Empires and Puzzles War Tips: Beating Stronger Teams

Empires and Puzzles War Tips - Beating Stronger Teams (Pin)

Empires and Puzzles War Tips for beginners; that’s the best way to describe what this post is all about. In short, I will share my strategy for winning War Raids with Low-Powered Teams or with a limited roster.

There’s also a video below demonstrating some of my tactics. 😁

If you’re a new player, I’m confident there’ll be something helpful in this post. If you’re a seasoned professional, I hope you find it interesting and fun too. You’re also invited to share your War Tips in the comments below.

For the record, I’m not claiming to be the Grand Nagus. What I’m doing here has, no doubt, been done before.

But it may not be apparent to new players.

This post may contain speculation, personal opinion, and adult comedy. It is not advice and is solely for entertainment and informational purposes.


Tips for Beating Stronger Teams in War (Empires and Puzzles)

Nowadays, I have enough heroes to be competitive for each of the 6 War flags we’re allotted.

But things weren’t always that way.

Just like everybody else, there was a time when I was left with just dribs and drabs and had to make the most of what I had.

On those occasions, I fielded weaker heroes and would actually win quite a few War Raids.

But it wasn’t just a mindless punt; I would always search for synergy and had a plan.

-Which I’ll be sharing today.

First though, before I get to my War Raiding Tips, here’s a video of a couple of my most recent underpowered War Hits:

VIDEO: Empires and Puzzles War – Facing Stronger Defenses

The second battle was designed to try and illustrate the point.

I also didn’t push the envelope. In the past, I’ve enjoyed quite a bit of success from punching above my weight, so I know the extremes can go much further.

Empires and Puzzles War Field with words, Top Tips

My Top 10 War Tips for facing Stronger Teams (Empires & Puzzles):

  1. Don’t use all your War Flags this way (punching above your weight/taking calculated risks) because it could adversely affect the outcome of the War. Talk to your alliance if in doubt.
  2. Select your target based on a weakness you can exploit (like using Counterattack against a team of Hitters).
  3. Don’t be intimidated by a High Powered Defense Team. This is a great tip for all aspects of the game. The game is for you to play your way. It can take a new player a long time to build up the courage to take on strong opposition in War. In my opinion, Swing Away.
  4. Don’t ignore the Defense Team’s Healers because they can be incredibly difficult to kill. Have a strategy for Offing them before going in (I have a great Tip for this in the video or in my War Strategy notes below).
  5. Take in lots of Healers. 3-Star heroes can be easily wiped out by a strong 5-Star Hitter so it’s important to be able to heal them (even better, Overheal them) repeatedly.
  6. Believe in Tile-Damage. Tile Damage is key when using 3-Star heroes in War because they’re simply not strong enough to defeat enemies with their Special Skills alone.
  7. Defense-Down and Tile Damage is a decent strategy to implement. I’ve got more Raid Strategies over here.
  8. Take your time because every move is crucial. One mistake could see your team decimated.
  9. Consider the War Type. -Some are more advantageous for taking risks than others.
  10. Know when to Exit a battle. If Mother North is about to fire off and you’re on your last legs, it’s worth securing what you’ve already earned and hightailing it out of there.
  11. BONUS – Look for lower-level Troops. If you’re faced with stronger teams on the field and no time to wait for cleanups, look for lower-level Troops on the opposing teams to get a little edge.
  12. BONUS – Use your Alliance Battle Flags to try out your ideas. Every day, you get 5 new flags to Attack an alliance member’s Defense. This is a great opponinity to test some of your low-powered teams, long before the War.
Empires and Puzzles War Field with words, War Notes

My Strategy for War Raid #1 (See Video)

TEAM POWER: 4117 VS 4659

My first War Raiding Team:

Image of a Low Powered War Team for Raiding (including 3-Star Heroes)


My first Empires and Puzzles War raid with a Low Powered Heroes
Obakan | Yunan | Khagan | Vivica | Thorne

I’m not gonna pretend there’s some mysterious higher strategy at work here; in time it gets to be that you can build an effective team in your sleep.

The reason I went in weak for this Raid was that I wanted to save my stronger heroes, and better options, for later in the War (the Stronger teams had already been taken out before I got there).

However, I really wanted to WIN! So, I did this:

  • The core (Esme, Azmia, and Master Lepus) were primarily picked for their Element and, thus, Tile Damage against the Tank (Khagan).
  • Also, Esme and Azmia are such a powerful force together, a Defensive Core who can heal, Overheal, Cleanse, and Cast Counterattack. They were picked to keep my team alive and boost the HP of the 3-Star heroes in the squad.
  • Master Lepus was brought along so he could pointlessly die early on… OK. He was brought along to kill, wipe out, and obliterate the opposition. -With an eye on Vivica, a powerful Healer who might have refused safe passage to the Shadow Realm.
  • I was satisfied that the core could get the job done, so in choosing 3-Star sidekicks went with Faiez (I have 2 now!). He is a powerful Overhealer who would give me time. He also protects the team by making all allies immune to new Status Ailments for 4 turns.

The overall strategy was to be Dogged (Overhealers galore), go strong against the Tank, have a Strong-Right-Hand (Master Lepus), and utilise Counterattack (for all the Hitters on display, to kill off any leftovers, and as a backup should Lepus revert to type).

… which he did.

Empires and Puzzles War Tips - Image of me winning the Raid

Still, things went reasonably well and I managed to eke out a victory! Fantastic.

