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There’s a whole heap of action coming to Empires and Puzzles over the coming weeks, so I figured it was worth highlighting some of it (especially the Museum) and also taking a moment to reflect on the neutering of Miriam & Midnight.

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AGENDA (Empires and Puzzle Update)
1. Empires and Puzzles Museum
2. The February Balance Update (M&M Nerf)
3. Cupido, the new Valentine’s Love Hero

This post may contain speculation, personal opinion, and adult comedy. It is not advice and is solely for entertainment and informational purposes.


Some of the information shared in this post is from Beta and is therefore subject to change.

The Empires & Puzzles Museum

Empires and Puzzles is about to have its very own Museum, which will be built into the side of the Stronghold. ~I’m sure you’ve already seen the countdown for it in-game:

Screenshot of the new Museum feature in Empires and Puzzles

In short, the Empires and Puzzles Museum will have two sections: the first is called “HEROES” and the second is called “STORIES”.

The STORIES section is where you’ll be able to access all of the stories for each of the Seasons in Empires and Puzzles.

However, it’s the HEROES section that I want to talk about.

It’s akin to a portrait gallery, where you can see all of your Heroes according to their rarity and element (there’s a spot for every Hero in the game).

For now, its main function is simply to allow you to view your Heroes and collect rewards. But there’s a lot of room for growth here, as was highlighted in Beta.

The most important thing to note is that for every Hero you own and have maxed, you’ll receive free Gems.

I can tell you that in Beta, the reward for a maxed 5-Star Hero was only 5 Gems. But following some wonderful work from the Beta Testers, and a display of generosity from E&P, this has been increased to 10 Gems per maxed 5-Star Hero.

Gems for each tier of Hero in the Empires and Puzzles Museum:

1-Star Heroes and Costumes = 1 Gem
2-Star Heroes and Costumes = 2 Gems
3-Star Heroes and Costumes = 3 Gems
4-Star Heroes and Costumes = 5 Gems
5-Star Heroes and Costumes = 10 Gems

WOOOOOOHoooo!!!! I’m rich!

I’m gonna be jingling in town tonight, buddy!

We’re all gonna be rich!

OK, not that rich. But it’s gonna be a decent Something for Nothing. Of course, the more you have the more you’ll get, but that’s Capitalism for you.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on the new Empires and Puzzles Museum in the comments below.

Question: Based on 10 Gems per 5-Star Hero, how many Gems do you anticipate collecting?

Empires & Puzzles February Update (M&M Nerf)

Good news followed by bad.

Yes, Miriam & Midnight have been booked in for the snip.

Screenshot of Miriam Midnight Special Skills Cat Minions

Nerfs are always difficult for those who own the Heroes in question, and another big one is about to take place.

Looking at the update, M&M’s Minions will recover more health, from 15% to 22%, and their Attack will increase from 20% to 30%.

However, their HP will be reduced from 40% to 30%, and the Attack Boost will be set at 50%.

Most significantly, the Boosted Health part of the Special will be completely removed.

I still think M&M is gonna be a hassle to deal with if you don’t have a Minion Killer to hand, but we’ll get a real sense of the change when it goes live on the 16th.

I’d love to get your thoughts on this Nerf in the comments below.

The Rest of the Balance Update (Panther and the Musketeers)…

As mentioned above, you can check out all of the changes for yourself here, so I won’t detail everything. However, I’d like to highlight a few things.

First, the alleged Nerfing of Costume G. Panther: Whose damage will increase from 280% to 285%, while her Dark Defense Ailment will reduce from -54% to -34%.

And while that is significant, I mean, she’s still gonna slap me silly, right?

In my view, it’s more impactful in other parts of the game while not necessarily on Defense.

Also, the Brave Musketeers have been Buffed to high heaven.

The Musketeers Empires and Puzzles

In fairness, I never did like their “Cover” Family Bonus (where they receive damage in place of a protected ally).

But that’s now been Buffed as the damage they receive has been reduced from 90%/80%/70% to 60%/50%/40%.

And the turns have been reduced from 6 turns to 3 turns.

The major change has been that they’re all gonna get (Aramis aside) an additional effect: Health Regeneration.

So, while they’re in “Cover” mode, they’re gonna heal themselves as well.

Again, we’ll see what it means in-game soon enough, but I imagine these guys are gonna be really stubborn while also being pretty devastating.

Finally, it’s worth noting that they also had their base Stats adjusted and that D’Artagnan got near 200 Burn Damage added to his Special (from 849 to 1023 over 3 turns).

There were a couple of Old Timer Buffs, with Grazul being the most significant; from 15% Healing to 22%.

And Captain of Diamonds got a little more damage on his Special, from 260% to 275% damage.

Cupido – Season of Love

If you didn’t know, there’s a new Mindless Attack Hero en route to Empires and Puzzles, and his name is Cupido (you can now find my full review, here!).

