Empires and Puzzles PvP Hero League: Complete Guide (Beta)

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Empires and Puzzles Hero League is a brand new PvP mode that has caused a lot of excitement. This post will serve as a guide to the League, which is now officially live!

I’m really excited about the PvP League so let’s dive in.

This post may contain speculation, personal opinion, adult comedy, and human error. It is not advice and is solely for entertainment and informational purposes.

Empires and Puzzles League: The New PvP Mode

The Hero League is a new Tournament Event where you’ll face global Defenses in a PvP knockout-style league in an epic race for the #1 spot.

Each League runs for 4 rounds over 4 weeks and the bottom 25% are eliminated at the end of each round.

You’ll be able to find the PvP Hero League within a new tab inside the Raids icon section.

The ultimate goal is to accumulate points by battling other players’ Defenses and holding your ground with your own Defense Team.

You will earn points for Attacking and Defending. These totals will be combined to give you your total Round Scores.

A number of factors impact how Attacking Points are earned, like:

  • Whether you win the battle
  • The number of Heroes you defeat, and
  • How well you match the tiles (shields)

Here’s a breakdown of how the Attack Points are scored:

ActionPoints Earned
Enemy Defeated (Each Hero)20
4-Shield Match2
5-Shield Match4
Highest Combo3
Max 4-Shield Match Score40
Max 5-Shield Match Score40
Max Highest Combo Score40
OldCynic.com – Breakdown of Hero League Attack Points Scoring

Fleeing a battle before it’s over will result in 0 points.

Each opponent will carry a Difficulty Bonus which will contribute to your Attack score. These are calculated by comparing the performance of their Defense Teams to your performance in previous Attacks.

And your Defense Team will earn Defense Points based on their performance. These are determined by the win percentage of your Defense Team.

These Defense Points will be issued at the end of each round based on your grade.

PercentageGradePoints Earned
OldCynic.com – Breakdown of Hero League Defense Points Scoring

As with Wars and Tournaments, you’ll need to register to play in the Hero League. The Registration Phase lasts for one day and during this time you can prepare your Defense Team.

Ability to Change Your Defense Team during the League Event

Unlike other Empires and Puzzles Events and Tournaments, with the Hero League, you’ll have the ability to change your Defense Team at any point.

This will allow you to take advantage of the changing Event Hero Bonuses (see below), or adjust Defense Teams accordingly.

Also, if your Defense Team isn’t performing as well as you’d like, you can always switch it up.

The Battle Schedule (Empires and Puzzles League)

After Registration day, the battle begins!

The League will have 4 rounds of Battle Phases, and each Battle Phase will last for 6 days with a 1-day Cooldown Phase in between.

During the Battle Phase, you’ll earn points by conducting a maximum of 10 attacks per day.

Each attack uses 1 standard Raid Energy Flag.

Opponents are not skippable.

Defense Points are calculated based on your Defense Team’s performance and added to your score log at the end of each day.

After the 6-day Battle Phase period, there will be a 1-day Cooldown Phase. During this time the bottom 25% of registered players will be eliminated from the League.

If you manage to stay in the League, you’ll go on to play in the next round. The Battle Phases and Cooldown Phases will repeat for a total of 4 rounds per Hero League.

If you get eliminated, you won’t be able to continue in the current Hero League but you will receive Loot based on your Ranking and for each round of participation.

If you manage to stay in the League until the end, Loot is rewarded based on the following ranking groups:

  • Rank 1
  • Rank 2 to 10
  • Rank 11 to 1000
  • Rank 1001 to 10000

On the Hero League homepage, next to your score and ranking, there is a ‘?’ icon. If you press the icon it will display your League Log with details of your Attacks, Defenses, and ‘Rounds”.

The Rounds Tab contains your ATTACK SCORE, DEFENSE SCORE, TOTAL SCORE, and number of ATTACKS used.

Rewards for The PvP League Battle Mode (E&P Loot)

As we’re still in Beta, it’s not clear what rewards/Loot will be given in the Live version of the Hero League.

So for now, I’ll leave this section unpopulated.

Special Event Hero & Family Bonuses (Empires and Puzzles League)

Each Hero League will have Featured Families which will receive a Stat Bonus throughout the entire League.

Each round of Battle Phases will also have Featured Classes which will receive a Stat Bonus for that round.

The Featured Families and Classes will be shown within the Rules tab at the beginning of the League, so you can prepare your Defense Team accordingly.

As an example, the current Beta features the following:

Featured Families:

Featured Classes:

  • Round One: Ranger: +10%, Barbarian: +10%
  • Round Two: Wizard: +10%, Fighter: +10%
  • Round Three: Cleric: +10%, Rogue: +10%
  • Round Four: Druid: +10%, Monk: +10%
Empires and Puzzles PvP Hero League Feat

Old Cynic’s Opinion on the Hero League…

I think this is a fantastic idea.

