It’s That Time… The OC’s Leaving Post

Old Cynic is Leaving Empires and Puzzles

Saying goodbye is an odd thing to do when all you do is write a blog. However, I’ve always felt close to this community.

You decided to accept me, and my ramblings, well before I had even realised there was something to be accepted to.

My first post was about Devana, signalling the beginning of my journey and you motivated me to write more and more.

It was a match made in heaven because I was happy spouting silly stuff that made me chuckle, while also discussing a fantastic game that was so much fun to play.

But now my journey of writing about Empires and Puzzles has come to an end and I wanted to let you know.

And to take this opportunity to offer my sincere gratitude for all of your help and support.

Old Cynic - Summer Header

Time to make a change…

Personal circumstances have made it too difficult for me to continue, and it’s down to the dynamic (/timely) nature of the work.

Covering a game like Empires and Puzzles means being able to write events as they happen, but the time is now right to release me from that commitment.

Ultimately, it’s for my own health and welfare, and that means being able to write without the pressure of deadlines.

Although, I’ll still be playing E&P!

And I reserve the right to return if, at some point in the future, something piques my interest.

However, I will retire from actively covering Empires and Puzzles at this juncture.

What will happen to the E&P Section of my blog?

My Empires and Puzzles content will remain online in its entirety and will always be a part of this blog. And this blog will be up for many years to come because it’s my hobby!

Please do not attempt to save anything or attempt to publish my content elsewhere; it’s not necessary because it’s not going anywhere.

In fact, I hope new and old players will continue to frequent my pages as I have built up quite a reservoir of useful posts accompanied by some funny stories.

I will continue to moderate my E&P Facebook Group if people want to use it.

And 2 pages on the blog may continue to receive updates:

  1. My Limit Break 2 Aether Guide (simple enough) and possibly
  2. The Hero Ranking Page (*at the Think Tank’s discretion)

And what about the rest of the blog?

I will continue to blog at my leisure, only now talking about other games and topics.

The Old Cynic is a hobby blog. It’s a passion. I love blogging, writing into the ether, communicating with somebody from across the globe, and sometimes sharing some interest or concept that I hope they will understand and can empathise with.

Given the path I have already taken, it makes sense to continue with a gaming theme, but it will be in slow time. -Meaning, no more immediate or timely responses to anything!

Just me doing me.

I will likely give more time to the Meta Quest and I’ll likely review a few more mobile games. -And I look forward to writing a few more silly stories on my personal blog.

If you would like to unsubscribe from my emails, you can do so here. [WordPress] And please do if you don’t want to receive emails about other topics, -no hard feelings!

Will I continue playing Empires and Puzzles?

Yes, as above. -I’ve loved this game for a long time. Although, I expect I’ll be playing it a little less often.

My retirement from writing about E&P doesn’t have much to do with the direction of the game. It’s a personal choice.

I’m not a huge fan of all the new monster Heroes we’ve been seeing lately, and I’m always irked by those damn pop-up promos!

But it is what it is.

Overall, I’m pretty objective about the profit-seeking goals of the game, after all, it’s a business in the modern age.

But yes, I will be playing E&P. It’s the writing about it part that will stop.

I do play other games as well and will hopefully be covering more of them in the future.

Old Cynic is Leaving Empires and Puzzles

The Old Cynic is leaving…

My final thoughts:

It was a tall order covering Empires and Puzzles for two ½ years but I wasn’t alone.

You all helped me in your own ways.

Thank you to all of the people who read and shared my posts.

Thank you to all of the people who supported me on the Blog, the Forum, Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter.

Thank you to the people who sent me encouraging messages.

Thank you to the Contributors; The people who provided guest posts or simply took the time to explain things to me. -Thank you all for the humility you displayed.

Thank you to the Think Tank members, you were incredibly insightful and we had some great discussions.

Naming everybody is a dangerous game because if I miss your name I’ll be so angry with myself. Instead, please know I’m like an elephant; I remember your help.

Even when you thought it was you who was gaining, it was always really me.

You have my sincere gratitude.

Thank you Empires & Puzzles!

Thank you to Small Giant for making such a fantastic game.

Thank you Small Giant, Zynga, and Take-Two for letting me crack on.

