Springvale Festival: Empires and Puzzles Guide & Reviews (2022)

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Springvale is the Empires and Puzzles… Spring Event, and for 2022 we’ve got a range of new Costumes to look at, including something Special for Master Lepus.

In this post, I’ll provide a guide for the Seasonal Event itself, an initial review for each hero, and I’ll also break down their new Costumes.

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MENU (Empires and Puzzles Springvale Event)
1. Springvale Seasonal Event Guide
2. Springvale Event End Bosses
3. The Summoning Portal
4. Springvale Family Bonus
5. All 5 Star Springvale Event Heroes
Killhare (+ Costume)
Master Lepus (+ Costume)
Sir Roostley
6. All 4 Star Springvale Event Heroes
Jack O’Hare (+ Costume)
Lady Woolerton
7. All 3 Star Springvale Event Heroes
Squire Wabbit
Chick Jr.

Caveat: The post represents game-play speculation and personal opinion. It is not advice. Information may not be correct, please check in-game to be sure.

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Springvale poster © Small Giant

Springvale Festival 2022 Guide | Empires and Puzzles

The Springvale Seasonal Event is an annual event which occurs around Spring/Easter time and runs for 28 days. This year, it will start March 21st and end April 17th.

There’ll be an Easter Egg icon on the stronghold screen which will house the Special Offers Calendar, and each day of the week, you’ll receive a new special offer. However, four of these days (each Sunday) will feature Free gifts! 😁

The actual gameplay event consists of three difficulty modes: Easy, Normal, and Advance, with 20 Stages in each (60 Stages in total). -Prizes will improve as the level of difficulty increases.

There are no hero restrictions in this event, no Elemental Barrier, and you can’t replay Stages once complete.

As for gameplay, there’s only one special feature; Egg Bombs.

Egg Bombs (Springvale Seasonal Event)

At the start of battle, and as tiles are used, some tiles will be randomly replaced with Egg Bombs.

These Egg Bombs will appear in one of the 5 elemental colours and will have a counter, starting from 3, counting down the moves made.

If the counter runs out, the Egg Bomb will explode and damage your team.

If you match the Egg Bomb with tiles of the same colour before the counter runs out, they’ll heal your team instead of hurting them. The lower the counter, the more they’ll heal for.

All the Bosses, for All Stages, in the Springvale Event

1Fire and NatureChick Jr. (Ice)
2Ice and FireSquire Wabbit (Fire)
3Ice and NatureLady Woolerton (Holy)
4Holy and DarkJack O’Hare (Nature)
5Holy and DarkChick Jr. (Ice) and Killhare (Dark)
6FireMaster Lepus (Ice)
7Ice and DarkSir Roostley (Holy)
8NatureJack O’Hare (Nature)
9Dark and FireKillhare (Dark)
10Holy and DarkChick Jr. (Ice) and Squire Wabbit (Fire)
11Holy and Fire Lady Woolerton (Holy)
12Ice and FireJack O’Hare (Nature)
13Ice and NatureChick Jr. (Ice)
14Holy and DarkMaster Lepus (Ice)
15Holy and NatureChick Jr. (Ice) and Lady Woolerton (Holy)
16Holy and FireJack O’Hare (Nature)
17IceKillhare (Dark)
18NatureSquire Wabbit (Fire)
19DarkSir Roostley (Holy)
20HolySir Roostley (Holy) and Killhare (Dark)
OldCynic.com – Springvale Seasonal Event – The Stage End Bosses – Empires and Puzzles

Springvale Summoning Portal (Empires and Puzzles)

One of the most significant facts about Seasonal Events (including the Springvale Event), is that you can use Golden Epic Hero Tokens at the Summoning Portal.

And due to the event’s timing, you’ll also have the opportunity to pick up the Hero Of The Month for March, -Zagrog, and April, -Silvaria.

The Springvale Summoning Portal will replace the regular Epic Hero Portal, but it will still include Season 1 heroes (unlike the Challenge Festival).

And, what heroes are up for grabs?

This year, you’ll find all 7 of the classic Springvale heroes and in addition, Costumes for:

  • Killhare
  • Master Lepus
  • Jack O’Hare

Well, that’s it for the Seasonal Event itself. Now let’s take a look at the heroes, starting with the Springvale Family Bonus…

Poster of Lady Woolerton and Sir Roostley

Springvale Family Bonus

All Springvale heroes are part of the same Family. Here’s the bonus:

For 2/3 Heroes: +10%/+20% Attack Boost.

Now it’s finally time to check out the heroes!

