Empires and Puzzles September Update (Winners and Losers)

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This morning at around 11:30 hours, UK international time, Empires and Puzzles HQ released the most significant update since King James; Xnolphod is done for and the Three Kingdoms Family is in a shambles.

I couldn’t ignore the September 2022 Balance Update, so let’s get straight to it and find out who the Winners and Losers are!

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The September Balance Update ~ Empires and Puzzles

If this is new news to you, you can check out the particulars direct from the source.

Before I start, let me say this; I know some people may be upset about what’s happened and I’m not here to rub salt in the wound. In fact, I was tempted to ignore this update for that very reason.

However, I anticipate the September Update will have a significant impact on Empires and Puzzles, and if I’m to cover anything E&P-related, I’m almost duty-bound to cover this.

And, if I am to cover this, I will do so in my usual fashion; as lightheartedly as possible.

Let’s go!

Loser: Xnolphod (Nerfed)

Xnolphod graphic from Summoning in Empires and Puzzles

The Mana Lord himself, is no more!

Xnolphod has owned Empires and Puzzles since his arrival and was well established as the best Tank in the game.

His 20% Mana Boost was sooo powerful that it made Slow heroes act like they were featuring in Rush Wars.

All of a sudden, Heroes who had no business fronting on Defense, would get to flexing when stood behind him.

If not for Xnolphod, you would’ve slapped those sluggish meandering buffoons a quick 1-2 to the forehead before they even knew it.

But those days are over.

Xnolphod will now issue a 10% Mana Boost and 40% Healing (up from 32%).

This Nerf is going to affect a large number of players and will signal the search for his successor.

Which neatly brings me onto some Winners…

Winners: All the other Purple Gods

Diaochan Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Dark heroes are queuing up around the block, waiting for their opportunity to audition for Tank-Factor.

I’m told by sources close to the Heroes that they’ve all prepared a sad story and selected a bitter-sweet song to accompany the slow-mo footage of them walking in the rain.

My undercover journalism has also uncovered a deep-seated rivalry among the elite Purple heroes, and it is founded on the premise that any one of them could have been the Best Tank in the game.

Almost mirroring The Rock’s early wrestling days, Xnolphod, who was once supported by The Nation of Purple Domination, is actually now hated by them!

And many within their ranks are glad to see the back of him.

Who do you think will emerge as the new Best Tank in Empires and Puzzles?

Losers: War of the Three Kingdoms

Sun Quan Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

The War of the Three Kingdom Heroes were Buffed in June 2022, and today they were nerfed.

Their Family Bonus has been of most concern (the Mana Bonus), and that has essentially been rolled back to its original state:

  • From 1/2/3 Heroes: 3%/6%/10% to 2%/4%/6%

Also, Zhuge Liang, Liu Bei, and Jing, all received individual Nerfs; amounting to small changes to their Minions and Counterattack (with a slight increase in Damage).

I’ve updated my War of the Three Kingdoms Guide here, where you can find all the changes important to you.

Up until now, this Family had been vanquishing any fools silly enough to challenge them at the Top End of the game, and today it was them who were on the receiving end.

… Or maybe not.

A lot has been invested in these 3K super teams and I think it’s reasonable to assume a lot of hurried experimenting will now take place to discover if that 6% Mana Boost is still viable.

Would love to read your thoughts below.

Winner: Old Cynic

Picture of the Old Cynic

When I get things wrong, I talk about it. So it’s only fair I do the same when I get it right.

And I was blazing on a bunch of this stuff!

Alright, X-O-Pod is X-O-Pod. The guy sitting at the Bus Stop could’ve told you he might’ve been Nerfed.

But I spilled the beans on the Three Kingdom lot in my Sun Quan review. I exposed them like it was International Headline News!

Also, if you could only see Beta right now…

Full, I’m telling you, FULL, of the cutest heroes you have ever seen.

Some of you may remember my Bastet review, when I said that SG might get to thinking about producing a bunch of cute heroes; now they know some of you will spin for cute Heroes like …

Well, get ready…

Winners: Neith, Jean-Francois, Thoth-Amun, Salmon Loki, and Red Hood

Screenshot of Salmon Loki from Empires and Puzzles

Salmon Loki again. This fish will not quit!

The fish aside, there were some interesting Buffs in this lot:

  • Jean-Francois: Burn Damage from 368 to 552 and duration from 2 turns to 3 – Defense Protection from 4 turns to 5.
  • Thoth-Amun: Damage from 235% to 280% – Minion HP from 20% to 25%.
  • Neith: Mana reduction from 10% to 20% – Damage from 150% to 200%.
  • Salmon Loki: Damage from 235% to 250% – Damage if changed to Holy from 560 to 612.
  • Red Hood: Damage from 131% to 181% – Minion HP from 14% to 20%.

Neith’s Buff is made of crazy stuff. 20% reduction in Mana? On Average? Plus, a decent move up to 200% to all.

I really like the look of her. Only problem is her vintage; circa 2019.

Jean-Francois is grinning ear to ear after his Buff. I actually wish I had him now. Some of these old heroes are gonna shock a few folk who ain’t paying attention, right?

I feel like these ‘Classic Hero’ Buffs are getting stronger. Awesome stuff.

September Balance Update (Empires & Puzzles)

This was a tough Update and I can only assume how some of you may feel. You are welcome to share your thoughts, but please keep it to something I can publish.

Tomorrow morning, we will all wake up in a different world, as these changes begin to take effect and impact our gaming lives.

The question I’m most interested in is, who now will be the leading hero in Empires and Puzzles?

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. high end raiding is going to be easier without xnolphod tanking everything, maybe i will actually take red hood from 3/70 to 4/80 now

  2. I have had Neith on 3.70 since forever. She deserves the darts now, I think.

    I saw the new “cute” heroes you mentioned. It is too furry for my taste. Which is good, one event I will not be summoning is an event I can save resources.

    1. Completely agree! Since he is 10% I cant use him in offence anymore. Although maxed to 85, he is only an average healer with no real impact anymore. I want my purple Iimit breakers back!

  3. Its weird but each time I have read about these hero’s being Nerf’d I think to myself “No, not got him, nor him, nor her…….”.
    So does that make me lucky to not be suffering anguish, anger and pain today or does it make me UNLUCKY that I have never pulled a hero deemed worthy of being nerfed?
    I like the season 5 heroes I have got, Khufu took out an entire team the other day which made me fall of my chair laughing. so long as they are left alone I think I will carry on as normal and snigger at all the moaning.

  4. The Nerv of the Kindom heros is only a roll back of the june Balanceupdate Buff. It mainly hits their usage in Offensive Teams. The Anoying Defenses (Zhunge Liang /Xnolphod (Ludwig)/LiuBei) haven’t relied so much on the family Bonus.

  5. These re-balancings are a demonstration of total irrespect for the players. It is just like buying a castle in Spain and end up with a crapy studio next to a trash heap.

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