E&P Mag 1: P2P Tower of Magic, Mono Teams, Clash of Knights (Sep)

As we have a little downtime before the next big event, I thought a roundup post was in order. We’ll discuss news and anything else Empires and Puzzles. This is the first, so let me know if you like it. What’s there to discuss? Quite a bit actually…

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1. Current Top 10 E&P Defense Heroes
2. P2P Tower Of Magic Final Stages
3. Mono Raiding Teams
4. I Pulled Alexandrine…
5. Clash Of Knights
6. Other Stuff

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Empires and Puzzles Magazine

Current Top 10 Empires & Puzzles Defense Heroes

At 1500 hours UK time, on 26th Sept 2021, I reviewed the top 50 Empires and Puzzles Defense teams. Based on the data, here are the Top 10 E&P Heroes:

10. Prof. Lidenbrock

9. Krampus

8. Sif

7. Bera

6. C.Kadilen

5. Morel

4. Hannah

3. Odin

2. Elizabeth

1. Frigg

I think that’s pretty much as expected … Maybe Hannah’s a bit of a shocker for some? There’s no impact from the Slayers or the Magic Heroes, but they’re pretty rare, so no big surprise.

Cobalt sits just off this list at #12. While Xnolphod, a notable new Season 4 Hero, resides at #16.

I recently reviewed Director Zuri and Faline for the Starfall Circus event. Zuri’s not present on my list, while Faline is at #13.

Leave your opinion of the current Top 10 in the comments below!

P2P Tower Of Magic Final Stages Paywall (Empires and Puzzles Mag)

Last week, it became apparent that if you wanted to complete the Impossible levels of the Magic Tower, you’d have to use some gems. Many claimed this was evidence of a growing gap between F2P and P2P.

For my part, I didn’t complete the Tower because it was just too much of a grind. That means this situation didn’t affect me at all.

Still, I’m not surprised, because Empires and Puzzles is a business first and foremost. It is the objective of every business to maximise profits. To that end, I imagine SG wanted to experiment with the idea, and that they’ll now review the data and community opinion.

Limiting other Events/Quests in this way, especially with my personal favourites, would be a shame. And I hope it doesn’t happen.

At the end of the day, most Gamers will seek enjoyment at minimal expense, while developers will seek to learn exactly what ‘minimal expense’ means to their users.

We’ll see where it goes from here, but I remain positive.

On the flip side, if SG sat on their laurels, the game would fizzle out… It’s all about balance.

Is Everyone playing Mono Raiding Teams now?

Everywhere I look, I’m seeing Mono Raid teams. ~Which isn’t what I was expecting.

When I review new Heroes (here), I’m working off the idea that most people are playing 3/2 or a variation thereof. It’s the reason I didn’t rate Sergei too highly or Alexandrine for that matter. I saw them both as specialists; more useful for Titans & Stages.

But if you’re running a Mono Purple Raid Team and you see Sergei’s Tier-1 Special, you’ll rightly think he’s the best thing since sliced bread.

Anyway, I’d love your input: Are you running a Mono Raid Team? If so Why? And is it for every Raid, or just occasionally?

This isn’t a challenge. I play for fun and don’t claim to have the right answer. I’m only interested so I can bear it in mind with my reviews and other content.

Thank you!

I Pulled Alexandrine… Is she better now I have her?

Oh yeah, I pulled Alexandrine. She will get levelled and she will get played.

She looks great, a 5-Star blue healer. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Clash Of Knights, Alliance event (Empires and Puzzles Mag)

I’m sure you’ve seen the big new alliance event on the horizon; Clash Of Knights. It looks fantastic and I’m saving my gems for it.

I haven’t reviewed any of the Heroes yet, but it’s next on my to-do list. I did catch something on Social Media, one of the new Heroes who looks awesome:

The Hero I’m referring to is called Esme. Here’s her Special:

  • Destroys all Fiends from all allies
  • Recovers 40% health for all allies
  • If an ally had Fiends they will be immune to new Fiends for 4 turns

Esme is a 5-Star, Average speed, Ice (Blue) Hero. And will be the first able to remove Fiends.

From what I see, Clash Of Knights will be with us early to mid-October. ~And my review/guide will be up within the next week.

Other Old Cynic Stuff (E&P Mag)

That’s about it. Anything else you’d like me to cover? Let me know in the comments below.

And if you didn’t know, once in a while I’ll write something other than E&P. While it’s rare, you can find that stuff here.

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. Greetings from South Africa.
    Congratulations on pulling Alexandrine. As for Esme, she will definitely find her place in the top teams.

    Personally, I do not play full mono because either the boards that come up are useless, and or nothing I do makes any difference.

    I do however play 3-2, or 3-1-1 because this gives me options, while still hitting rather hard.

    The returns for mono, for me at least, are poor. I may decimate any of the top defense teams with my 4* heroes with a good board, or just get murdered because the tiles do not align.

    Thank you for this round up, I like the idea of it.

    P.S. I did not participate in the Tower of Magic beyond the 5th floor because I got busy. As for the P2P for the last 25 floors, when I heard that, I just did not bother to continue with the tower at all.

