E&P Mag 7: Calendar, Top Defense Heroes, & Quiz! (April)

Welcome to this month’s Empires and Puzzles Calendar and roundup. Frequent visitors will notice it’s a tad late, but that’s to allow for the inclusion of a Calendar.

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AGENDA (Empires and Puzzle Magazine)
1. Empires and Puzzles Calendar for April 2022
2. Top 10 E&P Defense Heroes
3. Empires and Puzzles Quiz!

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Empires and Puzzles April 2022 Calendar

📅 30th March – 4th April: Alliance Quest (Clash Of Knights)

Clash Of Knights is home to Ludwig, Wolfgang, and Lewena.

📅 4th April – 6th April: Atlantis Rises (Season 2)

(None of these heroes actually arrived at the portal this time)

Atlantis Rises is back, and this time there’s more!

In an effort to add fresh blood to the portal, we’re expecting to see two new 5-Star heroes, and both are really strong.

The first is Tethys, a Fast, Ice, Ranger:

  • 1. Deals 300% damage to the target and nearby enemies, 2. They also receive 390 water damage over 3 turns. 3. All allies not Ice get +30% attack for 3 turns. 4. All Ice allies get +60% attack for 3 turns.

The second is Oceanus, an Average, Fire, Paladin:

  • 1. Deals 220% damage to all enemies. 2. All allies get +120% normal attack for 4 turns, which can be active in addition to effects that alter attack in general (Max of +170%) 3. All allies get +46% defense for 4 turns.

We can also expect to see a large number of new Costumes: Inari, Wilbur, Ameonna, Gadeirus, Melia, and Mnesseus, all get one.

(Heroes and costumes are in Beta and subject to change)

📅 6th April – 9th April: Tavern of Legends

Tavern of Legends is home to all the past Heroes Of The Month (who are at least a year old).

Some of the best heroes available are Alberich, Malosi, Alasie, +many, many more.

📅 10th April – 12th April: Valhalla Forever

Valhalla Forever is where you can get hold of greats like Odin, Frigg, and Alfrike.

📅 14th April – 18th April: Challenge Festival

The Challenge Festival is back in mid-April, and will likely return with a few more Costumes. It’s home to loads of awesome heroes including, Lady Of The Lake, Black Knight, and Finley.

This portal also excludes all Season 1 heroes (please confirm in-game).

📅 18th April – 20th April: Mythic Titan

The Mythic Titan (Hades) is due to fly in around the 18th; can someone please pick him up from the airport, thanks.

📅 21st April – 25th April: New Season 5

Season 5 is expected to start on the 21st of April.

There will be a new map to complete and a large range of new heroes at the portal (which I hope to review in time).

📅 28th April – 2nd May: Underwild (Season 4)

Underwild is home to Xnolphod, Hulda, Prof. Lidenbrock, Morel, and many more top heroes.

In line with previously completed seasons, we should see a flag cost reduction, to accompany this outing.

I did a bunch of pulls for this portal last time around, so check ’em out if you haven’t already!

You can check the raw calendar data, and for any changes, here.

Current Top 10 Empires & Puzzles Defense Heroes

On the morning of 31st March 2022, instead of playing my Quest VR, I reviewed the top 50 Empires and Puzzles Defense teams. Based on that data, here are the Top 10 E&P Defense heroes:

10. (Shared) Bera, Faline, Ferant, Ludwig, C. MN, Quenell, Sif, Zekena (5 appearances each)

9. C. Alasie (6)

8. Mr. Pengi – (7)

7. Elizabeth ↓6 (8)

6. Milena (10)

4. Octros (12)

4. Morel ↑1 (12)

3. Wolfgang ↑4 (13)

2. Frigg ↑1 (20)

1. Xnolphod ↑1 (21)

Here’s last month’s list:

8. Quenell (7) 8. Mr. Pengi ↓6 (7) 8. Ludwig (7) 7. Wolfgang (9) 5. Morel (10) 5. Bera ↑5 (10) 4. Krampus (11) 2. Frigg ↑4 (14) 2. Xnolphod – (14) 1. Elizabeth ↑3 (15)

Empires & Puzzles Top Defenses

Last month, I highlighted Ferant’s rise to the top, stating:

‘… what you don’t see is Ferant, the 4-Star hero. He’s busy chasing down the pack and leading the charge for 11th place. He appeared a total of 6 times this month (up from 2, previously).’

And wouldn’t you just know it? No sooner had I said it, than was he being nerfed!

But even with the nerf, he still refuses to give in!

He stands here now as the first 4-Star hero to ever grace our modest, yet humble, list.

Anyway, we’ll now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

Xnolphod is the best Empires and Puzzles Defense hero!

Finally! The rock has come BACK!

We all knew it was going this way, and deservedly so for Xnolphod, he’s a fantastic hero.

That said, it was a bit of a surprise to see Elizabeth drop off so far, and Krampus, -he’s nearly completely gone (as are the rest of the Winter Family).

C. Alasie, Milena, and Octros, are all new entrants to this list ().

What’s your take on the changes we’ve seen this month?

Empires and Puzzles Quiz

Last month, I got some feedback saying the quiz was too easy… So, this month I’ve made it a little bit more difficult for you.

