How do I get Legendary Troops in Empires & Puzzles?

How do I get Legendary Troops - Empires and Puzzles

Since my hiatus from dynamically covering Empires & Puzzles, Legendary Troops have become a dominant force within the game.

It’s not unexpected! I remember initially reflecting on how these new Troops offered a massive statistical boost.

That said, I had hoped to somehow own a few by now.

I wanted to ask you some questions about Legendary Troops, assuming you don’t mind answering.

You’re welcome to answer anonymously if you choose:

  1. How many Legendary Troops do you own?
  2. How did you acquire them?
  3. What are your plans if you don’t own any yet or only own 1 set?

I’d really like to get some for my Tank at least because it’s been a real struggle out here dealing with these Creatine drinking, Best Life living, pixelated Raid Cup Guardians.

This post may contain speculation, personal opinion, and adult comedy. It is not advice and is solely for entertainment and informational purposes.


Legendary Troops Summon Portal - Empires and Puzzles

Getting Legendary Troops: The Options

As far as I’m aware, there are 2 ways to get Legendary Troops in Empires & Puzzles:

  1. Convert level 26 Epic Troops into Legendary Troops at the Barracks
  2. Use gems/tokens to spin away at the Legendary Troop Portal

~ Option I ~

I’m reasonably close to being able to convert a set of Epic Troops, but it’s been a real grind.

I have considered the Path of Giants for the Trainer Troops locked within, but completing all the Daily Challenges is a real drawback. -It can be proper pernickety at times.

~ Option II ~

As for the second option (the Portal), I’m dubious because there are no guarantees.

For this sort of thing, I’d prefer a fixed fee.

Portals have me uneasy. They remind me of being a teenager plucking up the courage to go speak to some girl; things could go well, or she could say, “Ewww” and walk on by.

It’s the letdown part I find hard to deal with, thinking about it all day long, picturing her face in slow motion as she says, “E-w-w-w”.

Of course, the teenager should try again whereas I’m having a tough time trying to convince the adult to do the same with these Portals…

How did you get your Legendary Troops? Or not…

I believe I’m correct in saying that there’s currently no in-game way to collect Legendary Troop Coins, outside of purchasing them.

I can’t see any in the Path Of Valor or the Path Of Giants.

I’ve also not seen any Events where I can earn them.

Checking the Forum, my assumptions are corroborated, however, there is mention of an Event called the Treasure Quest, which may soon give us a shot at collecting some Legendary Troop Coins for free.

So maybe this will work itself out.

Anyway, as things stand, have you managed to get hold of any Legendary Troops?

Thanks for reading!

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. Only been playing this game since the beginning, I have no legendary troops! FYI I have gone through periods of spending money and periods of not spending, apparently it doesn’t matter, so now I don’t (won’t) spend anything! Game has become ridiculous in that I don’t recognize half the characters anymore, and further don’t care! Don’t get me wrong I still play to kill time but no longer participate in wars, been in same alliance for many years, most still bitch about same issues. Developers could have made this the greatest game ever, but instead just yesterday I lost 46 trophies to 3600 team, I had a 5500 on the table! Sorry for the rant! No plans to deliberately target legendary troops!

    1. No worries, Devo. I’ve been on the fence myself. These troops create a brick-wall that I’d like to break through! Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

  2. Good evening to you Sir,

    I have 4 legendary troops (2 converted and 2 from the summons). I have 2 dark, 1 holy and 1 ice ( my tank). The exclamation mark in the troop conversion shows how many have been converted.

    My next conversion will be at level 27. I will not convert a mana troop. I am working on a nature ent troop for this.

    Have a good weekend,

    Dennus T.

  3. I got 40+ 5* troops. 24 maxed ones that match my heroes. Yes, tons of pulls plus on-time conversion!

  4. I have 18 Legendary troops. Four of those were converted and the rest from pulls (I have not tracked the number of pulls). Six of them are duplicates that will not be leveled anytime soon (maybe never). I plan to convert another when the cooldown is up in about 16 hours.

