Big Balance Update: All Bets Are Off (E&P News April 23)

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Yes, Empires & Puzzles is about to get its biggest Balance Update ever, with more than 200 Heroes affected. There are some massive changes here, and I wanted to go over the headliners and share the info with you.

I was trying to have a decent doss when the Bat Signal went up a Beta email let me know what’s up.

The email read, “Beach Party and Big Balance Change”.

After catching up on the forum, I immediately dropped the dog and told him to “stay”, rushed to get the kettle on, and booted up the PC.

With coffee in my veins and daylight against me, I write this News Update in haste. SO STOP PROCRASTINATING AND TELL THE PEOPLE WHAT’S WHAT!

Let’s GO!

AGENDA (Empires and Puzzle News)
1. Empires and Puzzles Big Balance Update, Apr 2023

This post may contain speculation, personal opinion, adult comedy, and human error. It is not advice and is solely for entertainment and informational purposes.

Empires and Puzzles News

The Big Balance Update – Empires and Puzzles Apr 2023

Empires and Puzzles have announced that it will Balance and Update over 200 Heroes.

There are loads of Heroes and Families affected, and while I’ll cover some of the standout changes below, you can find all the changes here.

Before we proceed, it’s important to note that these changes are still in Beta. -There is no saying if they will appear in-game this way. Nonetheless, this is a massive update that E&P has clearly put much effort into.

First things first. E&P has implied, in not so many words, that this Balance Update is required to ensure the longevity of the game, stating:

In recent months, however, new Heroes have started to close in on the game’s upper ceiling for sensible Special Skill number values; we’re not at the breaking point yet, but we’re edging ever closer to it.

Additional Notes from Petri: –

-The entire statement can currently be found here.

And so what’s happening?

  1. There will be an increase in “Legendary Hero Power” for many Families, with the Super Elemental family enjoying the biggest boost of +60 Power points (and these are reflected in the Atk/Defense/Health stats of the Heroes in question)
  2. Some Heroes will receive Nerfs or Buffs
  3. Some Costume Bonuses will increase
  4. Aether Power abilities will change (Namely, the duration of the Aether Taunt – 3 instead of 4 turns)
  5. Aether Reset Tokens will be introduced (Quotes: “Using an Aether Reset Token on a Limit Broken Hero will take them back to their original, non-Limit Broken max level.” and, “…these Tokens cannot be earned as rewards or purchased via offers; they will only be gifted for free in certain situations.”)
  6. Max Health Reduction: When a Hero reduces Max health, it will also remove all Boosted health from that enemy
  7. And, the Tome of Experience will work differently on Limit Broken Heroes, no longer accounting for all Ascension Materials

Hero Nerfs & Buffs – Big Balance Update (Empires and Puzzles)

Heroes Nerfed without a Core Stats increase:

HeroChange (Nerf / Buff)
Brynhild1. Mana Speed: From Fast to Average
Krampus1. Aether Power Taunt duration: From 4 to 3 turns
2. Increasing Defense: From +44% with +10% increase each hit to +44% with +4% increase each hit
Leonidas (C2)1. Direct damage: From 240% to 190%
Lewena1. Direct damage: From 260% to 250%
Ludwig1. Aether Power Taunt duration: From 4 to 3 turns
2. Buff duration: From 6 to 5 turns
3. Defense buff: From +84% to +64%
Magni (C2)1. Defense reduction against Special Skills: From -64% to -54%
Milena1. Direct healing: From 25% to 15%
Morel1. Defense reduction: From -34% to -30%
Obakan (C2)1. Direct damage: From 260% to 235%
2. Counterattack: From 95% to 85%
Queen of Hearts1. Aether Power Taunt duration: From 4 to 3 turns
2. Defense buff: From +74% to +64%
Ruby1. Direct damage:
– Mana Charge 1: From 290% to 240%
Sergei1. Defense reduction against Dark: From -54% to -44%
Shrubbear1. Aether Power Taunt duration: From 4 to 3 turns – The Big Balance Update
(Empires and Puzzles) Hero Nerfs without Stats increase

Heroes with Core Stats Buff and Nerfed Special Skills:

HeroChange (Nerf / Buff)
Amethyst1. Attack Stats: From 844 to 869
2. Defense Stats: 782 to 807
3. Health Stats: From 1454 to 1518
4. Direct damage & Fiend health
– Mana Charge 1: Direct damage from 200% to 175%, health absorbed by Fiends reduced from 32% to 19%
– Mana Charge 2: Health absorbed by Fiends reduced from 50% to 40%
Aramis1. Attack Stats: From 873 to 906
2. Defense Stats: From 780 to 813
3. Health Stats: From 1402 to 1503
4. Boosted healing per damage dealt: From 30% to 20%
5. Ailment immunity: From Undispellable to Dispellable
Black Knight (C)1. Attack Stats: From 655 to 667
2. Defense Stats: From 877 to 894
3. Health Stats: From 1592 to 1636
4. Aether Power Taunt duration: From 4 to 3 turns
Cleaver1. Attack Stats: From 801 to 852
2. Defense Stats: From 811 to 863
3. Health Stats: From 1472 to 1600
4. Fiend health: Health absorbed by Fiends reduced from 35% to 19%
Cleopatra1. Attack Stats: From 743 to 768
2. Defense Stats: From 826 to 850
3. Health Stats: From 1602 to 1670
4. Direct healing: From 65% to 55%
Ekanite1. Attack Stats: From 828 to 850
2. Defense Stats: 780 to 803
3. Health Stats: From 1491 to 1563
4. Direct damage & Minion health:
– Mana Charge 1: Direct damage from 200% to 175%, Minion health reduced from 8% to 6%
– Mana Charge 2: Minion health reduced from 16% to 11%
Fortuna1. Attack Stats: From 784 to 819
2. Defense Stats: From 821 to 856
3. Health Stats: From 1493 to 1584
4. Dispel effect: Removed
5. Fiend health: Health absorbed by Fiends reduced from 22% to 19%
Furdinand1. Attack Stats: From 782 to 821
2. Defense Stats: From 828 to 867
3. Health Stats: From 1462 to 1577
4. Cleanse effect: Removed
5. Damage share effect: Removed
Guardian Gazelle1. Attack Stats: From 788 to 803
2. Defense Stats: From 778 to 792
3. Health Stats: From 1456 to 1496
4. Heal over time effect: Removed
Guardian Gazelle (C)1. Attack Stats: From 812 to 828
2. Defense Stats: From 784 to 799
3. Health Stats: From 1381 to 1419
4. Direct healing: Removed
Hachiko1. Attack Stats: From 838 to 877
2. Defense Stats: From 768 to 807
3. Health Stats: From 1452 to 1559
4. Direct damage: From 270% to 245%
5. Maximum Counterattack damage: From 80% received damage +20% each turn (up to 140%) to 80% received damage +15% each turn (up to 125%)
Hawthorn1. Attack Stats: From 770 to 819
2. Defense Stats: From 821 to 873
3. Health Stats: From 1522 to 1662
4. Boosted healing over time: From 672 to 592 HP over 4 turns
5. Mana generation: From a Moderate amount to a Small amount
Ignazio1. Attack Stats: From 784 to 842
2. Defense Stats: From 817 to 879
3. Health Stats: From 1540 to 1715
4. Maximum direct heal: From 25% health + 3% per Fire shield (up to 55%) to 25% health + 2% per Fire shield (up to 45%)
Jove1. Attack Stats: From 842 to 877
2. Defense Stats: From 793 to 828
3. Health Stats: From 1406 to 1499
4. Direct damage: From 530% to 450% to the target and Minor to all other enemies
5. Healing reduction: From -70% to -50%
Kara1. Attack Stats: From 751 to 756
2. Defense Stats: 762 to 766
3. Health Stats: From 1437 to 1450
4. Aether Power Taunt duration: From 4 to 3 turns
5. Defense buff: From +74% to +64%
Ma’at1. Attack Stats: From 807 to 832
2. Defense Stats: From 811 to 836
3. Health Stats: From 1474 to 1540
4. Defense reduction: From -34% to -30%
Queen Anne1. Attack Stats: From 708 to 741
2. Defense Stats: From 889 to 922
3. Health Stats: From 1580 to 1676
4. Aether Power Taunt duration: From 4 to 3 turns
5. Buff duration: From 6 to 5 turns
6. Defense buff: From +65% to +60%
Queen Guowang1. Attack Stats: From 778 to 807
2. Defense Stats: From 813 to 842
3. Health Stats: From 1555 to 1635
4. Amount of Mana given: From 10% to 6%
Rhys1. Attack Stats: From 826 to 863
2. Defense Stats: From 786 to 824
3. Health Stats: From 1398 to 1509
4. Clease effect: Removed
Serandite1. Attack Stats: From 891 to 916
2. Defense Stats: From 764 to 788
3. Health Stats: From 1371 to 1435
4. Healing and Burn damage:
– Mana Charge 1: Burn damage From 248 to 256 over 2 turns, Healing reduction lowered From -64% to -50%
– Mana Charge 2: Burn damage from 546 to 453 over 3 turns, Healing reduction lowered From -74% to -64%
– Mana Charge 3: Burn damage from 816 to 840 over 4 turns
Waterpipe1. Attack Stats: From 815 to 863
2. Defense Stats: From 774 to 821
3. Health Stats: From 1503 to 1645
4. Minion health: From 12% to 6% – The Big Balance Update (Empires and Puzzles) Hero Nerfs/Buffs