Here’s how the E&P Quiz works:

  • There are 10 Empires and Puzzles questions
  • You answer as many as you can in the comment section below
  • But, you don’t have to write out the entire question, just the answers next to the question number, so:

1. Devana. 2. Etc. 3. Etc.

And after you’ve submitted your answers, you can check to see if you were right on the quiz answers page.

Remember, cheating is only cheating yourself… Here we go!

Old Cynic’s Empires and Puzzles Quiz

1: How many Defense Formations are there?

2: Which 5-Star hero has this in their Special? ‘The target and nearby enemies become weak against the element they are strong against for 5 turns.’

3: What building allows you to make Tornadoes?

4: Name 3 heroes that have been Nerfed in the last 3 months.

5: There are 4 flags flying aloft the Stronghold. What colour are they?

6: Name 3 heroes who have been buffed in the last 3 months.

7: Which 4-Star Costumed FIRE hero has this in his Special? ‘Destroys all minions from all enemies?’

8: What Class of hero has a chance to summons a minion after receiving damage?

9: What does HA 10 do?

10: How many times has the Clash of Knights hero, Esme, been buffed?

Good luck! 🤞

(Check the answers?)

That’s all Folks! (Empires and Puzzles Magazine)

I hope you enjoyed this month’s MAG!

Let me know your thoughts on the Calendar, Defense List, or anything else, in the comments below.

And, don’t forget to share your Quiz results.


[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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    1. I’m holding troop tokens too… but for the next Magic tower. I think the Ninja Tower is the following month. I’ll add a link to this post for where you can check the raw details for yourself. Thanks for reading!

      1. I am holding troop tokens, as well and am also waiting for the Tower of Magic. The Magic Troop mana boost tops out at 20% whereas the old Mana Troop tops out at 15%. That 20% combined with Class, Costume and Family Mana Boost makes previously impossible to reach tile reductions now possible and can take a Fast hero from 8 tiles to 6 with the right conditions and take a Slow hero from 12 to 9 tiles similarly. I got 1 purple Magic Troop last time and would love a few more in other colors.

  1. 1. 4
    2. Norns
    3. Forge
    4. Ferant, Krampus, MN
    5. no idea xD red maybe?
    6. Reyne, Lewena, not sure if magic heros buff was in last 3 months, so maybe them?
    7. C Gormek
    8. Druid
    9. change a 5* to another 5*
    10. none? xd

  2. 1. Five 2. Norns 3. Hunter’s Lodge 4. Ferant, Krampus, Mother North 5. Red 6. Larry, Curly, and Moe 7. Red Shrek 8. Druid 9. Retrain legendary heroes 10. Two

    Some tough ones this month! (did I mention I know like zero hero names) Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi, first THX 4 your blog, I find It both useful & interesting. I disagree a bit with the way you present the most used héroes in defense, if you find 7 Pengis, 5 normal Krampus, 5 Costumed Krampus and 5 non Costumed Krampus, is Pengi more used than Krampus? Most Costumed héroes have a clear winner versión but this statement doesn’t apply to Xmas héroes. If u add all versions Krampus and mother north would be much higher in the ranking. Xmas family is still very relevant in the top scorers. I apologize for my English as it’s not my mother language. THX again for your generous work

    1. Hey Victor, thanks for reading and your English is great!

      Re the costumes: I guess the reason I do it that way is because sometimes the costume’s completely different from the original, -So much so, that it’s like a completely different hero. But I take your point.

      Thank you for your input, I really do appreciate the feedback immensely!

      1. I went to the top 50 right now and got this: Krampus 20 Pengi 16 MNorth 14 Octros 14 Xnolphod 13 Frigg 11 Wolfgang 9 Elizabeth 8 Faline 7 Alasie 6 Quentin 6 Morel 6 Kadilen 6 Díao 6 Any versión. Nothing to complain about your list, I just wanted to highlight that Xmas héroes are more than Alive. cheers

        1. Hey Victor, this list is just a yard stick, although I’m still not fixed on it because it does have it’s problems -sample date/time being one of them.

          Also, there are many elite defense heroes who may never make the list as they’re too difficult to obtain. However, what this list has done over the months is to highlight a few indicators and create the opportunity to discuss what we already know to be the best commonly available defense heroes in the game.

          The only caveat I can offer is that I am true to the task at hand, best reflecting the data as I find it. Off cause, anybody can audit the top 50 teams, but most won’t bother. And I believe from the description I provide, they understand that I’m just providing a dip sample.

          Thanks for taking the time to offer the feedback! I won’t ignore it.

  4. Well I like that revised list better because it takes the spotlight off Xnolphod. Maybe if we all stop talking about him they won’t nerf him 😂

  5. Turns out no new costumes in Atlantis this time round, so saving my tokens for next turn. I like that they (finally) added some costumes to 3* and 4* heroes, which actually are attainable. On the other note, I was lucky to get Ariel costume when she came out, and she is outstanding.

    I except then that we might have to wait another month for reduced cost on Season 4 also, but sincerely hope that I am wrong, as I am saving the Hard levels for that reduced cost. Fingers crossed!

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