GOLF+ Meta Quest 2 VR Review [Plus Screenshots]

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GOLF+ is one of the most prominent VR Golfing games currently available on the Meta Quest 2, but is it worth the money?

In this post, I’m going to review Golf+ and take a look at the new improved graphics. There’s also a video below where you can check out the look and feel of the game for yourself.

This post is based on my personal experience at the date of publication. It may contain speculation, personal opinion, and human error. Please confirm in-store for current information. Consult the User Manual for your device before using VR. This post is not advice.

Table of Contents

  1. What does GOLF+ look like?
  2. Is it a Realistic VR Golf Simulator?
  3. Can you play GOLF+ with Friends and Family?
  4. How much does GOLF+ Cost and is it Worth it?
  5. How many Golf Courses and Game modes?
Golf+ In game image of Realistic Meta Quest Golf Sim

What does GOLF+ look like? Meta Quest 2 In-Game Footage:

The following video shows off the amazing ‘Castle Links’ GOLF+ Course. I’ll let you watch the video and then add a few comments afterwards:

It’s important to note that the video was captured using the Meta Quest 2 mobile App, which for some reason, sometimes pixelates footage.

What you actually see inside a VR Headset is fantastic on the whole, although, some areas do outshine others.

Let me explain…

There are Essentially Three Separate Gamemodes in GOLF+:

  • The first is a realistic golf simulator, where the graphics are generally more life-like and detailed.
  • The second is a Mini Golf experience, where the graphics are intentionally more fun and cartoony.
  • And the third revolves around golfing challenges, with a distinct leisure-cruise type of aesthetic.

And in my experience, the graphic quality of the ‘realistic golf simulator’ is a mixed bag, with some Courses looking and feeling crisp and life-like, while others felt pixilated and simple.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

Golf+ Example of Graphics for 2 Courses in Realistic VR Golf Simulator
GOLF+ example of graphic differences seen in some Courses (Meta Quest 2)

Some of these Golf Courses may have originally been created for the Oculus Quest 1, and what we’re seeing here may actually be the vast improvements which have been made possible by the Meta Quest 2.

Nonetheless, these Courses are all part of the GOLF+ package that you purchase.

Overall, the graphics are great, it’s just that some Golf Courses are absolutely stunning, while others aren’t.

That said, the first time I stood on a GOLF+ Golf Course, I felt the stresses of life dissipate, as my mind was fooled into believing I was surrounded by nature.

Is GOLF+ a Realistic VR Golf Simulator? (Meta Quest 2 Review)

Golf+ Life Like Meta Quest Golf Sim Tee Off
Screenshot of the realistic GOLF+ Castle Links Course

I’ll admit it, I’m not a real-world Golfer.

I’ve played Mini-Golf in the past, and I love the idea of playing real Golf, but I’ve never actually done it.

What I can say from personal experience is, the dynamics feel real and correct to what I’d expect from real life.

GOLF+ doesn’t feel like a game, it feels like you’re Golfing. Like you’re really teeing off, or really putting.

There are limits to Virtual Reality and the Meta Quest 2, but GOLF+ feels like it does a great job of working within those boundaries to produce something that’s pretty incredible.

Can you play GOLF+ with Friends and Family?

Golf+ Played with Friends and Family -Screenshot of Top Golf on the Meta Quest 2022
Screenshot of a TOPGOLF challenge (Meta Quest 2)

Yes! You can play GOLF+ with Friends and Family.

How? Like this:

  • Both parties will of course need a Meta Quest 2
  • You both have to purchase GOLF+
  • Both need to be online
  • Then, one person creates a ‘room’ and will receive a room code
  • You share the room code with other players who use it to join
  • Finally, in the menu, select ‘Start Game’
  • And voilà! You’re playing a round of Golf (or another game mode) with your friend/s!

I’ve played GOLF+ for hours with my wife and it all works really well. The games are fun and challenging and it definitely adds another layer to gameplay.

You can talk to each other in-game and your avatar’s lips even move in sync with your words.

If I were to moan about one thing, it would be that there are sooo many options in this game, that it can prove a challenge to navigate around the complex menu system, to get yourself to the same place as your friend so you can actually play a game!:

Screenshot of Golf+ ProPutt Menu System
Example of the GOLF+ menu system

How much does GOLF+ Cost, and is it Worth it? (Meta Quest)

Golf+ Private Driving Range Image on Meta Quest

GOLF+ currently costs £22.99 to purchase from the Meta Quest (Oculus) store. [Oculus]

Although, you might be able to get it cheaper with a discount if/when one appears.

I paid full price and think it’s well worth the money. I have no regrets about making the purchase.

