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A subscriber recently suggested that I create a section of the blog where readers can ask questions, and get my Empires and Puzzles tips. With that in mind, I’ve created this page. So if you have an E&P question, read on…

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So, How Will This Work? (Empires and Puzzles tips)

First, it’s important to note that I don’t claim to be an expert. Also, the information on this page (and blog) isn’t advice -just my opinion. My opinion is based on a history of F2P/C2P, so I generally won’t consider solutions that involve spending money.

We’ll also only cover topics which don’t already have their own page. That way, new readers can find all the relevant information in one place. There’s a Search Box at the top of the site, near the Main Menu, to check before submitting.

To submit a question, simply put it in a comment below.

Each question will be numbered, so readers can contribute to the discussion. If their information is better than my own, I’ll update the answer accordingly.

If you’re going to ask a question, please subscribe to my blog. Please also provide a name or calling card, and your Player Level, so I can address you in my response and have an idea of how long you’ve been playing the game.

That’s it! Let’s get started…

Empires and Puzzles Q&A

Newest Questions/Answers are first on the list.

Old Cynic’s Empires and Puzzles

Question 10: Example text. –Subscriber

Old Cynic’s tip:
Wisdom or lunacy.

Should I Keep Duplicate 3 and 4-Star Heroes?

Question 9: With the masquerade going on and keys are being cut everywhere, do you have a recommendation for what 3* & 4* Heroes are worth having two of – one standard and one costumed – to play together (i.e. Kiril for buff and debuff in a tourney or raid)?

I pulled several dupes, and don’t know who’s worth keeping and levelling… –Andrew

Old Cynic’s tip:
For me personally, I don’t like the idea of keeping dupes, mainly because I like variety.

The only 3 or 4-Star Hero I have a duplicate of is, Frosty, -because I think he’s a monster. If I pulled a second Poppy in future, I’d consider levelling her.

As for 4-Stars in isolation, nope, -no dupes (not even Rigard).

While we’re on the subject, if I pulled two insane 5-Star dupes, like Ludwig, I’d level them both.

Overall, in my view there isn’t much space to hold all these Heroes, and I’d rather have options than to have doppelgangers.

That said, if you love and focus on 4/3-Star tournaments, then go to town!

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What are the Best Farming Levels for Food?

Question 8: I am always running short of food. Now I am concentrating on getting troops upgraded, I need a hell of a lot. Are there any levels that are the best for farming food? –Andy Hewitt

Old Cynic’s tip: Hi Andy, according to my checks it’s Season 1, 17-1, 20-4, or 13-6. Another option is, Season 2, 15-8, Hard, or 27-9, Hard. Another is, Season 3, 15-5, Hard.

Hope this helps!

Why Should I Level Costumes?

Question 7: I am confused about costumes. If you like the Hero, do you always want his costume and always use it?
Theoretically, the Hero will be stronger? You will always want to level up his costume and always have it equipped?
I have played over a year, but basically ignored costumes. Maybe that’s been a bad idea. I have many costumes now, including some for my 4* and 5* Heroes!
Thanks, –Chris Harding

Old Cynic’s tip:
The short answer is, yes -you should always level the Costume. However, you don’t have to use it (you should use the version you prefer).

You already know there’s a significant stats boost for levelling a Costume, but you may not have noticed the different stats each version has. For example; here’s the original Gunnar Vs. his Costume (with Emblems):

Original – 503 Attack 749 Shield 986 Health
Costume – 445 Attack 616 Shield 930 Health

However, just by levelling the Costume, he receives: A 5% Attack, Defense, and Mana bonus. And a 10% health bonus.

Basically, you don’t have to use the Costume to benefit from the Costume bonuses, you just have to level the Costume.

And that’s why everybody does it.

Note: You can tell when you’ve finished levelling a Costume as a golden mask icon appears on the Hero card.

Lepiota x2, Dr. Moreau, or Panther Guardian?

