Helldivers 2: 40 Hours Logged – Still Awesome?

Helldivers 2 appears to be taking over the gaming world, but according to its developers (Arrowhead Game Studios), its massive success is causing some technical problems.

As a result, updates have been flying in thick and fast, but none to date have assured that all Helldivers get their chance to be saluted on the battlefield.

I, myself, have been left frustrated, waiting in the wings in the hope of a moment of glory.

But prepared as I might be for the toxic bugs and the gleaming, unrelenting, bots, it hasn’t guaranteed me a spot in-game.

Do I give up, close the application, and be on my way?


Because I want to explode enormous bugs and watch the massive pus-bomb fallout.

This post may contain speculation, personal opinion, and adult comedy. It is not advice and is solely for entertainment and informational purposes.


Helldivers 2 is Awesome (Solo-Play and Stratagem/Weapon Stealing)

Most of us have been having a great time with Helldivers since launch, -server issues aside.

If I can’t find a match, I just play a solo round which has its own advantages:

  1. I can take my time to clear as much of the map as possible
  2. I can collect lots of Samples and Loot
  3. It also means I don’t have to worry about using my SG-Breaker as a teaching aid when some Jump Pack stealer thinks we’re playing ‘finders-keepers’
My Helldiver flying with his Jetpack (Lift-850 Jump Pack)
Watch me fly! (Helldivers 2 – Lift-850 Jump Pack)

To be fair, the last issue (wearable Stratagem and weapon stealing) is rare and seems to be limited to mainly lower-level players who might not know better.

It feels like an etiquette issue, after all, there are no clear rules for dealing with death on the battlefield.

Another annoyance, while I’m at it, is randoms responding to an SOS and then heading straight for the extraction point after the main mission has been completed.

-Even when there’s loads of time left on the clock!

But these are minor irritants in the grand scheme of things.

Helldivers 2 is booming and once the server issues are behind us, the developers can focus on building on what they already have.

Recent Raise the Flag Mission (Helldivers 2)

I’m in the Helldivers subreddit [Reddit] and love seeing all the new stuff from the game that I haven’t personally got to yet.

One example is the Automatons Tanks. [Reddit]

Sadly, server issues are preventing me from enjoying some truly epic encounters of my own.

However, I did manage to play a ‘Raise The Flag’ mission which was pretty cool.

Check out these glorious scenes from a seedling democracy:

Helldivers 2 - Screenshot of a Lake View
Taking holiday snapshots while my squad makes First Contact

The atmosphere in Helldivers 2 is potent.

My Helldiver saluting the raised flag in a dystopian wasteland
Saluting our flag in a dystopian wasteland I personally helped to forge

Life goals.

Helldivers 2 After 40 Hours of Playtime

My final thoughts:

I wasn’t sure if I was gonna write another Helldivers 2 post, but since I’ve been racking up the hours, it made sense.

Helldivers 2 is currently the #1 selling game on Steam and is #2 at the UK PlayStation Store (behind FC 24).

Helldivers 2 is Top Seller on Steam as seen in this list
Steam – Top Sellers (grabbed ‎19 ‎February ‎2024)
Helldivers 2 - Top of Most Played on Steam List
Steam – Most Played (grabbed ‎19 ‎February ‎2024)

It’s a well-deserved raging success.

As for me, I’m quickly getting to the point where I’ll have nothing left to unlock. But as someone who played the original, it’s not too surprising.

At that point, I’ll be attempting the harder settings, ideally with players of a similar rank.

The £35 I spent on Helldivers is looking like a real steal, especially when compared to some of the dross we normally get from so-called premium titles!

I can’t wait to see how this story unfolds.

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A random shot of a beautiful planet:

A beautiful planet I landed on

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