In Beta, this chap hit 3 enemies for 295% and inflicted “Healing Gift”, -which is effectively a Mindless Attack that makes the victim Heal an enemy, rather than causing them to slap an ally.

This is a very cool Hero, and the healing is fun to watch.

When Cupido first arrived in Beta he was Fast… requiring only 8 tiles to charge.

This was later changed to Average.

And that’s how we expect to see him when he finally arrives as part of the Season of Love.

I’ve already explained how I figure grading for Mindless Attack Heroes in my Misandra review, and there’s no doubt that Cupido will be picking up his T-3 grading not long after appearing.

That said, please always check the Hero Card in-game to make sure details have not been altered.

Empires & Puzzles Museum and Update

I’ve got a load of updating to do on the 16th, and we also have lots of new content to check out over the coming weeks, so I’ll do my best to keep up.

Anyway, feel free to have your say on anything covered in the comments below.

And thanks for reading!

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. Thanks for all the information and for the information that will come.
    I hope I will cash around 642 gems when the museum is here. However if they will give gems for the costumes I will obtain some more.

  2. I spent a lot of time and money leveling up M&M and now they take away their boost? I guess I will pair them with Freya and see how that works out. Booooo. Hisssss. Thanks for nothing. I feel beaten down.

  3. The release of OP heroes to keep the whales chasing followed by nerfs is really just a result of a very sketchy business practice. Zynga/SG knows exactly what they are doing. Average heroes don’t generate interest to spend. Nerfs are required or they would be releasing heroes with specials that say “one-shot the entire opposing team” by now.

  4. Oh, nuts. I thought the M&M’s boosted health was the most important feature for a C2P player like me to have (occasional) versus success with high-powered teams. I like the offense, but I prefer the battle to last long enough to use it.

  5. So frustrating to see the M&M nerf taking away her overheal. This was the literally the only thing that allowed me to survive these new heroes doing insane levels of damage to fully LB and leveled heroes. I can show plenty of losses with her on my team so I honestly never thought they would do it. I just don’t get it….how can anyone survive these new massive hitters without the overhealers?

  6. I’m fine with mms adjustment. I worked to get her, maxed her. But I’ve gotten so tired of fighting her. Such a pest unless you have major minion killers like the bunny, or alucard.

    From the start the musketeers needed an adjustment. Their power forces them to be tanks, but they are too weak to survive anywhere near six rounds of covering. I had given up on them until they fixed cover. Now I can finally use aramis.

  7. FINALLY, a decent M&M nerf. I was SICK of fighting her. She was wayyyyyy too powerful. I’m not usually a fan of nerfs (I cried the day they cut down both my maxed and LB’d C Alasies), but when a meta curbs HARD for a single hero, they HAVE to get nerfed. I’ve been waiting on this a long time.

    1. Speaking of nerfs, I forecast a very obvious upcoming nerf to Guardian Hippo. She is right in the “way too powerful” crosshairs. What do you think about it?

  8. All the time and money spent on my heros and now u screw us around this game is starting to be as bad as the rest, I’ve been playing this game sense it only had season 1 now 5 season I’ve been dedicated and Loyal, and this is what we get screwed around u people really suck the big one I promise u this I will never spend another dime with your company or this game for that matter, and in the past I spent some cash with u conartest. Never again.

  9. Bonjour
    tout d’abord merci pour toutes ces infos !
    En tant que Beta-testeur tu devrais éventuellement demander à ce qu’on puisse voir les combats des autres ! ce serai vraiment intéressant !!! cela se fait déjà dans beaucoup d’autres jeux !
    merci d’avance

    Google Translate: Good morning
    first of all thanks for all the info!
    As a Beta tester you should eventually ask to see other people’s fights! it will be really interesting!!! this is already done in many other games!
    thanks in advance

  10. My comment is based on wars that carry equalizers, if the equalizer is in being used minions should also be removed.

  11. I own the C Panther and wished they would’ve kept the dark defense down, was planning on featuring it in my titan attack team for holy titans – would’ve gladly taken less attack, 54 to 34 percent is a huge drop!!

  12. Do kiedy trwa wydarzenie muzeum nie mogę tego nigdzie tego wyhaczyć

    Translated: As long as the museum event lasts, I can’t tick it off anywhere

    1. Witam, nie jestem pewien, jakie jest pytanie z powodu złego tłumaczenia. O ile mi wiadomo, muzeum pozostanie tam, gdzie jest.

      Translated: Hello, I’m not sure what the question is due to a bad translation. The Museum will stay where it is as far as I’m aware.

  13. Hey OC, is there any rhyme or reason as to the order of the heroes in the museum? For instance, Ludwig is #3 in my museum. Why are there 2 blanks ahead of him? He’s not the 3 rd most powerful dark hero?

    1. Hey Nurgles, sorry I didn’t see this. No, I’ve had a look and can’t think of reason for it. He’s not the 3rd Purple… if he was the 3rd strongest then would new heroes appear at the top? And it’s not alphabetical… 😁

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