Legendary Troops, AKA 5-Star Troops are in Beta (Empires & Puzzles)

Legendary Troops - Empires and Puzzles - 5 Star

Empires and Puzzles have just dropped Legendary (5-Star) Troops into Beta and it feels like a momentous occasion.

I’ve done some testing and what’s immediately clear is how much of a statistical boost these new Troops provide.

A little housekeeping first tho, because I already have a few posts on Troops. -Let’s put them into order in case you’re lost:

  1. Troops Guide (an overview)
  2. Tomes and Trainer Troops, and
  3. The Mana Speed Guide

On to the new Legendary Troops.

This post may contain speculation, personal opinion, and adult comedy. It is not advice and is solely for entertainment and informational purposes.


All of this is Beta and is therefore subject to change.

Legendary Troops | Empires and Puzzles

The new Legendary Troops are based on the 10 Classes (Wizard, Monk, Barbarian etc.), and each Troop Class is linked to 2 Hero Classes.

Each Troop Class will have separate Bonus Stats and will require Emblems of their own Class during levelling.

5-Star Troops have a maximum level of 30 and “Milestones” (points at which the Bonus Stats are upgraded) occur every 10 levels.

Levelling Legendary Troops requires Iron. When hitting a Milestone level (lvl 10, 20, and 30), you’ll also need Class Emblems.

Although the Troops are Class-based, you’ll still be able to use them on any Hero.

If you equip Troops with a Hero that has a Linked Hero Class, the Hero will gain an additional Linked Stats Bonus and a Passive Effect.

Here are some examples of the Passive Effects that are assigned by Troops with their Linked Hero Class Bonuses:

  • EXTRA HEALING ~The Hero this Troop is equipped on receives an extra 5% health each time its health is recovered.
  • INCREASE STATUS EFFECT ATTACK ~ Attack Buffs are 8% more effective for the Hero this Troop is equipped on.
  • INCREASE STATUS EFFECT DEFENSE ~ Defense Buffs are 8% more effective for the Hero this Troop is equipped on.
  • STATUS AILMENT DAMAGE REDUCTION ~ Damage caused by Status Ailments is reduced by -10% for the Hero this Troop is equipped on.
  • ATTACK AILMENT REDUCTION ~ Attack Status Ailments are 8% less effective against the Hero this Troop is equipped on.
  • DEFENSE AILMENT REDUCTION ~ Defense Status Ailments are 8% less effective against the Hero this Troop is equipped on.
  • RESIST STATUS AILMENTS ~ The Hero this Troop is equipped with has a 25% chance to resist Status Ailments.
  • CRITICAL MODIFIER ~ Grants +15% Critical Chance to the Hero this Troop is equipped on.
  • SPECIAL SKILL DAMAGE REDUCTION ~ Direct Special Damage is reduced by -8% for the Hero this Troop is equipped on.

All Of The New Legendary Troops (Empires and Puzzles)

This table contains all of the different Legendary Class-based Troops, with their linked Hero Classes, and Stats Bonuses at level 30.

All Troops are available in each of the 5 Element colours:

(Based on Beta information – Highly likely to change)

ClassTroop NameLinked ClassesStats BonusLinked Stats Bonus
BarbarianMajestic MinotaurBarbarian & DruidATK +27%, DEF +20%, HP +25%, Mana +11%ATK +6%, DEF +6%, HP +15%, Increase Status Effect Attack
DruidEnchanted EntDruid & BarbarianATK +23%, DEF +24%, HP +25%, Mana +11%ATK +6%, DEF +6%, HP +15%, Status Ailment Damage Reduction
ClericUnwavering ClericCleric & FighterATK +20%, DEF +27%, HP +25%, Mana +11%ATK +6%, DEF +6%, HP +15%, Extra Healing
FighterUnstoppable FighterFighter & ClericATK +24%, DEF +23%, HP +25%, Mana +11%ATK +6%, DEF +6%, HP +15%, Defense Ailment Reduction
MonkMighty MonkMonk & SorcererATK +25%, DEF +22%, HP +25%, Mana +11%ATK +6%, DEF +6%, HP +15%, Resist Status Ailments
SorcererRoyal SorcererSorcerer & MonkATK +21%, DEF +26%, HP +25%, Mana +11%ATK +6%, DEF +6%, HP +15%, Special Skill Damage Reduction
RangerEternal HunterRanger & WizardATK +26%, DEF +22%, HP +24%, Mana +11%ATK +6%, DEF +6%, HP +15%, Attack Ailment Reduction
WizardEldest WizardWizard & RangerATK +22%, DEF +26%, HP +24%, Mana +11%ATK +6%, DEF +6%, HP +15%, Increase Skill Damage
RogueUnseen AssassinRogue & PaladinATK +26%, DEF +21%, HP +25%, Mana +11%ATK +6%, DEF +6%, HP +15%, Critical Modifier
PaladinElite KnightPaladin & RogueATK +22%, DEF +25%, HP +25%, Mana +11%ATK +6%, DEF +6%, HP +15%, Increase Status Effect Defense
OldCynic.com ~ Table of all Legendary 5-Star Troops

