Is it time to Upgrade to The Meta Quest 3?

Is it time to upgrade to the Meta Quest 3

I recently returned to the Meta Quest 2 after risking my sanity with NBA2K24, and it was immediately noticeable how much things have changed.

The resolution is better, the environment is better, and the games look and feel great. The only downside is a shorter battery life.

Which in fairness, is a decent trade-off.

But in amongst all of this good stuff going on, I’ve noticed how the entire Meta ecosystem is being shifted towards the capabilities of the Meta Quest 3.

Just check out Lego® Bricktales. It’s ridiculously awesome, and I’m playing it on the Meta Quest 2.

The mixed-reality promos look outstanding and all this has got me thinking…

Is it time to upgrade to the Meta Quest 3?

Table of Contents

  1. Recent Improvements to the Meta Quest 2
  2. Games I’m playing
    → Lego® Bricktales
    → Moss & Moss Book 2
    → BRINK Traveler
    → Pinball FX VR
    → Cook Out
  3. Meta Quest 3 leading the charge

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Recent Improvements to the Meta Quest 2 (Games and Environment)

I wanted to take a moment to highlight the significant strides the Meta world has taken since, say, my original Meta Quest 2 review, back in March 2022.

Back then, the games and apps were definitely respectable, even helping me rehabilitate.

But now, the graphics, the interface, and the environment all feel significantly better.

Meta has been releasing update after update, and by the time I put the headset back on, it was like a different world.

For example, in the Home Environment, you were limited to where you could stand to explore your surroundings by a few jump-to points on the ground.

Now, you have free will to roam wherever you like.

Also, now there’s a full-length mirror at home, so you can easily see how you appear to others (in online games and communities).

The whole experience feels crisper, more refined, and more purposeful.

That said, one thing is evident; The Meta Quest 2 is being pushed to its limit and its shorter battery life is the telltale sign.

I reckon the Meta Quest 2 is benefiting from all the progress designed to make the Meta Quest 3 look great.

And going by Lego® Bricktales, the Meta Quest 3 is only just getting started.

The Meta Quest Games I Picked Up Over Xmas (Old & New)

I took advantage of the Christmas sales and grabbed some great bargains.

The Meta Quest ecosystem doesn’t feel as grabby as other games and gaming systems.

One thing that sets it apart is the ability to return a game you don’t get on with (there are some conditions [Meta] though).

That’s why I find it easier to spend money here because if I don’t like it, I’ll simply return it and get my cash back.

Here are the games I picked up:

Multiple game screenshots inc. Lego Brick Tales, Moss, BRINK, Pinball, Cook Out

1. Lego® Bricktales: Looks amazing and the gameplay is awesome. If you love Lego®, you’ll love this game. It’s on the list for a full review and looks fantastic on the Meta Quest 3 with mixed reality.

2. Moss & Moss Book 2: I shouldn’t like cute stuff publicly, but this 3-D adventure game is so extremely cute. It’s done really well. I purchased both games immediately after playing the free trial. I was blown away.

3. BRINK Traveler: A peaceful VR travel app with great attention to detail. One of the best travel apps I’ve tried. Great for taking a little timeout in nature.

4. Pinball FX VR: Pinball FX is much better than you’d expect, especially as it’s an older Meta Quest title. The graphics still look good and the gameplay is cool. In fact, there’s a retro vibe to the whole thing that’s extremely compelling. [ET was a premium add-on and does not come with the base game]

5. Cook Out: I bought Cook Out to play with my wife as it’s multiplayer, and it’s great. It’s a VR cooking game done incredibly well. It is challenging though, with high intensity and a real physicality about it. You can read my full review, here.

Meta Quest 3 Leading the Charge (Old Cynic)

My final thoughts:

Even though I’ve seen some remarkable improvements with the Meta Quest 2, all of them point towards the capabilities of the Meta Quest 3.

Every game seems to be announcing improvements specifically for the Quest 3. For example, BRINK Traveler was recently promoting a 35% buff to its resolution when used on a Quest 3.

That must look amazing.

Lego® Bricktales has a plain background on the Meta Quest 2, or a greyscale pixilated background when set on passthrough. But on the Quest 3, it’s mixed-reality in all its spender.

No matter what you say about Meta’s push for its VR future, it’s clear that we’re nearly there.

And I’m a huge fan, revitalised by the progression I’m witnessing.

As for purchasing a Meta Quest 3 now?

It’s tempting. The promise of what’s to come is certainly compelling.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

For more Meta Quest guides and reviews, check out this section of my blog.

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  1. I’m still on Q2 and no immediate plans for Q3. Mixed reality doesn’t interest me at all, I like complete immersion in fantastical worlds.
    In that vein, I strongly recommend Dungeons of Eternity. Best VR game ive played. 3 player co-op is amazing (I play with randoms, the community in this game is brilliant – but you can play with RL friends if you choose).

    If you haven’t played this game, take a look at it before making your next purchase. I haven’t played another game since I bought this on release day a couple of months ago. It’s that good 🙂

    1. Hey Prospero, I’ll look into it. Thanks for the suggestion and finding my Meta Quest stuff.

      I’d like to hold off on the Quest 3 for a bit, in hope of an offer popping up. I’m also waiting to see what they do with it next!

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