How I beat strong Healers with Counterattack (Old Cynic)

In the video, I explain my strategy for beating a strong stubborn Healer with Counterattack (who refuses to die). Here’s what I do:

Step 1. Get some damage causing Tiles below the Healer
Step 2. Activate Counterattack
Step 3. Avoid hitting the Healer with Tiles (so they don’t Charge quickly)
Step 4. Let the Healer hit your heroes and suffer Counterattack damage
Step 5. When their HP is low enough, finish them off with the Tiles beneath

It’s a slow process, but I’ve enjoyed some success using this formula.

My Strategy for War Raid #2 (See Video)

TEAM POWER: 3736 VS 4506

My second Raiding Team:

Screenshot of Low Powered Weak War Team


My second Empires and Puzzles War raid with a Low Powered Heroes
Gullinbursti | Raffaele | Bertila | C.Obakan | Joon

After that first low-powered win, I got to thinking about doing another and pushing the boat out a little further (mainly because I realised it might be interesting to write about).

Remember trying to take out a big team when you first started playing Empires & Puzzles? That was the plan.

My team-building strategy:

  • This time I really wanted to win, but also wanted to field a weak team.
  • I went Red Strong, of course, against the Green Tank (Bertila).
  • The Core (Khagan, C. Hawkmoon, and Bauchan) offered different Skills. Healing, some Mana Control, and brute force. Khagan, the only 5-Star, didn’t have any Emblems.
  • C.Rigard was really the safety net to provide a deep Cleanse and some solid healing.
  • I would have loved to have used my 2 Faiezs again, but in their stead, I took Grevle (an Overhealer as well).

I needed some luck because had Bertila fired off without warning, she could have annihilated the three 3-Star heroes in the squad.

Thankfully, I got the right Tiles to dismiss her early. Otherwise, I would have prioritised Grevle to Boost the health of the weaker heroes.

Empires and Puzzles War Tips - Image of me winning the Raid

Bertila fell on her sword, leaving Joon to become the primary threat.

Thankfully, I was victorious again!

Empires and Puzzles War Tips for Beginners

My final thoughts:

In my experience, you really need to choose your moments for risk-taking. For example, Rush Wars are a nightmare at the best of times, let alone when you’re trying to shorthand it!

That said, there’s nothing more thrilling than beating a team you’ve got no business playing against. They have been some of my best E&P moments.

Before I go, I’d be remiss if I didn’t cover how to build a War Defense Team, so for that, please refer to my complete Defense Team guide.

What are your Tips for beating Stronger Defense Teams in War? Let us know in the comments below.

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

Enjoyed the post? Then please help me, -share it with your alliance!

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  1. Hi
    It may be just me but the video doesn’t run/work appear to be there at all.

    Otherwise, some very good tips and worth trying some of them out in skirmishes where I don’t really care if I lose.

  2. As I have discovered there are two types of heroes to always fire immediately after their special is ready and not save for a group attack later. The first is an Overhealer. Even if your team is fully charged an Overhealer will boost the team’s health above max in preparation for that first blast. Unless your team is completely charged to 2X max and there is no more health to be gained (which happens very rarely in this minion rich milieu) the Overhealer keeps the team powered up and ready to take a hit and keep on fighting. The second is a hero with Very Fast mana. Most heroes of this type are underpowered compared to the rest of the crowd and to keep that Very Fast mana advantageous they need to hit immediately after charging. With ghosted tiles they can often pack one-two punches and even compound their effect. Take Grazul with a mere 15% healing (not her best attribute) when she hits in a one-two fashion she heals 15% on the first punch and then 15% on top of the already 15% healing for a cumulative 17.25% on the second go and if there is a quick third then the healing comes to almost 20%. Say health is at 100, after the first hit it will be 115, after the second hit 132.25 and after the third 152 for a total of a little more than 50% total healing. Other specials will work in a similar fashion when the Very Fast hero can get those multiple hits in. I have a Very Fast team of Malosi, Thor, Gravemaker, Emilio and Grazul that can wreak havoc against much more powerful teams.

  3. This is once again a nice guide, mr Cynic. I count myself among the players that have only access to a limited roster, and although some of your tips and tricks may seem open doors, they are often overlooked! Overhealing and counterdamage can be vital in trying to beat bigger teams. Maybe a good addition to your list of tips, you have 5 free sparring fights against your allies every day so you can check if your proposed combination of lesser heroes without food/cup cost.

    On another note, what on earth have they done to poor Khagan and his 3rd costume??? This once mighty warrior is now wrapped in a soft white with black dots blanket. No wonder he looks pissed off.

    1. Hey Wifverdim, thank you. I’ve added your suggestion to the list (No.12). It’s a great idea for players to test these ideas first. Cheers!

      Khagans dots 😆 – And that sword looks a little pointless. He’s deffo going to a fancy dress party, against his will.

      1. Hey dude, cheers for adding that!

        Poor Khagan. I was just hoping the third costume would make some of the classic heroes a bit more relevant, but with Khagan they just seem to take the piss.

  4. Hi all
    Very interesting and important post.
    And works so well again Season 1 / average 5 star heroes.
    Against overpowered… i have a light doubt (even if the counter strategy is great for hard hitter).
    I don’t see theses teams confront a goseck for example (one shot -> all the “non 5 stars healers” down…even with overheal :D)
    But i’d retain the most important advice (and i’m an holy disciple of this wise message) : Synergy does matter !
    Thanks again D. for the post 🙂

    1. 😁 Hey Yardman! My top heroes would struggle to beat Goseck and his mates, but this will work up to about Season 3 I’d say.

      Synergy is the key but also lots of luck… but you have to try for either of those things to come into play.

      Thanks for visiting!

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