Empires and Puzzles June Update – Winners and Losers

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A few days ago, Empires and Puzzles received its June 2022 Balance Update. What actually happened is a bunch of heroes received some serious buffs.

But who were the real Winners and Losers from this digital digits party?

Well, my dear friends, that is what I hope to discuss today!

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Zhuge Liang on Defense Screenshot - Empires and Puzzles

The June Balance Update ~ Empires and Puzzles

If this is news to you, you can check out the particulars direct from the source.

In short, Season 5 heroes, War of the Three Kingdom heroes, and The Gargoyles, all received substantial buffs.

Of course, they were already superstars, but in fairness to SG, they wanted them to feature much more prominently than they did.

Here’s a quote:

…Unfortunately, this led to some of our most recently released Families not seeing as much action as we had hoped for.


…We hope these changes as a whole will nudge the meta just enough to bring some much-needed fresh air into top-level play,…

Empires and Puzzles forum staff (link above)
Khufu's Special Skill - Empires and Puzzles

The Winners and Losers!

Just for fun, let’s run through my picks for the Winners and Losers from this re-shuffle.

Before I start chewing the fat, please bear one thing in mind:

  • I’m just talking for fun. Rattling off my own personal opinion. I don’t claim to have the inside track or to be better than any of you good folk out there. In fact, your opinion is welcomed so please feel free to chime in, in the comments below!

Winners: Players with Elite Heroes

If you’ve actually got these heroes on salary, you’re undoubtedly gonna see some benefits.

I’ve already shared my prediction for the future of Empires and Puzzles, and I think this update provides some credibility to those assumptions.

All of the recent action we’ve seen from the developers has resulted in the rapid increase of strength for elite heroes.

And these bold jumps in stats and Special Skills, needless to say, have left the older, more accessible, heroes in their wake.

If I had access to these super-charged monsters, I’d be moving my Defense into a much more aggressive posture. Seeking to inflict complete and utter devastation on any opposition.

Losers: Healers Over Time (C.Rigard)

Rigard Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

I might be the only one experiencing it, but it seems to me that old-school incremental healers just can’t cut it at the highest level anymore.

Not with all those haymakers landing.

Last time I saw C.Rigard, he handed me his comb and took off!

With all this buffing going on, I need all the healing I can get, -If I’m to play a healer at all (on Offense).

By the time Rigard’s washed his hands, gloved up, and got that first wave of healing going ’round, my squad’s already unresponsive and limp from the neck down.

Look at this, C.Rigard will give me 609HP over 3 turns, whereas Hulda will issue a never-ending supply of HP at 240HP per minion.

I could go on, but in short, things are getting dicey out there!

I need more healing, or something special, from a dedicated healer.

Winners: Khepri, Khufu, and Goseck

Goseck Empires and Puzzles Screenshot following Buff
Goseck has lost his mind

Khepri was already flexing. And they only went and doubled his exploding minion damage.

Khufu now hits for an entire 100% more! Someone tell Klaern we found his missing oomph.

Goseck. Wow. I’m gonna quote… me. Yes, first and last time:

But, does SG actually want heroes capable of ending the battle with one swipe? Singlehandedly? Even at Slow?


And if so, then players will have to adapt, which will be a lot easier for those with larger rosters.

And if not? You can expect the nerf in 3… 2… 1…

Old Cynic talking smack

Well, from my point of view, they’re leaning into that high-damage scenario I postulated about.

Loser: Chance of taking Budget Heroes to #1

Screenshot of the Empires and Puzzles Leaderboard showing Old Cynic at Number 1

I was recently fortunate enough to secure #1 in the World for a brief moment.

But I suspect, moving forward, it’s gonna be much harder to achieve.

Thankfully, we already have the Local Leaderboards to focus on, should the Global Leaderboard become a pipedream.

Winner: Zhuge Liang

Zhuge Liang got a huge buff in the June offerings and I’m happy for all the readers who initially pulled him.

I remember reviewing his card and being a little disappointed, but this buff washes that away.

His minions are double the strength now, at 18% HP.

And, their counterattack has been improved to 65%.

The buff was so significant that it completely corrupted my review. -So, good for him, and good for those of you who have him.

Loser: Old Cynic

A picture of a futurist City

Ah yes, E&P Updates have become a feature. And every time they update, I must update, too.

Old man moaning in this space right here.

Winners: New healers waiting in the Wings (Styx Tower)

There are some super-specialist healers waiting in Beta. -They’re part of the Styx Tower event.

Don’t get me wrong, you don’t need these healers at all. But it doesn’t hurt that they’re coming into a world currently drowning in violence.

