The Art of Becoming an Old Cynic

A picture of a Cynic in Utopia

If you’ve gotten into the habit of questioning everything, then maybe you’ve become an Old Cynic. Welcome my friend.

When I was a kid, if somebody was a bit ‘anti’, they’d call him an ‘Old Cynic’, and I used to wonder what made him that way. But now I understand! …

It’s all a fix, a sham, a hoodwink, a…. conspiracy? Too far?

What is an Old Cynic?

Yes, the dictionary talks about somebody who believes that others are disingenuous and only act with their own self-interests in mind.

But to me, a cynic is somebody who doesn’t believe in the utopic social dream, often mischievously sold to the masses, by those who stand to benefit most from the consequence of their actions.

A cynic is somebody who questions, Why?

Why did a member of the Clique at work, get the promotion? Why do politicians who appear to know each other personally, pretend to be adversaries? Why do News Reporters offer opinion, instead of simply reporting current events?

Gif with text: Forgive me if I seem Cynical

When did I become a Cynic?

I can’t remember.

I used to be as chirpy as you like. Hell, I needed to be delusional to believe I could make it out -and hurray, I made it! But man, did that journey make me sour.

Add to that, a fair bit of racism and classism, and by my mid-20s I was questioning everything.

Then one day it dawned on me: There’s collusion everywhere.

All those years, I believed the best person got the job, that people were generally fair and decent with each other, yarda-yarda-yarda. Well, imagine my dismay when I discovered that there was a “Go-along-Get-along-gang” -and I wasn’t part of it.

Gif - Funny shocked reaction

Collusion is everywhere. In education, public and private business, policing, and government.

Well, with this blog I’ll be writing about whatever comes to mind, and if you find it interesting, I’ll write some more.

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    1. It just happened that way! Truth is, nobody wants to read my cynical views about the world. And as proof, nobody’s gonna read this post. PS, I have also written about Highlander and Rush Royale, too.

      I’ll write whatever people wanna read (as long as it’s interesting), and for now they’re reading E&P. Thank you for commenting!

  1. I mean that writing about stuff means that you still want to communicate with others and there is an implicit hope that other people might care 🙂 Which is not cynical 😛

    1. That’s a really nice riddle – an insightful thought-loop.

      In defence of my cynicism, I believe that most humans act in their own self-interests, even when perceivably working for others. You are right, in that I do hope there are people out there who see the world as I do (and care).

      But then, even a cynic needs to relate; to express their views and opinions. Because cynics are mostly, human too.🙂

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