Question 6: Y una gran duda existencial que tengo ….a ver si puedes echarme una mano….tengo una lepiota a tope y me encanta,y esta es mi pregunta…entre ascender una segunda lepiota,al Dr moreau y a guardiana pantera….a cuál ascenderías?los de atacar a 3,siempre me han parecido flojos -Dergoden

Original Spanish: And a great existential doubt that I have … let’s see if you can give me a hand … I have a butt lepiota and I love it, and this is my question … between promoting a second lepiota, Dr moreau and a panther guardian … which one would you ascend to Those of attacking 3 have always seemed lazy to me

Old Cynic’s tip:
Lepiota looks like the best Control Hero you could hope to have. Her Ghost mode lasts for 4 turns, and there’s no ambiguity -like with Balbar. But you already have her. And while levelling a second one, especially a fantastic Hero like her, isn’t a bad idea, increasing the depth of your roster may serve you better.

For example, Dr Moreau might be useful in Defense as well, and the Panther looks versatile, especially useful for 3/2…Mono teams.

Importantly, your roster should dictate who might help you best, but if it were me (who runs a 3/2 purple Raid team), I’d take Guardian Panther. She would be awesome on my squad.

As for you? Well, if you still have problems with raids, then maybe another Lepiota would help. But at the end of the day, you have to actually hit these monsters to get rid of them, and Dr Moreau might be the nice middle-ground; letting you have some Control (-accuracy), while doing some damage.

Hope this helps! Good luck!

The Old Cynic in Spanish: Lepiota parece el mejor Héroe de Control que podrías esperar tener. Su modo Fantasma dura 4 turnos y no hay ambigüedad, como con Balbar. Pero ya la tienes. Y aunque subir de nivel a un segundo, especialmente a un Héroe fantástico como Lepiota, no es una mala idea, aumentar la profundidad de tu lista puede ser mejor para ti. Por ejemplo, el Dr. Moreau también podría ser útil en Defensa, y el Panther parece versátil, especialmente útil para equipos 3/2 … Mono. Es importante destacar que tu lista debería ser el razonamiento final, pero si fuera yo (que dirige un equipo Raid púrpura 3/2), me quedaría con Guardian Panther. Ella sería increíble en mi equipo. ¿En cuanto a ti? Bueno, si todavía tienes problemas para ganar incursiones, quizás otro Lepiota te ayude. Pero al final del día tienes que golpear a estos enemigos para deshacerte de ellos, y el Dr. Moreau podría ser un buen término medio; permitiéndote tener algo de Control (-precisión), mientras haces algo de daño.

¡Espero que esto ayude! ¡Buena suerte!

How to get SG to improve a Hero

Question 5: Hi, congratulations on your blog. I’d like to figure out how to get Small Giant to upgrade Heroes who are incredibly weak still. Example among all MYZTERO. You can have it with 0.1% but it is absurd that it has those characteristics. I wish it would do more damage or at least clean up the ailments the team receives. Thanks. –Andrea Balliano

Original Italian: Ciao, complimenti per il tuo blog. Vorrei capire come spingere la Small Giant a potenziare eroi che incredibilmente sono ancora così deboli. Esempio fra tutti MYZTERO. Lo puoi avere con 0,1% ma è assurdo che abbia quelle caratteristiche. Vorrei che facesse più danni o almeno pulisse i disturbi che la squadra riceve. Grazie.. –Andrea Balliano

Old Cynic’s tip:
I had a quick look into this, and all roads lead to the Empires and Puzzles community forum, here. If you hit the in-game button (in Options) called, ‘IDEAS & FEEDBACK’, it leads you to the forum.

You could also email the developers, or contact their Facebook page. But I suspect, the Forum is the best choice.

Good luck!

The Old Cynic in Italian: Ho dato una rapida occhiata a questo, e tutte le strade portano al forum della community di Empires and Puzzles, qui. Se premi il pulsante di gioco (in Opzioni) chiamato “IDEE E FEEDBACK”, ti porta al forum. Puoi anche inviare un’e-mail agli sviluppatori o contattare la loro pagina Facebook. Ma sospetto che il Forum sia la scelta migliore. Buona fortuna!

High Titan Score Tips

Question 4: Any tips on getting those massive scores on titans. I see other players getting some pretty impressive points that seem to elude me. Thanks in advance. Cool site by the way. –Patrick

Old Cynic’s tip:
I do enjoy hitting the Titan, but I’m pretty casual about it. -So there may be better advice found elsewhere.

I’ve achieved my best Titan scores by using Heroes that can increase Attack, and reduce Defense.