One such hero is called Thanatos (as it stands -not final):

X1 mana charge (6 tiles): Recovers 30% HP for all and gives +24% mana regen for 2 turns.

X2 mana charge (9 tiles): Recovers 40% HP for all and gives a 15% mana boost.

X3 mana charge (12 tiles): Recovers 65% for all, gives a 30% mana boost and gives +40% mana regen for 4 turns.

The versatile healer of the future, right?

Goseck as Tank firing Special in Empires and Puzzles Raid

June Balance Update (Empires & Puzzles)

Interestingly, at the bottom of their June update post, Empires and Puzzles ask, “Who’s Next?”.

They want you to tell them which old heroes deserve a buffing.

Here’s the link you need: HERE!

I hope you found this post interesting/fun/useful.

Before you go, what did you make of the June Update?

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. For all of us C2P or less players most of these buffs have little effect on our rosters and are aimed at the high $$$ players who do endless summons to get these upper echelon heroes. Of all the heroes listed in the June update (not counting 3 and 4 stars) I have Khufu (at 3.70) on my main account and my second account has Diaochin (max +20). Goseck (max +20) and Lu Bu (1.1). The one hero on my main account that was left out of the buff is Zhang Fei (max +20) so he’s feeling a little left out of the festivities. I’m sure more changes will be coming as the Kalevala heroes have barely made it out of the gate and new Styx and Bard family heroes are on the horizon. For me these updates are more of a , that’s nice moment, as I do not have enough of them to use the family bonus in any effective capacity and so soldier on to the next event. What I really need is a 5 star Red healer so Boldtusk can take a breather and the Bard family has one coming (if beta stats hold). Whether a summons will ever produce one is another topic since I have failed to get one yet, now 3+ years playing. Keep up the good, funny and informative work, It’s always a pleasure to get an email announcing a new article by you!

  2. I pulled Khufu during the last season 5 was open and had been debating what to do with him, at Slow speed his punching power was really lacking. Now however he is a certainty to be beefed up, at Slow he may not feature in many Raids but in the tournaments where everything is set to fast, then he will be very useful indeed.
    My only issue is, and has been this for some time, the incredibly slow way you acquire the final ascension pieces, without paying it can take a cool 12 months to get them all.
    And that is no accident if you ask me.

    1. Hey Steve, thanks for reading! They’ve had a few Slow but strong heroes of late, but also a bunch of Fast and ridiculous. Hard to prioritise those slow ones. Hopefully you get some luck with the mats in the near future!

  3. Hi, great article as always. Have you considered what this power creep affects in the actual gameplay?

    I’m C2P and over 18 months I’ve accumulated a decent roster. On average 3 fully ascended 5* heroes per colour. (Quite a lot of those HOTM or season 1.) Lucky to get Heimdall. I’ve beaten every season on Hard. I complete every challenge event and seasonal event. I get onto the impossible levels of towers but usually run out of heroes rather than failing to beat levels. I usually place top 10% in tournaments. I know I can improve my offense by building up my troops, but it’s slow.

    The only advantage higher powered heroes would give me is in raids and wars but I’m still going to lose to similar teams with L29/30 troops.

    I’m happy with my place in the pecking order I love the challenge of beating higher powered teams with my ragtag crew. And I’ll keep slowly levelling my troops to see if I can just get a little higher on the leaderboards.

    And if I pull the occasional superhero then I’ll just send a little prayer to the SG RNG!

    1. I think that’s the main impact, the creation of a clear pecking order. Damage across the board has been increased and it can be hard to match up. Thanks for stopping by and good luck in-game!

  4. I just tested out my Khufu and 3/70 and holy bajeebus he’s a winner alright. Granted he was aided by Costume Santa’s DD and Krampus’ attack boost, but he’s hitting for 950 damage…at 3/70!!! It’s absolutely obscene and disgusting, especially while Papyros remains untouched.

    By which I mean to say, guess who just got the rings. The power creep is ridiculous, but who am I to refuse such blessings?

  5. I was actually debating with my alliance on who to LB between Khufu vs Zenobia vs Azlar.C. The upgrade made it much easier decision. I was kinda lucky despite being C2P but somehow have Khufu, Gaillard, Peno and Zhuge Liang. Zhuge Liang from collecting dust in my roster have now turned into my war tank and a member of my defense team. Off all the buff, Im just confused about 1 hero. Goseck…. just why?

  6. I have Khufu and more than happy with this and in all fairness to Rigard C he’s not really used for his healing it’s the attack boost.

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