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The Cook-Out A Sandwich Tale Screenshot of Kitchen and Customers

I picked up Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale for my Meta Quest 2 headset in the Christmas sales, paying a hefty £5.35 for it. My wife did the same so we could play together and we’ve been playing it ever since. 

My benchmark for a good cooking game is Overcooked, which we used to play on the PlayStation. 

Overcooked is the game that convinced me cooking could be fun… electronically speaking, of course. 

That experience is what I hoped to replicate on the Meta Quest.

And I’m happy to report that Cook-Out does a great job. 

Table of Contents

  1. What does Cook-Out look like in VR?
  2. How to play Cook-Out (Gameplay Guide)
  3. Cook-Out is Surprisingly Challenging
  4. Is Cook-Out multiplayer?
  5. Would I buy Cook-Out again?

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What does Cook-Out look like in VR? (Meta Quest | Oculus Quest)

Cook-Out A Sandwich Tale Cabin Sign - Now Hiring

Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale is a virtual reality game by Resolution Games, and they’ve done a fantastic job with the aesthetics.

I’m not normally a fan of the cartoony style because it’s simply over-utilized on the Meta Quest, but here, it really works. 

The graphics are crisp and the colours are soft, yet vibrant.

There are so many small details about Cook’s Cabin Kitchen that bring the environment to life; like a mousehole with animated eyes occasionally peeking out, and an animated plant, swinging its legs off the side of a shelf.

Cook-Out A Sandwich Tale Cabin Kitchen Mouse Hole

The style of the game is energetic and fun, while also managing to capture the warmth of some old classic fairytale. 

The kitchen itself is functional. Various cooking tools and ingredients are all within arm’s reach, and the controls are intuitive making the process of preparing meals natural and enjoyable.

I play Cook-Out sitting down, while my wife prefers to stand, and it makes no difference to gameplay or our ability to complete stages. 

The diners (our esteemed guests), the Werewolves, Mice, Cats, and Rabbits, all have fluid animations and funny one-liners.

Cook-Out Multiplayer Werewolf Mouse Cat and Rabbit review screenshot

And on a side note, I get absolutely no motion/VR sickness from Cook-Out, because you don’t need to move from your workstation at all.

How to Play Cook-Out (Gameplay Guide)

Before each level begins, you’ll have the option to select a couple of potions (special bonus items that make things easier), like a time-slowing potion for example.

Cook-Out: Slow Time Potion Example for review

When the round starts and your kitchen opens for business, you’ll be visited by a bunch of cute fairytale customers desperately in need of a quick sandwich.

The orders will come in thick and fast and it’s your job to prepare them without error.

Cook-Out VR Multiplayer Gameplay Example Screenshot

You’ll chop, grill, and build sandwiches, adding ketchup and any other condiments as required.

Cook-Out Meta Quest Game: Screenshot Adding Ketchup

And it’s no joke! Cook-Out replicates the fast-paced environment of a real kitchen and requires: 

  • The ability to multi-task and deal with pressure,
  • Good hand-eye coordination, and
  • Solid planning and strategy implementation!

Cook-Out is Surprisingly Challenging…

Cook-Out is definitely fun and will have you laughing and joking soon enough, but it can be a rollercoaster of emotions because it’s surprisingly challenging. 

A round can quickly degenerate into complete chaos if you’re not careful. 

If you’re the type of person who has to perfect stages, then you’re in for a hectic hustle trying to achieve that here.

Of course, you could accept 2 out of 3 stars and be on your merry way, the choice is really yours. 

As far as stages go, there are over 50, across 18 towns. There’s also an Endless mode and a Creative mode to play.

So, there’s plenty to do. 

Finally, you don’t need much real-world space to play Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale. I’ve tested it with both a stationary border and a room-scale barrier.

Is Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale Multiplayer? (Locally and Online)

Playing Cook-Out with some friends is really where this game shines.

Up to four players can play, completing single challenges or taking on the full cooperative mode. 

Multiplayer party games add a layer of camaraderie to proceedings, making the game even more immersive and entertaining. 

You can set up co-op games with friends, or join random gamers, via the main menu:

Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale Main Menu Screenshot

But don’t worry if you’re a solo player, because you’ll have a very helpful robot as a companion.

-So you can play the entire game in single-player mode.

Would I buy Cook-Out again? (A Sandwich Tale VR review)

My final thoughts:

Cook-Out is genuinely fun to play, especially if you have friends to play it with.

The whole experience is an advert for why VR and the Meta Quest are so awesome.

I paid £5.35 while it was on a deal and as it turns out, that was a fantastic offer.

The full listed price is £11.99, and with what I know now, I’d say it’s worth that (of course, it’s always nice to get a discount).

Have you played Cook-Out?

What did you make of it? Still playing?

Let me know in the comments below.

Old Cynic’s Grade:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Note: This review was based on the Meta Quest 2 and version 1.15.233293-release of the game.

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