As always, I’ll provide a short review for each hero and where possible, I’ll link to my full review (which I’ll be adding over the coming days!).

All 5 Star Springvale Heroes (Empires and Puzzles)

In this section, you’ll find a review for the base hero and also, a review for their Costumed counterpart (if they have one). There are a total of three 5-Star Heroes.

Killhare Review Empires and Puzzles

Killhare Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Special Skills (Reckless Swing): 1. Deals 300% damage to all enemies 2. All allies except the caster get -20% defense for 3 turns. This effect can’t be cleansed.

Class: Fighter Element: Dark (Purple) Mana Speed: Average

Thoughts on Killhare

Killhare is the shining star of Springvale, an absolute stone-cold killer.

See, while every other hero in Springvale suffers from an ailment as a result of using their Special, Killhare does not, -cuz she flat-out refused it…

Developer: “Here, this is your ailment, -for after you fire off.”

Killhare: “Do I look like a fool?”

Developer: “The boss says you’ve gotta have it, so here, take it.”

Killhare: “Tobey, I will slap the wet-look out your hair. Don’t test me.”

And that’s why Tobey gave the ailment to her allies… true story.

Killhare slaps every enemy for 300%… this is from an old hero, mind you.

She was a beast when first introduced, and that’s why she’s still relevant today.

Think about this, Killhare hits nearly as hard as Congalach (the recent Underwild hero) -and he’s Slow.

She hits harder than Penolite (Calm) and casts a heavy shadow over the current HotM, Zagrog (both Average, too).

There is the issue of compensating for the reduced Defense, but what is life, if not full of challenges?

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity

Initial thoughts on Costumed Killhare

Costumed Killhare Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Special Skills (Championship Carrot): 1. Deals 330% damage to all enemies 2. All allies except the caster get -20% attack for 3 turns. This effect can’t be cleansed. Class: Druid

Thoughts on Costumed Killhare

Things just got ridiculous! 330% to everyone on an Average mana speed?

All she needs is Tiburtus to run through any team you could possibly put together.

I love Costumed Killhare…

  • Costume bonus ☑
  • Increased hit damage ☑
  • No more reduced Defense ☑

The only loss here is her Fighter Class… losing the ability to rise from the dead and conk heads. And also, now everybody’s stuck with -20% attack.

But for me personally, I’d rather -20% attack than -20% defense. But either way, at least we have the option now.

Costumed Killhare is one of the best offensive heroes in Empires and Puzzles.

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity

Master Lepus Review (Empires and Puzzles)

Master Lepus Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Special Skills (Reckless Finisher): 1. Deals 410% damage to the target and minor damage to nearby enemies. 2. The caster gets -20% defense for 3 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled.

Class: Druid, Element: Ice (Blue), Mana Speed: Fast

Thoughts on Master Lepus

I’ve talked some smack about Master Lepus over the years (most of it in private, between me and him).

Then, a few weeks ago, I decided to make our dispute public, with the controversial countdown of my Most Disappointing 5-Star Heroes.

But, I’m here today to make an apology.

Master Lepus is a grade-A superstar, a one-of-a-kind… and the runt of the litter 🙃.

Master Lepus is a danger to himself!

I’ve started a petition to have his sword taken away for his own safety!

He also has a major personal hygiene issue which causes ‘ailments’ (allegedly), and it’s always held him back!

I’m just saying, water don’t hurt.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d never cook him and he’s fully ascended; he’s just not as useful as he should be.

(For those who don’t know the problem: Master Lepus has low health and when he uses his Special, his defense drops by 20%. Then the entire team has to tend to his welfare, or he won’t make it through to the next round. For shame.)

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Warrior

Initial thoughts on Costumed Master Lepus

Costumed Master Lepus Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Special Skills (Rift Blade): 1. Deals 280% damage to all enemies. 2. The caster gets -24% mana generation for 4 turns. This effect cannot be cleansed. Class: Barbarian

Thoughts on Costumed Master Lepus

Yes… This… This is what I should have got when I pulled Master Lepus last year!

280% to all enemies… ON FAST… where’s Killhare at? Let her know what’s up!

‘The caster gets -24% mana’ – fine, perfectly fine for what he does.

There’s not much to say but wow… all that damage on a Fast charge.

Remember, Quenell does 320% damage to three targets (on her first swing) for a Fast charge…

This is big stuff. I need to do some research and a proper review… and I hope to high heaven I get this version of him.

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Deity

Want more Master Lepus? Check out his full review!