Great Titan scores are all about tile damage and selecting the right Heroes. If you’re a newer player, then give it time -decent Titan Heroes will come your way sooner or later. But, you may never really be able to compete with P2P players for the highest Titan scores.

What makes a good Titan Hero?
☆ Heroes who can increase Attack, like Miki, Wu Kong, and Sergei (also, learn who Stacks)
☆ Heroes who can reduce the Titan’s Defense, like Tiburtus and Grimm
☆ Heroes who can enhance the tiles on the board, like Alexandrine
☆ Heroes who can increase Critical chance, like Malosi and Melia

I don’t have those Heroes in the same color, so I have to be willing to try mixing teams if necessary (as long as I’m not weak against the Titan’s element).

Finally, you need a reasonable strategy and a willingness to use Items.

Here’s what I do:
Start the battle with a Bear Banner. They’re cheap and give me a little boost at the beginning. If things go well, I normally use more Items, if not, I back off.

I might also fire-off mana on a single Hero if I need the Special. This might be for Gullinbursti, on a high-star Titan, to give all my Heroes over-life… So they don’t die! Or, it might be a Tiburtus type, if the tiles look good.

I will also use Tornados to get the board moving, if necessary (Scrolls of Alteration are also great, but expensive). And against super-strong Titans, I’ve used Time Stops.

With items, if I’ve got ’em, I’ll use ’em -as long as it looks like it’s going to be a good score, otherwise, I abort.

My strategy is to create as many Diamonds as possible, and to get tiles moving, and flying into the side of Titan’s head. If I can, I always try to Stun the beast, too.

For some Elements, I’m able to get into the 80K range, for others, it’s the 40-50K range. Ideally, you’ll have five 5-Star Heroes on a Mono team against the Titan. And while I can field 4&5-Star Heroes, they are far from “Titan” specialists. But that’s fine for me.

My ideal line-up looks something like this:

I asked my wife for tips since she has scores of over 100K. Her best advice was:

Have good luck.

~Which may be more valuable than what I’ve said.

Aegir Tips

Question 3: Please share your thoughts on Aegir. Also, where would he fit in best – Titan, Offence, Defence (Tank, Flank or Wing)? –Satish

Old Cynic’s Tip:
First, he didn’t appear in last month’s E&P Blog roundup list of top Defenses (he’s not currently considered a top Hero). Personally, I’m not a fan. He’s more of a slight irritation when I face him.

As I often point out, I field Malosi to deal with all status Heroes, and Aegir is routinely just another of his victims. Looking at his skillset, I’m not too bothered by Group-sharing of damage, and +30% Defense-up isn’t much. The healing looks OK (odd wording, so hard to quantify without playing him), and the element link is only relevant for Titans and stacked teams. He’s a busy Hero for Average mana speed, and at one time I remember seeing him a lot in Defenses. In today’s game, there are just better options (Taunt).

I’d probably play him on the Flank -on Defence… maybe elsewhere if I didn’t have anything better. As with all Heroes, it’s best to move him around to see how he fares. Finally, if you’re P2P, there are many better options. If you’re C2P, he’s an OK Hero. If you’re F2P…. he’s your only 5-Star, so play him : ).

Anyway, I make that your second question, so you officially have to share a post from my blog somewhere! Hope this helps.

Tips for levelling Troops

Question 2: Best way to level up troops? –Tom Jones

Old Cynic’s tip:
Firstly, Troops are a resource hog -a serious long-term grind. Here are the steps I’d take to speed up my Troop levelling:

1. Prioritise Troops over Hero levelling. That means using Food on Troops before Heroes, and manufacturing Troops rather than training low-level Heroes.
2. Keep improving your Farms, because you’re gonna need Food for the Troops.
3. Train Troops in the Hero Academy. Do the math and work out which level provides the best value.
4. When Farming old Map stages, focus on those which offer the most Troops (I believe Season 1-8.7 & Season 3-4.5 are good options).
5. Enjoy the grind: Complete all Quests, Watch Mystic Visions, use up World Flags, and generally do all you can to accumulate resources and low-level Troops.

You can now find an entire post about Empires and Puzzles Troops, here.

