the column, I found it super helpful as a new player and really have enjoyed the selections I have made following your advice. I would truly appreciate any other advice you have for new players building a roster.

    1. Welcome SC, glad to hear it’s been helpful! At this point, there’s an absolute ton of stuff on this site to find but to highlight a few for a newish player:

      * Top 10 E&P Tips
      * Defense Team Guide
      * The Guides Section

      I would only add, take your time and don’t chase heroes. This game is a grind and you’ve kinda got to accept that, -unless you’re amazingly rich, in which case, do what you want!

      As for roster building, have a look at my ranking page and try to pick up what the metrics are for a decent hero. I’m not always right, but I like to think I’m in the ball park. Oh, and have fun!

  19. Any one could help clarify if the selected heroes from ‘fated summons’ comes with their respective costumes?

    When i checked the profile of the heroes at the tile table, i could view their costumes version, so that kinda confused me a bit if that is what I’ll get (e.g. base hero plus their costumes)?

    1. Hi Cala, I can’t see the Costumes with any of them. It’s been a while since I wrote this but looking at the in-game table there are no costumes. I suspect you’re referring to/seeing the Costumes Bonus icon. If you turn off the MAX POWER view (top left), it goes away.

  20. First, thank you for always providing us thoughtful information! I have no 5 star green heros. Should I use the 9 EHT’s I’ve stockpiled in this seasonal summon (that would put me at 100/100 to be able to pick Heimdahl … OR… would you hold on to them, use them on a different summons, and roll the dice to see if a better green hero is in the next Fated Summons?

    1. Hi Martha, I would personally go for the strongest possible hero, especially when the gap between them is reasonably wide. Lord Loki and Bera are great heroes. I can’t really add more to what I’ve already said above.

      You could roll the dice on the next Fated in hope of a better Nature, but who knows?

      I took Lord Loki with my one pick, for reference.

      As always, please seek other opinions too!

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