My favourite thing to do of late is to play the weekly Tournament and this looks like a knockout cup version of that.

There are a lot of positives as far as I can see, and great potential.

Information about this new Event/Mode is still developing and evolving, so for now I’ll leave my personal feedback for Beta.

That said, I welcome you all to have your say in the comments below!

What do you make of the PvP League?

What would you implement or change based on what we have above?

For more on this topic, you can also check out the Forum Post dedicated to it, here.

Have a great day, everyone!

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. Hi OC, Thanks for the excellent update – the League sounds great!
    I’m also a big fan of tournaments and have a couple questions about the upcoming League (and of course I’ll understand if you don’t know the answers yet as it’s still in Beta): 1. Will we have to use Raid Energy Flasks to complete all 20 attacks per day or will it be like the tournaments in that flasks aren’t needed to complete the daily limit? 2. Will the wins, kills and uses of certain types of heroes, etc. accumulated in the League count towards completing POV and POG requirements the way that they do from the tournaments? Thanks again!

      1. I like the tournaments as well so this sounds fun to me. Although I don’t think i’ll get to the last Round if they don’t match according your level and Heroes. I can only hope they do a better job than the matching for wars. (We play with Four newbies, teams under 3000, lowest from enemys is 45+😅)
        Also i wonder how i’ll be able to do all the attacks in one day during the busier periodes in my life.
        But as said, can be Fun. I don’t expect to much from the loot, that way i can only be pleasantly surprised😁

        1. Hey Duende, I have some answers after playing the first round (I’ll also update the post soon):

          1. The League Event has its own internal Flag system and no Flasks are needed at all. You have a set number of hits (20) and they countdown.

          2. Yes, my League hits seem to have counted towards the POV/POG, although I looked after the fact. -I have not done any other Raids this morning and it is showing todays challenges complete, so I’m taking that as a yes. I did purposely check that they counted to fill the HEROES CHEST, and they do.

          3. 20 hits is a lot for one sitting, especially with Tourney/War/and other stuff going on.

          There’s more info, but I’ll update the post!

          1. Thanks OC, you’ve answered my questions as well. Looking forward to the full breakdown!

  2. Thank you for the updates as always. This will be an awesome addition to the game. I look forward to battling you in the top 10,000 every month. 😉

  3. Will there be different levels of difficulty ie: rare, epic, legendary. Or is it bring your best legendaries.

  4. With the number of battles this will entail, will heroes be able to be reused? Even with 3 Kingdoms I’m low on serious heroes by the end.

  5. Thanks for the preview. I don’t mean to be a downer, but I’m trying to figure out what need this serves in the game. We already have raids and tournaments, and the PVP aspect of this sounds like more of the same, except more uphill for people like me who don’t have lots of the latest hero families. What am I missing?

    1. Not at all Xyfell, it’s a lot of those things.

      I think the main difference is the feeling that you’re finding the #1 player, even if that’s not really the case. -It’s the drama and suspense.

      You’re right about the latest Heroes, and that’s true with any tourney/war in E&P, and even more so if they go ahead with the huge +40% Family Stat bonus.

      Still, if the Devs can get the balance right then it will feel like a bigger version of the Raid Tourney, with more to do, more to consider, and more work on Defense.

      But yes, it’s not a massive change of direction, it’s more of an already good thing. If you like Raiding and love the Tourney, you’ll at the very least enjoy the PvP League.

  6. Again, just for P2W. League implies by strength. However, just a show-off. Oh, I have the latest OP. Btw it gets a bonus to make the difference even larger and pushes SG sales. Those who are not in the first 10k in tournaments on a regular basis are just fodder for whales.
    Enjoy. I try once and see how great the reward is. Usually, not worth the effort. They could have improved tournaments to achieve the same.

  7. Hey old cynic, i wonder what your thoughts are after the first roll out? For me personally i Found myself competing against crazy teams with mostly deity3 Heroes while i only have one myself😅. Still, my Quintin/Loki/Ray/phorcys/lidenbrock attack team did ‘ok’. It was in defense where i got obliterated. The rewards if you are outside top 10000 are not worth the time and effort you put in it. It was a good thing they turned down the attacks to 6.
    So, Fun to play?: most of the time yes, but sometimes also very frustrating to come up against teams you immediately know you don’t stand a chance (which can be the case everywhere, i know)
    Play for loot? Not if you don’t already spend a lot of money, which is ok for me if you do, just not my playground

    1. Hey Duende, the league actually came directly after I had made a conscious decision to change how I play the game; to readjusted my expectations. Part of that meant playing parts of the game where I have a chance to win and avoiding the others. On balance, the league wasn’t going to work for me so I let it be!

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