  5. I have 16 Legendary troops, all from pulls (I put way too much money into this game for summons). I was going to convert one of my normal troops (+mana) when I noticed that the mana for the legendary troops didn’t come close to what I wanted. I’m sure I’ll eventually convert some troops but, as Dennus mentioned, not going to convert mana troops.

    1. Congrats Chris and thanks for sharing! I haven’t even looked/studied them since their release, as I’m not there yet (re. Mana Troops), so the heads up is welcomed.

      1. My “mana” troops include the purple Wayward Wizards, +20 mana at level 30, and Mystic Mages, +15 mana level 30. So far, the most +mana I’ve seen on legendary troops is +9 at level 28. Maybe at level 30 it will get to +10, but that’s a far cry from +20.

  6. I have five Legendary troops, all from conversions. One of each color, and each matching a current powerful card to pair with.

    I do spend on this game, but have not spent a single penny on the Legendary troop portal. The reason being, each Legendary troop is maximized to benefit two specific classes. It seems like the odds of getting a Legendary troop at all, plus it being the right color, PLUS it being the right classes is wildly low.

    I have not converted a Mana or Cyclops troop, only the older troops. As you can imagine, my reasoning being that mana is everything in this game, and I’m unwilling to sacrifice a high-regen troop for a maximum +11% mana troop.

    Good to see you back OC, even if only occasionally.

    1. Thanks Aliera! Congrats on getting the troops. I agree on the odds but am tempted just to get some. I did notice troops on top Defenses were lacking mana but the need/want for Leg troops was a priority in my mind so I never gave it another thought.

      Problem is, many of us are levelling Mana/Magic/Cyclops troops, and taking them off the table presents a long(er) haul. It’s something I need to spend time on and really appreciate the input here!

      My off-the-cuff reaction was that the HP-Wall Leg troops created was worth the trade off. But again, I haven’t studied it because it’s so far away!

      Anyway, thank you for the insight!

  7. Been playing 2 plus years. C2P. Have 1 legendary holy level 12 converted but out of feeder troops. Working up a nature to convert. Enjoy the game but getting frustrated with a single hitter taking out a 5900 point team. Miss your blog brother.

  8. I’ve converted one troop in each color. From the portal, I did one 10-pull with saved gems the first go-round and got a second purple (fighter). I randomly got a yellow barbarian on a free pull somewhat later.

    So 7 total. No big prospects of getting a lot more.

  9. I have 1 legendary troop. There were a few times where the web store weekly prize was 50 legendary troop coins. I made a pull and got a blue legendary troop that matches c2 Magni. I’m using it at L2, but I noticed that the cost to max a 5* troop is significantly less than a 4* troop. (I have enough trainers to max the 5*, but not a 4*). I’ll probably never trade a 4* troop in, since my highest troops are L17 (because I’ve prioritized multiple L17 troops over getting maxed troops). I honestly never thought I’d have a Legendary troop, so I’m pleasantly surprised for a change.

  10. Hey Old cynic! I have the insane amount of one completely leveled yellow priest 5star troop😄. By conversion.
    How i choose was looking at my strongest Heroes (Christine, that was easy) and looking if i could use the troop for More Heroes (which is could cause i also have lidenbrock for fast wars and gulli costume. ) the troop focuses on defense and health, gives 11%mana increase and 5% extra healing, which is great. I recently got Cleopatra so she’s gonna get the troop in defense which Will give her in Total a whopping 85%heal! So really happy with my choice. From the portal i just summon with the coins i have when there’s a version of troop out that i can use in my defteam but no luck so far. As said I don’t spend money on the game so i need the luck. Working on levelling troops to convert. In my opinion it’s worth it and you can pick the troop that works best for you.
    Thx for writing cynic!