Tips for the Hero Academy

Question 1: Which building do I convert into HA (Hero Academy)? I don’t really wish to sacrifice a farm & at the same time would like to have 1 forge available at all times. –Satish

Old Cynic’s Tip:
As you level up your Stronghold, you’ll find that 4 Forges become available (at 1, 3, 8, & 15). And if you have a Builder free, you can convert them in seconds, and at no additional cost. I used a forge for the HA and converted it back when I needed to. Now, at my level, I’m happy to sacrifice a Forge for the Hero Academy.

As the Hero Academy becomes available at Stronghold 25, you should have all Forges available to you.

To submit a question, simply ask it as a comment at the bottom of the page.

While I’ll try to respond in good time, sometimes it may take a day or two.

Copyright: oldcynic.com

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  1. Regarding Question 1, for myself, I have found that since Hero Academy is a Training Camp on steroids it was best to convert one of those rather than a forge. Since there are three other Advanced Buildings that require a conversion (Barracks, Alchemy Lab and Hunter’s Lodge) I used 2 of my forges and one farm for each of those. Also, since they can be converted back to the original building for free as long as there is an uncommitted builder, I sometimes don’t have all of them on the board when needs dictate other uses. My 2 cents! Awesome section!

  2. Buenos días,sabes si al reiniciar un héroe se recuperan los rompeLimites?gracias

    Translated: Good morning, do you know if the limit breakers are recovered when restarting a hero? Thank you

    1. Hi Dergoden, if you’re referring to Aethers, then no I don’t believe they do. I can’t see how you get those back, and don’t think it’s currently possible.

      Translate: Hola Dergoden, si te refieres a Aethers, entonces no, no creo que lo hagan. No veo cómo recuperarlos y no creo que sea posible actualmente.

  3. With the new buff for Ingolf, is it even worth levelling a hero like Little John? I have several 4* Nature (Tettukh, Buddy, Caedmon, Melendor and Marcel – Marcel is the only one levelled and emblemed so far – Just got Buddy) and rarely do a full mono team. Thoughts?

    1. (I’ll answer more formally and add the question above when I get a chance. But for now…)

      Hi Andrew, Little John is (even with the costume) not really useful once you have a few green 4-Stars. In my view, the list you mention would be more than enough for me to ignore LJ.

      I had him and used him early in my game experience. But really, his health is a major problem and he rarely gets off the bench. He never plays now.

      Hope that helps! Happy New Year!

  4. I am always running short of food. Now i am concentrating on getting troops upgraded, I need a hell of a lot. Are there any levels that are the best for farming food?
    I have been playing for about 15 months now and still learning (L54)

    1. Hi Andy, according to my checks it’s Season 1, 17-1, 20-4, or 13-6. Another option is, Season 2, 15-8, Hard, or 27-9, Hard. Another is, Season 3, 15-5, Hard.

      Hope this helps!

  5. Just summoned Jarvur from Valhalla – can you give a layman’s description of the “stack” scenario? Is a stack merely when here uses his special skill – therefore for Jarvur to get 100+ attack he himself needs to use his special 10 times?

    1. Hi Andrew, looking at the card and the way the stack is listed as part of the Special, it will be every time he fires his Special. At Fast, and in a 3-Star tournament, I can’t imagine he’ll fire more than 4 times?

      Stacks are Buffs which are harder to remove, although there are 5-Star heroes who can…. I’m not sure about 3-Star heroes, but I’m sure they’ll be someone.

      I hope this helps!

      If you think it would be helpful, I have a post on reading hero cards, also.

      Thanks for visiting!

  6. Buenas old cynic,tengo una gran duda,tengo a ferant,me gusta bastante,y aquí va mi pregunta…..el otro día luche con un equipo que lo tenía en una formación doble,y puso contraataque a todos sus héroes,supongo que será por estar con algún héroe de compañero,sabes quién podría ser?gracias

    Translated: Good old cynic, I have a big doubt, I have Ferant, I like him a lot, and here is my question…..the other day I fought with a team that had him in a double formation, and he counterattacked all his heroes, I guess It will be to be with a fellow hero, do you know who it could be? Thank you

    1. Hola Dergoden, no creo que Google Translate haya hecho el mejor trabajo con esta traducción, porque me resulta difícil entender lo que dices.

      Estás preguntando: ¿Por qué Ferant hace que todos los aliados contraataquen?

      Si es así, la única respuesta que se me ocurre es que hay 2 Ferants, ¿o es un error?

