Royal Match Tips & Tricks [After +4275 Completed Levels]

Royal Match Tips Tricks and Cheats

I’ve been playing Royal Match for over 6 months and today I’m going to share my best tips and tricks.

Royal Match does have some really tough levels, but I believe they’re all beatable, without spending money.

The tips in this post are based on my personal gameplay experience which has gotten me to level 4275. I hope they help.

This post may contain speculation, personal opinion, adult comedy, and human error. It is not advice and is solely for entertainment and informational purposes.

Tip 1: Join and Help a Busy Team

Joining the right Team will net you loads of extra coins.

You’ll need to reach level 20 before you can, but it should be a priority for any new player.

Here’s my Team:

Royal Match Tips - My Team Alliance Screenshot

A few things to consider when looking for a new Team:

  1. Look for Teams that are full (or nearly). There is a 50 member limit
  2. Check that Admin are removing inactive players
  3. Look for activity in the chat
  4. And most importantly: How are they doing in Team Battles?

Team Battles are crucial for deciding whether to stay or leave a Team because winning means a massive 6000 gold coin payout for each member:

My Team Team Battle Win 6000 Coins

Team members can also send you more lives, should you run out (but don’t forget to reciprocate).

Finally, on Teams, some Shop Offers include My Team bonuses. Meaning, you might get a few extra coins or bonus items if a teammate decides to purchase one.

Tip 2: Activate & Keep the Super Light Ball

This is a Super Light Ball:

Royal Match - A Super Light Ball Booster

It’s a Light Ball that has been supercharged into a Super Light Ball. -The most powerful Booster in Royal Match.

However, you’ll need to get to level 292 before you can see and activate it.

Once over level 292, to activate the Super Light Ball, you have to beat 10 levels.

Note the “10/10” Super Light Ball indicator on my home screen:

Royal Match - A Super Light Ball Booster Home Screenshot 10-10

Now, all effects of the Light Ball are doubled.

-If you match a Super Light Ball with a TNT barrel, it will now select two different colours to swap out and populate the board with.

This feature is so beneficial that it had to be near the top of my Royal Match tips, so do your best to keep it!

Use Boosters and coins to clear levels without allowing yourself to fail. Because if you fail, you’ll lose the Super Light Ball and will have to start all over again (and win 10 more levels to get it back).

That said, don’t waste all of your coins!

Tip 3: Take Advantage Of All Royal Match Events

Royal Match is all about momentum; you have to keep winning level after level to build up free Boosters and rewards.

The easiest way to achieve that is by taking part in all Events available to you.

Events also gift as prizes gold coins! -It’s the most reliable way to increase your stash of cash, so don’t waste it.

What Events am I talking about?

  • Propeller Madness and Book of Treasure
  • Sky Race
  • Pinata Party
  • Space Mission
  • Ballon Rise
  • Lightning Rush
  • Lava Quest
  • Hidden Temple
  • Magic Cauldron
  • Dragon Nest
  • The Area (earn Stars by completing levels)
  • Card Collection

Lava Quest is especially important because it regularly allows you to earn a split of 10,000 gold coins. And it’s easy money.

How To Win Lava Quest Examples

Most Royal Match Events don’t require you to actively “Opt-In”, however, make sure you press the “Start” button when necessary to ensure your progress is counted towards rewards.

Tip 4: Item Level Bonus (X2) and Free Pre-Level Boosters

Following on from Tip 3 (Taking Advantage of Events & Collecting Rewards), you might have some free Pre-Level Boosters unlocked, like this:

Royal Match Screenshot of Free Unlimited Pre Game Boosters

You might also have the X2 Level Item Bonus activated, like this:

X2 Item Boosters

My tip here is to take advantage of this time and grind out some levels!

This will greatly improve your ability to complete tasks and collect rewards for Events like Propeller Madness and Book of Treasure.

Simply put, if you have them, make the most of them!

Tip 5: Maximise Butler’s Gift and (Super) Light Balls [Early Gameplay Strategy]

Your matching choices at the beginning of each puzzle board are often the most significant to the completion of the level.

If you’ve got Pre-Level Boosters, make the most of them by making space.

What do I mean?

Only normal tiles can be converted into Boosters. Check out the image below:

Royal Match Tips - Maximise Butler's Gift - A Example

See how limited the payout would be if I simply matched the two highlighted puzzle pieces?

Light Balls are Aces in the Royal Match pack so if you have any early on, make them count.

Maybe use a few turns to make room for more tiles on the board (while also retaining Butler’s Gifts and/or your Pre-Level Boosters). 

So that when you do match the Light Ball, the payout will be much more substantial:

How to Maximise Butler's Gift - B Example

In short, don’t waste early Light Balls if the payout is limited.