Heroes with Core Stats Buffs and Adjustments to Direct Damage only:

HeroChange (Nerf / Buff)
Alasie (C)1. Attack Stats: From 752 damage to 767
2. Defense Stats: From 733 to 747
3. Health Stats: From 1427 to 1481
4. Direct damage: From 436% to 386% to the target and Minor to nearby enemies
Anne1. Attack Stats: From 819 to 842
2. Defense Stats: 797 to 819
3. Health Stats:
From 1437 to 1507

4. Direct damage: From 550% to 450%
Athos1. Attack Stats: From 846 to 879
2. Defense Stats: From 729 to 762
3. Health Stats: From 1565 to 1666
4. Direct damage: From 470% to 440%
Guardian Panther (C)1. Attack Stats: From 804 to 819
2. Defense Stats: From 676 to 689
3. Health Stats: From 1505 to 1546
4. Direct damage: From 285% to 250%
Hel (C)1. Attack Stats: From 767 to 782
2. Defense Stats: From 712 to 726
3. Health Stats: From 1407 to 1460
4. Direct damage: From 300% to 250%
Hypnos1. Attack Stats: From 826 to 850
2. Defense Stats: From 760 to 784
3. Health Stats: From 1446 to 1520
4. Direct damage:
– Mana Charge 1: From 220% to 175%
– Mana Charge 2: From 320% to 315%
Jequn1. Attack Stats: From 824 to 883
2. Defense Stats: From 718 to 778
3. Health Stats: From 1582 to 1742
4. Direct damage: From 200% to 175%
Khufu1. Attack Stats: From 795 to 819
2. Defense Stats: 776 to 801
3. Health Stats: From 1520 to 1588
4. Direct damage: From 450% to 415%
Nemesis1. Attack Stats: From 852 to 877
2. Defense Stats: From 758 to 782
3. Health Stats: From 1406 to 1479
4. Direct damage:
– Mana Charge 1: From 500% to 440%
Nyx1. Attack Stats: From 795 to 819
2. Defense Stats: From 801 to 826
3. Health Stats: From 1444 to 1514
4. Direct damage:
– Mana Charge 1: From 220% to 175%
– Mana Charge 2: From 360% to 315%
Ogima1. Attack Stats: From 834 to 873
2. Defense Stats: From 799 to 838
3. Health Stats: From 1404 to 1518
4. Direct damage: From 275% to 250% – The Big Balance Update (Empires and Puzzles) Hero Damage Nerfs with Core Stats Buffs

Note: Damage Over Time

Some of the Heroes that deal Damage Over Time have a slight increase in the damage dealt due to the increase in their base stats; these include the following:

  • Anubis
  • Chomper
  • Cinnamon
  • D’Artagnan
  • Doxan
  • Gravemaker & Costumed
  • Iku-Turso
  • Jabberwock & Costumed
  • Klaern
  • Malin
  • Matilda
  • Otis
  • Papyros
  • Peppermint
  • Set
  • Staintongue
  • Sun Quan
  • Tetisheri
  • Tyr & Costumed
  • Xenda
  • Zengar

Ludwig, Aramis, and Furdinand (Empires and Puzzles)

*Some thoughts are written as if the changes have occurred; however, it should be noted that this is all still Beta*


It seems that no sooner do I praise a Hero, are they then Nerfed! And that’s the case with Ludwig.

On his Hero Card in Beta, the Mana part of the Special also lasts for 5 turns (as opposed to the 6 we are used to).

I’ve tested the Aether Taunt reduction and found that while you can still get a Very Fast or Fast Hitter to fire in 3 turns, it’s just not as reliable (which is the point!).

As with most of this update, I can’t help but look at it with my roster in mind, and it’s bad for me. Starting with Ludwig.