Sir Roostley Review Empires and Puzzles

Sir Roostley Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Special Skills (Luminous Lance): 1. Deals 280% damage to the target. 2. The attack chains through all enemies that are adjacent to any hit enemy. 3. The caster gets -20% attack for 3 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled.

Class: Paladin, Element: Holy (Yellow), Mana Speed: Average

Thoughts on Sir Roostley

That is one plump-looking chicken!

I don’t normally do saunas, but I’d make the exception for him.

A little-known fact: ‘Roostley’ in Old English means ‘KFC’. True story.

I’m joking!

Out of the box, Sir Roostley was already correct;

280% damage (possibly to all), at Average, and with only -20% attack aliment to mess with his mojo.

If you managed to get hold Sally in the recent Challenge Festival, you’ll already know how cool this Special skill is.

Basically, ‘chains through all enemies that are adjacent’ means, he’ll hit the target and any enemy directly next to the target.

Sir Roostley’s a supreme hitter, and shouldn’t be underestimated.

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Archangel

All 4 Star Springvale Heroes (Empires & Puzzles)

There are two 4-Star heroes in the Springvale Family.

Jack O’Hare Review Empires and Puzzles

Jack O'Hare Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Special Skills (Reckless Slash): 1. Deals 180% damage to all enemies. 2. The caster gets -20% defense for 3 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled.

Class: Ranger, Element: Nature (Green), Mana Speed: Fast

Thoughts on Jack O’Hare

Jack O’Hare looks like a great 4-Star hero: 180% to all on a Fast charge is awesome stuff.

Looking at my own roster for quick comparisons and I see –

  • C.Tiburtus (Ave) flexing at 175% to all and -34% defense on the back end,
  • Li Xiu (Ave) slapping 150% to all and reducing mana, and
  • Ametrine (Slow) hitting all for 300% and dispelling

Looking further afield, this 180% for a Fast charge continues to look real strong.

On the flip-side, he has to bear the -20% defense for 3 turns, and I suspect he’s no better at dealing with it than Master Lepus is.

Still, he’s unlikely to find himself in a Raid against Mr. Pengi, so maybe he doesn’t need to be.

Jack O’Hare would’ve been a Deity, but his health is a sticking point… he’s too easy a target in battle.

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Archangel

Initial thoughts on Costumed Jack O’Hare

Special Skills (Egg Barrage): 1. Deals 230% damage to the target. 2. The attack chains through all the enemies who are adjacent to any hit enemy. 3. All allies except the caster get -20% attack for 3 turns. This effect cannot be cleansed. Class: Paladin

Thoughts on Costumed Jack O’Hare

This is interesting… They basically made him a mini Sir Roostley and it looks fantastic for a 4-Star hero.

And, he’s Fast whereas Roostley is Average.

We’ve covered the usefulness of this Special above, and there’s not much to add.

It’s a lot of damage if you can get him going before you take out the Tank.

I’m gonna leave him as an Archangel for the same reason as above. These Springvale heroes always seem to have limited health!

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Archangel

Lady Woolerton Review Empires and Puzzles

Lady Woolerton Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Special Skills (Smooth Treatment): 1. Recovers 40% health for all allies. 2. The caster can’t gain mana for 2 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled.

Class: Cleric, Element: Holy (Yellow), Mana Speed: Fast

Thoughts on Lady Woolerton

Lady Woolerton is one of the most useful 4-Star heroes in the game.

To think, we were just singing the praises of Diaochan, a 5-Star Fast hero who heals for 35%. And here is Woolerton, healing for a massive 40% at the same speed.

The mana ailment is a slight frustration, as is the lack of any other Skill.

Regardless, as a specialist healer, Lady Woolerton is just as comfortable in a 4-Star tournament, as she is in a 5-Star Raid.

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Archangel

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All 3 Star Springvale Heroes (Empires and Puzzles)

There are two 3-Star Heroes in the Springvale Family.

Squire Wabbit Review Springvale Event

Squire Wabbit Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Special Skills (Reckless Stab): 1. Deals 355% damage to the target. 2. The caster gets -20% defense for 3 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled.

Class: Ranger, Element: Fire (Red), Mana Speed: Fast

Thoughts on Squire Wabbit

Ahhh, ‘Squire Wabbit’, isn’t that cute?

It’s a pity he studied under Master Doofus, and got that big ‘ol sword in his hands, instead of a decent learning book.

Don’t be fooled by the perky ears, -this bunny will play dead immediately on enemy contact!

I had Mr Wabbit at one point… and I’m not proud to say it… but he’s been missing for a while now.