Oh, and thank you to my wife, who helped and supported me on this journey.

Am I done? Ermmmm…

Here’s the thing; even though my blog only represents a tiny bit of success in the grand scheme of things, to me, it was everything.

I needed this. It showed me that something good could happen, despite the weight of my past.

I didn’t even realise I had the comedy in me that you guys brought out.

It has been one of the few positive stand-out events of my life and I will always reflect on it with a great fondness.

Thank you all

May the tiles forever fall in your favour...


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  1. Thanks for all your hard work over the years!!! I have come to rely on the posts.
    It may be useful to make one more post of who you may suggest for our research.

  2. Well, it sucks that your leaving but I completely understand why. Great luck for your future. I hope all goes well for you and your future. Thanks.

  3. This was my go to blog when I had to make a decision about a hero. I appreciate all of the advice you’ve given me.

    I’m sad that you’re leaving but you have to do what’s best for you.

    Thank you!

  4. Thank you for everything!!! I’ve relied on you for your great advice and perspective. I wish you all the best!!!! You will be missed!

  5. I’ve enjoyed your insights and commentary over the past few years and wish you well.
    Your departure really coincides with my loss of interest/frustration with this game. I hope you are able to find continued enjoyment with E&P and that everything goes well with your health and personal life.
    All the best,

  6. Thank you OC!!
    Your voice of reason, information and humor was appreciated beyond measure. Will the Think Tank be publishing anything? Or is it disbanding as well? Anyone else you recommend for info?
    Be well know you will be sorely missed. God Bless.

    1. “Will the Think Tank be publishing anything?” ~ It’s still not decided what will happen to the Think Tank but I will be asking, however, don’t expect answers until after the New Year.

      Thank you Dadinator!

  7. Thank you for the time you have given us! When I was a new player, I relied on your content heavily, and as I got more seasoned, I relied on your humor even more. Enjoy your time on other things!

  8. Thanks for all the blogs and info, Old Cynic. You have helped me and entertained me. Here’s to fewer time urgent commitments and doing you on your timeframe.
    See you on the forum.

  9. This was my go to place to understand about the New hero, HoTm, Soul exchange decision guide and much more. I have enjoyed reading your reviews both for the love on the game and your style of explaining it. Thank you for all your services. But I definitely would like to see your articles every now n then atleast else it will be a great personal loss as well. All the best in whatever you are doing hope it gives you happiness.

  10. Wishing you the best in all you do in the future. Appreciated your blog and insights and humor and will miss the posts

  11. What would be your entrance theme, OC? I ask, because I’m not sad. This step only means, when we less expect it, your music will play and it will be under a thunderous ovation.

    Perhaps for the next SE, or the Dragon thing they still insist is coming, who knows? But I know you will return at some point and it is going to be glorious and awesome.

    1. 😁 Beautiful idea. I can see it now…

      “What would be your entrance theme, OC?” ~ Tuff one… I wanna say something like Linkin Park’s JZ Numb but it’s maybe too hyped. I’d like to be a little subtler… Maybe some Gospel or Sam & Dave’s Hold On I’m coming… I could be here all day. I’ll get something ready for when the time comes.

      Cheers, Mig-El.

  12. We love you OC! Thank you for your zaney and informative takes on this crazy and ridiculous game. To say you will be missed is an understatement! Enjoy your life and you are always welcome back 🙂

  13. Thank you for your work on this blog. You have definitely made the game more fun for me, and, as many others have said, or will say, you’ve really helped me make better decisions in the game. You’ve been an awesome and trusted guide, and I hope that, as you said, “may the tiles fall forever in your favor!” Thanks.

  14. Thank you for all the reviews and hero grades. You were my first stop when I pulled a hero to see your rating.
    Thanks for your time and effort.

    I wish you all the best.

  15. Thanks for all the smiles, chuckles, opinions, and humanity, OC. It has been a pleasure reading your updates, and I wish you well in your future choices! Thanks for what you gave us, now go free and live YOUR life, with no stress or disappointment from us.

  16. A cynic with a terrific and kind heart. Thank you for your time! I’ve enjoyed your writing and look forward to your future cynicisms. Take care.