      Translated: Hello Dergoden, I don’t think Google Translate has done the best job with this translation, because I’m finding it hard to understand what you’re saying.

      Are you asking: Why is Ferant making all allies Counterattack?

      If so, the only answer I can think of, is that there are 2 Ferants -or, it’s an error?

      1. Buenas caballero,solo había uno,y estaba en el centro de atrás,en la formacion dobley puso contraataque a todos,y creía que la combinación con otro,hacia que ampliará su poder,como pasa en el caso de Frost con aureus,que aureus le pone un Minion a todos si está con frost.gracias

        Translated: Good gentleman, there was only one, and he was in the center of the back, in the double formation and he counterattacked everyone, and he believed that the combination with another, would increase his power, as in the case of Frost with aureus, that aureus he puts a Minion on everyone if he’s with frost. thanks

        1. No estoy seguro Dergoden, pero disfruto de nuestras comunicaciones traducidas. Es como el código Da Vinci, ¡o la Torre de Babel!

          Gracias por su visita, siempre es bienvenido, incluso si no puedo responder a sus preguntas.

          Translated: I’m not sure Dergoden, but I do get a kick out of our translated communications. It’s like the Da Vinci code!, -or the Tower Of Babel.

          Thank you for visiting, you are always welcome, even if I can’t answer your questions.

          1. Buenas de nuevo,me gustan nuestras conversaciones, jajajaja..te lanzó una pregunta que te va a gustar,me gustaría saber qué equipo defensivo Y que formacion pondrías tu con mi lista de héroes,con el fin de seguir aprendiendo…estos héroes tengo
            Lepiota, alfrike, freya, congalach, alberich con disfraz, Firgg, profesora lidenbrock, zekena, aureus, Rafael, Frost, vela, geFjon, zimkitha, y todos los de la primera temporada,muchas gracias y a ver qué te parece

            Perdona,también tengo a FeránT y febrero

            Translated: Hello again, I like our conversations, hahahaha… I asked you a question that you will like, I would like to know what defensive team and what formation would you put with my list of heroes, in order to continue learning… these heroes I have
            Lepiota, alfrike, freya, congalach, alberich in disguise, Firgg, professor lidenbrock, zekena, aureus, Rafael, Frost, vela, geFjon, zimkitha, and all of the first season, thank you very much and see what you think

            Sorry, I also have FeránT and February

          2. Hola Dergoden,

            Este es exactamente el tipo de pregunta que no puedo responder, ¡porque lleva demasiado tiempo!

            La gente cobra dinero por este tipo de servicio, y yo ni siquiera cobraría, ¡porque toma demasiado tiempo!

            Es como plantearme un problema matemático complejo para resolver. Podría intentarlo, pero no es divertido, ¡porque lleva demasiado tiempo!

            Ahora, eso no quiere decir que no pueda si me lo propongo… Mira los comentarios aquí.

            De acuerdo,… Veo que tienes problemas para sacarles el máximo partido mientras ejecutas Rainbow. Me gustan estos 5 héroes, pero son 2 amarillos y 3 verdes, así que no es una defensa.

            C.Alberich | Congalach | Pro. Liden |Frigg | Zekena

            Entonces, trabajaría con un núcleo de…

            C.Alberich (para interpretar el papel de Mother North) | Red -Ferant (o Frost si hay otro Invocador en el equipo) | Tanque (Azul o Púrpura) | Pro. Liden (porque me gustan 2 curanderos y ella es una de las mejores / podría jugar a Zekena aquí) | Bateador (azul o morado)

            Translated: Hey Dergoden,

            This is exactly the type of question I can’t answer, because it takes too long!

            People charge money for this type of service, and I wouldn’t even charge, because it takes too long!

            It’s like setting me a complex mathematical problem to solve. I could try, but it’s not fun, because it takes too long!

            Now, that’s not to say I can’t if I put my mind to it… Check out the comments here.

            Alright, … I see you have a problem getting the most out of them while also running Rainbow. I like these 5 heroes, but that’s 2 yellow and 3 green, so not a defense.

            C.Alberich | Congalach | Pro. Liden |Frigg | Zekena

            So, I would work with a core of..

