New Clash Of Knights Heroes! Torben, Xiamara, Lysanor, and Teddy (Empires & Puzzles)

Empires and Puzzles BETA Pin

Empires and Puzzles are currently testing a bunch of new Clash of Knights Heroes in Beta: Torben, Xiamara, Lysanor, Teddy, Koda, and Fawn. I think you’ll find them all interesting and powerful.

E&P staff have been extra busy in the last couple of days, also taking the time to buff some Heroes, [Forum] Grace included, who now hits 3 for 335% (from 285%).

There were also significant Costume Bonus buffs for the Legends of 2017, 2018, and 2019 Families:

OLD: +5% attack / +5% defense / +10% health / +5% mana generation
NEW: +21% attack / +21% defense / +38% health / +5% mana generation

The New Costume Bonus Buff (E&P link above)

Some of the buffs were a bit pointless though. I mean, Bai Yeong doesn’t gain much value from increasing his hit to 370% (from 320%).

Because he’s not a true Sniper, unless we’re talking about the spirit of things?

~I think they should have given his Blind 1 more turn or made him hit 3!

What Hero of yours is looking better today, than they did yesterday? Let me know in the comments below.

Let’s jump ahead to these new Heroes… You’re gonna love Torben.

This post may contain speculation, personal opinion, adult comedy, and human error. It is not advice and is solely for entertainment and informational purposes.

All of this is Beta and therefore subject to change.

Empires and Puzzles Beta News

Torben, Xiamara, Lysanor, and Teddy (Empires and Puzzles)

There will be 2 new Families joining the Clash of Knights’ Wolf and Raven Families:

Bear Family Bonus for 1/2/3 Heroes: All received Defense Status Ailments will be replaced by a +40%/+60%/+70% Defense Buff for 3 turns.

Stag Family Bonus for 1/2/3 Heroes: All received Attack Status Ailments will be replaced by a +40%/+60%/+70% Attack Buff for 3 turns.

Both of the new Families share the same Passive Skill:

Passive Skill: HEALTH RECOVERY ON BUFF RECEIVED ~ This character recovers 5% health when they receive a Buff or a positive Stack.

Torben (Empires and Puzzles)

Torben Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Key Facts: Fire (Red), Fast, Fighter, Bear Family

Special Skills (Mark the Prey): 1. The target receives 80% damage for all the damage their allies receive for 3 turns. 2. The target gets -50% -44% Defense for 3 turns. 3. Deals 200% damage to the target and nearby enemies.

Aether Power: ATTACK UP ~ +20% Attack for 6 turns.

Quintin Mark II. That’s what we’re all thinking, right? And it feels like that when using Torben.

The difference?

Torben has all his ducks in a row; first the death tether, then a bonus -50% -44% Defense, then 200% damage to the target and nearby enemies.

-Meaning, the target actually takes around 520%…

Oh, and the Torben I’m testing in Beta has 1368 Atk and his Alpha Power is Attack Up.

A very rewarding Hero to use.

Xiamara (Empires and Puzzles) 5-Star

Xiamara Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Key Facts: Nature (Green), Average, Cleric, Stag Family

Special Skills (Power of the Forest): 1. Deals 300% damage to all enemies. 2. The caster gets an additional +100% power for the next Special Skill they cast. The additional power increases +50% +25% each turn (up to a maximum of +300% +200% in total). 3. All enemies receive Mana Corruption for 4 turns. Each time an afflicted enemy hero receives Mana from an additional source, they receive 300 250 damage [?].

Aether Power: AILMENT IMMUNITY ~ Immunity to new Status Ailments for 6 turns.

When I first read Xiamara’s card, I thought it was saying, “All enemies receive 300 250 damage for any Mana received”, but there’s a little blue ? that adds meaning.

The additional Info reads:

  • Additional sources include direct Mana addition from Special Skills, Status Effects, Level Properties, Passive Skills, Family Effects, Tile Effects and Minions.
  • Mana added for defense team at the end of their turn or from matching tiles is included if the target has a Mana generation buff or Positive Mana Generation Stack.

So it’s not triggered for standard tile damage/mana gaining.

This is still a great skill, as you can imagine.

Xiamara hits like a moving truck, and harder the next time round, and so on, -like Quenell but to All.

Another awesome Hero.

These guys are living up to the Clash of Knights legacy.

You can now find Xiamara’s full review, here.

Lysanor (Empires and Puzzles) 5-Star

Lysanor Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Key Facts: Ice (Blue), Slow, Monk, Stag Family

Special Skills (Sapphire Eyes): 1. Each fallen ally has a 55% chance to get revived with 15% 20% HP. 2. All allies get +50% Attack for 5 turns. The Attack increases by 5% each turn, up to +70%. 3. Recovers 30% Health for all allies. All allies regenerate 770 Boosted health over 5 turns (can exceed max HP).

Aether Power: HEAL INCREASE ~ + 50% increase for any healing received for 6 turns.

Lysanor is a Slow Reviver and Healer. As you can see, 55% is pretty amazing odds, plus she has that +50%^ increasing Attack for 5 turns.

The Attack buff is a nice additional Skill to help get your team back on track after a rebirth.

Nothing new here besides increased numbers, but cool stuff.