  17. OC! Bon voyage!

    You will be missed! You have been appreciated, and I’m glad it had meant something to you. Not everyone is able to be highly successful doing something they love and being funny! You are a real winner!!!

    I wish for you a continued audience for your humor, but either in a more profitable or lower pressure environment. By the way, have you heard the one about the bull’s balls?

    1. Thank you Gabrielle! Even if I never do, it was fun with you guys. Now, I really shouldn’t but since it’s my farewell post, tell me all about (I’m gonna regret this right?) the… bull’s… unmentiona-bles.

      1. Fairwell post humor!

        Man walks into a restaurant in Madrid for dinner. He sees another man’s dinner of two big juicy meatballs and asks the waiter for the same. The waiter explains that they are The Bull’s Balls, and reservations for that meal are made months in advance. Disappointed, the man makes a reservation.

        The day finally comes and he returns to the restaurant. He happily orders his meal, but the waiter brings him two tiny shriveled meat balls. The man asks “what’s this?! This is not the meal I waited so long for”. The waiter shrugs his shoulders and replies “sometimes the matador wins, sometimes the bull wins”.

        God speed OC!

  18. Thank you for all your writings! Found them entertaining but also very helpful!
    Hope to read your thoughts again sometime, and take care!

  19. Dear Old Cynic, thank you for the pleasure you gave me when reading your writings. I will return to your website & FB page anyway. All the best!

  20. I’m very saddened by this news as I have been an avid reader of your blog. Thank you for all of the insight and humor you have provided over the years. I wish you the best of luck in your new endeavors and am glad to hear that you will keep gaming. See you on the forum!

  21. Thank you for your dedication and assistance. Wishing you health and happiness (and maybe a little prosperity) in 2024.

  22. BIG goodbye/see you soon for a BIG guy. Thank you for everything you did, comments and jokes.
    Thank you so much O. C.

  23. I’m going miss your dedication to covering the game, OC, but above all, I’m going to miss your British humor. Reading your entries was like listening in on a funny conversation that I sometimes joined in on.
    Go be great!

  24. Thanks for hanging in as long as you did. Your insights have made the game more interesting and fun for the rest of us.

  25. For the past (about) two years it’s been a real pleasure reading your posts. They made me laugh, they gave me insight and, especially, they gave me the feeling there’s got to be a good and warm person behind that quill and ink that’s making all those great and funny remarks and manages to keep neutral and make no difference in f2p, c2p or p2p players. I kind of felt it coming, but completely understand your decision. There are things more important in life and you gave it your all for a long time. Thank you so much for the posts, and conversation/repliek. It’s something i’ll Remember even when i stop playing this game. And i’m gonna read your personal blog,just to stay posted. Fare thy Well, Old Cynic. You rock. Or gospel, whatever you Prefer 😉🤘❤️

    1. “It’s something i’ll Remember even when i stop playing this game.” ~ Cheers Duende. It was a fun ride and have to admit, this game was perfect to complement my efforts. Thanks for all the support over the years!

      Oh, and I hope to write some more cool stuff over there, but it’s always better to under promise over deliver!

  26. I echo so much that has been written above. You will be missed and I treasure the wisdom, humor and insights you have shared along the way.
    Good luck in any future endeavors. Sending love!

  27. Truly a bummer abd the end of an era. You have been my favorite page to read because I often agreed completely with your assessments. Good luck to you in whatever comes next and thanks for the memories!

  28. Its been said many times already but I have to add
    a) my personal thanks for what you have done. Your light hearted approach was a very welcome antidote to the deadly serious tone of so many You Tubers or other Bloggers on this game.
    b) you have been my “go to” on heroes since you started so thank you for being there for that.
    c) I am not surprised you feel the need to break, this game has become an avalanche of heroes. Just over this festive break I have found I have enough tokens to pull about 60 heroes, but you know what? I have so many waiting to be levelled up, I don’t want any more!

    Best wishes for the future and I really do appreciate the humour and advice.
    Happy 2024 and many more to follow.