I don’t like that Ludwig and Milena, two Heroes that have headlined the Soul Exchange, are both lined up to receive Nerfs. It’s a pity.

Ludwig loses some of his protection against Special Skills (+84% to +64%), as does Kara and Queen of Hearts.

Overall, Ludwig’s still a valuable Hero, but I suspect the idea isn’t for him to help old Heroes beat the new ones.


Aramis, one of the other Heroes featured in my last post, also lost out a little; Boosted Healing is down from 30% to 20%, and his immunity is no longer undispellable. He’s still a monster, and his Stats have further increased in line with the rest of his Family (by +35).


I’ve always thought Furdinand was a one-click game-changer. However, his days of doing laps around the rest of the field are well and truly over.

Now his confused, slightly sorrowful, expression makes sense:

Furdinand Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

It’s a shame he was done so bad.

His little shield didn’t help him at all. Bless.

Rhys, Waterpipe, Brynhild, and Morel (Empires and Puzzles Balance Update (BETA))


Rhys is being pulled back from the Front, and his Cleanse is being stripped from him. I am surprised to see him Nerfed.

Rhys was a solid Hero, but in my view, he wasn’t OP. Just annoying!


This was a bigger surprise; Waterpipe’s Minions were forced to skip breakfast, and I can tell you, as a child of the 80s, Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Of all the Minion makers, Waterpipe caused me the least problems because they were weak Minions in the first place, so from 12% to 6% would be aggressive.


You know me and Brynhild hang, and for the longest time.

Why in the world would you change her from Fast to Average at this stage, long after the Formation Nerf?

Does Brynhild represent someone’s recent Ex or something? Or has some player created an unbreakable loop?

I don’t know. But Brynhild is about to lose a lot of value if this speed change is implemented.


I got Morel after his prime when he was more of a cute mascot and less of a scary monster. Still, this Nerf might just take the last of his self-esteem.

Still useful, but far from elite.

Jove and the Other Hitters…

Alright, I’ve done some numbers on the Hitters, and the reduction isn’t massive when you account for the Power Stats improvement.

I hope to come back to this in future, but either way, I’m gonna be busy updating all this data across the site.

Big Balance Update | Empires and Puzzles

Please remember, this is all Beta stuff we’re talking about.

Big enough for me to write about, but still Beta. So it might not happen as seen at the forum or in this post.

What do I make of it all?

I’ll cut straight to it; E&P is a business and requires a business model that works for it.

There has to be balance, but just like with the Breaker 2s, I’ll wait to see it in-game and get a feel for it then.

I can see that I’ll lose out on the whole, and I expect that those with newer, better Heroes will do better. But again, that might not change much for me as an everyday, doing it for fun, player.

I’m not over the moon about it, but we’ll see how it handles in-game.

But what do you make of it? Any Hero changes you wanna highlight? Please feel free to have your say below.

Oh, and re. my opinion on the boards, check out this snippet:

“…since boards are always randomly generated”

Additional Notes from Petri: –


[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. So 2LB wasn’t enough to kill the game, huh? Nerfing all old heroes and buffing new ones beyond imaginable. One hit kill losers that can’t afford to pay at least 10k per month on this ponzi scheme. Absolute end of f2p and c2ps . . . I hope everyone leaves after this goes live. Let the whales drive the +1B revenue for Zynga.
    I haven’t been so pissed on the despite all the lousy things they did to the community…

    1. Also nerfing gazelle w/o c. that can’t survive anything even with heal over time? What on Earth is that move??? Where can I ask for a refund for every single penny I gave them? This update is the worst thing they’ve ever done . . . Since 2LB

    2. This “rebalance” makes me want to quit the game. I worked hard to obtain heroes like Milena and Ludwig and suddenly they are nerfed

  2. This is a huge shift in the meta, all boosted health is erased by a health-reducer.

    Fura or Waqas can now, essentially, nuke about 2k hp off the entire opposition.

    Boosted health has been OP for a while, it needed addressing, but a 3* doing 10k damage is a bridge too far.

  3. This is a whole lot of changes. As long as they stay open to a round a revisions to tweak a few of the changes it is just a big reset. Time to play with new synergies and experiment. Beta testers are fine but when the larger community actually runs a month with the changes we and Zynga will have a better idea of the real positive and negatives.

  4. So how much money does the small giant really need? Are they going after to be listed on NASDAQ? So the ones that already have had the first LB will become the new norm or become irrelevant anymore maybe even useless. Where is the return of invest on these heroes? WTF?