That said, don’t waste too many turns waiting for the perfect setup either; find the balance. -If it’s not working for you, light ’em up!

Tip 6: Choose the Right Booster for the Right Situation (Super Light Ball Guide)

There are 4 Pre-Level Boosters in Royal Match that can also be created in-game by matching tiles.

They all excel in different situations.

Generally speaking, I value them in this order when matching:

  1. Light Ball – This is #1 for obvious reasons. You can match it with a Booster to turn all tiles of a certain colour into that Booster. And it can quickly remove obstacles and spread Jelly.
  2. Propeller – The Propeller is special because it often allows you to utilize one Light Ball while sparing any others you might have on the board. This is due to its pinpoint precision.
  3. Rocket – Rockets are useful for impacting multiple tiles beyond a tile barrier. If the board has a barrier wall or obstacles, Rockets can be more effective than Propellers and are definitely better than TNT.
  4. TNT – TNT barrels are all about local impact. If you need to shake up the immediate vicinity, TNT’s the way to go.
Royal Match - All 4 Boosters

If possible, try to consider the layout of the board when choosing what Booster to target and activate. 

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Tip 7: Don’t be Afraid to Use In-Game Boosters (Royal Match Tips)

There are 4 Special In-Game Boosters in Royal Match and they are located on the sidebar of an active game.

  1. Royal Hammer – Removes one tile or an obstacle layer
  2. Arrow – removes a row of tiles and/or one layer of obstacles
  3. Cannon – removes a column of tiles and/or one layer of obstacles
  4. Jester Hat – shuffles the board, moving all the tiles around
Royal Match 4 in-game Boosters: Royal Hammer, Arrow. Cannon, and Jester Hat

These In-Game Boosters can not be made by matching tiles, unlike Pre-Level Boosters.

Here’s my tip: Use them!

There’s no point holding back on Boosters if you’re having to spend coins to complete levels.

Using a Royal Hammer to line up a Super Light Ball with a Rocket could save you from needing further Boosters later on, or from having to use coins in a desperate bid to retain the Super Light Ball or Butler’s Gifts.

It’s better to be liberal with Boosters early on.

Tip 8: Reach Level 20 on Propeller Madness / Book of Treasure

In Propeller Madness the goal is to create Propellers to earn prizes.

And honestly, I don’t think it’s possible to beat without spending an absolutely inordinate amount of time playing…

…and I tried for this post.

I played for about 4 hours daily in an attempt to complete the Event and yet still couldn’t get my hands on that 10K payout!

I did manage 19 out of 20 levels, however, the 20,000 Propellers for the final level proved too much.

Propeller Madness Royal Match Table Screenshot

That said, I can offer some tips to help you maximise your progression.

As mentioned above, momentum is the key to success in Royal Match, and that’s no truer than with Propeller Madness and Book of Treasure.

Here are my tips:

  1. Make sure you’re registered for all active Events (Tip 3 on this list) to ensure you earn all the free Boosters you can.
  2. Make time to utilize the early X2 Level Bonus (Tip 4). They double post-game rewards!
  3. Take a break only when the X2 Bonus has ended. And even then, try to stop just before a new X2 Bonus is due so that on your return you can immediately start to benefit.
  4. In-game, focus on finessing the creation of Propellers.
  5. Grind levels whenever you can in the day and keep grinding because it’s a marathon getting to the summit!

Book of Treasure follows the same premise as Propeller Madness but with a goal of matching Red tiles (Books) instead of activating Propellers.

Propeller Madness and Book of Treasure are both great ways to collect free in-game resources.

But the top prizes are really hard to secure.

Tip 9: Free End of Level Coins (Royal Match)

Try to clear levels with extra moves left over to collect extra free coins.

For every move you have left over at the end of a cleared level, a random Booster item will be thrown onto the board, and then they’re all activated.

Each tile that is removed by these Boosters, and any cascades created by them, will earn you a free coin!

Royal Match - Free Coins at the end of levels

As you approach the completion of a level, don’t activate any Boosters you can safely leave intact because these will help you earn extra coins.

The more Boosters that can be triggered after completion, the more coins you can earn as rewards!

Royal Match Tips & Tricks

My final thoughts:

With Royal Match, it’s best to take your time and think it through to avoid mistakes. Remember, there’s usually no timer.

The goal is to create extra Boosters so that you can clear levels with ease.

That’s it for this post. I hope you found it helpful. Let me know if you’d like more Royal Match content in the comments below.

You can find all my gaming stuff over here.


Images are screenshots used by way of review/tutorial
Royal Match is owned by Dream Games

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