  29. Well done Old Cynic. You are an excellent writer. I love your turns of phrase and your comedic meanderings. I look forward to reading more of your blogs, somewhere somehow.
    I wish you all the best for you and your loved ones. 🙏🏻

    1. Hey Bwang, thank you for your kind words. It’s been a lot of fun for me (and a learning experience). I think I got to say some of the silliest things out loud and that was rewarding in a way I would have never imagined.

      Thank you for reading!

  30. I have enjoyed reading your E&P blog since you started, and looked forward to your critic of new heroes whenever you did that. Perhaps, your leaving is a sign that this old player should take a break too. May you be successful in your other endeavours!

    1. Thank you, Shu. I hope you find fun with whatever you decide. Sometimes a break is a good idea.

      Thank you for reading … since the beginning! I really appreciate it.

      (I’ll take the success 😁)

  31. Thanks mate. You were always the first stop for me when needing an honest (and humorous) review of a hero. Good luck and stay healthy.

  32. Many thanks for all the time and effort you have put in to making this a “first-stop” site whenever any new heroes or events are released. Your in-depth reviews, comprehensive comparisons and humorous outlook always made for a fun and informational read and has helped me, along with countless others, to better understand the abilities and synergy of heroes and event stages. You will be missed, but everything has a season and I relate to yours shifting gears. We have had many in our alliance hit personal milestones, (100+ player level achieved, #1 raid score, etc.) and then retire to other pursuits. I update new heroes, costumes, families and events in the E&P wiki and the sheer quantity of input in the last year has been a real challenge to complete in a timely manner, especially since recently many of the new heroes have not been sent to beta where one can plan for future releases and have a heads up. May you be blessed in your new endeavors and have peace of mind that you helped a lot of people and gave us a chuckle, too. Farewell!

    1. Hey Dave, thank you for all of the help over the years. I really appreciate you taking the time to explain things. You also have a good idea of all the work that goes into producing my reviews, and when it’s fun, there’s nothing better, but it’s hard to keep it going indefinitely.

      Take care and have fun!

  33. Like many others commenting here, your blogs were such a go to for me as I only started 18 months ++, ago. But even from when I started to now, the changes are notable and hero introductions are fast. A lot to keep on top of in a timely way. I’ve appreciated your sharing of info and the fact that you’re moving on to more things. Best of luck and thanks!

  34. Thank you for doing it for so long, it was always a source of entertainment 🙂
    Best wishes for your future projects!
    Keep on gaming 🙂

  35. Life has many doors. One is closing by choice but others are opening.

    Thank you for your contributions to E&P.

  36. I only started playing E&P last year some time and relied a lot on your blog for guidance and understanding the game. Thanks a lot for all the effort and wishing you all the best.

  37. Thank you so much for all that you have contributed to E&P. I have enjoyed your in-depth analyses (and dry sense of humor)! You will be very greatly missed. However, it is important to put yourself first. So, wishing you all the very best for whatever the future holds in store.

  38. All the best in your future endeavors, and thank you for even writing this blog in the first place.

    Getting more sunshine in your life is always better than the light of a monitor.

    1. Hey Cornelius, thank you for all of the support, it was appreciated.

      “Getting more sunshine in your life is always better” ~ A good plan. I shall try!

      Have fun and Happy 2024!

  39. Sad news…I’m losing yet another blogger who taught me a lot about E&P.

    Thank you for all your advice and your humor, always welcome in his imperfect world.

    Thank you also for guiding and motivating me to take Ludwig who is simply a monster 🙂

    May the tiles be with you!

    1. Cheers Jeff! Ludwig was/is the best Hero I’ve ever got my hands on. They needed to nerf his Aether Power twice coz the new Heroes struggled to get their hands on anyone!

      Thanks for reading all this time. And you!

  40. Thank you for your written contributions towards E&P. I had a good time reading your posts while also learning a bit more about the game’s unwritten mechanics.

    All the best.

  41. Grazie OC. Mi mancherà il tuo punto di vista e la tua ironia.

    Translated: Thanks OC. I will miss your point of view and your irony.

  42. You will be missed and we would love to have you in Purple Ocean, if you ever decide to do an Alliance tour.

    One question: Did you get the name Old Cynic from the game?