    Stay healthy, and stay safe

  2. 1. I am fortunate to have Frigg, Elizabeth, Hannah, Morel, Krampus (all maxed) and Xnolphod (waiting for 1 more tabard) and thank you for that helpful info on their usage among the top players.
    2. I finished the first 25 floors of the normal Tower and a few more of the Impossible but discontinued as I felt the rewards were not worth the materials expended to go any further. I didn’t start using any 5 stars until I got to floor 19 so using battle items was not a problem in the first 25 floors although I did use mana potions a few times when Anton and Nadezhda were together reviving each other in the Boss round.
    3. I have been raiding MONO for a long time now with Elkanen, Frigg, C. Kashhrek, Evelyn and Kadilen as my current team. I don’t care about cups, only filling Hero Chests as efficiently as possible so a loss here and there is not a big deal.
    4. I did pull Alexandrine and am at 2.50 levelling her now. I have the mats to take a blue hero to max but am leaning towards Lord Loki so she will probably sit at 3.70 for a while as I already have Raffaele maxed with emblems and have no pressing need for another blue healer even with her secondary skills.
    5. I have read extensively about Clash of Knights from the beta beat v42 at the forum site and am a little concerned that smaller, newer and less powerful alliances may not have much of a chance to advance very far with the aggregate score being needed to unlock the Epic and Legendary legs.
    Keep up the good work, you do an awesome service here with your reviews and opinions!

    1. Hi David. Re. Xnolphod, I was surprised to see him there which is why I mentioned it. Surprised because he’s so new. I suspect another Season 4 Summoning Gate will see him move into the Top 10. As for the Clash Of Knights, I’ll have to start my reading today/tomorrow. I do hope it’s fun for alliances. Depending on the loot, people may actually move to try and get a better position.

  3. I am really delighted to have found your blog/website.

    I gave up on the Tower of Magic precisely for the reason you gave: a very big grind. Every battle dragged on and took too long, even if you did not need to use precious battle aids. There is absolutely no enjoyment in simply having to “slog” through battles.

    Mono Raid Teams: I know that some players in my alliance really like them, but I tend to use 4-1 combinations. Again for the reason which Cornelius gave: if the tiles are against you, you are absolutely toast.

    Regards and thanks again,

  4. Hello! Can’t wait to read your Clash of Knight heroes review. I like Ludwig–taunt hero. Hope to get him.

    Thanks for your top 10 defence heroes reference too.

  5. I just couldn’t catch up the pace of new events lately. Haha… Even I still waiting materials for Slayer & Magic Tower heroes.

    1. Hey Chris, I think there’ll be a little respite before things pick up again. I try to keep my new heroes that need levelling to a minimum. 2/3 at a time, or it’s gets to be too much!

      Thanks for stopping by

  6. I raid 4/1 because those 4 heroes are all 4-star. I raid in high platinum and low diamond, and all opponents are fully emblemed 5-stars. The only way to win is to go mono or 4/1. When I look at videos online of people raiding 3/2, they are doing it with full 5-stars. I may do that too eventually but right now 3/2 with half-emblemed 4-star heroes just won’t cut it.

  7. Hello OC.

    I play exclusively Mono for one reason only. It’s the only was I have a chance in Diamond. There are so many defense teams that run the META or some other basically all too 15 all fully leveled and emblems 5 stay quintet and I just don’t have the horses to compete. But. With Mono I suddenly can win about 50% of my raids. I can stay in Diamond and reap the rewards of the Diamond chest. It’s a little less strategy or matching heroes and more luck and totally mana speed dependent but it works. When I go the other route I just can’t hang with the big spenders.

  8. I used to go mono all the time, but since about 3 months I go 3-2 or 4-1. Especially with the newer, OP-heroes, if you do not get a good board from the start, it is game over.
    With mono, there is too much dependency on the board. With 3-2, chance for at least some damage and charging of heroes is higher.

    And also from my side, many thanks for the excellent reviews and posts. I used to follow everything on tellysgame or Razor, but it seems both have stopped.

  9. Hi Old Cynic,
    You have a really useful, informative blog! Very insightful gameplay comments. I raid with 3/2 teams, normally 3 heroes in yellow or purple, and 2 heroes I choose based on the opposing team’s tank colour. 5* or costume Rigard for my purple team. I leave myself to the mercy of the boards too much with mono raid teams.

  10. 4-1 with rigard off color for a reset

    in today’s meta you need the power of tiles, and is well known that 5 mono herois hit like there were 7 there…

    4 hit like 5ish, and in case of tile bad luck, go for purple for the reset

  11. I play mostly 3-2.
    In most colors (except green and maybe blue) I don’t have the heroes to play a good mono.
    But the main reason for me is the fun. I feel that in mono, if you get the tiles, the raid will be over in few move.
    If you don’t get the tiles, you can’t do anything.
    With a 3-2 team, you’ll probably win and lose in the same proportion, but the raid are usually longer and more interesting…

    And of course, as f2p, I can build better synergies by choosing my heroes out of 2 colors.

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