Empires and Puzzles August Update (Winners and Losers)

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Yesterday, Empires and Puzzles got its August 2022 Balance Update. And today, I’m going to run down the exciting list of heroes who got blessed.

Let’s find out who the Winners and Losers are!

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The August Balance Update ~ Empires and Puzzles

If this is new news to you, you can check out the particulars direct from the source.

This time around, we saw a bunch of individual heroes buffed & nerfed, so no Family Units (๐Ÿ™‚).

Also, a few older heroes managed to get into the buffing queue and weren’t turned away! Impressive stuff.

Anyway, let’s dive in…

Winner: 3-Star Tourneys (Treevil)

Screenshot of Treevil Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

A friend suggested Treevil should receive his eulogy, but I don’t think this tree is dead yet.

His Damage was increased to 280%, from 250%, -so a slight buff there. Then comes the pain:

  • Attack Ailment reduced from -54% to -34%
  • Defense Ailment reduced from -56% to -34%, and
  • Mana generation Ailment reduced from -44% to -34%

While this will diminish his scope significantly, he’s still gonna be a go-to for 3-Star Rush Tournaments.

However, now when he fires, One has hope that it is not the end.

Loser: Costumed Alasie

Screenshot of Costumed Alasie Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Costumed Alasie has been a popular Mana controlling element for a while now, but yesterday SG decided to put her on ice. Here’s a direct quote:

Costumed Alasie has been a bit too powerful based on our metrics and we have to tone her special down slightly.

Small Giant Games (E&P Forum -link above)

And, I think the keyword there is, ‘slightly’.

While they did increase her Special Attack (up to 436% from 412% before), they also thawed out her Mana manipulation Skills:

  • Reducing her Mana reduction to 10% (down from 20%), and her
  • Mana generation Ailment can now be Cleansed.

I imagine the 10% reduction in Mana will allow opponents to bounce back slightly quicker than before.

And if they happen to have a Cleanser on staff, they’ll be able to shake off that pesky Mana Ailment and crack on with energizing their mystic powers.

But it remains to be seen how much impact this will have on C. Alasie’s overall usage.

What are your thoughts?

Winners: Jade, Vela, Noor, and Myztero

Vela Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

In this Balance Update, a few old heroes got some love, which is great to see.

There was no way these guys were ever gonna be brought up to code, but they have seen some reasonable improvements:

Vela, probably the most famous of the lot, received a buffed Special Attack (from 130% damage to all, to 150%) and an improved Ailment (from -24% Attack to -34%).

Vela was actually nerfed way back in the day, but this afternoon was seen weeping in the parking lot of SG-HQ, as news of this wonderful occasion disseminated.

“Finally”, she whimpered, “I have my justice”.

Nobody had the nerve to explain that she’d still be on the bench.

In other news, Jade got a hit! Now 115% damage to all on her first Ninja charge, then 210% on the second, and 300% on the third. Woah…

Jade’s a badass now… Winner

That’s awesome stuff.

Jade Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Here’s her second Ninja charge (10 tiles):

  • Deals 210% to all
  • Reduces Mana of all enemies by 15% (Where’s Costumed Alasie at?)
  • Caster and nearby allies Dodge Special Attacks that do damage by 50%

And the third charge is crazy (15 tiles):

  • Deals 300% to all
  • Reduces Mana of all enemies by 25%
  • Caster and nearby allies Dodge Special Attacks that do damage by 75%

Back to our scheduled programming

Noor got a nice little heal attached to her Special (10% for all allies), and Myztero got a small boost to his Special Attack damage (from 107% to 157%).

Not a bad haul at all.

Loser: Cao Cao’s Archangel Hero Grade

Screenshot of Cao Cao Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

It was a real challenge for me grading Cao Cao first time around. His Minions are pretty badass, but as a package, he was sitting somewhere between Archangel and Deity for me.

I went with Deity in the end, but my readers quickly made a number of good points, more than enough for me to reconsider and drop him to Archangel.

But now SG has stepped in, significantly buffed him, and turned him into a big hitter (From 275% to all, to 330% to all), added a Skill (+30% Defense for 4 turns), all the while his Talented Minions have remained the same.

If published today, Cao Cao would rank 9th in my Minimum Potential Big Hitters list.

He has done very well indeed.

Winner: Old Cynic (Esme)

Screenshot of Esme Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Esme has always shown great potential. Even as a child, they would often remark on what a great person she’d grow up to be.

Her childhood home was littered with crayon drawings (often collected to replace the last stuck to the fridge door). Her art projects took pride of place on the Living Room mantel, and her certificate for winning the 50-meter dash was framed and hung in her father’s Den.

But in adulthood, things took a turn for the worse.

She had done everything she was ‘supposed’ to do, but nothing seemed to work out the way she’d been prompted to expect.

