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The Royal Match Card Collection game (aka the Royal Collection) is a fun way to earn free rewards while helping your friends do the same.

In this guide, I’ll explain how the Royal Collection works and show you how to exchange cards with your friends and teammates.

The goal is to complete the Collection within the time limit to unlock the Grand Prize Chest and collect 10,000 free Gold Coins!

Before we get started, don’t forget to check out my Royal Match tips and my post about Saving the King.

Let’s go!

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How Does the Royal Collection work? (Royal Match Cards)

The Royal Collection is an event that runs over 62 days where you collect cards to complete sets to unlock rewards.

The ultimate goal is to collect each of the 135 available cards to complete all 15 sets to win a Grand Prize of 10,000 Gold Coins, Boosters, and an exclusive profile badge.

Royal Match Royal Collection Guide
The Royal Match Royal Collection Guide

Cards are collected via Card Packs which are given as rewards from other events, like Propeller Madness, Team Treasure, King’s Cup, Royal Pass, and Book of Treasure.

There are 4 different coloured Card Packs available, each containing a different number of cards:

  • Brown = 2 cards
  • Green = 3 cards
  • Blue = 4 cards
  • Purple = 6 cards

There is also a special Red Card Pack that guarantees a minimum of 1 New card.

You can get a Red Card Pack from the Card Stars feature (which is covered below).

Royal Collection Card Packs (Brown, Green, Blue, and Purple)
Royal Collection Card Packs (Brown, Green, Blue, and Purple)

There are 15 sets of cards (9 in each set) and each set is based on a theme, like Kitchen, or Shipyard.

Each set gives you the chance to win a different reward. Rewards are either Gold Coins, Pre-Game Boosters (Rockets, TNT, Light Balls), or In-Game Boosters (Royal Hammers, Arrows, Canons, Jester Hats) in various quantities.

When you open a Card Pack, you’ll receive a random selection of cards. As your collection grows, these will either be New cards or Duplicate cards.

New cards will be highlighted with a glow and a “New” badge (as seen in the image below).

Each card is given a value between 1 to 5 Stars suggesting its rarity and there are even a few special Gold cards.

Example of New Cards being collected - Royal Match Cards
Example of New Cards being collected – Royal Match Cards

These will be added to your Royal Collection deck which can be accessed by clicking the 3-card icon on the bottom right of the main Royal Match screen.

Here you can keep track of your progress towards the Grand Prize, see what prizes are on offer for each set, and see how many cards you still need to collect to complete them.

Royal Collection Homepage - Grand Prize Screen
The Royal Collection Screen

A record of your Royal Collection progress is also visible to other players via your profile information.

Royal Match Cards (Royal Collection) – Gifting Cards to Friends

A great new feature of the Royal Collection event is that you can now trade (or Gift) cards with friends or teammates.

This is done by sending duplicate cards to your friends as gifts. You can send a maximum of 3 cards a day.

Why not use the in-game Message system to ask Team members if they have specific spare cards that would help you to complete your sets?

Note: You need to be on each other’s Friends List for this to work.

The only cards you can’t send are the ones with the special Gold frames.

How do I Gift a Card in Royal Match (Sending Cards)?

  1. Find a duplicate card that you’d like to gift (these will be marked with a + number)
  2. Click on the card and hit Send
  3. Choose a friend from your Friends List to send it to!

Like so:

Royal Match Card Collection: How to Gift Cards with Friends or Teammates
Royal Match Card Collection: Gift Cards to Friends and Teammates

If you receive a card from a friend, as long as you’re online you’ll receive it when you first open the game app or after you’ve completed a level.

Like so:

Cards Received: Royal Collection Gifts

If you haven’t personally requested these cards they may also be duplicates in your collection. This will be indicated by whether or not you see the “New” badge.

Please be aware that gifting a card will remove it from your collection when there is another way to use it (see the next section!).

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Royal Match Collection: Duplicate Cards – Card Stars

If you’re not feeling generous, you could use your duplicate cards another way.

Here’s where the Star value on each card counts. You can use your duplicate cards to collect Stars towards opening chests for even more rewards!

Access the Card Stars feature by clicking on the red chest on the top right of the Royal Collections screen:

Royal Match Card Collection Duplicate Cards - Special Red Chest
Royal Match Card Collection Duplicate Cards – Special Red Chest

The total number of Stars from your duplicate cards will be tallied up and you can exchange them for chests when you reach a minimum of 100 Stars.

The number of Stars you have will decline if/when you choose to gift dupes away.

There are 3 “Card Stars” chests to open:

Royal Match: Card Stars Chests

And here is what’s inside:

  • 100 Stars = A Green Card Pack (3 cards), a Rocket, and a TNT Booster
  • 250 Stars = A Blue Card Pack (4 cards), a Green Card Pack, a Rocket, TNT, Light Ball, and a Royal Hammer Booster
  • 500 Stars = A Red Card Pack (giving a minimum of 1 New card), a Blue Card Pack, a Green Card Pack, a Royal Hammer, Arrow, Canon, and a Jester Hat Booster

You can use your Stars to “purchase” any of the chests as many times as you like. When you exchange your Stars for a chest, the cost will be reduced from your total number of Stars.

As you edge closer towards the end of the 62-day event, you might really need that 500 Stars Red Card Pack to help you complete the Royal Collection.

So bear that in mind!

Royal Match: Royal Collection Card Collecting

My final thoughts:

The current iteration of the Royal Collection is brand new and we’re all playing it through for the first time.

As a result, it’s hard to know how difficult it will be to get that 10,000 Gold Coin Grand Prize.

I do like the fact that your friends and teammates can help you by gifting you their duplicate cards. That should make the whole process a little easier.

If you have any views on the new Royal Collections, please feel free to share them in the comments below.

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And if you’re looking for more Royal Match, you can find some over here.

Images are screenshots (captured by OC) used by way of review/tutorial
Royal Match is owned by Dream Games

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  1. Do you know yet if the values on the chests are thresholds, or effectively ‘prices’?

    I currently have 230 stars so I could access the 100-star chest – but would that reduce my total to 130? Or do I then carry on collecting until I reach 250 and ultimately 500?

      1. Thanks! I thought that might be how it would work. Definitely worth holding onto them, then, unless a good trade can be made to complete a set. I will try that now.

        Thanks for the article – I have subscribed!

    1. These will be reduced to 130. I have done it myself and I regret it.
      Best to reach the 500 otherwise you’ll not get the grand prize

    1. Try updating the app. They released an updated version this week (with new levels from 8401 to 8500) and I would imagine if you update it, the new collection will appear.

  2. After the Royal Collection is completed you are given the Grand Royal Collection. The reward is 15,000 + 15 each of TNT, Rocket and Light Ball.

  3. I’ve been stuck at 132 cards for a while now. Need 3 more 5 star cards to complete. Anyone know if royal match considers this and increases your odds on getting these remaining cards or do I have to keep using 500 duplicates (1500 total!)??

    1. I’m in a similar situation (gold cards) and just got the Red Chest but now am back to just a few Stars again. I hope so in answer to your question!

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