  43. I appreciate that this can be very time consuming, and I have enjoyed your writings over the last 6 months, but:
    If my signing up to your blog is the reason you’re leaving, I’ll unsubsribe, I promise!
    Seriously (i was serious, too), please take care of yourself first. If you want to post, I’ll still be checking in just in case you post something. You’ve been great! Thank you

  44. You have been my wife and I main resource for all things E&P! We will miss you a lot! Thanks for the memories! Take care of your self and hope to hear from you again!

  45. Longtime reader (well, at least a year), first time commenter–you will be sorely missed, but *huge thanks* for all you’ve done! This blog has been a resource like none other. Your writing is so engaging and hilarious that I’ll probably continue checking to see what you’re up to, even if it’s for games I don’t play! May you find it relaxing to no longer be pressured to keep up with the e&p cycle.

  46. You will be greatly missed, OC! I was always looking forward to your fun, humorous, but spot on reviews and all the tips you shared with us.

    Thank you for all the great work you did and Happy New Year! Hopefully it will bring lots of new adventures for you! 🙂

  47. Dear OC,

    I’ve been a “silent reader” for years, and I’ve always admired your way of writing: full of irony and captivating. You’ve helped me tremendously in my gaming journey, and I think it’s only right to thank you. Infinite thanks! Best of luck in everything you do, and considering the time of year, a happy New Year! Greetings from Evrongun (Italy).

  48. Dang it! Gonna miss you, but I know from experience there are times in life to move on. Wish the very best for you, good luck, may the good Lord bless your future.

  49. Man this sucks.
    I’m good at reading between the lines and have a feeling you have to do this. But man this sucks. You made a mark in the community, and you were the last true contributor. This was the place to come to for info on new dynamics or heroes. It was selfless servitude, but it was greatly valued and the insight was commonly shared in our alliance.

    I want to thank you for the work that you did for the rest of us. It is easy to see that the pace in which new heroes, events and balance updates and all that started coming out made in-depth up-to-date writing impossible. I had feared for this day for a while now.
    Man this sucks.

    But you don’t. And we get it. Thank you.

  50. I originally played E&P in 2017/18 and just came back to it in 2022. Your content was immensely helpful in getting a grasp of the changes, and the humor was an incredibly appreciated bonus. 🙂

    May you have many more positive stand out events in your life. You most certainly deserve them!

  51. Dear O C,

    You will be sorely missed by myself, and the thousands of people who have come to rely upon you as the ultimate authority in what is really good in the game. Yes, I know as you stated from the beginning that it is an opinion blog, but your opinion to us is fact. You have saved many players precious time and money in avoiding dud heroes but also you’ve given us some great laughs and tons of encouragement. Your kind and dependable interaction with this comment section will be missed too. In just the fact that you do interact with us here so often and reliably shows just how much time you have put into this blog and its legacy. I wish you health and happiness in the new year, and in your future endeavors. Also, I hope secretly in a few weeks after you’ve caught your breath, you’ll change your mind and fire this mother back up!

    Ironically, I just finished leveling up my strongest hero earlier this evening, Sparklight. Sword path, 1276power. Truly, he is a six-star hero. However, to me, the Old Cynic is our TEN-star hero and will never be outranked.

    Thank you for everything!
    & Dread Patrol, Inc.

    1. Hey Willigula,

      “…avoiding dud heroes but also you’ve given us some great laughs and tons of encouragement.” ~ That’s very rewarding to hear, I’m glad I could help.

      “after you’ve caught your breath, you’ll change your mind and fire this mother back up!” ~ Never say never. I wanted to leave a window for me to at least write a funny story if I fancied.

      It’s been a fun ride; I tried my best and put a lot of energy into it and take pride in what was created. Thank you for all of your kind words. Have fun!

  52. Thanks, OC. Totally understand. I’ve dabbled on the webs in the past and know how hard it is to maintain the rifle of deadlines and how real life just changes things to a point where you just have to stop.

    You wrote a mighty blog. Be proud of what you did. And ignore the negative comments. So much easier to break down stuff than to build it up.

    1. That’s right, it was time to let go but I really enjoyed the majority of it. I had a lot of fun along the way.

      Thanks for reading and for your kind words. Have a great 2024.

