A Whiff Of Nostalgia: WordPress Daily Prompt

Nostalgia hits me harder the older I get. It sneaks up behind me and jumps out when I least expect it, stunning me into silence and a thousand-yard stare as I relive some poignant moment lost to time.

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For months now, I’ve been wanting to respond, like we were penpals trapped in a dystopian future following the collapse…

What keeps you going, OC?

It’s the coffee, man. The coffee. Well, that and my Star Trek collection.

Next Gen or the Original?

OC, Next Gen or Original? I need to know.

Not Nutrek? Tell me it’s NoT NuTReK!

Star Trek - Next Generation Picard and Riker Figurines
90s child

I suspect I’ve digressed.

Anyway, each new Daily Prompt lit a fire of possibility in my mind, which was only quelled by the thought, “What in the hell does this have to do with my blog?!”.

But here we are, on the eve of a brand new year, reviewing the preserved echoes of life that linger in my mind:

“What makes you feel nostalgic?”

WordPress Daily Prompt – 31st Dec 23

Wrestling… Professional Wrestling takes me back to the early 90s

I have fond memories of Wrestling, going all the way back to my late childhood. And whenever I watch it now, I can be drawn back to a specific memory.

It’s the early 1990s and I’m sitting in front of a small TV box set with a coat hanger masquerading as a TV aerial sticking out the back of it.

It’s my mother’s bedroom because she had the only television in the house. It’s late, well beyond our bedtime, however, our successful begging to watch the American stars of wrestling had quickly become a weekly habit.

I’m on the carpet and my brother’s on the end of the bed, and together we are completely immersed in the vibrant story unfolding on the flickering screen before us.

Oftentimes, I would find myself resting my head on my horizontal palm, and by the end of the night, both my arm and my neck would ache.

Sting is the star of the show, running around in bright colours with face paint to match.

He’s the “People’s Champ” of the day. The best Goodie, of all the Goodies.

Sting in the WCW in the early 1990s
1990s Sting

And “Ravishing” Rick Rude [Wiki] is making the crowd Boo as he gyrates his hips for all the ladies.

The carpet is dirty and there’s damp in the air, as well as across the wall. My sister is loud and won’t shut up and my mother wants us out, or to turn it over to watch Prisoner: Cell Block H [YouTube].

But we just want to stay up and watch the wrestling.

When you were young… Nostalgic Memories

As I’ve aged, more of my early life has joined my Wall Of Nostalgia, some of it completely undeserving.

Memories of routine have evolved into emotive glimpses through windows long since closed.

For example, the idea of walking around a Blockbuster Store searching for a movie with my family can be nostalgic.

I was a big fan of the movies as a kid and still am (watch Minari [IMDb] btw), and movies can create nostalgia as well as deliver you there.

And Christmas is a super-trigger for me.

Christmas songs, Christmas movies, and Christmas toys.

The idea of Christmas shopping, -when people actually went to the high street to buy presents, instead of ordering them online.

The list is endless.

This has been a fun exercise but I’ve jabbered on long enough.

If you enjoyed it, you might also like this. And if you enjoy storytelling, you might also like this.

I will be back with more gaming content soon, but for now, Happy New Year!

Copyright: oldcynic.com
Sting images are in the Public Domain
Star Trek image and Sting graphic design: oldcynic.com

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  1. Happy New Year, OC!

    Nostalgic to me:
    Playing Outdoor Games (in the ’90s)

    **when the streets were not yet crowded with cars/vehicles, people, street vendors, and buildings. You ran around until you’re exhausted and smell like the heat of the sun. Carefree and simple-minded. No adult problems too.

    1. You’re right, life before adult problems easily constitutes nostalgia. ‘Heat of the sun’ reminds of summers playing basketball in the park. Good times.

      Happy New Year, PHLOL6!

    1. Hey Duende, that was the premium brand… But then Hogan did go to WCW in the mid to late 90s (? my timeline may be well off). Fun times. Happy New Year!

  2. I am obviously of an even older generation as my father, younger brother and I used to sit in front of the telly on Saturday afternoons and watch as Kent Walton commentated on the wrestling that made up part of “World Of Sport” on ITV. His opening words were always “Welcome grapple fans”. The stars were the likes of Big Daddy, Giant Haystack, Kendo Nagasaki and Johnny Quango (head butt specialist).
    As I got into my teens I went to Belle Vue Arena in Manchester to watch it live, it was 6 old pence for seat and it was pure Roman Amphitheatre entertainment as the crowd bayed for blood.
    What gets me feeling nostalgic? Talking about wrestling!!

    1. I remember Big Daddy and Giant Haystack, not too far removed from Sting in the US, but very different styles of course. I was born early 80s so remember the late 80s on.

      That’s definitely the period I romanticize. Congrats on seeing them live, that must have been fun!

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