    1. Ha! That’s what I’d do; squeeze all the juice out of it! My 1 set would be so busy, they’d be cussing the others in the locker room 😁.

  11. I’ve got five maxed legendary troops, all from conversion. (Two of them are green ‘cos my yellow heroes currently don’t cut it on defense. The sixth will probably be yellow for my attack teams).

    I feel the same way about the portal as you do and would not spend money on it (yes, I’m F2P, but even if I weren’t, this portal still wouldn’t be worth it to me).

    Aside from my legendary troops, I have one lvl. 29/30 mana troop, one lvl. 17/23 magic troop and 2-3 lvl. 11-13 mana troops in each color (as well as three maxed crit troops I haven’t converted yet).

    I have been playing since October 2017 and have been training 2* troops in the Academy ever since they gave us that option. Also, I still haven’t used any of my 3* and 4* trainer troops when converting and maxing my legendaries.

    While I haven’t thrown any money at troops, I *have* invested a lot of my time. My guess would be that I’m hardly alone in that, though, so I’m a bit puzzled whenever I see posts about this topic from long-time players.

    Are you hesitant to sink your stash of feeders into these new troops because you’re worried that better legendaries might come along in a year? Or do you simply not *have* a stash to sink?

    Since you’re looking at the PoG, I’m guessing it’s the latter in your case. I take it you haven’t been playing for as long as I have? Maybe an extra two years or so is why this hasn’t been an issue for me?

    Honestly, I’m just happy that the devs have given me a way of getting legendary troops that fits so well with the resources I have. I hope that you find a way of adding some to your crew as well. I convinced my girlfriend to at least convert and max one for her regular war tank, which seems to have been a good investment.

    As always, your thoughts, musings and wild speculations about the game are much appreciated 🙂

    1. Hey Kharas, thanks for the detailed explanation. I’ve been playing since Jan 2020 and believe I made three unfortunate mistakes (unbeknownst to me of course):

      1. I prioritised levelling troops for 3/4 star tournaments
      2. I didn’t go full out farming troop feeders (always electing hero feeders first)
      3. Got Magic troops late and started levelling them which meant dropping uncompleted sets

      And now I have a bunch of troops (without checking) between the 15-24 area. And then the Leg troops dropped.

      And while my +20 level troops were enough to reach #1 in the old world, in today’s world they behave like Gummy Bears 🐻

      Thanks for stopping by!

      1. 1. Yep, I stopped levelling my 3/4* tourney troops almost immediately. Lately, I’ve been losing a lot because I still refuse to 2LB any of my 3* heroes, but having low troops never seemed to hurt my tourney hits.

        2. I’m silly enough to still run HA10 (mainly hoping for bonus costumes these days), but yeah, I always figured that troop feeders were more crucial than hero feeders (since they were harder to come by).

        3. Ah yes, that’ll do it. I already had a maxed set of mana troops when they introduced the others, so I didn’t even start on magic troops until recently, and I’ve tried not to feed more troops than I need for mono hits.

        If you have more than five mana/magic/cyclopes troops in each color, then I’d definitely consider converting a few. My top heroes (Madhammer, B&F and Verus) are much more awesome with legendaries equipped (mainly extra mega minion health and north of 400 bleed/all per turn for 4 turns for Verus).

        Also, if you do convert (because you reckon you won’t miss your old troop in tourneys and events where legendaries can’t be used), make sure you’ll be able to use your new troop on at least two (3K) war teams to get the most out of it.

        PS: By far my biggest mistake in the game was picking Alfrike over Ludwig in the SE (despite reading your write-up at the time). I had simply wanted her for too long and figured that Ludwig’s versatility wasn’t going to be *that* essential. Cue alpha aethers and the power sprint, and boy was I wrong about that.