  53. I never commented, but really enjoyed reading your blog – it was the best part of the game for me. Thanks a lot and all the best for 2024, Old Cynic!

  54. Thanks for everything legend. You were my go to guy for any E&P questions and you have always delivered. Hope you will be OK and the break would do you good. Best of luck buddy!

  55. Sad to see you stop blogging E&P, but happy that you are doing what is best for you.
    I have enjoyed your posts as they were funny, unique and insightful.
    Your way to global nr 1 also inspired me to do my first nr. 1 positon about 18 months back
    Wish you all of the best both in the game and all your future endeavours!

  56. Old cynic! What is this blasphemy!?

    Seriously though,

    For me you have been the best go to place for fun and interesting stuff about E&P. Here’s hoping that you will return one day, but kind of the way you state it in your posts (it’s just an opinion, after all): it’s just a game, after all.

    I really feel you are a talented writer; I love your light hearted, slightly cynical way pf presenting heroes, or other stuff E&P related.

    I haven’t commented much but I definitely checked daily for updates.

    All the best to you! <3

    P.S. How tough was it to decide between Malosi and Devana for the good bye picture design?

    1. Thank you, Wifverdim. I appreciate all the support.

      “How tough was it to decide between Malosi and Devana for the good bye picture design?” ~ 😁 It was never even a thought! Haha, it should have been though, but Devana didn’t stand a chance (although, she’s now more prominent than Malosi in my gameplay atm).

      Malosi’s charge is what made it a cert, that and the narrative that runs in my mind concerning him which is reflected in his review.

      …And it looks cool.

      Thanks again, Wifverdim. Take care!

  57. Old Critic, I am in shock that you are at the end of the rope with writing about E & P. I fully understand your reasons for doing so. I want you to know that I always referenced your blog to learn about the heroes better and how to play better. Your humorous way of writing was refreshing to read unlike so many dry writers who couldn’t crack a joke if one was given to him or her. Pleasant trails and thanks for all the countless hours you have spent in helping others, like myself, enjoy the game better

  58. I felt this time was coming soon, it is too sad but also very understandable. I always felt that your blog while it was much appreciated by all the EP community wasn’t taking the amount of likes and comments it deserved. And I came here just to say, as you probably already know and many others must have rightfully told you, that you do such a GREAT job on blogging… you have such a talent on writing in a friendly, funny, yet informative and analytic way! I was/am a superfan of your work and I know it is a very time consuming hobby but you are one of these people that SHOULD have a column somewhere and be paid to do what you do.

    Such a smart and funny guy, coming back to your page to check out what you have written for a new hero or a new mechanic was most of the times even better than getting that hero at the summon portal!

    Too bad this game is evolving so rapidly that someone would need two lives to write as you do for all these new heroes, and too bad that SG only cares about the big whale money, cause they should have seen what you do for the EP community and how good your page is for THEIR game so that they should hire you at least as a freelancer blogger.

    So here it is, my OC appreciation post! Love you man, even though we don’t know you your texts made us feel close to you. Keep writing in any way, you have a gift on that and I really hope to come back one day and see more OC posts but as I said, paid and appreciated at whole.

    Thank you Old Cynic!

    1. ‘…one of these people that SHOULD have a column somewhere and be paid to do what you do.’ ~ That would be awesome, while also daunting.

      ‘…that someone would need two lives to write as you do for all these new heroes,’ ~ This is true. After 2 1/2 years, it was time to slow it down. Also, you can’t drop everything without prior-knowledge forever, it’s challenging.

      I had a lot of fun writing E&P and appreciate all the help and support I received from the community!

      Thank you, Grigoris!

    1. Hey Prospero, I see from your other comment that you found my recent Quest games post, over here.

      The hardest thing about the Meta Quest is that it requires real movement! 😁 I’m really enjoying Cook Out, but after 3 stages, I’m knackered and need a break. Definitely a healthier way to enjoy computer games.

  59. Damn, I miss yo ass and your awesome reviews with the with the witty ass comments. It was so much better to read about the heroes, then to try and watch a silly as YouTube video. But seriously with all the work you put in and the minimal reward that you probably received, you deserve a break… rest easy my brother…

  60. I will miss you, Old Cynic. Thank you for all the time you put into this. Love your sense of humor and insight. Now that we are at loose ends, is there anyone you would direct us to whose reviews etc are good? Thank you for everything and hope your health is ok.

