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The Meta Quest Pro was just announced and it looks fantastic. But, what’s the difference between the Meta Quest Pro and the Meta Quest 2? -Is the Quest Pro meant to replace the Quest 2?

In this post, I’m going to answer those questions and directly compare the two.

This post is based on my personal experience at the date of publication. It may contain speculation, personal opinion, and human error. Please confirm in-store for current information. Consult the User Manual for your device before using VR. This post is not advice.

Table of Contents

  1. What does the Meta Quest Pro do?
  2. How much does the Quest Pro cost?
  3. Comparison: Meta Quest Pro Vs. Meta Quest 2
  4. Would I buy a Quest Pro?
  5. When does the Meta Quest 3 come out?

What is the Meta Quest Pro and What Does it Do?

A photo of the Meta Quest Pro from the side
Image: Meta

The Meta Quest Pro is a high-end virtual Reality Headset device, designed to deliver virtual reality experiences, with a particular focus on the Business and Professional marketplace.

It’s marketed as a ‘Productive’ VR Headset, capable of enhancing how a business operates within the modern world.

According to Meta, the Quest Pro marks a “major leap forward for VR hardware”.

They also explain that it’s the first in a new line of high-end devices and will offer a number of innovative features, including:

  • Sleek and Comfortable Design
  • Sharp Visuals
  • Mixed Reality (MR) Experiences
  • Eye Tracking
  • Natural VR/Aviator Expressions
  • Backwards Compatibility (with the Quest 2)

Here’s a quote from Meta:

Meta Quest Pro is a multifunctional VR and MR device designed to help you do your best work and make meaningful connections with the people you care about the most (…)


So, Meta makes it quite clear that they designed the Meta Quest Pro with business in mind.

To see the Quest Pro in action, check out this YouTube video [YouTube] I found. It shows the Quest Pro’s Mixed Reality, Eye Tracking, and much more.

How Much Does the Meta Quest Pro Cost?

When first released, the Meta Quest Pro retailed at $1,499.99 (US) or £1,499.99 (UK).

At the time of this update (3rd Oct 23), it is listed for sale at Amazon UK for £749.00 at a 12% discount (its normal price is listed as £849.99).

Meta Quest Pro Vs. Meta Quest 2 (Weight and Specs Comparison)

Image of Meta Quest Pro Vs Meta Quest 2 Side by Side Comparison
The Meta Quest Pro (Meta Image) and my Meta Quest 2 – Side by Side
SpecsMeta Quest ProMeta Quest 2
Secondary device?NoNo
Visuals1800x1920 per eye with 37% more pixels per inch & 10% more pixels per degree than Quest 2. 106º horizontal and 96º vertical field of view.Fast-switch LCD display. 1832x1920 per eye. 92-degree field of view.
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon® XR2+ Qualcomn™ processor (50% more power than the Quest 2)Qualcomm Snapdragon® XR2™ processor
Battery life1-2 hours2-3 hours

128GB or 256GB

Price$1,499.99$399 or $499 – Meta Quest Pro Vs. Meta Quest 2 Comparison Table *Please independently confirm data & prices (Pro details/summary sourced from

Quest Pro Vs. Quest 2

There’s a lot more going for the Meta Quest Pro, but this gives us a decent snapshot of where improvements have been made.

Meta says that the Quest Pro’s outward-facing cameras have 4X the number of pixels as the Quest 2. And that extra detail enables Mixed Reality; where you can maintain your presence in the physical world, while also engaging with the virtual.

The Quest Pro also has an open periphery design to help with that further, although you can block side-light with a piece of kit that you add on.

Whereas, the Quest 2 was built from the ground up, to be fully immersive.

But as mentioned above, the key difference between the devices can be found in their purpose; While the Meta Quest 2 can be used for work and business, it’s fair to say, its primary use is gaming.

On the other hand, the Quest Pro has been specifically designed and promoted as a VR Headset for work and productivity (“Work in the Virtual World” – a Quest Pro tagline).

Would I Buy a Meta Quest Pro?

Image of a lady in a Mixed Reality working on 3 VR screens
Image: Meta


I’m not made of money!

I’ve got a Meta Quest 2 and that will do for now. I’m on a budget and use my Meta Quest 2 for fitness and gaming. But it doesn’t matter anyway, because I’m not part of the target audience.

The Quest Pro is real top-end stuff, designed to push VR limits, forging a path into the workplace and everyday life, in ways we’ve never seen before.

£1,499.99 is entirely beyond what I could comfortably afford to pay for entertainment. However, a business owner might not be fazed by that price at all, when measured against all the potential workplace benefits.

Don’t get me wrong, if Facebook were to send me one, I’d happily utilise it, otherwise, I’ll be sticking with my Meta Quest 2.

And according to Meta, the Meta Quest 2 isn’t going anywhere (for now); the Quest Pro will simply co-exist alongside it.

The Pro isn’t here to replace the Quest 2; that will likely happen next year with the Meta Quest 3.

When Will the Quest 3 Get Released?

While we’re here, why not take a quick look at where we are with the Meta Quest 3?

Techradar has an article that details what is currently known on the Quest 3 front (here’s a link [Techradar]). And according to them, the Quest 3 looks likely to be released in October 2023.

There’s a lot of speculation about how much the Meta Quest 3 will cost, but somewhere in the region of $400 is what’s currently expected.

Pic of Meta Quest 2 Lenses

My Final Thoughts (Pro Vs. 2)

The Meta Quest Pro looks like a fancy bit of kit, and if you’re a serious VR user who can afford it, it might be on the radar.

On release, it will have backwards capability so it should run all Meta Quest 2 games and Apps.

However, at $1,499.99, I suspect it will be a little too costly for the average Quest 2 user.

Let’s not forget, the Meta Quest 2 actually received a price hike [Oculus] in August 2022.

I am excited by all the investment being made into the future of Virtual Reality because as an avid user myself, I can see the world-changing potential.

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