  12. I have two, both from pulls from earned coins, I haven’t paid for the summons…I got lucky. Both are blue for paladin/rogue. When I got the first I was thrilled as Adalnida is one of my best heroes, a second blue paladin/rogue was a bit of a letdown. I have Sobek and a 2nd Adalinda so useful but would love a purple paladin for Ludwig

  13. I have 19 legendary troops… You do collect few free pulls if you collect daily gifts on E&P website. I used those and did some pulls with diamonds and coins I have bought. And I have been very lucky 🍀 – 5 pulls last time and 2 legendary troops. Later I will see what I am missing and probably exchange for those I really need.

  14. Hey David, nice to see a post from you from time to time. I have 8 leg. troops (4 converted,4 pulled). Was lucky to get 2 from pulls which match my heroes used in my def team and after a short while I realized that if I want to progress on the leaderboard (3300+ trophies) than troops are the way to go. No matter what heroes I pulled and maxed they did not help with my progress. So I was working on a full set for def which indeed was helping. Lately I am around 3500 usually. One thing I realized that they help significantly more on def than they on offense. On offense I still find magic/cyclops troops better for certain heroes (Nautica is a great example) especially with my preferred 3-2 stack raid offense teams. So I would say try and collect a set for your def team first and then it’s a more “relaxed” grind after. Always convert whenever you have a chance to do so as the 28 days cool down is very painful 🙂

    1. Hey Prox, it does make such a big impact on raids/Defense so hopefully I’ll get some soon (convert something!). Thanks for sharing and stopping by, it’s always appreciated.

  15. I have one legendary troop – a purple cleric/fighter that isn’t classed to any of the purple heroes I use, so I can’t get the full impact of the bonus. Given the mismatched nature, I got it in the portal; the very first one, when they gave everyone 100 free tokens as a ‘welcome to this new portal’ bonus. I was so surprised I almost went on the forums to see if they were giving one to everyone… I’m F2P and good luck doesn’t come my way often.

    I have one troop available to convert (for my primary tank, Arco), but am hesitant as it will eat the troop, so for every event that doesn’t allow legendary troops I will have to use a significantly downgraded troop which I don’t love. It is hard enough out there for a F2P player to hang with the monsters out there without having to use a level 15 troop instead of a 26.

    The costs of levelling troops have historically been so high that the likelihood I will be able to level enough to convert a full set seems low for me, although the new daily free ad summon has yielded way more feeders than I previously had available.

    I do wonder about the mana troop debate though… maybe I’m crazy, but I would think the massive increase to att/def/health given by the legendaries far outweighs a (what are we talking here, one-tile?) mana advantage. Giving, say, Khufu 2k+ attack and almost 5k health seems infinitely better than making him fire 1 tile faster?

    Anyway… glad to see you back if only occasionally.

    1. Thanks Smeagol, it could be a long wait for the next up if mana are overlooked. I hope the troop event arrives soon to provide some other hope! Good luck getting more, and thanks for the support, it’s always appreciated.

  16. I have pulled 2 Holy L troops, 1 Nature and 1 Fire since the L-troops were introduced. All were pulled through the portal. I am reluctant to trade my leveled up 4star troops until I can get more 5 stars. I will say, my level 7 Fire LTroop seems more powerful than my level 30 4 star fire troop. I am sure at some point I will trade some 4 stars off but not yet…

  17. I have 9 Legendary troops so far. 7 are from summons and 2 from conversions. I decided to see what I got from summons over the first few summons periods and then started filling in the holes with conversions. I only convert crit or ninja troops. Need to keep mana and wizard troops because they are needed for tournaments and some events where 5*s aren’t allowed. Plus they are still needed to have a strong troop set for raids and wars. Overall Legendary troops are worth the investment of materials and any money you choose to spend. Of course now we have new Master Emblems to deal with as well!

    1. Hey Ariana, congrats on the troops and thanks for the advice. Yes, Master Emblems are another thing to contend with! Hope you get all the mats/stuff you need, thanks for stopping by!

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