Converting 4-Star Troops into 5-Star Troops

You’ll be able to convert your Epic Troops into Legendary Troops at your Barracks.

Once you meet the minimum Barracks Level requirement of level 10, you’ll be able to select a ‘Convert’ tab in the Barracks building.

There, you’ll be able to select a 4-Star Troop to trade in and choose which 5-Star Troop you’d like to convert it to.

Although you’ll be shown the maximum potential of the 5-Star Troop you’re selecting, you will receive an unleveled Troop in exchange.

Converting Troops requires 200k Iron and 300 Emblems. The Class of Emblems required will match the Class of Troop you choose.

There will be a cooldown period of 28 days before you can convert another Epic Troop.

Conversions will also have a minimum Troop Level requirement, which will increase with each conversion.

You will need a minimum of a level 26 Epic Troop for your first conversion, then after the 28-day cooldown period, you will be able to proceed with the next conversion.

After 2 conversions, you will require a minimum of a level 27 Epic Troop.

After a total of 4 conversions, you will require a level 28 Troop.

After 6 conversions, you will require a level 29 Troop.

After 10 conversions, you will require a minimum of level 30 Troop for each conversion.

Summoning Legendary Troops (Empires and Puzzles)

You will also have the opportunity to Summon 5-Star Troops at a featured Legendary Troop Summoning Portal.

This will replace the Epic Troop Summoning Portal like what we see with the Ninja, Magic, and Styx Troops Portals.

The Legendary Portal will only feature 2 different Class-linked Legendary Troops for each Element at a time, swapping out with 2 other Classes the next time the portal appears on rotation.

The portal will only have the featured Legendary Troops and Classic Troops available. It will not contain chances to obtain Ninja, Styx or Magic Troops.

The cost for 1 Pull will be 300 gems, and a 10 Pull will cost 2600 gems.

There will be specific Legendary Troop Coins for this portal and 1 pull will require 100 tokens.

Epic Troop Tokens can’t be used at this portal.

Cost of Levelling Troops Reducing!

Empires and Puzzles have stated that they intend to lower the time and resources required to level Troops.

This will be done in 2 ways:

  • Feeder Troops will give more XP when fed to level up Troops, and
  • The amount of Food required to level up Epic Troops will be reduced from 5500 to 2500, per fed Troop per level
Legendary Troops - Empires and Puzzles - 5 Star Feat

5 Star – Legendary Troops | Old Cynic

These new Legendary Troops will make a significant difference to the Stats of a Hero and that makes me wonder about how accessible they’ll be to the playerbase.

If you remember when Double Limit Breaking was introduced; we had the same question.

Today, we have an answer.

At the top of the world leaderboard, we see that most Defense Teams consist of Heroes who have unlocked their Aether Powers. Therefore, I think it’s reasonable to assume a similar process of levelling up will occur with these new Legendary Troops.

After all, they will provide a considerable bonus that will help people win, and that’s the point.

Empires and Puzzles is a complex game and adding Legendary Troops to the mix will likely have game-wide implications.

For example, we currently have massive Hitters who can nearly obliterate an entire team in one go, but maybe these Troops would help defend against that.

That said, wouldn’t E&P simply introduce harder Hitters down the road?

-And doesn’t that assume you were lucky enough to get hold of these super-Troops in the first place (and got them levelled)?

Should the reduction in levelling costs translate in a beneficial way, then that’s a net gain.

I guess it’s early days yet and I certainly don’t claim to have all the answers. However, I welcome your thoughts on the matter!

PS. This is Beta and is, therefore, more likely to be altered or have errors present. This post was updated on the 24th of December 2023 with the most recently known information.