  5. I’ll probably need to find a replacement for Brynhild as she forms a core component of ALL my defense teams (Raids, Wars and W3K). She and M&M on tank are probably the reason why my trophy count fluctuates between 2200 and 2500 cups even though my team only has ~4444 power.
    Switching away from Brynhild might not be a bad thing since it forces me to rethink my defense team, but the next question is who else in my roster can and should replace her.

    1. I just saw the newest Big Balance Update post from staff. It looks like some of these changes are being rolled back, but it appears that this update is going through several rounds of testing in beta…

      Sounds huge. I’m going to wait until this update actually hits live before deciding on the next course of action.

  6. I don’t understand why a company would choose to be so unreliable, what’s the strategy here? If it’s to make more money, how exactly would this help?

    (a lot of) Players make conscious decisions abount who to max, LB, and give emblems to, because ascension material is scarce. When your carefully selected hero then gets ‘updated’, how are you ever going to choose confidentally in the future? If it were only small balance changes, fine, but when heros get a complete overhaul, even after being in the game for years, you can never reliably give your precious material to anyone because it may turn out to be a waste a few months later.

    They either know exactly what they’re doing or they are complete idiots and in both cases is bad.

  7. I’m with you in a particular point; They are nerfing Milena and Kara, both were offered in the last SE for 20 heroes. It is ridiculous. Or they did not consider the results of offering both or they did it, knowing this nerf would have to come. I do not know what is worse.

    A quick (but impossible) way to regain trust would be to offer one of these nerfed heroes to each player for free.

  8. Thanks for the quick post, it’s much easier to read than the forum.

    Krampus- needs an edit as the LB2 Aether taunt duration 4 > 3.

    I’m sure you’ll add her but Kara got some serious nerfs (I have her so it stook out to me lol).

    This “big balance” is so infuriatingly terrible. What balance is achieved when almost no heroes that were pulled pre-2022 got buffs? And yet they waste time nerfing Bryn? WHAT?

    Waqas is going to be my new favorite hero. Potential to hit for 10K+ damage lol.

    Seriously- Over healing is OP but just nerf it to max of 25-50% of normal health, no need to insert a game altering mechanic.

    Also this “balance” is being done as the game is near breaking point- as stated by the dev in the forum. Huh…kind of seems like the BETA TESTERS and PLAYERS have been saying this for a long time. That the power creep was not sustainable.

  9. Thanks for what you do! I always enjoy your reviews.

    I’m not happy that the pixels they asked me if I was absolutely sure that I wanted to upgrade, which I thought I was, are going to change so drastically. Several major decisions I’ve made in the game were based on the skills being potentially removed by this update. And the aether reset token helps, but there are heroes I wouldn’t have given ascension mats to if their cards had read like they will soon. Furdinand for one. To make this right they would need to let us reset several heroes back to 1:1. As it stands now, I’ll be joining the f2p players. It’s bad enough to invest time working on a roster to have 10 of your regularly used heroes drastically changed. It’ll be easier to remain ambivalent towards their silly strategies and changes if time is the only skin I have in the game.

    I hope they listen to feedback and take their time with this. I hope they find some way to make things right. Good luck out there!

  10. Everything they are doing is relative to ensuring the health of their bottom line. Do not let them fool you – this has nothing to do with the health of the game. What has been prioritized are all new heroes. They want to build more separation from new to old. They are also taking some opportunities to nerf heroes like Milena so that they are replaceable by newer heroes over time instead of being part of a core ‘locked’ team. I would guess they’ve also seen a decline in pulling and spending since the LB2 introduction (whales might have offset the $’s for a short-term period, but that will slow down once they get their 5 defensive heroes set). Everything and I mean everything they are doing is based on statistical analysis and behavioral modeling to get players to spend more. Every single adjustment, nerf or buff has a purpose. Why do the super elementals receive the biggest buff? Check out the pull percentage for them and you’ll get your answer.

  11. BUUMMER!

    Ludwig, Milena, and c2Leonidas are 3of my best heroes! I waited months to get the darts I needed to level him plus all the resources that go into 2 costumes! Playing him, I havevthought his hit feels weak, even compared to the likes of Guan Yu. This is a big drop. I’m bummed! Milenas healing is also a huge drop! And Ludwig ‘s defense against special skills!

