Kicked Before Extraction: Helldivers 2 (Hell No!) My Solution

Helldivers 2 Kicked Before Extraction - The Solution

I got kicked from a mission shortly before extraction and I’m calling BS! Helldivers 2 needs a way to manage this nonsense.

How did it happen?

I joined this group of friends. I could tell because as we waited for the last member of the club to join there was a lot of chit-chat and laughter in the lobby.

They were all familiar with each other’s names, including the slacker.

Admittedly, I was naive to the mischief they were about to play. Like a fawn being shepherded by a lion; I stayed close, assuming their good intent.

Once on the planet’s surface, we took off into the fray of battle. There were giant monsters spewing pus and hundreds of their underlings lunging at my throat. And then, there was the Titan. A goliath of all goliaths, standing at least 50 feet tall.

We weaved into, and out of, his range, like a needle and thread stitching moments into time.

We hit him with our bullets, our Stratagems, and our courage.

I remember looking up at him, at this monster, and wondering if his bean-sized brain afforded him the ability to understand that we were the good guys. That we were killing him so that blessed democracy could flourish across the galaxy and enrich the lives of so many.

In the chaos, I reinforced my comrades numerous times, as they ran head-first into Titan slaps.

But fate was on our side that glorious day and as its knees finally buckled under the weight of our righteousness, I felt jubilant.

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Helldivers 2: Being Kicked After the Main Mission

Our target had been eliminated and our main mission had been completed.

However, there was still land to explore and resources to exploit.

For my part, as soon as the Titan fell, I immediately took stock of my condition and inventory. I reloaded my weapons and surveyed my surroundings.

We were finally alone.

Helldivers 2 A re-enactment of events on the ground
A staged re-enactment: Kicked before Extraction in Helldivers 2

The bugs had been subdued and the world, for now, was quiet.

I looked up at the sky and was filled with a deep sense of accomplishment.

“But where should I go now?” I wondered, opening up my mini map.

It was here. At this moment, when the lion stopped pawing and playing. I heard my name-tag uttered and some laughter, and then quickly, before I knew life from death, the rug was pulled from under me.

In a flash, I was back aboard my ship, The Purveyor Of Liberty, standing alone with nothing to show for my endeavours but the angst felt in my gut.

Helldivers 2 - After being Kicked and Back on Ship
Confused, with the weight of the world now on my shoulders

I was wounded. [YouTube]

Helldivers 2: Kicked Before Extracting Solution

My final thoughts & Solution:

This is all based on a true event, albeit, with a little artistic licence.

I have no doubt it was intentional and not a server issue. In fact, from all the chatter, I suspect they were having… fun.

I must admit, the only solution I’ve found is to host the game yourself. -That means, setting up missions and heading down to the planet sometimes solo, while allowing others to join you.

It’s what I’ve been doing most of the time. Although, recently I have vigilantly ventured back into QUICKPLAY territory again.

As a host, I must say, that unless somebody is deliberately killing teammates, or doesn’t know how to share supplies, I’d find it hard to justify kicking them.

Mines thrown everywhere? Maybe.

Anyway, it’s wholly frustrating to be kicked for nothing and merely at the whim of some d*ck.

I don’t know how else to resolve the issue besides hosting the game yourself.

If you have another solution or have had a similar experience, let us know about it in the comments below.

And if you enjoyed this post, please share it somewhere. It really does help.

A random shot of a beautiful planet:

A Beautiful Ice Snow Planet Screenshot from Helldivers 2

Keep reading? Helldivers 2

Images are screenshots used by way of review/tutorial
Helldivers is owned and was created by Arrowhead Game Studios

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  1. So earlier today I, for the first time, kicked someone as we were on the pelican and the timer was going down for the rest of the team to enjoy.

    This person, kept running off by themselves, and not helping everyone else who were trying to do side objectives. They used rhe text chat function, to keep telling everyone they were wasting time and being very obnoxious. I already knew if they didn’t drop after the match was done, I would kick anyway.

    But then came the last straw. They said something like, “you are all trash, why do you even play this game?” To me, if you want to just speed run stuff, I get it, make your own match and do it there. Don’t go into other peoples and start telling people off and trying to boss everyone around. So I decided to punish them the only way I could. Kick and block, ensuring they got no reward for that mission.

    Obviously what happened to you was very different, but tbh, I was glad I was able to kick this rude person the way I did. I feel like the function needs to stay the way it is to help keep toxic players in check. However the obvious side effect is what happened to you.

    1. It’s true, we do need a way to kick bad teammates and what you describe sounds like he was asking for it (and blocking).

      Of course, whenever there’s a powerful tool some toxic people will utilise it for giggles. I’m not suggesting a manual review or anything, that’s too much. And a team vote thing wouldn’t have worked in my case, where they’re mates.

      Thanks for weighing in and sharing the story. The kick function probably does much more good than bad.

  2. There should be a system in place but nothing is foolproof. Atleast it will be more helpful.

    1. Vote for kicking requires approval of other players.

    2. Kicking player after main objective is completed should reward them all the xp, rp, samples gained in the mission if succeeded in extraction.

    3. Cannot kick player after extraction is enabled.

    4. At the end of the game, once you have kicked a player, you are obliged to fill in a report describing the situation and reason of why if you want to be awarded your rewards. This only occurs after kicking. If no reason provided you forfiet your reward.

    5. Toxic behavior such as repeated kick before extracting should penalize the host and remove an expensive module from your ship and/or wipe your pink samples and/or disabled some ship modules for x time.

    Its all solutions that i brainstormed rapidly but its a start.

    1. I agree, there should be some kind of two-sided system implemented. It is true that the game can be abused by both sides, but it is also true that there should be a double check for abusive behavior.

      What comes to my mind is, that there will basically be no server host in the current scene and the game itself handles the kicking via voting. Or you can mark players after the match you want to avoid playing with in the future.

      Honestly, it is kind of strange that you are kicked from a server, but landed on the planet before, without being able to stay. My second idea would be, that you simply leave the group but stay on the map and get the reward you have earned until that point of being kicked.

      Meaning, for example, you are alone but are still able to call the shuttle, for example.

      What bothers me, is that there is no way of finishing the game, at least to the point you contributed to it. Hopefully, there will be some kind of solution for this in the future.

  3. This is a new trend and happening with increasing frequency when dropping into lower difficulty levels.

    People are killing me at the drop, on the ramp of the pelican, dusting off, then kicking me when on the ship. Especially when I am carrying double digit samples and sometimes doubling the kill counts of others on the team.

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