            C.Alberich (to play Mother North’s role) | Red -Ferant (or Frost if another Summoner in team) | Tank (Blue or Purple) | Pro. Liden (because I like 2 healers and she is one of the best / could play Zekena here) | Hitter (Blue or Purple)

  7. Muchas gracias,siempre viene bien otro punto de vista,ayudan mucho tus comentarios,Tu página es muy muy buena y util

    Translated: Thank you very much, another point of view is always good, your comments help a lot, your page is very very good and useful

  8. Buenas amigo,saqué a russula,quería saber qué opinas de ella,no suelo encontrarla mucho en equipos contrarios y no la tengo en muy buena estima.

    Translated: Good friend, I took Russula out, I wanted to know what you think of her, I don’t usually find her much in opposing teams and I don’t think very highly of her.

    1. Hola Dergoden,

      Siento que estoy aprendiendo español, -muy lentamente. Actualmente, entiendo Gracias. 🙂 Y ahora, Buenas amigo.

      Russlua, sí, me parece un fracaso. A pesar de que es VFast, el daño de 277 no parece ser suficiente para que todo valga la pena. No creo que tenga un uso para ella.

      Tómatelo con calma viejo amigo.

      Translated: Hey there Dergoden,

      I feel like I’m learning Spanish, -very slowly. Currently, I understand Gracias.:) And now, Buenas amigo.

      Russlua, yes, she looks like a dud to me. Even though she’s VFast, the 277 damage doesn’t seem to be enough to make the whole thing worthwhile. I don’t think I’d have a use for her.

      Take it easy old friend.

  9. Buenos días amigo,me echabas de menos no? jajajaja,te escribo para decirte que saque a motega,en ataque es espectacular,y está solo a la mitad del último nivel,
    Cómo ves cambiarle por la prof. Lid. En defensa?
    Gracias y un abrazo

    Translated: Good morning friend, you missed me right? hahahaha, I am writing to tell you to take out Motega, in attack he is spectacular, and he is only halfway through the last level,
    How do you see changing him for prof. Fight. In defence?
    Thanks and a hug

    1. Hola Dergoden, te estás convirtiendo en el amigo por correspondencia que nunca tuve. En aquellos días, me hubiera encantado saber cómo era la vida en tu país…

      ¿Es tan s+#t como aquí?

      Pero ahora tengo google, lo sé…


      Aún así, un día Dergoden, dejarás de escribirme y me preguntaré… ¿qué hace Dergoden con todo el tiempo libre extra?

      En cuanto a Motega, estás hablando como yo ¡No lo declaró rudo hace 8 meses!

      Re. Profe… esa es una decisión difícil. Yo los probaría y vería. Tan cerca, los Minions son agradables, los Fiends son agradables.

      Salud por el abrazo, y hasta pronto.

      Translated: Hey Dergoden, you’re turning into the pen-pal I never had. In those days, I would’ve loved to know what life was like in your country…

      Is it as s+#t, as it is here?

      But now I have google, I know…

      It is.

      Still, one day Dergoden, you’ll stop writing to me and I’ll wonder… what does Dergoden do with all the extra free time?

      As for Motega, you’re talking like I didn’t declare him a badass 8 months ago!

      Re. Prof… that’s a hard call. I’d test them out and see. So close, Minions are nice, Fiends are nice.

      Cheers for the hug, and see you soon.

      1. Gracias,me gustan nuestras conversaciones,voy a cambiar de alianza,sabes de alguna que vaya bien?

        Translate: Thanks, I like our conversations, I’m going to change my alliance, do you know of any that are going well?

        1. Lo siento Dergoden. No estoy en una gran alianza en absoluto (solo 3 personas). Solo juego por diversión, para relajarme y para un pequeño desafío lógico. He estado en muchas alianzas a lo largo de los años, pero no disfruto mucho de la estructura.

          Translated: Sorry Dergoden. I’m not in a big alliance at all (only 3 people). I just play for fun, to chill, and for a little logical challenge. I’ve been in lots of alliances over the years, but I don’t enjoy too much structure.

  10. May be a simple question, but it helps to understand with the undead horde war coming. When minions are attached to a hero, and there is an attack buff, does the minion’s attack also buff, or is it maintained at the hero’s base health?

    1. Hey Andrew, that’s a great question, which I can’t concretely answer. I don’t believe an attack buff helps minions, but that’s just off the top of my head. Sorry!

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