Do we get Grumpier and more Cynical as we age?

Do we get grumpier and more cynical as we age, or has the world simply (and swiftly) progressed towards the dumpster fire of some elitist utopian dream?

Let’s be honest, humanity doesn’t actually have the best track record when it comes to upstanding behaviour, so it’s not as if this is a recent thing.

Assholes have been practising their distinct form of bullsh%ttery since the dawn of sentient thought.

And that practice extends to the animal kingdom, too.

So, if we agree that the world was faulty before our births, how can we now justify our later life grumpiness and cynicism as anything other than the ageing process?

I’m not exclusively talking about morality and politics either. I’m also talking about music, entertainment, and culture.

Concerning these things, does…

  • Before = Good
  • Later life = Sh_t 😁

This post contains speculation and personal opinion. It may also contain adult comedy and sarcasm. It is not advice and is solely for entertainment and informational purposes.

Are things worse today? Government, Banking, and Business

This is a tricky subject to discuss openly, let alone publish something on.

I can’t very well tell you what I really make of the concepts of government, democracy, banking, and business.

I mean, I could let loose, and then immediately sell everything I own, transfer my capital to an offshore account, withdraw it in person and in cash, stuff it into a suitcase, cross the border on foot, create a new identity, fly to a desert island, and then start a new life as a Truther on YouTube, or… and I am leaning this way, I could just encourage you to read between the lines.

Plus, what about my dog?

Question is, are these things any worse than they were before? Before my lifetime? 100 years ago? 300 years ago?


The central power may have had a different name, but its relationship with me would have been the same, if not worse.

So why am I grumpy and cynical about these facts now that I’ve grown older?

-It’s because I can see them more clearly.

As a child, I might have seen some BS and moaned about it, but I didn’t really understand it.

I didn’t see the collusion.

As an adult, I’m very aware of the thinking brain behind a piece of propaganda and that properly irks me.

Are things worse today? Music, Movies, and Entertainment

This is more of the same. But thankfully, a little less hazardous.

Again, there’s no significant difference between how somebody ‘made it’ in the past compared to how they make it today.

And media has always been used to influence the masses. Nothing has changed there.

Of course, when I was younger, a simple love song might have more easily nestled within the confines of my brain, forever serving as a backdrop for future emotional events.

-Perhaps it’s reasonable for that rock song that played en route to my first camping trip to float into consciousness whenever I have a lingering thought about freedom.

But even with this understanding, I’m still dubious of modern musicians.

I’ll state it plainly:

I don’t like modern music.

And I’m aware that old people said the same thing when I was a kid!

Look, I don’t want to get into what music is (an art form that focuses on the vibration of the eardrum/sensations in the body and the emotional connections one makes to sound), whether singers are worse today (they are), or if actors and movies suck today (most do), because I understand it’s all subjective (it’s not), like all art is (it really isn’t).

-It’s a matter of personal opinion, I guess.

But it feels like things have deteriorated in the so-called, Arts.

It feels like the only thing that matters is the ability of the mainstream to promote an artist/movie/book.

If they can market it successfully, it will be a success (financially).

But does that make it good?

My doubting mind thinks not.

But here’s the kicker, it doesn’t matter what you or I think because all that really matters is making more money!

Grumpy Old Cynics

I’ve been a cynic since I realised what’s up back in my twenties.

I think the older you get, the more impatient and more aware you become, therefore making an intellectual challenge of the status quo more likely.

As for the arts, I suspect some of it is also down to the next generation seeking out new sounds and visions, to help distinguish themselves from the last. And in that transition, they forsake the last, who simply don’t enjoy the change.

Years ago, I used to watch a British comedy called, One Foot In The Grave [YouTube](Or this, [YouTube] which is funnier), and at the time I didn’t think I had much in common with its main character, Victor Meldrew.

But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to realise how easily one could succumb to that energy.

Thankfully, I’ve learned to avoid the grumpiness, although, I’m pretty sure I could still teach Victor a thing or two about cynicism.

One Foot In The Grave is a BBC sitcom

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  1. This is your old friend from another game you used to give me advice. Hru, my old friend?
    If there is a word in the English language, there is a reason for it.
    Answer: curmudgeon?
    Definitions of curmudgeon. a crusty irascible cantankerous old person full of stubborn ideas. type of: golden ager, old person, oldster, senior citizen.

  2. Yeah were wiser now and with the internet we get all news and everything else right now and we see and hear more info from around the world not just your area. Im 60 and think people are stupid. So called internet infuencers make me sick. How many sheep out there letting these idiots make up their minds for them floors me. Making millions doing it. Nuff said. Love the hard work you put into E&P. Love your info but i do make up my own mind on who to level. You give us insight on the heroes i might have missed. Get your emails so keep up the great work and you are appreciated. Ducky (Tom)

    1. The internet does allow for the sharing of information like no other time in history, but as you say, there’s also a lot of nonsense about. Thanks for reading Tom.

  3. Hi Old Cynic,

    I recognise the feeling, being 67, but feeling 66 πŸ˜‰ .. most of the days at least.
    3 (of maybe many) practical causes for this feeling might be:
    – First: I am – like all of my generation- brainwashed during my puberty, a period setting the standards of what I like or not: so yes to Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, Rolling Stones, Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, Yes (their music a bit, but mostly their lp sleeves), being idealistic, beer & liquors; and no to reality shows, *hard drugs, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and 500 other wannabe artists that look and/or sound quite similar when they complain in their songs about all they suffer of.
    – Second: The world is also a quite a lot more crowded then 50 years ago, so: unfortunately there are more idiots, morons, ruthless and mean people; happily also more nice guys & dolls, saints, and other people trying to make the best of it. But those are less visible.
    – third: Nowadays our poor brains gets more input each day then we had for a whole month 50 years ago. Even worse: as the input was then more or less reliable due to the nature of the sources and the trust we had in them, today anyone with internet and too much fantasy can become an influencer or vlogger. (Not to speak of all those people who make a living of creating fake news.) Followed by many millions who rather believe it than giving it some serious thinking and fact-checking.

    I am curious what other people think of it and hope this contributes to a grumpy, not all too serious discussion. And btw: it’s just a personal opinion, written in a moment of despair πŸ™‚ Tomorrow I will happily believe again in the brave new world we are heading too (I guess).

    Kind regards and continue the good work!
    (PS: English is not my native language)

    Capagi (Paul)

    *OC’s edit 😁

    1. Haha, thank you Capagi for the comment. It made me laugh. And exactly, this is not meant to be serious but somewhat light-hearted.

      “I am – like all of my generation- brainwashed during my puberty, a period setting the standards…” ~ Yes, this is pivotal for all of us. A key stage of development, which we only truly comprehend after the fact. I think it fair to say that we are strongly influenced by our society, culture, and environment. Which makes for interesting viewing as you get older.

      “The world is also a quite a lot more crowded then 50 years ago” ~ Another great point that is often overlooked. For all of human history we humans have lived among fewer humans. Some would have you think that you’re weird for wanting peace and quiet, or the option of less human activity… Strange how quickly the world has shifted toward a new and odd standard. And yes; more people = more assholes (but more good people, too).

      “Nowadays our poor brains gets more input each day then we had for a whole month 50 years ago.” ~ Another nail on the head. Information overload. As much as I love blogging, there are many negatives to the internet. It has completely changed how much information we have access to and I suspect it’s made us all require more input to be satisfied (compared to humans in the past). For example, some people would find reading a book a soul numbing experience today!

      Always wake up with fresh optimism, it helps to make good things happen.

      Thanks Capagi.

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