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Rush Royale has just released a new game mode called Mirror Match. Up until now, Rush Royale has been an OK game to waste a bit of time on, but with Mirror Match, it has taken a big leap in the right direction.

I’ve been playing Rush Royale for a few months now, and this new Event has motivated me to write this review…

it’s good.

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Rush Royale’s Mirror Match Rules

If you’re reading this review, you already know how to play Rush Royale, so I’m going to focus on the new Mirror Match Event.

The Mirror Match Event levels the playing field; with both competitors starting the battle with exactly the same deck of heroes.

The goal is to win as many games as possible (with a maximum of 12 wins), but if you lose 3, then you’re out of the tournament.

And the prizes are great: After 3 victories you win x50 Common cards, x25 Rare cards, and x4 Epic cards. Plus 2000 coins.

After 7 victories you win x120 Common cards, x60 Rare cards, x10 Epic cards, and x0-x1 Legendary cards. Plus 6000 coins.

Win all 12 and you’ll get: x300 Common cards, x150 Rare cards, x30 Epic cards, and a guaranteed Legendary card. Plus 15000 coins.

Screenshot of Mirror Match buy-in screen
Mirror Match Buy-in Screen

If you lose 3 games and exit the tournament, you can immediately start again for a buy-in fee of either 100 Purple gems, or 15000 coins. Failing that, you can wait until the new day when you’ll receive a new free play token.

Rush Royal Mirror Match Review

Mirror Match random draw

Mirror Match adds a very nice competitive edge to Rush Royale. It’s a great idea to play a game with exactly the same deck of cards as your opponent.

You don’t have to worry about your opponent’s choice of hero, you only have to worry about the random cards falling onto the battlefield.

Mirror Match is much more fun than any other Rush Royale game mode, and that’s because it feels fairer and because there’s a chance to win great prizes.

Sadly, there is one fault with this game mode, and that’s the fact that your hero levels are the same as you currently have in your base. So, if you’re facing somebody with superior hero levels, they’ll have a clear advantage over you.

Just another Pay-to-Win Event?

Mirror Match could have brought Rush Royale into the mainstream, and there’s no doubt that the developers missed an opportunity by retaining individual hero levels. As a result, Mirror Match clearly benefits paying players and older users.

However, Rush Royale isn’t the first game to manufacture a way to encourage spending, and as an Empires and Puzzles player, I’m used to seeing it. And that’s the developer’s choice and challenge; to get the balance right.

Many of the lower-level prizes are still available to non-paying/new users. Sure, you’re not likely to get a Legendary card. But you can win Rare and Epic cards, plus a good bit of money.

Mirror Match is a pay-to-win event, but I’ll be using my tokens before playing any other game mode because it’s a fun challenge with decent rewards.

Tips for Mirror Match

Mirror Match prizes

Mirror Match offers the best of Rush Royale in my view. Overall, if the developers can calm down on pushing ads, reduce the price of their in-game purchases, and balance the game a bit, then I really believe this game could become more popular.

As for tips, the most important thing is to know what each hero does. And that’s difficult if you’re a newbie.

For example, on a couple of occasions, I had this green, leafy, female warrior hero. And I didn’t know what she did. Should I build on her? Or get rid of her?

Winning Mirror Match is as much about lucky drops, as it is knowing who to build around.

And maybe that makes Mirror Match even better; the idea that ‘hero knowledge‘ will win you battles.

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