  12. Wow, just gotta shake my head and chuckle. Like many on this post, my best heroes, Ludwig and Milena, get nerfed.
    If such a major balance update was in the works, at least announce it before so many people used their aethers on Ludwig. After many of these same people picked up Ludwig in the soul exchange. I guess it was all planned to direct our attention and $$$ towards new heroes? Well, ain’t working on me. Done with my monthly POV spend and the few dollars here and there when the mood strikes. F2P going forward for me.
    It’s all cool. It’s just a game. They have a business to run. Just a shame the so called “balancing” appears to be nothing of the sort.
    Thanks for the post OC!
    Good luck everyone and have fun.

  13. There are several big issues underlying this Big Imbalance update, but one of the biggest to me is the not-so-stealth nerf to all older uncostumed 5* (and all 4*) heroes by handing free extra stats to already-bigger recent heroes.

    It’s bad enough that popular SE choices were directly nerfed, but given that increasingly E&P events all are either about competition OR increasingly “balanced” toward ever-increasingly-stronger rosters, a stat boost to recent heroes really does act as a relative nerf to everyone else.

    Plus, in case anyone felt they could understand or keep up with heroes/abilities/stats so far, this signals that “no, they can be changed not individually, but en masse, and basically any time we feel like a set of heroes hero is too popular or too old, not — generally — necessarily for anything like actual ‘balance’ reasons.”

  14. I run 2 Milenas fully levelled and fully maxed. never together (would be redundant), but the key to Milena was she did 2 things exceptionally well. The games only Very Fast healer (6 tiles) woith a stout 25% along with a team cleanse. then the slow attack with debuff, also exceptioonal because it hit the whole enemy lineup with a massive slap and debuffed.

    But as most owners know, when using her on attack, her strength was the very fast dispel and 25% heal. That allowed her to save he team when needed time and time again.
    15%, is not adequate to save a team. 15% wont eliminate most fiends. 15% will barely be noticed.

    I submmit that there are no other very fast healers, but there are also no 15% healers. Theres a reason, because the 400 hit power plateau drains so much, that it leaves most of the team barely alive its a hit all attack. You need to rebound quickly or even tiles will kill them.

    I spent alot of time and resources on making 2 loaded Milenas.
    and it was always worth it. It wont be if they do this.

    Ludwig also, maxing him wasnt even about the level 90. the enemies with l90 Ludwigs were already generally not an issue. load a debuffer (I recommend Himeros). Himeros is very fast (there are others very fast debuff heroes, Kageburado for example)
    I also bring a fast or very fast mana stopper (Ruby, Custume Alasia, or others) and you simpoly take advange of him being slow, lay 3 or 4 big hits on him and he ceases to be a problem,.
    Until they start nerfing.

    I dunno, it will all land somewhere. But the nerfs are loking extremely disappointing. (I also have a ludwig, so it will hurt me quite alot on many fronts)

    We will have to see before giving a final word

  15. I only have Milena impacted. That’s how scarce Legendary Heroes are to my roster…. I don’t understand why Brynhild is being nerfed?

  16. Have to say if this is true I’m disappointed in E and P. I’m not a free to play and have plunked down plenty of my hard earned money on this game, not as much as the whales who play but a decent amount. My last acquisition was Milena from SE, and I paid money to pull the feeder 5 stars from the summons to get Milena. And now they want to nerf her. Like all the other heroes I own- Rhys and Ludwig being prime examples. If I knew they would nerf her I would’ve never tried so hard and paid all that money in the first place. I understand it’s a business and I think like any product, we should get what we pay for, not less. I keep playing because of the events and for our alliance- which is fun. But these things that happen to our heroes makes me feel like I wasted money, and also time to level them up… waste of time and money, how is that satisfying? Stupid and greedy management making this game less and less fun.

  17. Another example, I pulled a water pipe, now they want to decrease minion hp. Ridiculous! I haven’t leveled him completely now I think I’ll abandon that effort. Don’t know if Zynga/SG reads these forums or not, I hope they do as I’m obviously pissed about these changes. I think everyone who actually spends cash on this should get a refund – they can have my Milena back, don’t give a crap about having a hero who doesn’t heal, just give me back my money!! (Also the cash I spent to get some goodies like the telescope, Tome of experience etc).

  18. Zynga is nothing but a corporate wh**e. Miss the days when Little Giant ran the show.

    This the end for me spending a penny. I have been playing for four years and ALL of my core heroes excluding Mother North have been reduced by this.

    Not that Zynga cares they have always been about maximizing money and not the customer experience. Zynga was close to bankruptcy before buying E&P we should all stop feeding their voracious corporate bottom line.

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