[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. WoW, i think this will make some serious changes in the game. Ofcourse it will mostly benefit the p2p players but since that is the case with all of the changes in the game i don’t really care about that. Empires is a money machine but i am still enjoying the game a lot without going along in that and am happy to play with the options i have. Still, even f2p or c2p players Will get some of those troops and we’ll be able to compete in our region of the game. Looking forward to see how it turns out. Interesting update cynic, thanks for the heads up!

    1. That’s true, it’s all relative really. I think they should introduce new or more defined Cup Tiers and give rewards for getting to No. 1! I’d set my sights on the tier most likely/possible for me.

      Thanks for stopping by Duende.

  2. I don’t know what to say. I really don’t know what to say. I definitely can’t think of anything nice to say about this.

    Instead, let me stick to something I do know. Your write-up is fantastic, as always. Thank you.

  3. This explains why iron and another blank space show up when levelling troops. And why inspecting a troop went from 2 coulmns to 3 columns with a lot of extra space beneath the buffs.

  4. Dear Old Cynic… As always I’m very grateful for your reviews and thoughts. Thank you!

    My first reaction to the introduction of 5* troops is, unfortunately, one of frustration at yet another layer of complexity in what was once a fairly simple game.

    If I had set out to thoroughly learn a language and spent five years every day practicing, I’d expect, by now, to be speaking it fluently… but with E&P some of us are destined to be forever at the ‘the cat sat on the mat’ level of comprehension! 🙄

    1. I used to consider time spent playing a game as time I could’ve spent doing something useful and protective. Now I’m older, I accept my fate and play PS5 til buttons mean more than words, -that is my knew language. 😁

      Thanks for sharing Sirius!

  5. Hi OC,
    Thank you for breaking this news.
    It has prompted a few thoughts from me.
    1. This appears to be aimed exclusively at the Whales of the game, I don’t see me chasing any of these 5* troops down.
    2. There is going to be another round of “I am leaving this game, it’s all gone to hell” on the forum.
    3. I will continue to play and enjoy the game, focussing on what I have got and not on what could I buy?


  6. My mana troops had just reached level 29 this week. I think I will save my coins to summon these new ones, because I do not want to waste the effort of the troops I already levelled T.T

    Thanks for this big piece of information, my friend.

    1. Hey Mig-El, no worries! Someone on Reddit pointed out that they would hold off levelling Troops now until the cost reduction appeared in-game. That makes perfect sense to me.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      1. I’ve seen some screenshots of this summon and I think it’s going to be a separate gems-only summon. I second-guessed this idea but a lot of others seem to believe the same thing. Since so many long-time players have hundreds and hundreds of troop tokens saved up, this would make sense, even though it would rile them up XD

  7. Thank you for a very clear and informative post!
    This has been long dreaded by many, and would of course eventually happen.
    I am not sure on how big the initial impact will be though, outside the absolute top where they will buy their way to instant troops.
    Most “regular” players will spend ages getting these up to speed, if they bother spending the resources at all. Actually, to many FTP players the change might be beneficial in that is will be easier to max out two sets of top troops on regular +30 level

    We’ll see. It is what it is. Some will wail and quit, some will whale and be quick, many will be frustrated, and many will keep enjoying the game regardless

    1. Fair assessment Tobov! I think the skip button will represent a form of stress control for some 😄

      I’m launching an investigation as to why your comments are being directed to the bin. That is not on. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. If I understand the table correctly then the legendary troops will have 15% mana instead of 20% as in the case of mana troops?

  9. We are already at a point in the game where many legendary heroes cannot keep up with the latest heroes being released. And I am not just talking about season 1 heroes. Heroes under 1200 power are fast becoming irrelevant in the meta. This will only further the divide between P2W players who can compete and those who are just collecting pretty cards.

  10. With new troops giving huge boost to hp i wonder if they adjust the values for skills that boost hero hp/grant regen over turn – it seems they may fall behind when compared to default heal xx%.

    I’m also wondering if they adjust hp limit on fiends and minions – with the increased hp pool granted by new troops, most of the new heroes is going to be capped at max health for their summons which would indirectly nerf them

      1. I am f2p and really happy with these changes. I never have enough food to use all of my feeder troops and I currently have 1023 troops. So, I won’t be wasting my highly levelled troops doing conversions. I will hope to draw a legendary troop, but if not, at least I can level my other troops much more cheaply.

  11. Hi.
    First time posting.
    Thank you for you post and insights.

    Will the reduction in troop upgrades be for all troop levels, or only for 4* troops?


  12. Thanks for all the info! I’m a bit confused about the element thing. If we convert a red 4 star troop do we end up with a red 5 star troop or a neutral troop?

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