There’s a lot to do in GOLF+ and I can see myself playing this game for a long time to come.

[As a point of reference, I tend to play GOLF+ about once or twice every couple of weeks because, by its very nature, it’s quite time-consuming.]

How many Golf Courses does GOLF+ have? (Plus Gamemodes)

Golf+ Castle Links Course Meta Quest 2 Screenshot

There are 3 main game modes in GOLF+, with loads of different Golf Courses available to play within. Let’s take a look:

1) First, let’s cover the ‘standard’ Golf Simulation. There are 4 Free Golf Courses available here when you first install GOLF+.

Here’s a list of all the Golf Courses available:

  1. Castle Links
  2. Alpine
  3. Cliffs
  4. Valhalla
  5. Wolf Creek (Add-on Purchase)
  6. Kiawah (Add-on Purchase)
Golf+ Example of Beach Golf Course Graphics

In this mode, you can play a full 18-hole Course, or 9 Shots, or simply practice. The game will record a multitude of statistics as you play so you can monitor your improvements.

In multiplayer mode here, you can play an 18-hole Course, 9 Shots, or Knockout mode. You can also select whether you want to play in turns, waiting for each other to take shots or play in an unrestricted mode, where you can all play simultaneously to speed up the game.

2) Next, we have Pro Putt, a Mini-Golf game mode. There are 4 Free Golf Courses available here when you first install GOLF+.

There’s also one of my favourites; Putt Lounge, where you’re in a chilled environment, swinging away while the party rages on above… presumably.

Here’s a list of all the Pro Putt GOLF+ Golf Courses:

  1. Beach
  2. Desert
  3. Forest
  4. Peaks
Golf+ Screenshot of ProPutt Mini Golf Peaks Course

You can unlock Pro versions of each Course by completing the basic version first.

In Pro Putt you can play in Campaign mode, Multiplayer – 1 on 1 matches or with 4 players, Rush challenge mode, play a Round by yourself, or play against a Bot.

You can also access the Putt Lounge from this Pro Putt menu, which offers a selection of yet more Putting mini-games!

3) Finally, we have TOPGOLF; a fun Golfing Challenge section. This part of the game is focused on fun challenges and golfing mini-games. There’s also Corn Hole to play!

Golf+ Example of Top Golf -Show Pitch Pong and CornHole

As I said, there’s so much to do and explore within GOLF+ that it could keep somebody busy indefinitely.

Golf+ Example of Top Golf Targets Meta Quest 2022 Photo

As a nice touch, throughout the game, you have access to a media player with a wide variety of music to listen to while you Golf. Or, you could simply choose to enjoy the sounds of nature around you.

Final Thoughts on GOLF+ on the Quest 2

I purchased GOLF+ back in June 2022 and have been playing it ever since. It’s a great 2 player game and for me personally, it ticks a lot of boxes:

  1. It’s a VR game that gets me up and moving, -which is what I enjoy most about Virtual Reality, and is why I decided to focus on VR fitness and workouts.
  2. I can play it with my wife, who also has a Meta Quest 2.
  3. It’s got a nice chilled vibe and makes you feel like you’re out in nature.

The only downside I’ve found is not having enough time to dedicate to a round of Golf.

As a result, I tend to revisit games like Thrill of the Fight almost daily to get a quick workout in, while I will only play GOLF+ when I have the time to enjoy it at my leisure.

That said, lord knows I wouldn’t be wasting my time sharing it with you if I didn’t think highly of it.

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  1. Hi thanks for the review
    Is the game realistic in terms of topping slicing hooking ie playing badly until you master your swing

    1. Hi Sheamus, I can’t speak to the different aspects of Golfing, but it’s true that bad form and missed hits will result in the ball flying off in accordance with the way it was struck.

      And yes, practice and better form will result in the ball heading in the direction you want.

      Thanks for reading, I hope this helps!

  2. From bouncing around the web, I believe that Pro Putt has been removed from this game. Can you verify?

    I also can no longer find the Putt Lounge and/or the corn hole game.

    Any info you can provide will be much appreciated.

    1. Hi Jeff, it’s been awhile since I played as I’ve been so busy. If you can wait, I’ll put the headset on tonight and check for you.

      (Of course, this review hasn’t been renewed or updated besides regular website admin.)

      1. Of course…..waiting is not an issue. I took about an 18 month break from Meta due to some log in issues and was disappointed that these features may be gone. Liked them more than the actual golf.

        1. Nope, it’s gone. I couldn’t find it either. I went through their responses to comments on the Oculus App and they appear to confirm they have removed it as the code was too complex and causing them problems.

          It’s a pity because we used to play that and it was nice to know it was an option.

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