It was a great achievement to enter the realm of Empires and Puzzles, but it was soured by the fact that she wasn’t important or noteworthy.

In fact, nobody really liked her at all.

She’d call home on the weekends, and it was only her father who could console her. Often reminding her of all the potential locked up inside.

And yesterday, in between her normal duties, she cut herself on a piece of discarded Treevil. She went to heal herself, as she had done a million times before, but this time…

BOOM! ๐Ÿ˜„

That’s sooo silly. But it’s staying in.

TLDR: Esme got buffed, -is now an Overhealer and Fiend super queen. 650 for Ave is like a truckload… please see Rhys and, C. Ariel, Garnet (520/400 for Ave) for comparison. Heimdall=Slow does 500 Overheal. Old man cynic’s got a copy of Esme, so is happy. Azmia is also looking forward to working with Esme in the more immediate future.

August Balance Update (Empires & Puzzles)

I liked this update a lot. Of course, I have Esme, but also, it was refreshing to see some older heroes take a buff.

That said, I do need to go back and revisit Cao Cao and Esme to make it all make sense…

So while I’m doing that, why not share your thoughts in the comments below?

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. Great that some old heroes gets some love.
    Thats a nice and unexpected turn from SG that I hope to see more of going forward

    Have C. Alasie LB +20. A little personal bummer, but probably good for they game. They could have kept her mana gen down undispellable though.

    Treevil is also understandable, but I think they didn’t really succeeded here. He will still be dominating all rush wars, but now is rendered useless (comparably) vs. titans. I think he still will be the preferred option and pain-in-the @$$ in rush, but that will be interesting to see.

    All in all, mostly good decision making from SG here

  2. I actually still use Vela almost every war. I have always liked her fast attack drop akin to Zeline. Its kept sweepers from taking me out a bunch, now its even better.

  3. Old cynic-first thanks for all your write ups. I’m sure it takes a lot of time but want ya to know it’s much appreciated!
    I’ve been staring at my Aino and Esme both sitting at 3/70 for what seems like a couple months trying to decide which was gonna be the winner and get the scopes. After your write up on healers a couple weeks ago I almost pulled the trigger on Aino. Then I started reading about the new heroes in covenant of champions coming out and seems like fiends are making a bit of a comeback and won’t be going away anytime soon. Now with the buff seems it may finally be time to pull the trigger and give Esme her shot.

    1. Hey Just Me, first, thanks for reading my blog.

      It’s hard to know what direction the games going in, but there are more Fiendsters on the way (We saw the intro of Cleaver this morning). You have 2 great choices in my eyes, though both offer something different. Good luck in your choice! I have written a review of Esme, post buff. There are some comparisons in there which might help.

  4. Iยดve always wanted to get Esme, since i am lacking a blue healer and a fiend destroyer. After the recent change/buff i want her even more.

  5. Well, for me this is a great update. I happen to have Vela in my squad, who I, when LB was introduced limit broke just because I like her. Her attack debuff is really nice now! -34% vs the mighty Octros -24%. Given, Octros is able to cripple an entire team but that is always tile-dependant. Really happy with Vela’s buff!

    Also sitting in a dark corner of my roster for over a year now, still level 1-1, was poor Jade, my only 5* ninja. Yesterday I walked up to her and said; hey, why don’t you come up training with the rest of us? She’s still pissed off about being neglected for so long but we’ll have another talk about that soon. We’ll get revenge on everyone that laughed at us. Soon. Or at least when she’s leveled up. When it’s her turn. Someday.

  6. Hey there, OC. I dig the blog, and thank you for the continued posts. They’re very helpful.

    F2Per here.

    While this wasn’t a part of the “August Update”, it’s something that the game did in August, and I’m going to count it and say a big loser for August is (are) F2Pers.

    The Covenant Quest was posted and quests 6-10 suggest Team Power of 4900, 5100, 5300, 5400 and 5500 respectively. I don’t want to say “impossible”, since the right tiles COULD come up, and I’ve beaten 5100’s on a revenge raid on rare occasion with my mono 4100’s… but 5400? 5500? Looks like the power creep has worked its way into making upper levels of newer quests virtually unattainable to the F2P player.

    Just my $0.02.

    1. I haven’t played yet, but that does sound like the Power Creep. If the heroes get stronger then the events need to be harder or it could get boring for those with the new heroes… I guess.

      Thanks for sharing, and thanks for reading!

  7. Of all the Heroes mentioned the only one I have is Noor. She has been kept busy and with this healing factor added she will see even more use. Of course her cuteness is just an added bonus. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Alassie, 2018 family, so they take 4 years to understand that she needed to change???? Just because I have this hero now??? Was excellent beside Eiora and Fluffy.
    I like a lot your reviews, and new way to classify the best heros. Excellent work, old cynic.

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