I levelled him up and put some emblems on him, but that health meter never moved! I put so much food into that belly, but he never got fatter!

In the end, he just packed up all his stuff into this tiny bindle, tied it all to the end of a stick, and just walked out.

Not seen him since.

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Warrior

Chick Jr. Review Empires and Puzzles

Chick Jr. Empires and Puzzles Hero Card

Special Skills (Compact Lance): 1. Deals 180% damage to all enemies. 2. The caster gets -20% attack for 3 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled.

Class: Paladin, Element: Ice (Blue), Mana Speed: Average

Thoughts on Chick Jr.

Chick Jr. is a fantastic little hitter who also makes an appearance on my Top 3-Star heroes list.

Sadly, he suffers from the same problem as many of these Springvale heroes; he lacks health.

Still, there’s no doubt about it, he’s a great hero to have on the roster for Tournaments.

Old Cynic’s Hero Grade: Archangel

Poster with Killhare and Sir Roostley

Springvale Festival – Empires and Puzzles Guide & Review

Springvale heroes are fun and colourful and normally do something very well.

However, to balance it off, they also happen to suffer from aliments attached to their Special Skills.

In my opinion, all of the 5-Star heroes are now viable options for both Offence and Defense. -Although it’s true, there are loads of better options out there.

The main thing to remember is, if you’re F2P/C2P, Springvale represents an opportunity to get hold of a top-end 5-Star hero, in exchange for one of your saved-up Golden Nuggets! … (Plus an insane amount of luck).

And I guess my personal favourite would have to be, the very same hero I’ve spent so much time dissing;

Costumed Master Lepus (that’s a loopy amount of damage for Fast).

Who’s your favourite and why? Let me know in the comments below!

That was another epic post! Spot an error? Just let me know and I’ll update it.

Enjoyed the post? then help me! – Share it with your alliance!

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Images used by way of review/tutorial – Copyright owned by Empires & Puzzles: Small Giant Games

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  1. The costumes should be fun. I have Master Lepus limit broken and on my defense team. His hit is one of the hardest in the game with the level you can get his attack stat to. His costume will make him deadly. Place him out there with Killhare and you will get the additional Springvale Bonus of an attack boost. I really hope to pull both costumes!

    1. Yep, that sounds like a deadly combo. I think Costumed Master Lepus may now be the most scary hitter in the game… I will be checking when I write his review. Awesome stuff.

      Thanks for visiting GamerrFreddie!

  2. Great review as always. One thing to remember about Lady Woolerton is her class. 35% chance to resist that mana stop she gives herself. I went up against her once and she just kept resisting it, kept healing at a fast rate for 40% and kept being a thorn in my side!

  3. Oh dear. I chose to go with Killhare at the Soul Exchange. Guess which 5-Star hero I pulled after 37 EHT? Right – Killhare… Now I have 2 Killhare’s and the additional costume. Not bad at all, but still … this game… 😉

  4. I was like you as I pulled Master Lepus last year (pulled every hero last year in Springvale) and found him underwhelming and not as impactful as I had imagined he would be. So, even though he was fully ascended with a few emblems, newer and better blue heroes came along and he went on the back burner due to his limits. I had saved 50 EHTs and pulled all 3 costumes and then found your review. Well I had saved all the duplicate costumes from the last few challenges and decided to use them all on Leapy and he now sits at 3.28 and will max him at the earliest opportunity. Thanks for the info, I will be rotating him into action soon enough and will update his effectiveness here.

    1. Cheers Dave, I’d appreciate the feedback. I had hoped to get the Costume but no joy. I’ll be writing his own post later today, which should add a little more… But no more than you’ll see/know first hand.

      1. Luckily for you the Springvale event is a long one and some of the rewards are EHTs so that costume is still in the realm of possibility for you. Hoping you get that lucky pull so Leapy will be a boon to your roster once again.

  5. Costumed Killhare’s special hit % is up but her Attack stat is down significantly as compared to Normal Killhare. I might ascend the costume for the bonus and just use Normal Killhare anyway.

      1. Actually, I didn’t realize that the 845 ATT stat in the card shown above is for a +20 Regular Killhare. The difference in attack stat isn’t really that different. But at first glance it seemed like it was more than 100 higher for normal versus costume!

        In other words, the two cards you show aren’t apples and apples (or carrots and carrots)! HAH

  6. I pulled costume Master Lepus and got Killhare from soul exchange. I team them with Guardian Gazelle to negate their status effects, plus the attack boost and -50% damage received that Gazelle gives……trouble trouble

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