Out of interest, in Beta, I managed to get my card to:

Atk: 1119 Def: 1291 HP: 2388

Teddy (Empires and Puzzles) 5-Star

Teddy Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Key Facts: Nature (Green), Average, Monk, Bear Family

Special Skills (The Call to Hibernate): 1. All enemies fall asleep. 2. While asleep, the target can’t attack or gain Mana. 3. All damage dealt to the sleeping target is increased by +70%. 4. The sleeping target is woken once it takes damage. This excludes damage from Minions and Fiends. 5. All allies regenerate 800 HP over 4 turns.

Aether Power: AILMENT IMMUNITY ~ Immunity to new Status Ailments for 6 turns.

While the other 5-Star Heroes are serious-looking Clash of Knights-type Warriors, Teddy is a comicy kid with a wooden sword and shield, who’s missing one of his front teeth.

The Sleep Skill we’ve seen before with Balbar.

The difference here is that Teddy targets ALL.

Remember, while asleep, targets can not attack or gain mana, and with Teddy, all damage is increased to +70%.

Teddy will also heal all allies for 800 HP over 4 turns, which is decent.

Just like Balbar, the goal is to Sleep the two on the Wings and if you’re careful enough, you can keep them subdued for a short while.

Or, conversely, be ready to shock them awake immediately after putting them to bed.

Nothing crazy here tho…

Koda (Empires and Puzzles) 4-Star

Koda Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Key Facts: Dark (Purple), Fast, Cleric, Bear Family

Special Skills (Feral Swing): 1. Deals 400% damage to the target. 2. The target gets -35% Defense for 3 turns. The Defense decreases by -10% each turn, up to -55%.

Aether Power: ATTACK UP ~ +20% Attack for 6 turns.

I wasn’t going to do the 4-Stars, but I really wanted to highlight the 3-Star, so Koda’s getting some light.

Also, the new 4-Stars are comparable to the old 5-Star Heroes so why not?

Koda is a quick Sniper who benefits from the awesome Bear Family Bonus.

Let me quickly Limit Break him, Alpha him, and Talent Grid him for you, see how high we can get that Atk… There you go:

Atk: 982 Def: 885 HP: 1723

Fawn (Empires and Puzzles) 3-Star

Fawn Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Key Facts: Fire (Red), Fast, Fighter, Stag Family

Special Skills (Evading Dash): 1. All allies get +45% chance to dodge Special Skills for 3 turns. Each dodge damages the attacker for 80 damage. 2. All allies receive a small amount of Mana over 3 turns.

Aether Power: DEFENSE UP ~ +20% Defense for 6 turns.

Fawn is a fully-fledged 3-Star Dodger.

And that was the main reason I wanted to showcase her.

Aqeela, the other 3-Star Dodger, offers +45% Dodge for herself and nearby allies, while Fawn does it for all allies (both are for 3 turns at Fast).

Each Dodge from Fawn’s buff results in 80 damage to the attacker, Vs. Aqeela’s +5% Defense Stack.

She also supplies a small amount of mana to all allies over 3 turns.

A very handy new 3-Star Hero.

Beta News | Old Cynic

That about does it!

Please remember, it’s all Beta so is subject to change.

What do you make of the new Clash of Knights Heroes? Let me know in the comments below.

Hope you enjoyed the post!

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. For me: none😅. Unless i start leveling Victor, whom i also have in costume, but since i’m still waiting for ascensionmaterials for ultrox that might take some time. From the older costumes i only have ranvir, who’s been sitting on my bench for 2 years now. I really dislike the misschance even though he seems better than wukong, who i REALLY don’t like😅. I am definetely gonna save my eventtokens for the next clash of knights. Those Heroes are still meaningful after the power creep (i have Franz and Quintin) and the upcoming Heroes seem to take that strength to the next level.
    Thx for the insightful review OC. And Nice fbookgroup you’ve got going on by the way. I intend to harass People over there to give me tips about which holy Hero to level next😉😁

    1. 😁 You’re welcome Duende, I do like the group. People are helpful and share knowledge and a point of view. The Clash Heroes are looking strong and cool, which is important in this case I feel. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Always appreciated costumed Seshat being underrated, her fit (dispel before hit and self generating minions with Ludwig and Lady of the Lake (Ludwig protecting both minions really works for me against taunters, (a bard then allows her and Xnolphod to fire in 9 tiles and Ludwig is live)
    Have her at LB1 and she now has power of 1100 (attack 1117) , happy day
    Costume Alberich also looking good btw

  3. I can’t quite believe the family costume buffs! My costume perseus is now by far my strongest hero (by total stats- 1095!) Without 2x LB! He’s right in the middle of my primary raid squad. He was the weak link Stat wise before this! I’m stoked!

  4. I got costume Zimkitha when she was released back in March, but haven’t started upgrading her yet.
    After seeing this post, I decided not to wait for the new Fated Summon and got myself a second Zimkitha from the previous portal. Considering the quality of the new selection, I think it wasn’t a bad decision at all. Now I’m planning to run standard and costume Zimkitha together in my red team. The strengthened kittys would get me priority dispel, cleanse, attack buff and hit all at fast, but it’s going to take months to upgrade them both…

    Thanks for the post, I wouldn’t have noticed the costume bonus buff if you hadn’t mentioned that!

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