Empires and Puzzles YouTube Channels: A-Z Directory

This is an A-Z list of Empires and Puzzles YouTube channels.

I’ll give you the YouTuber’s name, number of subscribers, a link to their most popular video, and finally, a link to their YouTube channel homepage.

To make this list, the YouTube channel must:

  • be active, with at least 1 video uploaded in the last 2 months
  • have at least 300 subscribers
  • have a primary focus on Empires and Puzzles (at least 70% of content), and
  • must not release Beta images or otherwise breach anyone’s copyright

If you’d like to have your Empires and Puzzles YouTube channel listed here, or if you’re a fan of somebody missing and want to nominate them, just leave a comment below with the following:

  • An email address in the email address field, and
  • A link to the YouTube channel in the actual comment

If you believe an unsuitable channel has been featured and would like it withdrawn, please email me with the details.

Finally, all the information on this page was accurate at the time of publication. If you notice an error, or for whatever reason, would like your channel removed from this list, just leave me a comment.

Empires and Puzzles YouTube Channels

…in alphabetical order:

Anchon (German)

Subscribers: 3.2k
Most Popular Video: Empires and Puzzles German…

Link To Channel: Here


Subscribers: 23.5k
Most Popular Video: 10* Titan Dead in 21 minutes…

Link To Channel: Here

Buzrig – Empires & Puzzles

Subscribers: 692
Most Popular Video: Poppy POWER takes on 5 star def team…

Link To Channel: Here

Colonel Indiana Longnuts

Subscribers: 2.57k
Most Popular Video: 300 Season 3 Valhalla Summons For Bera…

Link To Channel: Here


Subscribers: 6.84k
Most Popular Video: How to power level using Hero Academy…

Link To Channel: Here

Derig TDO

Subscribers: 671
Most Popular Video: 60+ Atlantis Pulls TwaS! 5/1/2020…

Link To Channel: Here

Doshi Empires and Puzzles

Subscribers: 565
Most Popular Video: 44x Clash if Knights Pulls !!!! Empires…

Link To Channel: Here

Empires and Puzzles Books

Subscribers: 7.37k
Most Popular Video: 100 Emblems per Month with the…

Link To Channel: Here


Subscribers: 606
Most Popular Video: Empire & Puzzles – Tavern of Legends…

Link To Channel: Here


Subscribers: 1.54k
Most Popular Video: Is Reuben Good On Defense?…

Link To Channel: Here

Lion Roar Gamer

Subscribers: 13.1k
Most Popular Video: Top 10 Empires & Puzzles Life Hacks

Link To Channel: Here

Lucky Cat

Subscribers: 2.24k
Most Popular Video: Empires & Puzzles – 80x Valhalla…

Link To Channel: Here

Mr. Spock

Subscribers: 7.96k
Most Popular Video: 15 Empires and Puzzles Tips

Link To Channel: Here


Subscribers: 411
Most Popular Video: Empires and Puzzles: x156 Christmas…

Link To Channel: Here


Subscribers: 3.03k
Most Popular Video: Neo vs sweet revenge

Link To Channel: Here

Patchymoo Gaming

Subscribers: 433
Most Popular Video: EMPIRES & PUZZLES: Building a 1000+…

Link To Channel: Here

Siegmund007 (German)

Subscribers: 920
Most Popular Video: Empires and Puzzles German Die neuen…

Link To Channel: Here

Ssnake Pit Gaming

Subscribers: 301
Most Popular Video: Empires & Puzzles – Analytical view of…

Link To Channel: Here

TheBudMan69 Empires & Puzzles

Subscribers: 3.64k
Most Popular Video: Empires & Puzzles 90X Pull New Costume…

Link To Channel: Here

Yukimura Sanada

Subscribers: 7.86k
Most Popular Video: Empires & Puzzles Atlantis 63x Pull…

Link To Channel: Here

Empires and Puzzles YouTubers

If you like watching Empires and Puzzles YouTubers as I do, I’m sure you’ll find this list handy.

Does the Old Cynic have a Channel? Yes, but I don’t post that much and it’s nowhere near as good as the others on this list. If you really wanna visit, it’s here.

Did you spot an error? If so, let me know in the comments below and I’ll fix it.

[Please always check in-game Hero Cards to confirm details and never chase Heroes]

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  1. You are killing it with your great content cynic. Love having all the youtubers I visit in 1 place. My alliance will love it as well. Soon if I have asked this already but would you give the tonics to C.Francine or Heimdall?
    Thanks for you response and a great site for all us E&P ers!

  2. Good day OldCynic, my channel has finally met your criteria! 300 subscribers as of this morning, and 100% of content is related to Empires & Puzzles. Love your site, and would like to have my channel listed here too.

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