  61. Sorry to see you go. As a silent Reader, I enjoyed your thoughts a lot. Even though, I have been active for over 6 years now, other perspectives often helped a lot.
    I guess that a great “thank you” is the least I can give back. Enjoy your further journey. Kind regards from Germany, Calvin

  62. Since the beginning I was with you on this journey OC. -ok, that is creepy :))- It was fun. And believe or not, it was kind of a habit for me to check for a new review. thank you for made my day after a bad one. Thank you all those great ideas, thank you for everything, I wish you the best.

    1. “Since the beginning I was with you on this journey OC.” ~ Like an angel?

      “…made my day after a bad one.” ~ Well, that is about as much as I could have hoped for, -happy I helped.

      All the best, pereccin.

  63. You made me laugh, you made me cry, sometimes your made me a little constipated (either that or it was the goblins) but you always entertained. It was a great pleasure to read and get your insights and I will miss it. Good luck with yourself and enjoy E&P like the rest of us (a little constipated)

    1. Hey Steve, I can take responsibly for the laughter and the tears, but you really should see a specialist for your third issue.

      Thanks for all the support!

  64. Thanks a lot. Your work has helped everybody to cure the hopeless felling of milked as a cow for money and time, to balance the joy of playing to breaking the mobile phone and it s still a game after all not a war or a industry . For whom got this E&P virus you ease the pesky taste with laugh sometimes pinpoint remarks while making the game more fun with your writing. Cheers man. Good Luck whatever you do

    1. Hey Tahsin, I always tried to encourage players to run with what they had because it’s an important message for those who might regret spending. I’m glad I could bring something positive. Thanks for reading all this time!

  65. Hi OC

    I’ve been long gone from empires for some time but wanted to give a big Thank You for all the fantastic work.

    It was much appreciated by many people and really benefited a lot of players.

  66. It was a good run and I thank you for it. I’ve enjoyed your slightly deprecating, dry British humor as it helped guide us through what has become a very involved and in-depth game. You were my go to source of info on stuff I just didn’t get or when I needed advice. I also frequently shared you with our Alliance (Darkstar Mist).

  67. You will truly be missed. You are my Hero . Your pearls of wisdom helped guide me. Your stories made me laugh and your dedication inspired me . Take care ..

  68. I’ve come by your blog for insight and second opinion (to that of my own) more times than I could count!
    Thank you so much for the incredible amount of time and effort you put in to helping players like myself make better educated decisions and shaping opinions and direction.
    Appreciated your straight forward approach and wit!
    I can’t say that I’m not somewhat disappointed in your departure from these posts as I am, but I wish you health, and success on all of your future endeavours! Thank you for your massive contribution to making other peoples gaming experience all the more enjoyable! God speed.

  69. Just saw this; happy retirement, OC! I came for the posts about new heroes (way better than 15 minute YouTube videos, IMHO), but your sense of humor kept bringing me back. I hope the new year brings you the healthy changes you’re looking for!

  70. I cannot believe that you lasted this long… Bravo!

    The deluge of newer, more powerful, lemony scented heroes that they’ve been pumping out with simply bizarre skills… it boggles my imagination how you could pump out insightful and humorous commentary to keep up with the flow.

    Just so you know – more than a few hundred in-game decisions of mine were based on knowledge gained directly from your pages. I thank you very much for efforts, well appreciated efforts!

    1. “…pump out insightful and humorous commentary to keep up with the flow.” ~ I could talk for England so the chin-wagging part wasn’t too difficult! But the pressure over time (immediacy) is something only a company can deal with. Still, my time was fun.

      I’m happy to have helped. Thanks for reading, Jim!

  71. I really enjoyed your posts – the wit, the insight, I really followed your advice and sent my alliance the link to your website. I totally understand your need to step away – honestly the game has gotten too complicated too fast – and by the time you researched and written about new heroes, they already introduced more that left those in the dust! I was starting to wonder how in the world you’d even have time to do all that- a full time job for sure! I’ll miss your posts and wish you the best with your future endeavors!

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